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Sports Sponsorships: A Win-Win for Your Brand

Sports sponsorships can be a great idea for any company – and you don't need to sponsor a Premier League football team to enjoy the many benefits that it can provide. (more…)

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I Know Everything About You – Is It What You Want?

Right now is the time you should start building your personal brand. Are you in high school? Build your brand. Are you in college? Build your brand! Right now! With the rising climb of social networks on the Internet, the way we think of privacy is changing. People can find out all sorts of information about you. Why not make them find what you want to find? Inc...

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Steps to Help You Create an Authentic Brand

You may have heard before that it’s important for your brand to be transparent and to be “authentic.” (more…)

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Tips for Developing an Effective Business Logo

Take a look at how the logos of large brands like NBC, YouTube, Ford and Nike communicate key elements of what each brand is about. Even though your business is small now, you should still have a logo that captures the essence of your business and clearly communicates a message to your customers. Whether you work with a designer or create a logo yourself, rely on ...

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Building Your Brand With An Effective Blogging Strategy

Running a business blog is nothing exceptional; Fortune 500 companies down to your local pet store operate blogs as a part of their websites (if you don't have a blog for your business, don't panic! Just use this guide to business blogging to get you started). Unfortunately, many business blogs miss the whole point of business blogging: to grow your brand, and thus ...

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