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Tips for Going Green with Your Office Design

With large companies contributing to the current climate of global warming and environmental concerns, businesses should be doing everything to help the environment. Customers are increasingly drawn to businesses that show concern for their impact on the environment. Office refurbishment is one way of promoting a green and eco-friendly environment for employees and ...

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Downsides of Twitter’s New Homepage

On March 31st Twitter unveiled a newly designed homepage yet again. No one seems to have a problem with the new design except for me. Here are the downsides of Twitter’s newly designed home page: Overall The new homepage doesn’t stand out enough like the last one, has no main focus, is too dynamic, and doesn’t focus enough on recurring users. Top ...

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Making Your Site More Design Friendly

If you're a blogger or entrepreneur, your online presence is important--it's the best way to reach your audience (or, perhaps your only way). We all know that the content is the most important part, but design is a close runner-up. A Snap Decision A user takes about half a second (that's right: five-hundred milliseconds) to make a decision about a site. That ...

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