Essential Technology for Your Startup

Posted on October 31, 2013

With the fast pacing world that we live in today, it’s important that small businesses are up-to-date on their technology to compete against their competitors. With the proper technology, such as a well-established website and accounting software, you can increase productivity and sales to help you succeed in your business.

Let’s look at some of the most important technologies that can help out your small business that you may not have yet.

Business Intelligence Apps


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If you aren’t already using business apps to improve efficiency and keep track of your data, this is one of the most crucial pieces of technology that you can use today, helping you save time and monitor your business.

What types of business intelligence apps are out there? There’s practically everything you can imagine that you may use for your business. There’s apps that can help you track sales, monitor expenses, connect with customers, and save documents.

If you haven’t started using smartphones and tablets in your business yet, it’s time to update your technology and look into downloading apps for managing your business.

Some top apps that your business can benefit from include:

  • Google Analytics: Monitor your website traffic.
  • Dropbox: Save and share your documents on the cloud.
  • Evernote: Take notes and keep track of your schedule.
  • Expensify: Manage your expense reports.

Workload Automation Software

With workload automation software, you can save heaps of time and increase your efficiency. You could end up spending hours job scheduling, but with effective workload automation software, you can find a quick and simple solution to this issue.

With services like this, you’ll discover real-time monitoring, hybrid computing solutions, and automatic processing demands that work with the dynamic, ever-changing environment. Create jobs, tasks, and sessions from one program to increase efficiency while growing your business.

Portable Card Readers


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If your small business is one that travels often, a portable card reader is an important part of business. For example, food truck owners might use portable card readers to accept credit cards from anywhere. Additionally, you may bring your card reader to a trade show so that you can make sales from your booth.

But you don’t have to be a traveling small business owner to benefit from a portable card reader; they’re easy to use and affordable even if you’re using them from your shop.

There are several portable card readers that you can get for free along with a free app, including the popular Square app. Simply plug it into your portable device, such as your smartphone or tablet, and start accepting credit cards for a small percentage of the purchase price, often around 2.75 percent.

Social Media Marketing Tools

No matter how big or small your business is, getting involved in social media is a crucial step in connecting with your customers and making sales. Today, 85 percent of small businesses and non-profit organizations already have a Facebook page, but if you’re falling behind on the trend you could be falling behind in business.

What can social media do for your business?

  • Promote products and sales.
  • Engage with customers.
  • Connect with others in your industry.
  • Make more sales.

But what if you already know all this and already use social media? Then you should know that there are even more social media marketing tools that you can use to increase your efficiency on social media.

Apps like HootSuite, for example, help you manage all your social media sites from one location, where you can schedule updates, track brand mentions, analyze traffic, and do much more.

Social Recruiting Tools

It’s no secret that small businesses tend to have a tough time finding qualified employees that want to stay with them. In fact, the Huffington Post reported that in July, 2012, one in every three small businesses had unfilled job openings because they couldn’t find people with the proper skills to fill the jobs.

However, finding qualified employees to stay with you isn’t as tough as it sounds. With social recruiting tools, such as The Resumator or LinkedIn, you can find qualified workers in your area to fill your spots quickly. With these tools, you can post jobs, look through resumes and track applicants easier while reaching a wider audience.

If you’re not up-to-date with these types of technologies, it’s time that you start looking into them to help improve your efficiency and expand your business. For more ideas on other tools and technologies that can help you run your small business, check out this article.

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