Six Awesome San Francisco Bay Area Startup Tech Companies To Work For

Posted on November 18, 2013

There are several San Francisco area companies that are at a point where they are turning heads and causing some real buzz. Anyone that aspires to work for a tech startup in this famous area wants to know which workplaces offer fantastic opportunities. Startup companies are notorious for worker turnover.

Six Awesome San Francisco Bay Area Startup Tech Companies To Work For

Here are six hot startups that are great places to be employed:

DoubleDutch is not about jump rope. However, the company does inspire workers to have a great time while they work on building next-generation event apps. The company spotted a need to update the event industry by making it easier for attendees to connect with one another. They are already making great strides with their beautifully designed app that is already changing the way event data is stored and used. Any company that allows someone to wear a guerrilla costume to work is pretty cool.



As seen on Forbes, Mashable,
Kiip (pronounced keep) was founded on the principle that advertising is a necessary evil that can be turned into something enjoyable. The team at this company creates cool mobile rewards programs for a bevy of big name companies. Spend the workday dreaming up rewards that make mobile gamers happy. Kiip is bringing fun and innovation to brand advertising.

Leap Motion
Go to work everyday at Leap Motion and know that you are helping to develop a revolutionary technology that brings interactive 3D to life. The crew at this visionary startup is ushering in a new way to create things with software technology that is truly hands off. Forget touch screen applications. This company is taking things to the next level. Their technology lets people draw, write and create music by motioning with a finger. It is easy to see that this is going to be applied in all sorts of current and future computers and gadgets. This is a place where employees help shape the future in an exciting way.

Anyone that loves to shop is going to enjoy working at Loveocracy. This close-knit team is the engine behind a site that encourages people to shop for items based on trusted recommendations. Users are the ones that share their great product finds with others. It combines the best parts of social media with power shopping. Perks include catered lunches.

Being a good neighbor is the spirit that moves the team behind this company. Nextdoor runs a social network with a goal to make lives better through close neighborly interaction. It’s all about watching out for your neighborhood while building stronger ties in the community. At this workplace team members actively build and maintain technology for this worthy purpose. Mr. Rogers would be proud.

What could be more fun than working in an environment where the product itself is all about having fun?

Will Call is a neat mobile app that makes going to concerts a snap. Share concert information with friends, buy tickets and get directions quickly. Creativity and love for music is a plus for this workplace.

Tech companies in San Francisco are highly desirable places to work. Employees are encouraged to think freely, work hard and enjoy what they do. Anyone that has a burning desire to work for a startup company should seek businesses that are a good fit for their personality.

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  • chadbercea
    November 23, 2013 (3:45 pm)

    DoubleDutch is the best company I have ever worked for. Every single person on that team is amazing and talented and my time as a product designer there will never be forgotten. They are doing amazing things over there and deserve every bit of recognition. And the gorilla rumors are true. But I can’t share details. Sorry.

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