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5 Essential Books for Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur or just considering possibility of becoming one, it helps to learn from those who have followed a similar path and found success. While there are dozens of great blogs and publications to read, it’s important to get a solid dose of books focusing on entrepreneurship as they often offer the big picture in a strong narrative that you can ...

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Top (Unsung) Schools for Entrepreneurs

As most will tell you, entrepreneurs are cut from a different mold than regular students, colleagues, and professionals. Ambitious, creative, and many times eccentric, the educational curve of an entrepreneurial mind varies from their peers. With many schools keying in on entrepreneurial education, there are a slew of programs out there for entrepreneurs to learn ...

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A look into the JOBS Act & Crowdfunding [INFOGRAPHIC]

As you may know, President Obama and Congress took a stand to show their support of the “backbone of the economy,” by passing the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act in April 2012 to help entrepreneurs and small business owners raise capital from individual investors. This also allows average people to invest in new companies, products, and campaigns ...

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Maximizing Millennials [Infographic]

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are entering the workplace in record numbers. They are idealistic, diverse, digitally-enabled, social and perhaps most importantly, ambitious. While this is promising for the future of our industries and innovation across the board, many managers and companies are still trying to figure out the best way to maximize millennia...

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The Alley and the Valley [Interactive Infographic]

For about four decades, the conversation about “where are the best startups located” began and ended with Silicon Valley. In recent years, we've started to see growth across the country for startups and technology entrepreneurs While New York’s Silicon Alley may be at the forefront of this movement of innovation and entrepreneurship, we shouldn't overlook ...

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