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Build Your Personal Brand Using Twitter Chats

What if I told you there was one place where you could go every week and easily position yourself as an expert on a particular topic? And on top of that, what would you say if I told you that you could gain a ton of followers after just an hour? Chances are, if you're serious about growing your personal brand, you're extremely interested in what I'm talking about. ...

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It’s Not Who You Know — It’s Who Knows YOU

Throughout high school, college, and even into our professional careers, it’s drilled into our heads that effective and tireless networking is the key to success. It’s all about who you know. Right? Wrong. Before you doubt all of the career-building experiences you’ve had since high school graduation, consider this: It’s not about who you know, but who ...

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Why You Need Professional Branding – Even if You’re a Teenager

From high school gym class to awkward first dates, surviving adolescence is a necessary evil as you make the journey to becoming an adult. However, for some who decide to start a professional life early, it can be the beginning of a long and successful career. It Pays to Start Young The best thing about being young is that it’s so easy to impress people if ...

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