5 Best Social Media Apps on BlackBerry

Posted on July 26, 2013

It’s no secret that BlackBerry has a devoted following in the business space. Blackberry users have a variety of social media apps at their fingertips to stay connected while on the move and connect with their customers. Nearly all social networks have a native app, and there are tons of messaging apps available. Here are some of the best social media apps to use when you’re on the move with a BlackBerry device.

1. Trapeez

Polarbear app for BlackBerry Z10, Q10 & Q5!

Image via Flickr by Polarbear App

This app is ultimately a Tumblr client. The same people who created the Blaq client for PlayBook made this app. Blaq doesn’t exist for the BB10, but that’s fine — as Trapeez makes it just as simple to go through your Tumblr blogs, publish posts while you’re on the move, and follow new users. Trapeez has both share and like functions and allows you to drop links, quotes, and pictures into your posts.



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2. IM+ Pro

If you’re using a phone with the BB10 OS and are looking to integrate all the networks you use, IM+ Pro is the way to go. This instant messaging client lets you log into different networks at one time so you keep tabs on all of your contacts. IM+ Pro includes popular networks like Facebook and Google talk and even many obscure ones such as ICQ. If you have friends across various networks, this app is perfect.

3. Keek

Users who love video will find a new home on Keek as video is the basis of this social network. Users put short clips from their phone and can see what their friends post, then leave comments. Many tools help you find people to follow—search by subject, popularity, or in suggestions from the app itself. You even can move your Keeks to Facebook or Twitter. The web version of Keek goes very well with the Blackberry app.

4. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an instant messaging app that goes across platforms. It has a large and always growing base of fans that lets users have favorite features of BBM in another place. With WhatsApp, you’ll see when others are active through activity indicators, see if your contacts have received messages, and of course, note when they’re typing out their responses.

You’ll use emoticons, organize users into helpful groups, and have a favorites section. It’s possible to set whatever status you want or choosing from presets and can share everything from pictures to videos to locations.

5. Diode

With the Diode Reddit app, it’s easy to check favorite subreddits and leave comments on different submissions. It’s possible to upvote and downvote as well as send private messages and send links. It’s also easy to sort stories — you’ll do so based on how controversial, new, or hot they are or based on their votes. A light and dark theme makes sure you have good visibility while using this app.

The best social media apps help you to connect with contacts across countless different platforms. Whatever app — or apps — you choose to use, you’ll make sure you stay in touch with everyone important to you, no matter where you are or where you’re going.

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