How to Set Your Mobile Email Campaign Up for Failure

Posted on December 19, 2013

You’ve heard that mobile email campaigns can be an incredibly powerful form of marketing, so you start one for your business, and then sit back and wait for the sales and traffic to start rolling in.

But it never happens.

Why? There are many reasons why mobile email campaigns fail to produce results. Here’s a look at what could have gone wrong according to Reachmail.

  1. email-marketingYour website isn’t optimized for mobile. Oops! You remembered to make sure that the email looks great on a mobile device, but when they click over to the site, it’s not very user-friendly for mobile users.
    Here’s an eye-opening statistic: 4 in 5 mobile users will leave a site if it’s not mobile-friendly.  And it’s highly unlikely that they’ll revisit your website on a desktop later – only 3.3% of users check an individual email on more than one device.
  2. Your email is hard to read. Scale is important. Tiny letters are hard for anyone to read, but if your target customers wear corrective lenses (and 7 in 10 American adults do), then it may be even more difficult. 70% of users will simply delete your message if it doesn’t display well on mobile.
  3. Standard smartphone width is 360 to 480 pixels, so ensure that your content, particularly text-heavy images- are easy to read at that size.
  4. Your email is sent at the wrong time. About a quarter of emails are opened within an hour of sending. If you send in the dead of night on a weekend, your email may go unnoticed. The highest engagement rate for mobile is between 10 am and noon and then picks up again from 4 to 6 pm.
  5. Your email didn’t consider demographics. Are you creating content that speaks to your target audience? Not doing so significantly decreases effectiveness. You can do a better job of tailoring content for specific demographics by segmenting your emailing lists, sending different messages to people who have different needs. 85% of digital marketers in the U.S. are already using the practice.
  6. Your email is optimized for just one type of phone. Some companies make the mistake of assuming everyone owns an iPhone. While most views are on the iPhone (46%), that still leaves over half on other devices – 28% on Android and 25% on iPad. And those statistics don’t include the different models of those devices that may be used.
  7. Your email doesn’t include a clear call-to-action. Did you place your call-to-action at the very bottom of a long message? Or maybe it’s at the top but its tiny and hard to see. Potential customers aren’t going to scroll or search to take action. Make it easy for them to become part of a conversion.
  8. Your shopping interface is poorly designed. Maybe it takes too many clicks to go where you want to. Or the product you’re looking for doesn’t come up when you search. Whatever the reason, you need to ensure that the shopping experience is seamless – particularly for mobile users. If the site is mobile-friendly, 7 in 10 mobile users are more likely to buy, so it’s worth the investment of time and money.

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