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Don’t Let Your Ideas Go To Waste: How To Your Business Off the Ground

Wanting to start your own business, but just don't know where to begin? A million ideas, but none of them concrete? Well, first it's time to pick one idea and roll with it rather than allowing ideas to fizzle while you attempt to perfect them. Over the years, I have tried a number of times to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. The answer really is ...

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Why You Should Consider Writing A Business Plan For Your Next Startup

Around 6 months ago I came up with an idea for a startup and almost immediately the idea became my obsession. In the back of my mind I knew that I needed to start writing things down but dreaded the idea of writing a business plan. I wanted to build the site and start marketing it to the masses, not spend my time typing up market penetration strategies or researching ...

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Failure Proof Everything You Do

You never have to fail again. Seriously. From now on, everything you choose to work towards will succeed. Can you imagine?! Here’s a simple truth - failure is just an option. It’s a CHOICE. Sure, an attempt may fail, but you will never fail to achieve a goal until you quit trying, and the audacious never quit trying! Below are five key steps for failure ...

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5 Websites to Get Inspired for Your Startup Idea

So you've decided that starting your own business is the right thing for you. You love being your own boss, working on projects you find meaningful and you have the energy that's needed to get things done. But where to find the right startup idea? Here are 5 websites that can help you to find the inspiration you are looking for. IdeasWatch Do you want to start ...

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5 Must Read Books for Online Entrepreneurs

The Internet has reduced the barrier to entry for entrepreneurs. Starting an online business can be done with a low cost, low effort strategy - or even no strategy at all. While this may be a good situation for the hopeful entrepreneur, it has the tendency to create businesses run by someone with no business experience or training. He may be elite in his own field, ...

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