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Ultimate Book Giveaway – Linchpin and Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

I've decided to give away two incredible books that have greatly influenced me: Linchpin and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. Linchpin - Seth Godin I was lucky enough to receive two copies of Linchpin. After reading it I decided that I had to give the same opportunity to one of my readers. Godin writes about your choices, your future and your potential to make a ...

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Support Haiti – Contest – $500 to Winning Idea

Sadly, as you probably already know, this past week Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake. It's difficult to imagine the extent of damage in this already poor country. I've spent the past few days wondering what I can do to help. Thanks to the web and social media, millions of dollars are being raised. As a teen blogger, I realized that I, too, can play a ...

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The Winners of the First Contest!

I would really like to thank all the participants. I appreciate all you feedback and suggestions. It will be very useful for me in creating content that interests you and is relevant Here is the moment you have been waiting for! The contest winners. 1. $18 gift certificate to Barnes and Nobles. Winner: Clinton Skakun 2. Copy of The Toilet Paper ...

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Contest – Win 5 Great Prizes! *Over

I'm running an exciting contest to better understand the type of articles that my readers enjoy the most. Lately, I've posted a variety of articles ranging from book reviews to Wordpress. And I'm curious to see what topics interests you the most. There will be 5 awesome prizes for the winners. Awards: 1. $18 gift certificate to Barnes and Nobles. 2. Copy ...

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