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Catapulting Your Startup with a Facebook Fan Page

A Facebook fan page is an excellent medium for creating buzz about your product or service. But just like any marketing tool, you have to know how to use it. The first step is to understand Facebook’s viral nature and how your fan page can harness it. The average Facebook user has over 190 friends, each with the ability to like, comment on, or share a post. That ...

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Gaining the Edge With an Incredible Facebook Campaign

Facebook has the amazing ability to connect business with their customer base. Companies can take the temperature of their fan base and see exactly how they are viewed in the eyes of those that matter most, their customers. However, have you ever noticed how the most successful companies on Facebook realize it is more than simple dialogue that keeps customers ...

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Six Common Mistakes In Facebook Marketing

Facebook allows you to connect with your customers on a completely personal level and gives you the ability to know your fans thoughts, feelings, and reactions to your company and your brand. Avoid making these six mistakes and grow your company's presence on Facebook. You Don’t Understand Your Customer Base Are you interacting with your customers? When you ...

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Business Lessons I Learned From “The Social Network”

I went to watch "The Social Network" a few weekends ago (about a little site called Facebook), and the movie highlighted some of the struggles of making a company. I took away several lessons that I'd like to share with you. Note: I  have spoilers so I'm assuming you've seen the movie, and I'm only examining the movie characters that happen to be based on real ...

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3 Ways to Bring Traffic to your Facebook Page Without Touching It

The advent of social media has completely changed the way we market our product. As marketers this should be nothing new, we are in a constantly changing field and that is what we signed up for; however, Facebook and Twitter have thrown a wrench in machine. Now, if you are a bigger brand it can be easy to set up a social media profile and have a couple thousand ...

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