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Utilizing Your Industry Community

One of the biggest myths about running a small or solo business is the idea that you have to do it all alone. Yes, it’s true that often times you’re the one with the most invested… money, time, blood, sweat, tears (okay, maybe not blood but all the rest for sure)… but that doesn't mean that there aren’t resources available to help you along the way. ...

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3 Ways To Keep Your Community Engaged

You've been writing for some time now, but your posts feels stale. You don't have ideas on what to write or how to engage your community. We've all been there. The good news is it's simple to keep your community engaged by understanding the three ways to produce content and keep visitors coming back to your site. Writing Writing has been the gold standard ...

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Boost Your Business: 8 of the Best Crowdsourcing Sites

Boosting your business through crowdsourcing may be one of the best opportunities the Internet offers when it comes to helping you compete in a challenging market. By calling on the online community rather than on employees or contractors to fulfill the needs of your business, you keep costs low and broaden your horizons. Here are some ways to expand your busine...

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Keys to Awesome Community Management

I don't know what you do when you wake up, but the first thing I reach for (well, the second, the first is my alarm clock) when I wake up, is my phone, specifically to check my email. Why, you ask? Well, because while I was asleep, the Startups.com Community was active, asking questions, giving answers, and making connections. And if something I have to look into ...

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