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A Creative Outlet is Good for Your Business

Every person needs an outlet for the stress of daily life. Most people’s stress starts at work and can get carried home with them. When you leave work, you need an outlet to relieve stress – the last thing your home needs is an extra dose of frustration! Some people exercise, some spend time with friends, and people like me spend time being creative. Whether you ...

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Creating a Culture of Innovation

In early November, I got the opportunity to attend the opening plenary session of the World Entrepreneurship Forum Singapore 2011. Held at the Shangri-La Hotel, the theme for the event was ‘Entrepreneurship – A Driver for Innovation and Technology”. Some of the keynote speakers included Dr. Ray O’Johnson Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, ...

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Blogging Takes Commitment with a Dash of Creativity and Sprinkle of Passion

If you’re a blogger, you know what I’m screamin’ here. It isn’t a cakewalk. It isn’t something you can do half-arsed if you want any sort of results, whether they be monetary or mental rewards.  You gotta have commitment.  You gotta have creativity.  And you gotta have passion. Especially if you plan on total blogging domination or something ...

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