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Tips for Developing an Effective Business Logo

Take a look at how the logos of large brands like NBC, YouTube, Ford and Nike communicate key elements of what each brand is about. Even though your business is small now, you should still have a logo that captures the essence of your business and clearly communicates a message to your customers. Whether you work with a designer or create a logo yourself, rely on ...

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Giving Your Customers The Speed They Want

Faster is better in the tech world, as anyone who watched the iPhone5 presentation may have guessed from the highly repetitive use of the words "fast" and "faster" to describe the latest version of the device. You also may be used to receiving pleas from your Internet company to upgrade to the new, faster service. These trends are reflective of consumers in general, ...

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IT choices for new businesses: The VPS option

You know your business model and you believe in your product. Early mornings, you sit down with coworkers and consultants, engineers and marketing gurus, and there’s an obvious kind of energy in the room – aggressiveness, alertness, creativity. You’re ready to make progress. Designing and implementing a computer system is next on the list. So why not employ ...

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Telecommunications For Your Business: Minding Your Ps and Qs

If you’re getting ready to introduce your business to the community or expand your business—Congratulations! This is an exciting time to grow your company. Business owners today have marketing and management tools at their fingertips to help them reach and retain more customers. Online marketing tools, software and easy access to research all make targeted ...

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Helping Your Small Business Succeed with Social Media

Social media is a small business owner’s best friend. The barriers erected by big business and million-dollar marketing campaigns have been shattered by social media, placing all businesses on a relatively equal playing field. While it’s true that the big companies have the biggest reach, the cream rises to the top in social media marketing, and you have more ...

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