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Organize Your Business’s Blog With These Guidelines

Proper organization of categories is very vital for any business blog. The categories need to be meaningful, relevant, simple and useful to potential customers. Here are a few guidelines which will help you organize your business blog categories properly. 1. Be intuitive Your categories need to be intuitive. When visitors look at the category titles, it should ...

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How to Keep Yourself on Schedule When Marketing Your Own Business

When it comes time to marketing a business online it  is crucial to manage your time and accomplish the tasks required to gain significant visibility. If you are a business owner that clearly does not have the budget to hire a marketing consultant or a professional for every little step, you are not alone. Here are some tips for keeping yourself on schedule while ...

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A Day in the Life or The Wonderful World of Delegation

Today I woke up late after a night out and involuntarily I started worrying about the overflowing inbox that would greet me and that I'd probably slept through a few important appointments. So, I threw on some clothes, grabbed my Macbook and ran over to my local Starbucks to begin my day (I can't work at home for some reason). When I opened my inbox it was ...

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10 Ways to Stay Organized Online and Boost Your Productivity

Staying organized online is no easy task. With 9 email addresses, 5 to-do lists and documents all over it's nearly impossible to keep track of everything. What if there was a simple way to keep each one in order? Below is a list of 10 methods and tools to help you organize yourself online. Email Management Some people send emails, some people send newsletters - I ...

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