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Giving Your Customers The Speed They Want

Faster is better in the tech world, as anyone who watched the iPhone5 presentation may have guessed from the highly repetitive use of the words "fast" and "faster" to describe the latest version of the device. You also may be used to receiving pleas from your Internet company to upgrade to the new, faster service. These trends are reflective of consumers in general, ...

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Creating Relationships with Clients

No matter what products or services a business offers, it will want to stay in touch with its clients on a regular basis. A number of stores, upscale restaurants and even politicians have found that text-messaging people is a great way to stay in touch. One reason for this is that people are more likely to read a text message than they are to read an email. However, ...

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How to Read the Mind of Your Market Without a Psychology Degree

When independently building an enterprise, understanding the thought pattern of those you market towards is one of your top tasks to complete. Ideally, you've already established a decent understanding of the individuals who you're going to be marketing toward, however it's not exactly easy. When a psychology degree is mentioned as a manner of getting up to a ...

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