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The Still-Not-Forgotten Art of Complaining About Your Business

If you're like me then you probably don't even feel like reading this post. I mean, I bet that 90% of people (myself included) see themselves as those who know better or those who don't do silly things like complaining about their current situation. But on the contrary, we all have the tendency to do that. And when I give it a closer look, unfortunately, I do ...

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10 Commandments for Smoother Client Projects

As it turns out, successfully launching your online business is only the first step of your entrepreneurial journey. Apart from that, and no matter what niche you're in, you will have to learn a number of other skills along the way. Among which: marketing, selling, social media (yes, no escape from that, unfortunately), client support (if relevant), advertising, and ...

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Getting More Productive With Cheat Sheets

I remember back in 2007 there was a study done by The University of Calgary on procrastination and how it has increased in today's society. The lead on the project was Professor Piers Steel, who said that in the 1970's about 20% less people considered themselves chronic procrastinators. A figure that has increased along with our significant boost in personal ...

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Get Sh*t Done

I want a divorce That's right. I've been in a steady relationship with Busy for too many years. I am divorcing this jerkface right here and now. Perhaps you can relate. If you’re anything like me (and most of the uberly ambitious entrepreneurs I know), your life is seriously busy. Everyday is filled with endless tasks and meetings and events and things ...

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Meet Jorno, the Mobile Entrepreneur’s Best Accessory

Being a nomadic entrepreneur is great because you can work from anywhere with wifi or a wireless signal and it's pretty much free. But, the one thing many mobile entrepreneurs know all to well is the pain of typing on a mobile device's keyboard. Tablets are an entrepreneur's best friend, but when you have to type anything longer than an email, it's no longer fun or ...

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