Finding Business Ideas And Solutions From Data Mining

Posted on December 12, 2012

Collecting data is one thing. But analyzing the data and using it to construct a business model that works may only be made efficient through the power of data mining.

What is Data Mining?

Data mining is the process of taking data normally collected by the company and using it to make business decisions. Data mining is crucial because the market landscape is changing regularly.

Data mining essentially provides businesses with direct data in regards to what is occurring within the business. By doing this, a business owner can then make decisions with regards to how company resources will be utilized. With the right data mining, businesses can determine what products are the most profitable and can then make business decisions based on these factors. Data mining is also useful when identifying which customers are the most profitable so that more time can be spent on these customers.



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Examples of How Data Mining Can Be Harnessed

For example, marketers can collect data on customers who are the most likely to spend money on the company. The marketers can then conduct surveys to gather information on the customers and determine what products and services these customers would be the most interested in consuming.

The finance industry can find data mining highly valuable when trying to identify the best customers to market to while also determining which customers are the most likely to cause the business to experience a loss. Manufacturers can use data mining to create safer and more efficient manufacturing processes by collecting data and using it to develop processes that can be taught to employees.

Essential Data Mining Tools

The key to mining for data efficiently is to have the tools necessary to successfully carry out the data mining operation such as the LexisNexis data mining solutions. The great news is that data mining should become easier right at a time when also becoming more essential.

Developments in mobile devices are making it possible for businesses to have sophisticated sensors that are constantly gathering data and sending them to a centralized database where they can be analyzed and used in decision making processes. For example, mobile devices can swipe credit cards, process payments and send data on the latest transactions to a centralized database allowing managers to identify geographic regions that produce the highest sales figures.

As the world becomes increasingly more complex, businesses will rely increasingly on these processes to guide decision-making.

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