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10 Commandments for Smoother Client Projects

As it turns out, successfully launching your online business is only the first step of your entrepreneurial journey. Apart from that, and no matter what niche you're in, you will have to learn a number of other skills along the way. Among which: marketing, selling, social media (yes, no escape from that, unfortunately), client support (if relevant), advertising, and ...

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Stop Wasting Time on No-Chance Proposals

There’s a good chance you spend the majority of your business development time creating proposals, and you probably waste a lot of valuable time on referrals that don’t pan out. Fortunately, you can save time (and your sanity) by learning to avoid writing proposals for prospects who will never say yes. Is Your Proposal Creation Process Efficient? To answer ...

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3 Steps for Finding Clients Now

There’s a difference between finding clients to work with six months from now, and finding someone to pay you today. In my business I’m almost always focused on the long term. I market with a six-month or more mindset. If your focus remains on finding income today and tomorrow, you’ll always be scrambling to make money. If you’re just starting, you ...

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