Ditch the “As Soon As” Thinking and Get Stuff Done!

Posted on September 4, 2012

At some point or another, we all fall prey to putting off our dreams until we have become perfect. Do any of the following resonate?

  • I will write a book as soon as I have more time.
  • I will rethink my brand as soon as I have more money.
  • I will launch my new service/product as soon as I (fill in your favorite excuse).

Now I ask you: has “as soon as” ever shown up?

The fear of imperfection is a common affliction, even among the most ambitious entrepreneurs I know. Instead of furiously taking bold action, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of waiting until doing more research, trying to understand everything, and/or getting approval from others before taking the next step. Here’s the hard truth:

Perfectionism is really just a convenient excuse for not taking action.



As seen on Forbes, Mashable,

To achieve your epic success, you have to embrace the fear and do the hard stuff anyway!  In most cases, it is better to take the leap and learn in action. If you wait until everything is just right, you may just be spinning your wheels.

Goal statements with “as soon as” clauses attached are just convenient excuses for not starting. You can’t wait for everything to be checked off your to-do list before you start creating a life you love. If you do, you will perpetually live in “as soon as” land.

What are your “as soon as” statements? Ready to squash ’em? Here’s how…

Show Up!

Did you show up for life this morning ready and raring to go? Are you busting into your rarely tapped potential to give the best you have to offer to something that’s important to you? Are you bringing your A game today?

Very, very few people are doing this on this random day in September.

Most people woke up this morning after hitting the snooze button a few times. They dragged themselves through the motions of getting ready and begrudgingly “clocked in” to their existence. They are currently thinking about what’s for lunch, what to have for dinner, or some silly piece of gossip they heard at the water cooler. They fully intend to get whatever they must get done today with the least possible effort necessary so it’s just good enough to pass muster. They are settling for a half-ass life.

And then they wonder why “as soon as” isn’t here yet. Seriously?!

How much of your time is being spent contributing your very best versus being spent on Facebook apps and iPhone games? Examine how you spend your time, identify where you misuse it, and change. Focus. Give whatever you have to do your very best. Show up completely!

So, I ask again (in a slightly different way) the same questions:

Are you ready to bring your A-game to the table this afternoon? Could you show up for life this afternoon ready and raring to go? Are you tapping into your hidden potential to give the best you have to offer today to something that’s important to you?

Imagine what would happen if you stopped waiting and started now. Take a giant step forward today – even if you are not sure that you are ready. Just go for it. Do your best with what you have now. You can always perfect it later!

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  • NicoleBon
    November 13, 2012 (2:42 pm)

    So true! One thing that I keep saying I’ll do later is Go Green in my office! Today I took the step and ordered a refurbished Herman
    Miller Aeron Chair
    . It felt good because I got an awesome chair instead of letting the parts just rot away in the dumpster. Now I have to keep this “get it done” attitude going!

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