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Persuasive Writing to Influence Outcomes

Do you ever get stopped on the street by punters trying to tout something? I’m talking about those people who pounce on you offering a free drink in a bar, or desperately trying to get you to sign up to a charity where you pledge your firstborn son by mistake, because you didn’t read the small print. Because of ploys like this, people who come to your blog are ...

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How to Maintain your Blog during Vacation

One major dilemma that small bloggers encounter is vacation. A critical aspect of blogging is supplying content and continuing to maintain the blog. What should a "one man" blogger do during that time to keep up? If no new content is posted and the blogger stops maintaining the site, traffic will go down.However, I think it's also important for bloggers to take ...

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10 Quick Tips to Boost Your Blogging Skills (Part 2)

The world of  blogging is growing exponentially every day. More and more blogs are sprouting up in every corner of the internet in a desperate attempt to stake a claim in this modern age gold rush. The key to your success as a blogger is going to rely on a couple key factors. Namely, standing out among the crowd and networking with other bloggers. The following ...

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WordPress List Post – Will It Bring Major Traffic?

Publishing list post has been a huge trend for bloggers especially for those who are blogging about WordPress related topics. It has been claimed as a great way to create a post as the article will be easy to read and important points can easily be identified. However, there are huge numbers of  bloggers have failed to make use of the benefits of creating list ...

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