Sports Sponsorships: A Win-Win for Your Brand

Posted on February 13, 2014

Sports sponsorships can be a great idea for any company – and you don’t need to sponsor a Premier League football team to enjoy the many benefits that it can provide. If you have considered getting involved with sponsoring a sports team or event but have yet to commit, here are a few reasons why it could be ideal for your company.

Why Sponsor a Sports Team or Event?

Firstly, you need to have a clear idea about what you want to achieve from sponsoring a sports team or event. There are different potential benefits to enjoy, and they may not all apply to your situation.

You may be put off by assuming that only major brands stand to benefit from sports sponsorship deals. However, this is not the case. Of course, major brands often sponsor much larger events. For example, Engelbert Strauss recently became the sponsor of the EHF Euro Games, allowing it to reach and a huge global audience. But it can also be quite affordable for small companies for many reasons.



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Many companies decide to sponsor a sports team because of the publicity that it provides. Even sponsoring a local football team can provide you with extra publicity that is often inexpensive compared to acquiring publicity in other ways.

As well as the publicity it could provide you in terms of people coming into contact with your brand when they attend the team’s matches, you could also stand to benefit from media exposure. If your team does particularly well, your brand could appear in media coverage in local and national news, which you clearly stand to benefit from.

Brand sentiment is an important benefit of sports sponsorship. People will not only see your name, but they will associate your company with the event. Sports are positive; they are healthy, fun and promote an active lifestyle. Associating yourself with a sport can help to boost the feel-good factor surrounding your brand, and this can be especially effective for local businesses.

You could also stand to enjoy more customer loyalty from the fans of the team you are sponsoring. Fans will often feel more loyal to their team’s sponsor, especially if you show that you really care about the team.

Different Ways to Get Involved in Sports Sponsorships

There are many different ways that you can sponsor a team or event. The important thing is to decide on a strategy that will allow you to reach your target audience. Shirt sponsorship is perhaps the easiest option. By sponsoring a team’s shirt, you can make your logo visible to the fans with ease, and it can often be a cost-effective arrangement.

However, you could also sponsor the team’s equipment and training gear. The benefit of this is that you are showing a greater involvement with the team, which could help to increase positive sentiment. You could even sponsor the team’s travel expenses when they play away from home, which could help you to spread your reach even further and reach new audiences.

Alternatively, you may want to sponsor a sporting event rather than a sports team. This could help you to reach an even larger audience, and it could provide you with an opportunity to have your own stand where you can promote your products, services and special offers.

What About the Results?

Tracking results can be a tricky area when it comes to sports sponsorship. Compared to a direct sales campaign, judging the success of sponsorship can be more complex.

It is important to not simply think of the increased sales that sponsorship can lead to, because this will not always be obvious. Instead, sports sponsorship has other benefits such as increased customer loyalty and brand awareness, which in themselves can lead to more sales in the long term.

Try Sports Sponsorships for Yourself

Sports sponsorships have many benefits for companies of all sizes, and the results for your business can make it very worthwhile. There is no better way to get involved than to try it out for yourself, so start looking into opportunities for sponsoring a team or event where you are.

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2 Replies to "Sports Sponsorships: A Win-Win for Your Brand"

  • Maegan Anderson
    February 25, 2014 (9:54 pm)

    Very nice strategy. Sponsoring an athlete/team can improve community relations. Especially when the team/athlete is fame at doing well. Your brand will be well-known as well. The fans will also be engage and interact with your brand.

  • Tom Listing
    December 22, 2017 (9:00 am)

    I think that sports promotion is an awesome idea. It can give fast and visible results. The sponsor can support the team and at the same time get a great promotion. First of all, the company has to make the right choice. They need a good hard-working team that will have the same goal as their sponsor – incredible achievements. I know that in Ukraine it pretty popular practice. For example, Ukrainian center for human reproduction took under its wing the BJJ team. Of course, it is quite surprising that the reproductive clinic Biotexcom are interested in sport. But I saw at different championships that this team has a good equipment and there are a lot of talented sportsmen. As for me, this act means a lot and increases the reputation of the clinic. Who knows, maybe it is also can help to find new clients.

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