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The 6 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Have

As an entrepreneur, you already know that it takes a lot to get a business up and running. There are so many different pieces that need to be in place and things that you need to have to officially start your business and keep it running smoothly. (more…)

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6 Conferences for Self-Made Entrepreneurs to Visit in 2012

Being a successful self-made entrepreneur is nothing to sneeze at, placing you on a list of driven individuals with unique insight into the inner workings of business. An entrepreneurial spirit doesn't come without risks, however, and today's goldmine can quickly become tomorrow's forgotten product, bringing down both spirits and finances in one fell swoop. With ...

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An Interview with Ryan Holmes: Founder of Hootsuite

Today we're presenting an interview with Ryan Holmes, founder of HootSuite. Check out his Crunchbase profile to see all of his impressive achievements. Ryan gained valuable experience in entrepreneurial and startup ventures, business management, and marketing as owner of a restaurant chain, a tourist adventure business, and online store with 3m+/year revenues. ...

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5 Reasons Why Many Entrepreneurs Fail

As an entrepreneur, I frequently see many colleagues failing to succeed. It is a sad but a true fact that "roughly 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years" (U.S. Small Business Administration). I often wonder why it is so common for entrepreneurs to fail and only now have I determined 5 rational reasons. Putting Money First One reason why many ...

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