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Deciding Between PR and SEO Services? Think Again

In December I attended the search conference BlueGlassX, where some of the top minds in search marketing, social media, content marketing and public relations gathered to share their experiences and insight for the upcoming year. One of the key topics that stuck out was how Google’s latest algorithm changes have led the way for two industries to stop stepping on ...

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Gaining the Edge With an Incredible Facebook Campaign

Facebook has the amazing ability to connect business with their customer base. Companies can take the temperature of their fan base and see exactly how they are viewed in the eyes of those that matter most, their customers. However, have you ever noticed how the most successful companies on Facebook realize it is more than simple dialogue that keeps customers ...

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Six Common Mistakes In Facebook Marketing

Facebook allows you to connect with your customers on a completely personal level and gives you the ability to know your fans thoughts, feelings, and reactions to your company and your brand. Avoid making these six mistakes and grow your company's presence on Facebook. You Don’t Understand Your Customer Base Are you interacting with your customers? When you ...

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Search Engine Optimization Tips for Small Businesses

More often than not, I hear from entrepreneurs and small businesses who would like to do nothing but rank on the first page of search engines and use their ranking to drive customers to their site and eventually turn them into a sale or a lead. This is a great goal to have since almost 95 percent of customers do not go past the first page of results when searching ...

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Using Online Brand Management to Help Your Small Business Succeed

The internet has made it more possible for smaller businesses to compete right along side industry giants. As long as they have great online visibility, a small business can be seen high on the search engine results pages right alongside larger companies. However, getting to the top and maintaining a positive image isn’t always an easy task.  Although small ...

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