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How to Blog the “Green” Way

These days, everyone is talking about the environment. Taking care of our environment is important, and so is taking care of your blogging environment. Let me ask you this: are you practicing sustainable blogging? Many bloggers are becoming overwhelmed because they aren't conserving their blogging resources or practicing sustainable blogging. But wait...just what ...

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10 Creative Ways to Make Money Online

There are some well known avenues to making money from online, such as banners, text links and affiliate marketing. Almost all sites use one or the other and end up competing for the same pool of advertisers. Sometimes it makes sense to go beyond the tradional avenues and look for new and creative ideas to generate additional revenue. So here are ten creative ways to ...

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Why Blogging is Similar to Marriage

If love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage, then surely blogging and business go together like…well, cheese and biscuits. Without one, it’s hard to thrive with the other. And as if that’s not enough analogy for one day, here are more reasons why a good blog is like a good marriage. You shouldn’t jump in, feet first Many marriages fail ...

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How to Come up with New Blog Post Ideas

Over the past few weeks, I've had difficulty coming up with new blog post ideas. Because the more creative and unique your content is the more readers, traffic and commentators you'll have.  So finding that creative content is important, the question is: how? Here are some methods I've used: Use Social Media If you have a following on Twitter, tweet, asking for ...

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10 Quick Tips to Boost Your Blogging Skills (Part 2)

The world of  blogging is growing exponentially every day. More and more blogs are sprouting up in every corner of the internet in a desperate attempt to stake a claim in this modern age gold rush. The key to your success as a blogger is going to rely on a couple key factors. Namely, standing out among the crowd and networking with other bloggers. The following ...

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