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9 Price Raising Hacks That’ll Make You More Money

Want to make more money? Of course you do. Increasing your prices is one of the easiest ways to increase your profit margins. You have to understand the price elasticity of your market and how your customers will respond. The truth is that price isn't as objective as many people think. After reading the phenomenal book, Priceless - The Myth of Fair Value, my ...

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135 Inspirational Business Quotes For Motivation

Entrepreneurship is tough. It's a craft that continuously teach you new things along your journey. There are highs, there are lows. No matter where you are as an entrepreneur, you need to learn from others. We all need inspiration and ideas from others that helps kick us into a higher gear. Here are 155 inspiring business quotes that will motivate you as an ...

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Should Small Businesses Outsource Their Accounting Duties?

Odds are that you are not running an accounting firm. Still, earning revenue guarantees the need for proper bookkeeping, and that means your business has a decision to make. (more…)

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The True Cost of Unused Software in Business

A recent study taken out by 1E (a software lifecycle automation company) has shown that many companies around the world are spending excessive amounts of money on computer software that is never being used! (more…)

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Slashing Expenses: Money-Saving Tips for UK Businesses

Businesses throughout the UK are searching for reliable ways to cut costs and save as much money as possible. (more…)

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