How SME’s Benefit from Video Conferencing

Posted on July 24, 2014

Owners of small and medium enterprises are often struggling to reduce expenses while boosting productivity.

For some, this may seem like some sort of mission impossible, but in reality modern technology actually simplifies their mission, turning their desire to decrease costs into an achievable goal. Videoconferencing systems are the handy solutions that trigger considerable financial savings, favor a healthier management and lead to improved business relationships.

These are only 3 benefits associated with smart and affordable video conferencing systems designed to address the stringent needs of SME owners. All in all, such systems carry negligible price tags and are well-liked for their scalability, cost-efficiency, user-friendliness and reliability. For more details related to the advantages provided by last-generation videoconferencing solutions, visit Blue Jeans Network. With just a few clicks you will find out that there are 5 ways in which video conferencing can benefit SMEs that are on a quest to improve communication methods without being forced to deal with skyrocketing fees.

1) Videoconferencing Offers Small and Medium Companies the Chance to Stay Connected 24/7



As seen on Forbes, Mashable,

Videoconferencing allows users to get in touch with clients, employees and business partners 24/7. Modern tools have gradually changed the meaning of the concept of “work,” making it refer to a specific set of tasks rather than defining a certain location. In this context, videoconferencing demolishes limitations set in place by distance and enables people to communicate freely, anytime, anywhere. Companies that manage to stay connected at all times are more likely to respond to the urgent needs and demands of their collaborators, customers and staff members in a timely fashion and prevent potential internal crises.

According to Mashable, “more and more small companies and individuals are adopting video conferencing and collaboration platforms as a way to stay connected. As working from home becomes more common and prices for videoconferencing come down, the compelling reasons for utilizing video communications technology are starting to pile up. Web meetings are not just a good way to connect a far-flung team. They also cut costs, boost productivity and more.”

2) Videoconferencing Ensures Much More Personal Interactions

Videoconferencing gives users the chance to exchange valuable information in a much more personal manner. Communication via email or phone is often rigid and de-humanized. On the other hand, videoconferencing manages to recreate the feel of face-to-face interactions and eliminates this drawback.

According to Yahoo Small Business Advisor, “video conferencing allows you to meet “in-person” without leaving your office (or home, or coffee shop…). People who don’t use video say, “It’s so nice to finally meet you,” to those they’ve interacted with only by phone. But if you use video and you end up in the same room as your colleagues, instead you’ll hear, “It’s great to see you again!” There’s a big difference between the two. And now, SMBs can benefit from rich video interactions.” Users can easily make the most of premium hosted services to boost productivity, improve collaboration, upgrade their business relationships and enhance the company’s bottom line without maximizing their efforts.

3) Videoconferencing Facilitates Talent Retention and Simplifies the Overall Hiring Process

For a small or medium enterprise with limited financial possibilities talent retention and the management of disparate teams can turn out to be quite a challenge. Fortunately, videoconferencing tools represent a real aid for companies handling these difficult tasks. By allowing remote employees to telecommute, enterprises manage to keep their best staff members on their side for a longer period of time.

Telecommuting ensures an ideal balance between the workers’ personal and professional lives and lets companies boost their productivity and improve hiring and talent retention strategies without throwing money out the window. Video calls can easily replace standard, costly interviews that usually involve travelling, lodging expenses and so on.

4) Videoconferencing Helps Companies Cut Down Travel Expenses

Videoconferencing is a great solution for companies of all sizes, simply because it guarantees reduced travel costs. Once you are able to connect with the people who influence your bottom line in the comfort of your own office, why would you be tempted to waste time and money on a trip that is no longer necessary?

5) Videoconferencing Lets Owners Invest in Simple Solutions Designed to Grow with Their Business

Perhaps the most important thing about innovative videoconferencing solutions is that they are 100% scalable, meaning that they grow with your company. In other words, you’ll just pay for the services that you actually need and use. This is a great way to reduce expenses. Scalable videoconferencing systems are clearly a gold mine for SME’s whose steps are usually conditioned by a tight budget. Furthermore, many solutions let participants embrace the favorable BYOD (Bring your own device) policy and profit from interoperability at its finest. In addition, multi-party videoconferencing in the cloud doesn’t need specializing bridging hardware, so basically it enables users to save big bucks otherwise spent on additional equipment that is no longer necessary. If you’re looking forward to hearing more about videoconferencing solutions just visit Blue Jeans Network and get familiar with the unique advantages that they ensure for SME’s just like the one that you’re currently running.

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  • Lorie Lewis
    July 31, 2014 (5:52 pm)

    Increasingly video conferencing is seen as a critical tool in meeting communication needs more efficiently, saving valuable time which is then reinvested elsewhere in the business. It is important to consider the full extent of how video conferencing could be used in your business and to evaluate the financial benefit that might be derived. When a quote for the cost of a solution is provided to an evaluation can then be made on the pay back period. video conferencing makes it possible for SMEs to interact with customers and partners on a more personal and immediate basis without having to spend time and money travelling to far-flung meetings. As companies are becoming more mobile and environmentally conscious, the need for extensive travelling is decreasing. Mobile conferencing – in any form – can reduce time and costs drastically, without investing in complex equipment.

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    October 3, 2014 (8:48 am)

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