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Get Sh*t Done

I want a divorce That's right. I've been in a steady relationship with Busy for too many years. I am divorcing this jerkface right here and now. Perhaps you can relate. If you’re anything like me (and most of the uberly ambitious entrepreneurs I know), your life is seriously busy. Everyday is filled with endless tasks and meetings and events and things ...

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Ditch the “As Soon As” Thinking and Get Stuff Done!

At some point or another, we all fall prey to putting off our dreams until we have become perfect. Do any of the following resonate? I will write a book as soon as I have more time. I will rethink my brand as soon as I have more money. I will launch my new service/product as soon as I (fill in your favorite excuse). Now I ask you: has “as soon as” ever ...

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Build Your Own Team Audacity: A Board of Accountability for Your Entrepreneurial Dream

One of my biggest challenges as an entrepreneur - my fear of imperfection! Yep, that’s right. The Audacity Coach herself is so afraid of imperfection that she struggles to finish anything. There. I said it. (deep breath) You’d think that a life/career coach would know better and be able to get over this fear. You’d think that because I have expertise in ...

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Busyness vs. Business

Entrepreneurial achievement requires solid and consistent follow-through. Seems straight forward enough. Well, it may be straight forward, but it's far from easy. Coming up with the business idea is the easy part. You discover a passion that truly drives you. You get all excited, chart a path, write up a business plan and get started. Right on!!! But then ...

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Entrepreneurial Audacity

To become an entrepreneur, it's clear that you have to have at least a modicum of Audacity, but what in the world does that mean? Well, let me tell you. By way of background, I recently stumbled upon the concept of “self-efficacy” in a book I was reading and I can’t seem to shake my interest in the subject. The more I learn about it, the more I'm ...

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