10 Inspirational 21 And Under Entrepreneurs

Some of them have skipped four grades. Some have already launched over ten startups. Here are ten extremely successful entrepreneurs aged 21 and under. These are inspiring people with tremendous achievements.

Daniel Brusilovsky

Daniel-Brusilovsky-Young-EntrepreneurFounder of Teens In Tech Labs which recently launched a startup incubator. He’s worked for several other startups.

Notable: Worked for TechCrunch and many other startups.

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Jessica Mah

Jessica-Mah-Young-EntrepreneurFounder of Indinero, which received over $1 million of funding. Launched her first startup at the age of 13.

Notable: Enrolled in college computer science at age 15.

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Brian Wong

Brian-Wong-Young-EntrepreneurHe’s working on Kiip.me which was funded by True Ventures. He’s also skipped four grades.

Notable: Former head of Business Development at Digg .

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Mark Bao

Mark Bao-Young-Entrepreneur18 and already launched 10 internet startups. His goals are to change the world and be worth over $10 billion.

Notable: Founder of Threewords.me which he recently sold.

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Gloson Teh

Gloson Teh-Young-EntrepreneurGloson is a published poet. He also runs a popular blog where he share his tips.

Notable: Met the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

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Fraser Doherty

Fraser-Doherty-Young-EntrepreneurFounder of SuperJam, a jam company which made sales of over $1.5 million last year. He’s also published his own cookbook.

Notable: Awarded Global Student Entrepreneur Awards.

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Stephen Ou

Stephen-Ou-Young-EntrepreneurAt 15, he’s already launched five entrepreneurial projects. His latest venture is OhBoard, a whiteboard Google Chrome app.

Notable: Creator of the viral iTunes Instant.

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Hunter Owens

Hunter OwensDirector of marketing at Accelsor. He’s the board member of quite a few other startups.

Notable: Founder of MyTechQuestion.

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Robert Nay

Robert-Nay-Young-EntrepreneurRobert is a self taught app creator. He’s behind Bubble Ball, the app that surpassed Angry Birds on iTunes rankings.

Notable: Developer of Bubble Ball.

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Glen Allsopp

Glen AllsoppCreator of ViperChill a very popular blog on “Viral Marketing.” He recently launched Cloud:flood.

Notable: Named top young blogger by RetireAt21.

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65 Responses to “10 Inspirational 21 And Under Entrepreneurs”

  1. Wow Ben, These guys are really inspiring. They make me wonder What the hell was I doing when I was at their age. I had read about only a few of them, specially Gloson and Glen Allsop but the others I had never heard of.

  2. Great list bro! These guys are awesome! They really worth being on the list! Thanks so much for sharing. Rock on.

  3. I know a couple of these young webmasters. I like visiting their websites, it just inspires me. :)

  4. It is inspiring to see some of the next generation of entrepreneurs already getting their feet wet before they are even of legal age in most countries. These are all people who are “focused” in building a venture while the vast majority their ages are still goofing off and haven’t a clue as to what they want to do in life yet.

  5. Ben, what an inspiring post. And it’s amazing to see they are 21 or under. Glad to see Gloson make the list!

  6. Wow… all these guys/girls actually make me feel quite jealous… Former head of Business Dev in Digg.. WOW. That’s just incredible. I’m sure some of these people dun have profitable businesses yet, but to even start a startup before you’re 21 is incredible in my eyes. More ppl in this world need to be like these kids!

  7. Amazing stuff. Very impressed with the two boys ROBERT and STEPHEN. When I was at 14 I didn’t even thought likes these boys. Superb.

  8. It is definitely inspirational to see so many young people being successful today.

    I follow Glen A. for some time now and he is a genius. I even used that app of his and it helped me get so much Twitter exposure to my blog.

    Wonderful list!

  9. Seems to me these guys all have a lot going for them. Its good to see that they’re getting an early start on their careers. Starting early and setting yourself up makes it a lot easier in your twilight years.

  10. Hopefully, my son who is 2 years old now, will make into the list.

  11. They are so young and have achieved so much which other people just think of.
    Inspiring post.

  12. Wow, so many young entrepreneurs… makes me feel old! LOL. I love seeing young people getting in on stuff like this. It makes me have better hope for our future, haha!

  13. Hey Ben,

    Wow, so young and so successful! I can’t even remember what I was doing at their age. Makes me look back and want to kick myself. If I knew then what I know now I would hope that I would have been in a much better place. But, live and learn.

    Thanks for informing me of these go getters. I’m going to have to send this post to my nephew! He needs some direction.


    • Hey Adrienne,

      Don’t worry about it, you can only live once, there’s no going back anyways :) Glad to hear that you’re sending this to your nephew.

  14. Posts like this make me realize how possible it really is to make your way in this world if you just get off your behind and get to trying some things. Great way to start a day seeing other successful people who didn’t start with a silver spoon.

  15. Now, this is a list that I could show to my two boys. This is very inspirational and should encourage children to aim high. I hope this would help them make use of their skills, talents, intelligence and knowledge to reach their goals.

    Great job, Ben. :)

    – Wes –

  16. Great list bro.But the list is incomplete without your name.

  17. Great list of inspirational entrepreneurs too. They are all young but they have done great jobs so far. I feel a bit shame as I am now 31 years old but I have not done a lot of things yet :-)

  18. Thanks for sharing this. They are great and you are wonderful ^^

  19. Hi Ben,

    A great pleasure to be mentioned me here, and for me, there are a lot to learn from other young entrepreneurs as well.


  20. These are really great people .. i loved Gloson Teh blog .

  21. These guys and girls are amazing!
    To be able to develop an app at 14 or 15 is unbelievable!

  22. Wow…Very inspiring…these young guns are not just techie but also have business acumen..I’m amazed. Would love to hear more such stories.


  23. Kamlesh Kawadkar Reply Mar. 09, 2011 at 9:25 am

    WoW 😀
    They are really awesome… i m only 19 thinking of doing something big like them !!

  24. Hi Ben,

    Nice to see you. Sorry I’ve only been able to see this now because I’ve been very with school and I’ve been staying in the hostel, so no internet connection.

    Thank you so much for including me in your list. I really appreciated and honored. :)

    Kudos to the other young entrepreneurs who made it to the list. It’s good to have some inspiration. You, Ben, are also a very inspirational young entrepreneur and I respect you very much. :)

    Cheers and Best Regards,

  25. Just stumbled here via the Teen Business Forum after watching a YouTube vid of Ben Lang’s eBay business. Have to say I’m both impressed and inspired by all these fresh-minded entrepreneurs. I’m also aspiring for entrepreneurial success, even though I’m 23 now XD never too late to start as long as you have that mental drive/determination.

    Anyway feel free to add me on Facebook!

    All the best to us!

  26. Wow! You guys are utterly amazing! Keep up the great work!

  27. Great source of inspiration. It’s great to know that there are quite a number of our young generation who’s conscious of their future at this early stage.

  28. It’s always great to be able to learn from people younger than you.

    I have great hopes for our future generation.

  29. Awesome list man, Im a senior in High School just starting Computer Science curriculum and planning to major in it at College. Hopefully some of my ideas will take off and I could join the ranks of these already gifted kids!

  30. Very nice.
    This is great inspiration.

  31. This is pretty awesome to see kids starting a company and earning money at such an early age… amazing!

  32. such an awesome list, I’m sharing this=) thank you

  33. Wow…I usually participate on threewords.me and didn’t know it was setup by a young inspiring entrepreneur. So kool – also check out these young entrepreneurs here to but under 25 http://www.inspiretheentrepreneur.com/2012/08/06/the-rich-list-the-top-25-online-entrepreneurs-under-30/


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