How Entrepreneurs Make Time for Higher Education

Posted on October 13, 2012

Pursuing an education while you walk the path of the entrepreneur can be advantageous. While your classmates will have to wait years to apply their knowledge, you can ingrain what you learn by implementing it in your life immediately. However, juggling your tasks can become overwhelming if you don’t take the appropriate steps.

Here are seven things you can do to give yourself the time and energy needed to pursue higher learning.

Find Flexible Education

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If you’re like most entrepreneurs, modern remedies such as an online education provide a huge relief. Whatever path you choose for your degree, be sure that you leave as much space as possible for flexibility; both higher education and being an entrepreneur often require stretching both your abilities and your time.

Let Something Go

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What in your life is dispensable? What can be put on hold? If you can live without your weekly poker game, stop watching Grey’s Anatomy, or let your intern pick up the dry cleaning, your schedule will thank you for it. For professional tasks, delegation should be seen as your first line of defense.

Work It Into Your Pipeline

If you’re pursuing a self-directed education, it’s easy to let your professional work drive you while your degree takes a back seat. Don’t let this happen. Treat your online college degree program in the same way you would treat a client, and set aside time each day for your coursework.

Use Online Tools

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Working smarter is made simple by web-based tools. Possibilities such as telecommuting can be fantastic time-savers, and tools like web-based calendars, cloud storage, and web-based email can save you time at both school and work.

Eat Right and Exercise

In his book The Now Habit for Work, Neil Fiore gives special emphasis to this point by declaring that personal fitness should always be considered a high-priority business task. Why? Skipping your workout routine or eating on-the-go junk food may seem like ways to gain a few extra minutes, but not taking care of your body has a significant impact on your mind and your ability to remain productive.

Stay Happy

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In his seminal work The Happiness Advantage, psychologist Shawn Achor demonstrates that happiness makes us better workers. When happy, we are more efficient, creative, and capable of dealing with challenges, which means that both entrepreneurship and studying will go better if you maintain a positive outlook.

Don’t Become a Hermit

In making advances in the business world, being a successful student, and maintaining personal happiness, one of the most powerful predictors of success is the number and strength of your social ties. Don’t sacrifice your social life for work or school. However, when possible, make your productivity social (with business lunches, study groups, etc.).

Whatever your goals, an education and the skills of an entrepreneur can be some of the most important tools you’ll ever have. By following the advice listed above, you’re allowing yourself to gain both of those tools without sacrificing your health or sanity.

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