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Set Big Goals to See Big Results

From meager beginnings, greatness can result. Even the biggest and most successful companies had to start small. Many mammoth companies started on the corner of Main Street, barely bringing in profits before raking in the big bucks and landing an office overlooking the Manhattan skyline. Without a game plan full of big goals to work toward and a work culture that ...

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3 Ways To Stay Motivated On the End Goal

When people engage in goal setting and begin a new endeavor, they commonly are filled with excitement and motivation. As time passes, however, enthusiasm can wane and the individual working toward the desirable end can lose sight of the goal completely. When goal-setters lose their motivation, they run the risk of getting completely off track. It’s vital to fight ...

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Setting your Goals for 2010 as an Entrepreneur

Setting objectives as an entrepreneur is a very important skill. Last year, I set a few goals for myself for 2009: Expand my eBay business Create a blog dedicated to entrepreneur stories for teenagers (teenbizstarter) Reach below 100,000 in Alexa Ranking. End result: I slowed down my eBay business, eventually putting it on hold. I did not create the ...

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