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6 Precautions Every Online Business Owner Must Take

The Internet has revolutionized the way business is done today. Gone are the days of brick and mortar stores; if your business isn't online, you can’t hope to compete in today’s market. While there are many benefits to taking your business online, there are some serious drawbacks, one of the most frightening being Cyber Attacks. According to a 2013 study, cyber ...

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5 Ways you can earn Your Landing Page Visitors’ Trust

The Internet is filled with ways on how to increase traffic to your site but what most Search Engine optimization companies don’t realize is they are not enough for searchers to trust your site. They have to trust you enough to share their personal information with you. After all, what’s the point of all traffic if you can’t get them to sign up for your ...

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Forgetting Anyone On Your List? Give Them a Gift They’ll Love With VenTribe

The old question of what to get for the person who seems to have everything has finally been answered by a startup by the name of VenTribe. Chances are, your fiend or family member has never had an introductory acting class in New York City, but with VenTribe, these unique classes are exactly what you can purchase for anyone on your list. But lifetime experiences ...

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5 Not-to-be-Missed E-Mail Marketing Techniques

Figuring out the best methods to bring in customers to your online store is essential to make profits and keep a business running. You might have tried social media, SEO optimization, and affiliate marketing techniques to some degree of success. But if you haven't tried email marketing, you need to understand how it can work for your business. Luckily, email market...

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MySocialCloud Makes Your (Online) Life Easier

I am very interested in internet startups and technology in general. And what they means for me is that I am always signing up for different services and websites just so I can try them out. On top of that, I have about 5 different emails that I have to check, a Facebook, a Twitter, a Google account, a Pinterest, etc. The list of sites that I have an account with ...

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