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Launching a Startup? Choose Where First

You have that one great idea, and you are filled with optimism. Now is the time to set out and conquer your dreams, becoming an entrepreneur and running your own successful startup! This is the dream of many, even more so thanks to the internet and how it has paved the way for small businesses to once again take the limelight. Even the smallest startups can ...

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Getting More Productive With Cheat Sheets

I remember back in 2007 there was a study done by The University of Calgary on procrastination and how it has increased in today's society. The lead on the project was Professor Piers Steel, who said that in the 1970's about 20% less people considered themselves chronic procrastinators. A figure that has increased along with our significant boost in personal ...

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10 iPhone Apps for Social Media Productivity

Social media is a serious time killer. Most of us find ourselves on Facebook or Twitter when we should be working, or watching YouTube when we should be studying. It is just a part of life in this new, technical age. There is so much online to distract us, and nothing is more tempting than the prospect of social interaction with people all over the world. What you ...

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5 Startup Conferences Outside the US

When your ideas grow into plans and your plans grow into preparing a business for public launch, no amount of advice or financial backing is enough; your dreams are big and your startup should be too! If you've got an idea for a new startup up your sleeve and you plan to spend time outside of the United States over the coming months, consider attending one of ...

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6 Conferences for Self-Made Entrepreneurs to Visit in 2012

Being a successful self-made entrepreneur is nothing to sneeze at, placing you on a list of driven individuals with unique insight into the inner workings of business. An entrepreneurial spirit doesn't come without risks, however, and today's goldmine can quickly become tomorrow's forgotten product, bringing down both spirits and finances in one fell swoop. With ...

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