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How to Use Failure as an Incentive

How do you feel when you experience failure? Most people agree that failure is a difficult thing to swallow, and feelings of dejection and disappointment usually accompany it. As a bestselling author and editor-in-chief of a publishing company, I feel differently. In fact, I urge entrepreneurs to use failure as an incentive to do better. Many of my colleagues are ...

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Failure Proof Everything You Do

You never have to fail again. Seriously. From now on, everything you choose to work towards will succeed. Can you imagine?! Here’s a simple truth - failure is just an option. It’s a CHOICE. Sure, an attempt may fail, but you will never fail to achieve a goal until you quit trying, and the audacious never quit trying! Below are five key steps for failure ...

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5 Reasons Your Startup is Bound to Fail

Starting a business is only half the game, what happens to the business after it is started is of more importance. There are many reasons why startups fail and some can be corrected and some can't. Whether you have a startup that isn't going as you want it to or you are about to start one, this post will explain 5 reasons many startups fail. 1. No Proper ...

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5 Reasons Why Many Entrepreneurs Fail

As an entrepreneur, I frequently see many colleagues failing to succeed. It is a sad but a true fact that "roughly 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years" (U.S. Small Business Administration). I often wonder why it is so common for entrepreneurs to fail and only now have I determined 5 rational reasons. Putting Money First One reason why many ...

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