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The Still-Not-Forgotten Art of Complaining About Your Business

If you're like me then you probably don't even feel like reading this post. I mean, I bet that 90% of people (myself included) see themselves as those who know better or those who don't do silly things like complaining about their current situation. But on the contrary, we all have the tendency to do that. And when I give it a closer look, unfortunately, I do ...

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10 Commandments for Smoother Client Projects

As it turns out, successfully launching your online business is only the first step of your entrepreneurial journey. Apart from that, and no matter what niche you're in, you will have to learn a number of other skills along the way. Among which: marketing, selling, social media (yes, no escape from that, unfortunately), client support (if relevant), advertising, and ...

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5 Ways to Save Money and Build a Better Startup

One of the major problems startups face today is getting funded. Without enough funding, your startup won’t thrive. But the reality is you don’t need the big budgets to build a successful startup. You can build a successful startup even if you’re on a budget and here are a few ways to do that. 1. Start with Your Design The first thing most startups spend ...

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How to Be the Fattest Business Owner Around

There’s really a massive amount of advice available on the internet on how to do this or improve that in your business. But there’s not that much focusing on us – the humans behind the businesses. Running a business is a serious job, we all know this. It involves much time and dedication to do it right, and in the end it can force us to spend many hours in ...

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5 Simple Habits That Can Dramatically Improve Your Productivity

The issue of productivity doesn’t usually come to the surface until you start working for yourself (as a freelancer, or a business owner planning a launch, for example). When you’re in your day job you probably don’t have to worry that much about it. And don’t get me wrong. I'm not trying to say that you don’t have to be productive at work. What I mean ...

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