EpicLaunch is a blog for young entrepreneurs that provides outstanding tips for advancing your entrepreneurial career. EpicLaunch is run by a young and experienced team, who strive to bring you the best content out there. Whether or not you have experience launching and running businesses you can learn.

Why EpicLaunch is Different

We’re not grown-ups preaching entrepreneurship but rather young adults and teens sharing our experience with each other. If you ever need any help please feel free to contact us and we’ll provide you with the best personalized advice you could get.

What We Cover

We write about entrepreneurship, online business and social media, all essential topics to becoming successful online and offline entrepreneurs. From time to time, we also host exciting giveaways and contests. We also post interviews with highly successful entrepreneurs.

Who We Are

EpicLaunch was founded by Ben Lang. We now have a team of qualified, young, writers who provide some of the best entrepreneurship content online.