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I Know Everything About You – Is It What You Want?

Right now is the time you should start building your personal brand. Are you in high school? Build your brand. Are you in college? Build your brand! Right now! With the rising climb of social networks on the Internet, the way we think of privacy is changing. People can find out all sorts of information about you. Why not make them find what you want to find? Inc...

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Why Entrepreneurs Should Never Stop Seeking Educational Opportunities

Everyone benefits from continuing their education, whether they acquire their GED, an associate degree, or a bachelor's degree. Further schooling is particularly helpful for entrepreneurs who are ambitious and motivated. Entrepreneurs can enroll in accelerated degree programs that give them the flexibility they need to work while earning a degree. The more you know, ...

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5 Essential Books for Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur or just considering possibility of becoming one, it helps to learn from those who have followed a similar path and found success. While there are dozens of great blogs and publications to read, it’s important to get a solid dose of books focusing on entrepreneurship as they often offer the big picture in a strong narrative that you can ...

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How to Be the Fattest Business Owner Around

There’s really a massive amount of advice available on the internet on how to do this or improve that in your business. But there’s not that much focusing on us – the humans behind the businesses. Running a business is a serious job, we all know this. It involves much time and dedication to do it right, and in the end it can force us to spend many hours in ...

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7 Excellent Gadgets For Young Entrepreneurs

Here are 7 highly recommended gadgets for every young entrepreneur out there. ARCHOS: G9 Tablets These G9 Google Certified with Google Play tablets feature the fastest dual-core processor, the largest storage capacity, Ice Cream Sandwich and more. Website: http://store.archos.com/archos-p-5017.html Ballistic: Ballistic Lifestyle (LS) Smooth Slim and ...

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