Beaten and Robbed in The Desert

Posted on June 7, 2017

A boy was robbed in the desert and beaten almost to death. He used to be a shepherd but was traveling through Egypt in search of a treasure. This is an excerpt from the book "The Alchemist." I recently read this book and it was life changing. The boy lived a pedestrian life as a shepherd but grew tired of his life. He then started having dreams about a treasure for him in Egypt. He thought the dreams meant nothing but people kept appearing ...

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Lost In Chicago

Posted on June 6, 2017

My wife and I took a road trip to Chicago for a couple of days to attend a business mastermind. I love driving, so we had a blast driving up the scenic roads from DC to Chicago in our BMW M3. (Side note, Indiana is very flat and wasn’t the most scenic part of the trip). So we arrived in Chicago and decided to go out and grab something to eat at a steakhouse. Since I was driving, my wife was in charge of directions, and of course that meant ...

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