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Networking Your Way to a Million Dollars – It Starts with a Latte

It’s common knowledge that networking is a key aspect of any successful business venture, but getting yourself noticed and making those connections can seem easier said than done. It’s normal to feel frustrated, but when you think of giving up, try a little caffeine boost instead — literally. Here are my top five tips for turning your local coffeehouse into ...

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It’s Not Who You Know — It’s Who Knows YOU

Throughout high school, college, and even into our professional careers, it’s drilled into our heads that effective and tireless networking is the key to success. It’s all about who you know. Right? Wrong. Before you doubt all of the career-building experiences you’ve had since high school graduation, consider this: It’s not about who you know, but who ...

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How Online Entrepreneurs Can Create a Supportive Ecosystem

Looking at the state of the blogosphere now, it might be hard to believe that just six short years ago, there was no thriving online community of location-independent, like-minded pioneers who’d be your cheerleaders, mentors and guides, publishing hundreds of articles, eBooks and courses to help you run your own online business, go nomadic and live your best ...

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Helping Your Small Business Succeed with Social Media

Social media is a small business owner’s best friend. The barriers erected by big business and million-dollar marketing campaigns have been shattered by social media, placing all businesses on a relatively equal playing field. While it’s true that the big companies have the biggest reach, the cream rises to the top in social media marketing, and you have more ...

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5 Startup Conferences Outside the US

When your ideas grow into plans and your plans grow into preparing a business for public launch, no amount of advice or financial backing is enough; your dreams are big and your startup should be too! If you've got an idea for a new startup up your sleeve and you plan to spend time outside of the United States over the coming months, consider attending one of ...

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