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10 Reasons Why eBay Sucks for Sellers

Yes, I started my entrepreneurship career on eBay. My business was selling other peoples items and then taking a commission. I enjoyed making nice commissions and was even interview on television. I loved eBay then. Now I don’t. Here are 10 reasons why I think eBay sucks for sellers. I’m not the only one who hates eBay, so many people have eBay problems.

1. Illegitimate feedback

If a buyer gives you a negtive feedback for no reason, you can’t remove it. There goes your entire reputation and sometimes your entire business.

2. Annoying rules

For example in the last 12 hours of an auction you can’t change images. A potential buyer emailed me to notify me that I had put the wrong picture on the auction page.  There was no bid but because there were only 10 hours left,  I couldn’t change the picture, and what do you know, no sale.

3. Bogus buyers

No more negative feedback for bogus buyers, meaning that buyers who don’t pay for their winning bids cannot be penalized by the seller. This too destroys the entire feedback system.

4. Fees

EBay’s sale commission is a good chunk plus you have to pay for every listing detail practically. Subtitle: $.50, picture: $.25, bold title: $1, etc.

5. PayPal

If you use PayPal which is very handy for eBay selling you’re going to be ripped off. They continually take more and more commissions. Plus eBay owns PayPal so you are charged 3 times, listing, commission and PayPal!

6. Refunds

Someone can buy your item using PayPal, receive the item, and then lie and say that it was not shipped. PayPal will then refund them the entire purchase amount.

8. Shipping

Everything relies on shipping. The postal service once lost a small expensive package I sold; the buyer had not pay for insurance. So I had to wait for weeks to find out what happened, and then reimburse the item from my pocket!

9. Free alternative – Craigslist

There’s just no incentive to sell on eBay when you have Craigslist. It’s 100% free, the buying market is huge, its easy, no shipping involved, door to door. What more could you ask for?

10. Terrible customer service

If you have a problem with a sale or purchase, you have to go through bots and finally days later receive a humans actual help.

* Messy interface

Every time eBay seems to update their interface and website it gets worse. No matter how many people complain the site just becomes worse.

So even though I started a successful eBay business I have moved on. If you use eBay, let me know what you think.

Alternatives to eBay:

Feel free to share your experience with eBay below.

  • tony ramirez

    The fee’s on eBay is what turned me off.
    Craigslist is where its at!

    • Ben Lang

      Yeah the fees are terrible, Craiglist is free it’s that simple…

      • Surenospam

        after i watch this video in youtube, i am waiting this site to lauch, as a seller, this is what i need, free, and they more than the other, the got buyitnow, auction and group puchase which is more funtion than the other, people buy in ebay are paying those fee, not me for sure, i will be selling there and tell all my friend move there.

        check it up

    • Phaoloo

      Have the same feeling. It takes time to understand all the features on eBay and that’s a good chance for scamers to cheat on novice users.

      • Ben Lang

        Yeah its especially tough for those who aren’t experienced eBay sellers.

        • Surenospam

          there is so many auction site, after 9 %  ebay plus 3%  paypal, there is not much profit let, there is lot of other auction site are free listing, just say a video in youtube and this new lauch site promise not listing and final fee for life, check it up:


    • styxit

      Fees…. Yes but I tried to close my good standing account and they are making me wait 30 days. I guess in hopes of me changing my mind. NO F- – -ING WAY!!!!

    • Peter

      Check out It’s a brand new auction site. They don’t have listing fees. I’ve just started using it and it looks to be a true auction site. Bidders buy auction paddles which pay for the item. Once enough users have bought paddles for an item, the item is paid for and the auction begins. Only the users with auction paddles get to be in the auction. They use a weird virtual currency they call carrots to bid against eachother. I like it, there just doesn’t seem to be that many users on it. And you can search by location which I really like.

      Let me know what people think.

  • Ricky

    Even I tried eBay and amazon but things never worked out for me,

    • Ben Lang

      Oh I’m sorry to Ricky. Regards.

  • Clinton Skakun

    I never tried using Ebay but I like classifieds. They’re personal, you contact the owner directly and you don’t pay dumb fees in between. I’ve sold and bought from classifieds for a years casually and I’ve enjoyed it.


    • Ben Lang

      Yeah those can work out very well especially on Craigslist…

  • Rob

    Ebay can be a pain up the ass at times. You have to pay all these fee’s for simple things like posting an image, and they don’t protect the sellers compared to the buyers.

    • Ben Lang

      It is, I remember that you had quite a bad experience on eBay, sorry.

  • Computer Squad

    I sell all my computer parts via other websites but ebay. I found they are too expensive to be listed there.

    • Ben Lang

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Alex Ainsberg

    I have never bothered with eBay. Good call by me, I guess.

    • Ben Lang

      Yeah Alex, smart decision :)

  • Dey Irfan

    i’m just wondering. Now that you think Ebay sucks, why did you still have that Template Optimizer ad on the left?

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if you tell people not to use Ebay, but still having one your sponsors selling Ebay templates?

    Just wondering

    • Ben Lang

      Well thats Google Adsense, which shows ads based on the post. Since this post was on eBay it ironically showed a Template Optimizer…

  • Himanshu

    I have never used ebay in my life, but your article is eye opening. Which service you would prefer for online shopping?

    • Ben Lang

      I’m glad. For shopping I would always use Amazon.

  • TechChunks

    I have never used eBay (or Amazon for that matter). I’m a non-US citizen and most of their terms and conditions are not-so-conducive for me.

    I saw you recommending Craiglist above. But I have recently seen lot of spam floating there (even seen lot of crap like ‘Craiglist poster wanted’ etc on Digital Point Forum). Curious to hear your takes on it!

    • Ben Lang

      It’s hard for non-US citizens to use sites such as eBay or Amazon but Craigslist is quite easy for international users. Yes there is a lot of spam but as long as you verify that the seller is real you could make a lot of great deals.

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  • Sarge |

    I didn’t realise that Craigslist was good for international users. Though I doubt many Australians would use it. I could be wrong though. I will check it out.

    I plan to use Ebay just to sell off some junk I’ve got lying around and I need some cash (just left my full time job to pursue a career online so may as well sell things I don’t need online)

    From my understanding Ebay is pretty big in Australia – many many many people use it.

    I would have thought if people don’t use registered post it’s their own fault if they don’t get their product in the post and they couldn’t try and rip you off saying they didn’t get the package. Maybe registered post should be compulsory!

    Sarge |

    • Ben Lang

      I’m sure Craigslist is used in Australia… Well if you are looking for some quick cash eBay should be good for that, but still CL is better! Good luck.

  • Angela

    I don’t like that people expect everything the day after tomorrow on there and if it’s not there they are asking where it is. People need to settle down on there. Sellers are at the Mercie of the buyers and it’s not right. I fully agree with all of your reasons as well. The fees were my main reason for leaving. And they don’t care about their customers on Ebay. I guess I could go on and on. I use now with my store. I love it!
    .-= Angela´s last blog post: Dog Christmas Sweater =-.

    • Ben Lang

      Yeah, sellers are really abused on eBay. They can’t expect to receive everything the day after, and misunderstandings happen! I hate the fees also, I’ll for sure check out thanks for sharing!

  • Michael Montgomery

    Hey Ben, good post; excellent points, however I can’t pass up the fact that there is an audience actively seeking the items I sell on eBay (yo-yos) and that it’s an excellent way to drive traffic to sites with relevant information (ie my own e-commerce store, but I would send them to a helpful blog post or forum topic to gain the users trust first.

    Ultimately my yo-yo related website is still in development and I haven’t gone all out selling products on eBay, but I would love to post 25 items per week and automate it and simply have a link back to my site in each post, that way I’d be making money for advertising my website :)

    • Ben Lang

      Well for items like yoyo’s eBay is probably great, aside from all the other problems listed above. If you are interested there are some great tools such as auctiva, sellercircle, for eBay sellers.

  • Tony | Seo Writer

    Ebay is something I use but as an affiliate partner not as an actual seller on my personal niche sites. Are you doing something similar?

    Also, I just want to mention that in this week alone, I’ve moved 250 bucks on purchasing an iphone from a friend, selling for 450 bucks and now purchase an iphone from another friend and hope to do the same. I’ve made minimum week wage in less then a day’s work. 😀
    .-= Tony | Seo Writer´s last blog post: Search Engine Marketing Software = Google Sandbox =-.

    • Ben Lang

      I use Amazon for affiliate marketing. Yes I know you could make a lot from eBay, but overall its ineffecient and there are lots of problems (as mentioned above.) Kinds regards.

  • Punkylex

    I do agree at 100%. eBay sucks. I can’t believe such a buggy, messy, confuse, user-unfriendly service has succeeded in getting the monopole on second hand buy/sell on the internet. I look forward the raise of some more userfriendly competitor.

    • Ben Lang

      Haha, thanks for the support. Well there are plenty of other great sites such as:

  • Fiona Kitchen

    Great post.
    I like myself, Ebay I always found disappointing.
    Preloved is free and you can post a photo, though they have messed with the messaging system this last week and made it internal.

    • Ben Lang

      Hmm I’ve never heard of Preloved, I’ll go check it out. Thanks for sharing!

  • was

    ebay owns %25 of craiglist incase you didn`t know

    • Ben Lang

      I didnt know that, thanks so much for letting me know :)

  • JD

    I just found this site:
    It’s a descending price auction site. The price starts high and drops until someone bids.

    Their fees are pretty low (1.5-6%) and you apparently only pay if your item sells for over $10.

    I’ve been waiting for something like this!

    • Ben Lang

      Wow I’ve never heard of such a concept, what a great idea. I wonder if it pays off… Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Lu

    Yea, I just got hit with the Refund issue. Sold a brand new laptop battery(factory sealed). Buyer claimed it wasn’t new. eBay asked the buyer to send it back for a full refund. I get it back and the serial numbers don’t match. It’s obvious the buyer sent back his old battery. Before I could dispute the issue with eBay, they closed the case and ruled in his favor.

    So, now i’m stuck with his old battery. I can’t return to the retailer because the serial numbers don’t match, and out the money(since it’s been already taken out of my paypal account).

    I’m done selling on eBay

    • Ben Lang

      That’s such a pain, I can’t believe eBay would allow such a thing to happen. I definitely understand why you would be done with eBay.

  • Jessica

    the part about “refunds” totally happened to me today. some stupid bitch ripped me off and i KNOW she did, and of course, my bank account was lower when i got home. i tried disputing three times, even offered to show them proof that the item was sent, but got no response. the woman showed signs of “buyers remorse” DAYS after she won the auction.. i even had to send her invoice after invoice before she paid. i might as well have not even bothered because she got both money and jewelry.

    what’s worse is that i live in a small town.. the nearest craigslist page is for 30 miles away, and very rarely gets visited.

    • Ben Lang

      I’m so sorry, it real is terrible when things like that happen. It’s very unfortunate that you can’t use Craigslist. Good luck!

  • Dave

    Yeah ebay’s buggy system is a real pain, sometimes it takes hours to put right when it goes wrong – especially the bulk editor.
    .-= Dave´s last blog post: Start selling on your WordPress Blog with WP Auction =-.

    • Ben Lang

      Agreed, thanks for sharing your opinion Dave.

  • Saul

    So would you think it is a bad idea to get into a business where you sell items for people via Ebay?

    • Ben Lang

      Well I went through it, I wouldn’t say that it was bad, but it certainly wasn’t pleasant at times.

  • JacobMaslow

    I would absolutely say stay away from a business selling on eBay for others, unless it is selling for other businesses (over stock, closeouts, discontinued items etc).

    I owned an eBay drop off store in 2005 and was amongst the hundreds of such people to lose my shirt.

    There were only 3 in Staten Island including myself. All were seperated from each other geographically – so we were not on top of each other. All three went out of business.

    I started selling for businesses including an Appliance Company and eventually worked there full time and took over the marketing of their eCommerce site.

    It worked out well in the end, I certainly learned a lot and feel compelled to share my experiences with others.

    • Ben Lang

      Interesting story. I’ve heard so many people who have similar stories with so many problems with eBay.

  • Jacob maslow

    Each marketplace has Its own strengths and weaknesses.

    There are a lot of problems with a business selling other people’s stuff on eBay.

    I recommend strongly against doing so as it did not work out for me and most others. Do not want to give all the problems in this comment.

    There are better alternatives. Sourcing your own stuff even from flea markets , thrifts etc is better.

  • Ken

    In the past few months, I have found that eBay no longer enforces its own rules on buyer’s remorse–a buyer can get his money back in full no matter what. Also, buyer’s no longer are required to file an insurance claim with USPS, Fedex, etc. and eBay will still refund all their money–eBay might as well be picking the seller’s pockets. Of course, eBay and Paypal keep all their fees in both instances. I am no longer going to sell anything but junk on eBay. A shame since I was a Powerseller for a very long time and did quite well when Meg was running eBay.

    • Ben Lang

      Yeah they are hurting the sellers so much by always going in favor of the buyers. That’s interesting that you did well while Meg was the CEO, I never sold during that time period. Thanks for sharing Ken.

  • Ken

    Donahue is doing to eBay what Keyes did to Blockbuster (replaced a good CEO) which is expected to file bankruptcy this year and then be gone forever. With any luck, the same will happen to eBay so a better company can take its place.

    • Ben Lang

      Very true. I wonder what would replace eBay, for the time being I’m going to have stick with Craigslist.

  • Peter

    The problem with ebay is they have lost sight of what’s important. The golden rule of sales. “If sellers can sell, buyers will buy”. Ebay is too distracted with profit chasing and as a result, they are chasing away their sellers.

    Insertion fees are insane. Final value fees are impossible to calculate and scary. 10% of this amount plus 5% of that amount plus a surcharge, plus a kiss my ass fee!

    They are caught in the corporate profit trap. More, more, more! They need to start over and simplify everything, not add more layers of confusion and stress. Sellers are leaving. I think about ebay almost everyday but I don’t list any items! It’s too difficult and too intimidating. Every decision I’m forced to make is painful. Fees, fees, fees.

    The amazing thing to me is that the executives over at ebay have no understanding of any of this. Where did these nut jobs come from? The culture at ebay is broken… It’s like NASA a few years back. Push the launch button because no one has the balls to say “stop and fix it!”

    All answers stem from this basic truth… “If sellers can sell, buyers will buy!”

    • Ben Lang

      I fully agree with “If sellers can sell, buyers will buy!” As long as eBay keeps preventing the sellers from selling because of their insane fees, their want be any more buyers. eBay has clearly become to greedy, to accommodate its sellers.

  • Zombie

    Has anyone seen the new “zero Insertion Fee” policy for items under $1 over at ebay? I can’t wait to get started on this sellers miracle. WOW…. happy days!

    If only I could justify researching, photographing, cropping, photoshopping, AND spending 30 minutes putting up an item w/description, for sale at .99 – Hmmmm maybe I’ll just wait for the next amazing ebay offer!

    Ebay seems to be chasing after the low-end junk, but that doesn’t even make sense. Not sure what they are up to wih this.

    How true tho Peter (if sellers can’t sell, buyers have nothing to buy)

    thanks and good luck to all

    • Ben Lang

      I haven’t heard about that. The profit margin on an item under $1 is so low that it wouldn’t be worth for me and for most people unless they’re selling by the hundreds or thousands from China.

      Not sure what’s going on with eBay either. Good luck to you too!

  • pauline

    Sold a $4500 item, buyer tried to hustle for a $1500 refund claiming it was rusty, buyer filed dispute with ebay, buyer refunded in full from seller paypal account without having to return item. Now out both $4500 and item.

    • Ben Lang

      That’s terrible, I’m so sorry. I read your full story on your site, I can’t believe that happened.

    • Jonsey

      You mean to tell me, you didn’t get anything back? That would be against the law, and not even eBay is above that. Something about your story, does not add up at all. You are clearly lying about something.

      • pauline

        NOTHING BACK. I’ve involved the police department in the city the buyer lives, the Kentucky attorney generals office and a lawyer. I’ve been told it’s a CIVIL matter that must be settled in CIVIL COURT. Ebay certainly believe they are above the law. Read the posts here to confirm that.

        What DOESN’T add up is me spending $15.95 per month to host lies. I pulled up ALL messages and accounts on my computer and took picures of them EXACTLY as they appear on my computer. No fudging emails, doctoring accounts and/or editing messages. People see EXACTLY what I see if they were sitting in my chair.

        My civic duty warning others of my nightmare will not deter eBay in any way. They are a planet to themselves and any member is but a grain of sand on that planet.

  • invoice template

    Ebay is a nightmare. It costs and arm and a leg and the buyers are terrible.
    .-= invoice template´s last undefined post: Response cached until Sun 18 @ 5:39 GMT (Refreshes in 23.98 Hours) =-.

    • Ben Lang

      At times, it is…

  • Mikela

    I know alot of people don’t like eBay, but you guys only focus on the negative. Yeah, bad stuff happens in every business, it is the nature of the business, take your lumps and move on. eBay gives you access to millions of buyers, if you don’t want to sell to someone, block them and stop complaining.

    • Ben Lang

      You definitely have a point. I could write a post on the positives of eBay but I decided to focus on the negative though.

    • Angelia

      Right, block them right after they took a bunch of money from you AND kept your item? Some people technically don’t run a business. I just sold things that I didn’t want anymore.

  • B-Rad

    Ebay isn’t all that fair to the buyers either, I’ve seen buyers get screwed out of money pretty much because of crappy sellers and paypal not willing to help.
    Also I know something I buy isn’t going to be at my house tomorrow, but I like it when sellers put the tracking number up so I can atleast predict when it will be at my house, its handy to know when I should be home so it doesn’t get put on my doorstep and some random jerk comes up and steels it.

    • Ben Lang

      Yeah I’m sure, I haven’t bought much on eBay so I wouldn’t really know. Looks like from the buying and selling point eBay is terrible for both.

  • Stranger

    Agree with B-Rad. In my experience eBay makes sure seller is safe and don’t give a damn about the buyer.

    I returned a defective item to the seller and provided a tracking number. eBay said I have to wait for the item to deliver to get the refund. The seller got the item April 30, Friday. But eBay said they now need confirmation from the seller that he got it, which he didn’t provide. So I have to wait 5 days (weekend + 3 national holidays in a row in Japan) to get a response from the seller, who is instead asking for the pictures and my bank details, which I gave him weeks ago when sending the item back. Case was closed in my favor May 4. Now it’s May 8 and I still don’t have my money. Nor from eBay for the item + shipping, nor from the seller for the return shipping. And now it weekend again. I’m out of money for 3+ weeks now since I returned the item and I shipped EMS for $85 to make sure things go fast.

    eBay never again for me. Next time I’ll gladly pay 20% more to buy locally, than go through this.

    • Ben Lang

      Not always, it could go both ways as pointed out by some other commentators. I’m sorry about what happened to you, thats terrible. Stick with Craigslist, its also very cheap.

      • Stranger

        You nailed it. Terrible!

        Today I had multiple chats and calls about my case with both eBay and PayPal redirecting me to one another.

        Turns out my refund has been put on hold and released to the seller! I have yet to call the Resolution Center which hasn’t opened yet.

        Just waiting to get my money back and remaining items delivered to close my eBay and PayPal accounts and never use them again.

        They are a total DISASTER!

        Unfortunately, Craigslist is not an option in Russia.

  • Clayton D. Zeller

    I have been a seller on ebay 10 years and YES EBAY SUCKS!!
    In the last 2 weeks I have had (3) non paying bidders and if I want to leave them feedback to ALERT OTHERS THAT THEY ARE NON PAYING BIDDERS I HAVE TO LEAVE POSITIVE FEEDBACK!
    So EBAY how in the heck is that honest feedback?
    Also in the last week I used the Ebay shippimng Cacculator whichs gives you the cost of my package calculated by size of box, weight of box and your location!when the auction ended it said it cost $$7.50 to ship box when I went thru paypal to ship package as that way I get free delivery confirmation it said it cost $$11.20 so I lost $$3.70 x 2 as this happened on (2) identical auctions!
    Contacted EBAY twice and was more or less told it is only a calculator and not an exact shipping quote!

    • Ben Lang

      That’s terrible, sounds like you’ve had some serious problems. I have to recommend getting started with Amazon or Craigslist…

  • Stranger

    I’m glad to tell you that my problem has been successfully resolved.

    Actually, I overreacted. And it wasn’t eBay’s fault. Turns out, it was the seller who forgot to release the funds, that’s why I didn’t get my refund. Instead, several days later eBay gave me a coupon for the amount paid.
    I wasn’t satisfied with coupon, though. So I called eBay Resolution Team who told me about the seller not releasing funds. So I called the seller and he issued a refund right away, apologizing for 13 days of waiting time and countless eBay chats it cost me. Looks like he truly forgot. But he even refunded returned shipping fee as their return policy promised. So it’s all good now.

    Still, eBay chat representatives could be more knowledgeable. But to be completely fair, I wouldn’t have to contact them if not the absent-minded seller.

    • Ben Lang

      That’s great to hear. I’m glad eBay helped out for once!

  • mike furlong

    Thanks for sharing great links. I normally get the best deals from

    • Ben Lang

      Cool site, I love the concept.

  • Eddie

    ****I Started Selling on Ebay back in 1998. It was the best of times in 1998. Verly little rules and HUGE end of auction prices. Pay Pal was (FREE) back then! I would love to see the OPRAH SHOW have an entire hour based about the (TRUE) Ebay and let the public really know the TRUTH! *Nothing Good Lasts forever, and Ebay has fallen down the tubes*. Every (quality) antique dealer that I speak with tells me, (I will NEVER put my good Antiques on Ebay, and get Ripped off by low class buyers. !!! (What a Shame!)

    • Ben Lang

      Wow, I cant believe PayPal was free, thats amazing. I wish that I had had the chance to sell back then, seems like eBay truly was amazing.

  • Aaron Darko

    Ebay and Paypal are both BRILLIANT examples of the internet middleman. They dont sell anything yet they make a ton of money.

    I have had a bad experience with ebay which I mentioned in my video interview with michael dunlop. Ebay always protects the buyers more – I have been scammed once before by a buyer who lied that he never recieved the item when he did.

    Its a really good way to get quick money though – even though the final value fee is a pain! I hate it! reduces your profits!

    The key though is selling information because with physical products, too much can go wrong and its just more hastle.

    I’m glad you made this post so I can rant about how I dislike ebay and more so paypal.

    Also if you sell something of high value on ebay like a macbook paypal will hold your money until the buyer leaves you positive feedback, so you dont even get the money upfront. I have tried to find a way around this but cant seem to find one. Can you?
    .-= Aaron Darko´s last blog post: Eben Pagan – How He Sold Over $29 Million Dollars Worth Of Information Products Online =-.

    • Ben Lang

      Very true, it’s incredible how much money they make from their services. Definitely agree with what you said. Regarding your question I don’t know how to get around it, sorry! Glad you could vent your frustrations.

  • Peter

    Check out It looks like it might be the nail in the coffin for ebays auctions.

    • Ben Lang

      I’ll go check it out, thanks for sharing Peter.

  • jennifer

    How does anyone make money on ebay? I started listing my old junk back in august of last year and made some money. Then I decided to get serious and buy liquidated and wholesale items and sell all brand new with tags on ebay thinking the products would fly off my shelves. I have hardly sold a thing. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I’ve listed them all with fixed prices for 30 day listing. I don’t want to do auction bidding for these items for fear I will get screwed. And the Ebay fees I’ve racked up so far this month are scaring me. Do you think these other sites you recommended have better quality buyers? It seems that Ebay buyers just want everything for 99 cents.

    • Ben Lang

      It’s challenging, I’m sorry that you’re having so much trouble making money with eBay. I would try the other sites, its worth seeing if you could succeed more on them, plus the fees are much better.

  • AJMcintosh

    Both Ebay AND Amazon work the same way. All they want to do is rip you off. Beware. I have a friend that used to sell in Amazon, and they’re holding his funds, for 3 months because they’re “reviewing his account”. 3 months!!! And there’s nothing he can do since it’s in their rules and regulations..I guess he didn’t read the very very fine prints…The ebst right now is craigslist, I haven’t explored other auctions sites…

    • Ben Lang

      Very true, I’ve never used Amazon though, I thought it was supposed to be better though. Craigslist is definitely the easiest and best.


    I sell one of a kind sports watches on Ebay and have lost my ass lately. It started off really strong but last summer I think their programers started to bury my listings.
    I take real baseball cards then cut the sweetspot out of the card and turn it into a dial. Then assemble my patented Baseball pocket watch with a Seiko movement.

    I list them under watches. They get buried there because my watch cost more than the cheap knockoff from china.
    I also list them under baseball cards, because they are. They get buried there because the programers see the item only as a watch.
    I let my Top Rated Seller badge die. Why would anyone continue on the Ebay treadmill? Ebay had made their money on the backs of sellers and now treat the seller badly.
    I listed a 1 of a kind Babe Ruth Baseball card pocket watch 2 days ago….. 2 hits so far……. only their spiders. It’s $50. Are you kidding me. What the heck happened to Ebay?

    Yes, Craiglist is free but when loading pics on the site they really drop the resolution.

    Thanks for your imput here on this site Ben.

    • Ben Lang

      Very smart what you did, but I see that eBay really messed you up. I would stick with Craigslist even if the photos aren’t great, you could just link to high quality photos, free is always better!

  • nr09

    I was trying to earn rent money, so I decided to sell some things that I wasn’t using on ebay. I had never done it before, and I also, got screwed. Ebay is great for buyers… but not so much for sellers. I read some stories above, and these people are telling the truth.

    I sold a working camera on ebay, and the seller claimed that it arrived broken. I know without a doubt that that camera worked. The seller didn’t even give me a chance to respond to their message before filing a paypal claim.

    Paypal always protects the buyers and screws the sellers. They deducted the money from my account and put it on hold. There was nothing that I could do, and I was forced to offer a refund. This was despite, the fact that in the listing I said “selling as is” no returns because I worried about getting scammed.

    So, now, this person has their money back, and I have to trust that they will ship the item back to me. I have a feeling that I will have to pay for this too – pay to have my own camera returned – which, is supposedly now broken. They might not even send it back. Plus, I run the risk of ruining my perfect feedback score.

    I have a few more things that are being auctioned. I tried to cancel the auction on one because I no longer wanted to use ebay. I found that they still charge you the listing fee – even though the item was just listed yesterday – had no bids or watchers. I’m really unhappy with both ebay and paypal. I will be closing my account and not using the services in the near future.

    The entire process is really not worth it. I sold four things and ended up with $40 – after fees were taken out, I refunded the item above, and I paid for shipping on each item. Ebay is not for everyday people. You really have to know what your doing, or you could end up like me. It’s easy for the average person to get cheated.

    • Ben Lang

      Yes, its horrible how much the sellers are abused on eBay. I’m so sorry to hear what your experience was like selling. Must admit, it truly is hard to make money, after the fees etc. it never comes out well.

      • nr09

        Just as an update – The buyer actually sent the camera back – which surprised me. They were decent about it and didn’t leave negative feedback, which I appreciated. But, the best part of this story is when I received the “broken camera” – I took it out of the box, and it turned on. The camera was not broken. It was never broken. The person obviously just got it and didn’t like it.

    • ebayseller

      Even if the buyer claims the item is broken they must first send it back before you have to offer a refund. If they don’t sent it back you don’t have to offer a refund. That is the rule. So I don’t know why you have to refund first. That is not right. I have been through this a few times myself and it usually ends satisfactorily or at least I get the item back before I refund a cent. I also always take out money from my Paypal account right away especially if it is an huge amount or I need the money. That way should an issue arise there is no money left in the account for them to put a hold on or freeze my account. You have to be savvy and smarter than Ebay and Paypal. 

  • Jen

    I haven’t had too many problems selling stuff on eBay but I’m just a casual seller. I hate how much time it takes me to list stuff (take pictures, add in html to make the listing look better) so I always put off selling stuff for months at a time. I love selling books on Amazon because it takes like 30 seconds to get your listing started!
    .-= Jen´s last blog post: KISS Guitar Picks =-.

    • Ben Lang

      Thats good to hear. Yeah it does take quite a while!

  • John

    I had a buyer on ebay make a claim against me the the day AFTER he was paid by the UPSP insurance I had placed on his purchase.. then I had to agrue with ebayt reps half a day to no avail telling them this was a scam he was running then I call USPS myself and find out he was paid off and only til I practically begged an ebay rep to call the USPS accounting dept himself.. proving the buyers claim was false.. did they rule in my favor..
    In retaliation, the buyer hit me with bad feedback and ebay wont remove it..
    It totally sucks.. so I canceled all my then current auctions and have closed all accounts dealing with any online payment links to ebay.. they can go pound sand for their money now.. they cost me 3 days of MY time and I say they still owe ME.

    • Ben Lang

      That’s so unfortunate. Those experiences really turn people off from eBay.


    I just had a buyer not read my listing where I said payment due within 2 days of the auctions end. I send numerous invoices to them with no payment or response so I opened a case. They reply the day before it closes and finally pay. I refunded the money since they paid 6 days too late and it already was re-listed. So they leave a big negative full of lies. I got ebay to remove it since it was feedback abuse. That was 2 weeks ago. Now today the negative reappears! I spent over an hour just trying to get a hold of someone. Finally when I did they told me it was removed in error and was not feedback abuse! WTF!? I also didn’t have much luck as a buyer either. I had an absoulute nut sell me a(fake from further research by looking at the so called images) juicy handbag. 4 days after I won I contacted her to see if it was shipped. She “claims” her sister died(sorry, but I only heard that excuse 20 times on ebay) so it would got out on priority mail the next day. one week later, not bag no tracking number. when I told the seller I wanted a refund she went crazy and accused me of already having the bag after I had asked her the day before where it was! She claimed to have messages from me that I said I had it and loved it ect. She even provided a bogus tracking number so the case was decided in my favor. 3 hours after the case was closed, she sends 4 hostile emails to me and none of them made any sense it was like she was getting me mixed up with other people(which turned out not to be the case). She then provided a tracking number. But We refused the package for fear of what was in it after all the hostile messages. We got the refund, but the messages continued. I left her negative but she said she won the case on a follow up comment(after the negatives for the same reason as me began to pile up). That’s how sad this seller was. So now I have to put up with her as well since ebay won’t do anything. It’s beacuse of sellers like her that we good sellers get the short end of the stick. so after all this among other countless inccidents I’m closing my ebay account for good and going somewhere else. What a mess the last few months have been thanks to them.

    • Ben Lang

      That’s a terrible experience, actually sounds quite frightening. People like that should not be allowed on eBay, they really damage the environment for sellers. Hope its all been settled since then.


        For the most part yes, everything is ok now. They got her to stop e-mailing me. But closing my ebay account is the issue now. I hate that they make you wait 30 days to close the account if you sold something.

  • Jeffrey

    I recently learned this lesson the hard way; buyers can lie about not receiving an item and get a full refund, and as a seller, I can’t even leave a negative feedback to warn other sellers.

    I basically paid eBay $50 dollars to send $250 dollars worth of merchandise to this dishonest JACKASS.

    It has been a very painful and frustrating experience, and I hope whoever is helping thiefs steal from us, receive the same level of karma!

    • Lou Yellin

      This exact same thing happened to me in late 2004! How many years ago was that!?! I’m shocked (well, I guess not really…it is ebay we’re talking about) that these complete greedy, inept, corporate pigs haven’t figured out this scam. I HATE EBAY!
      They used to call it the “seller protection” plan, but it really protected the buyer and enabled them to lie about not receiving an item if the seller didn’t pay for delivery confirmation at the PO. When this happened to me, I had been a member for years, had NO negative feedbacks out of hundreds, and these brain-dead greed-bags couldn’t figure out that the jack-ass that scammed me was a lying criminal, even though he didn’t use a human name (he had some kind of religious organization as a name) and used a PO box. I should’ve known I was in trouble when a religious person was buying an old horror comic called “Tales from the Crypt.”
      This whole episode resulted in a domino effect where paypal took away my money ($200.00), so I refused to ship other people’s items that were paid for until paypal gave me my money, which they refused to do. So I instantly got my money out of paypal, took an $87.00 loss, canceled my credit card that ebay used to charge to get their fee money, and closed my account. I owed ebay $300.00 that they never got, so I figured I came out over $200.00 up on the deal. I didn’t like doing something like this, but I had numerous interactions with their customer service dept., which was useless. Plus, they wouldn’t even give me the CEO’s address so I could write her a letter.

      Paypal is Satan and ebay owns paypal. I hate both companies more than words can say!

      • Jeffrey

        Um… I don’t think it’s right to screw other eBayers simply because eBay screwed u… I mean, what happened is between you and eBay and the JACKASS liar, but you should never refuse to ship, and then empty all your accounts so that the buyers don’t get a refund.

        eBay sent a debt collections agency after me for unjustified seller fees associated with the transaction that was refunded. I finally took my friends’ advice and paid it to protect my credit rating. I then fought with the representatives about the legitimacy of this charge, and they agreed to refund it back to my account. Which makes me believe that there are other people who didn’t fight for their rights and eBay made it off with money that they are not entitled to. I am looking into joining or organizing a class action lawsuit against them for that.

        But what I want to say is, if you never shipped the merchandise, you really should find the buyers who paid, apologize to them and either ship the item or give a full refund. Because this would hurt any possible legal claim you may have against eBay in the future, and more imminent is your credit score!!! I would check if these bastards did anything to your credit score! even if it was six years ago…

  • Colleen

    We used to have an eBay store and times were good, then they raised prices on the store and things were not so good. At the time, we had a couple thousand items for sale. We got out when we figured out the eBay is only good for the person who is satisfied making only a few bucks a day. Unfortunately, there is enough people satisfied with a small income that eBay continues to thrive.

    • Ben Lang

      eBay stores seem to have become much less popular, and I think what you said is exactly the reason for that. eBay simply doesn’t care. Thanks for sharing Colleen.

      • Colleen

        I wanted to add, mainly for the benefit of anyone reading this, that the phishing schemes also helped us get out the door. Towards the end of our tenure there, we had phishers waiting for us to sell something, then they would send the standard (but fraudulent) eBay notification. Their fake eBay selling notification looked and behaved EXACTLY like eBay’s. Fortunately we caught onto this, but the schemes were getting to good to not get caught eventually.

  • BLoG kiTa

    Very controversial topic you selected to write. I think, this is going form long time.. Thanks for your points

    • Ben Lang

      Agreed, atleast I hope so!

  • used tires

    I’ve had problems before in the past with eBay, when I sold my first ever item on eBay I shipped it to someone from Israel, I received the payment, all was fine until I saw my paypal account was negative, and I had gotten an email saying that the buyer did a chargeback on the sale. The buyer claimed that the DVD’s he received were pirated, and that was enough for him to get his money back, I never saw the items back, and no they were not pirated. It’s unfortunate but its a hard lesson I learned as a eBay seller that I was bearing all the risk.

    Till then,


    • Ben Lang

      That’s very unfortunate, I hope that doesn’t happen to you again. Best regards.

      • used tires

        Hi Ben, thanks for the reply, not to worry friend, ever since that DVD, the only things that I have gone on to sale on eBay have been schools books from college, which thankfully I sold successfully :)

        Till then,


  • Buntu

    Anyone want to team up with me to create an ebay alternate where people can go and buy and sell, because this is unacceptable.

    • Ben Lang

      Yes I would love to :) Many have already though…

  • morphiss

    Ebay and PayPal are frigging terrible. I sell art and not very often as its got a high price point. ON EVERY SALE I have to wait to get paid because of the ebay paypal crap. Even when the buyer recieves the item they still make the seller wait for their money. This is a total rip off. They want to hold the sellers money as long as possible so they can recieve interest – its that simple !! On every conflict paypal settles for the buyer -no matter what – In a nutshell ebay and paypal treat their sellers like total crap !!!

    • Ben Lang

      That’s horrible, it really seems that you’re being abused by eBay and Paypal. Hopefully it will get better in the future.

  • kunal bhatt

    I always work with free classifield’s….

    Craigslist rocks…

    • Ben Lang

      Ya! 100% agreed.

  • Jonny

    I was a new seller and I though I could make money on eBay so I started selling all my useless things. I listed 45 things but I only sold one but they still charged me almost 79 dollars and by the way the guy who bought me my iPod touch claimed a refund because he didn’t get the item. I was so pissed off then I try to close my account but eBay didn’t let me until I pay the 79 dollars for using their services. I wasn’t think on having a penny to eBay so I had and Idea and maybe you can try it too. I just call my bank And told them the I lost my card. The solve my problem!!!!

    • Ben Lang

      That’s horrible, heard so many similar stories about eBay. So sorry to hear.

  • Erin

    I am amazed at what ebay has become and in fact its kind of sad. I use to have so much fun watching items I bid on or items I put up for auction. It’s no longer fun but in my quest to find a new auction site I stumbled upon Main Street Fair and haven’t gone back to ebay since. The site is and the site donates a portion of its revenues to America’s schools.

    • Ben Lang

      Cool thanks for sharing, will check it out.

  • Helen

    Someone recommended that I use eBay to sell an old iPhone of mine. I used to use eBay all the time back when it wasn’t crooked and greedy for periodically buying. I had heard of the skyrocket in listing fees and all that other crap, so I wasn’t too crazy about listing the phone on eBay in the first place.

    Well…I put the phone up for bidding starting at $100. I set the shipping to US only, and what do you know, some moron in the Middle East comes out of nowhere right at the end and wins the auction. So, I get a message about 10 minutes later that reads, “soo sry, remove bid, i make mistake.” Yeah, I guess you could say I was a little heated.

    So, me being someone that doesn’t know anything about eBay anymore after all the unnecessary crap that they’ve done to it, I try to find out how to settle this without getting Customer Service involved and of course, I can’t find out how to remove this guy’s bid. So, what do I do? That’s right, I just assumed that the auction would cancel itself out since the guy never paid and I never shipped him the phone. What’s the big deal? Maybe not the best idea, but it gets better.

    I get on eBay about a week later and find out that my account has been suspended for “suspicious seller activity.” And apparently, the only way to resolve it was to call into their Customer Service department and wait through a slew of robots to remedy the issue. I didn’t have time for all of that crap at the time so I just let it go.

    About a month later, I get an email reading “You sent $13.60 to eBay Inc.” from PayPal. Imagine that. $13 for what? I never even technically sold anything. I don’t know about you but I can’t afford to just go handing free money to eBay that they don’t even deserve in the first place. Apparently this was an automatic payment plan I had set up at one point (sarcasm; I don’t set up automatic payment plans…ever).

    My advice to everyone that is considering trying eBay out is to stay away. The people who have been on eBay for years are about the only people who don’t have problems out of them because they’ve been married to eBay for so long and they’ve found some way to actually profit off of their service. However, if you’re wanting to dip your toes in the water, STAY AWAY.

    PayPal is alright if you keep it separated from eBay. it seems as **** hits the fan though if you tell eBay what your PayPal email is.

    • Ben Lang

      That’s such a depressing story. I think that’s happened to a lot of people. Thanks for sharing.

  • paul harris

    just sold an item for $218. ebay takes $16.08 for a “final value fee” + 50 cents for the auction listing = $16.58
    paypal takes $7.09 of the transaction for a “payment fee.”
    total cost for fees = $23.67

    I don’t think I will ever sell anything on ebay again.

    • Ben Lang

      That’s a lot of fees, definitely not worth it sometimes…

  • eBay Negative

    One of the feedback rules that ebay loves the most is when a buyer wins the auction and gives the seller a negative without paying for the item, ebay really enjoys this so much, the new management has so much hate for every seller, with 2 years of hard work, brainwashing and mind control techniques they developed a perfect buyer race thats far superior to any human beings on earth.

    • Ben Lang

      Yes, I agree 100% with you.

  • AJLind

    PowerSeller on eBay. Had a buyer return a cheap item even though auction said NO RETURNS. I was being nice and said that the person could return it. She did. But she also told me that I had to also give her back an extra $10 for her shipping fees back to me. Nothing wrong with the item she bought, she just changed her mind, so I’m supposed to be a mail order where people can just try something out? Then she calls me and extorts me: Tells me that if I won’t agree to giving her an extra $10 BEYOND what she originally paid, she’ll ruin my 100% feedback of 10 years. Which she does. Called ebay and they promised to remove the negative feedback – but they didn’t. They don’t give a damn. Because of eBay sh*tting on the sellers and the new IRS rules which report all the Paypal payments to the IRS, I have to quit eBay. Next year this time eBay will be quiet and we’ll hear crickets chirping. George W. Bush enacted the new IRS changes coming into effect this year – don’t blame Obama – and with all the fees and 2011 new 1099-K IRS form, who can take it. Oh, and that’s not including the fact that eBay lets and others list for FREE while the little guy pays for everything. EBAY IS RUINED – THANKS DONAHOE.

    • Ben Lang

      That’s such a horrible story. I’ve heard many similar stories. Thanks for sharing.

  • Robert Jones

    Hi Ben,
    Nice site and a lot of great ideas.
    I have one of my own…

    was wondering if you could place a link. I just launched it. Was a former ebay seller and decided to move on.
    I could also place a link or banner back to your site.

    • Ben Lang

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks, will check it out. If you’d like to advertise here please feel free to let me know.

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  • Tarnz

    Ebay is so lame.
    They force you to donate and now they put a limit on shipping which is bogus.

    Example, saying it costs 30$ to ship 100 DVDS.
    On what planet?

    Fuck Ebay!

    • Ben Lang

      Yes its horrible, thanks for sharing.

  • Will

    Ebay used to be amazing. My wife and I started a niche business when she became pregnant with our last child so she could spend time at home. The products were unique, and being able to expose them to a global market was a godsend. And for a time, we were prosperous, achieving power seller status in no time.

    Then things started going down hill. They jacked up the feedback system, made it to where smaller sellers’ listings are buried so low, they never get hits, and just in general, try to break the backs of sellers. They choose to nearly always side with the buyer during any kind of dispute, no matter what kind of reputation the seller/buyer has. It’s a nightmare, and after years of being so happy with ebay, we sadly made the decision to close our store, and stop listing.

    Ebay chose to make life hell for sellers, but they seem to forget, that most sellers are buyers, as well. And it never occurs to them that when people get fed up to the point that they no longer wish to sell, they certainly are not going to log in and make any purchases.

    So congratulations, Ebay, for every selling client you lose, you lose a buying client, too. At this point, the best thing ebay and paypal can do is go play in the street and chew glass.

    • Ben Lang

      Very interesting story, thanks for sharing Will. I couldn’t agree more with what you have to say.

      • Jane

        Well, I was a member of ebay for approximately 10 years until i checked my ebay tonight and found out that all of my listings had been taken down for poor seller performerance! oddly enough, other than one .99 care bear purchased by an insane mad woman who harassed me for weeks! i had 100% buyer and seller feedback for years until this freak! I have bought as i worked a desk job thousands and thousands of dollars of fashion items over the years, and only started selling last year (maybe two ago)after my mother went into nursing care, and i had way too may lovely antiques and collectibles for someone who lives in NYC to house. A year or so ago it was still fun, and i have literally watched it descend into a nazi hell for sellers…with some buyers who are con artist and abusers…i have had to make refunds and sit back and watched ebay refund monies when i knew that the buyer was lying that the item had arrived and was unbroken or genuine as my mother was an avid collector…i do not sell junk. And they let the buyer keep my mother’s things, unquestioned! no digital photos required no nothing…one lady simply said some dishes weren’t Dansk(i was with my mother when she bought them @ Dansk!) and she got to keep them! I offered to accept a return, they gave her a full refund, and my item! What kind of president does this make? Well, they didn’t suposibly penalize me..hmmmmm Well Ebay, ten years of being a huge fan of ebay, telling the entire fashion industry that i shopped on ebay and, as a celebrity in my industry, i have spent thousands and thousands with your company and made back just a few with your ridiculous fees and seller policies, and now you have insulted me in the grandest of way without so much as a phone call or a reaonable explaination. ” EBAY KISS OFF” and this fashion trend setter will no longer trend set you : ( YUCK!

    • nate

      things on ebay cost way to much

    • alex johnson

      Will. I agree with your comments – eBay certainly don’t seem to care about the sellers any more. I do however still run several businesses on eBay and it’s still one of the easiest ways I know to make money online.

      It’s tempting to want to leave eBay sometimes, but when I am making good money, it’s easy to ignore those little annoyances.

    • Tom

      How to do your part in helping the US economy recover while teaching Goliath a lesson!
      ok so here is my 1st venting session on facebook….eBay the mighty Goliath monopoly auction company that if you are a seller you already know they 1st charge you for listing an item whether it sells or not then secondly they takes 10% or more once its sells, then third and finally if you use PayPal charges you pay an additional fee which by the time you sell your item you feel like you have been “shaken down” by a street thug!
      Well here is my story this past week eBay shut my little e-store down and band me from eBay for life!
      You ask what mortal sin I performed. I compared a watch I was selling stating that “it looked like a more expensive watch brand” This was grounds for them to shut me down after 9 loyal years as a customer than has created God knows how much in profits for them! Oh and by the way most of the items (75%) we buy on eBay are from Hong Kong which means that our money leaves the good ole US and never returns! If you must buy on eBay buy from a US seller!
      eBay is a monopoly and I believe a real Cyber Bully! What could we do? Join together and demonstrate our power when we unit!
      I propose that we ONLY BUY FROM US SELLERS on eBay and avoid buying from overseas sellers even if the price is slightly lower which it usually is because the items are made in sweat shops that take away from US jobs and send all our money overseas which never finds its way back!
      This will help the US economy from losing hundreds of millions of dollars a day while also creating more jobs here and not in some sweatshop somewhere In China! US sellers will also benefit and we will be keeping our dollars here in the US!
      Finally it will give eBay a little jolt to their bottom-line for being such bullies! Pass this to all of your friends and tell them to pass it to their friends and let’s show and demonstrate our power when we unit and help the US economy while doing it!

    • Leo Sigh

      I lost thousands of dollars on EBay as a seller with 100% positive feedback and more than 8,000 sales. I got screwed with chargebacks from scumbag ‘buyers’ lying about the products they received, EBay jacking up fees, not giving good placement in search and a whole host of other things.

      After three years as a top seller on EBay, I closed my shop and, in the last four years since I have NEVER bought an item on EBay and never will.

      Like you said, sellers are buyers too, and EBay is the scummiest company on the internet.

  • cynthia

    I made good money on Ebay UNTIL this last year. When they changed the feedback system to no negative feedback for buyers I started getting ripped off immediately. This last month was the final straw. The scum buyers have figured out that all they have to do is lie and they will get to keep the item and get their money back. The greed and stupidity of a once fantastic site is tragic.

    • Ben Lang

      That’s terrible to hear. Happened to me also. I was actually just ripped off by a buyer.

    • Jaycee

      Cynthia said it all in just a few lines! Thanks, and I’ll add a few: Ebay was once a fun place to sell my hand-made dolls, but after Meg Whitman got hold of Ebay and turned it into a nasty little money machine, Ebay was ruined. No more fun, just all about $$$$ for the website, and for Meg Whitman, who wound up running for CA Governor. Don’t live there, don’t know if she won, but man if I lived there I would NOT have voted for her due to all the regular people she put out of business after trying to turn Ebay into an Amazon-like business. As a former eBay seller, I laughed my b u t t off when an Ebay rep told me on the phone, “Amazon is our competitor!” HA!! As I told her, Amazon is a professional company and Ebay relies on regular people just selling stuff. They will never be equal and that is that. And I would never sell on Ebay again EVER after what they did to Sellers. EVER! Their heyday is OVER. People who used to sell there have moved on to other hobbies. Ebay BLEW it for themselves out of greed.

  • Hana

    Hi I have had an ebay account for a year, did both selling and buying, and omg all the bull shit I had to put up with!! if i was selling, fees of paypal and ebay, and cutomers want to keep the item and get their money back, wow! now i have relized that honesty is not the best policy on ebay… just to screw ebay and paypal we have to do the same buy and get our money back, thats how everyone will relize ebay is totallly lame! sellers will close their accounts with ebay! death to ebay lol

    • Ben Lang

      Yeah for sure, had the exact same problems. Well that’s a bit exterme 😉 but it might happen anyways naturally.

  • Kegener

    Ebay cancelled my account because of a lie.
    I am so tired of them and their escalating fees. I now use either <Craigslist or an ebay alternative because ebay sucks!

    • Ben Lang

      That’s quite unfortunate.

    • chris

      Ebay canceled my account also because of complaints by some of my shipping fees.Over 1000 feedback and a 99.6 rating.I made Ebay over $50.00 per month.What a farce.They did me a favor!

  • Gerhard

    EBAY SUCKS BIG TIME! I had two linked accounts closed. EBay themselves helped me to open the second account and I told them that I had one account already and it had a 100% positive feedback score and 65 items bought and sold! Their Trust & Safety department is a joke and the people who run it would have made great Hitler Youth members!

    • Ben Lang

      Sorry to hear, that’s so unfortunate.

    • Kevin

      I’d like to know what percentage of CA Ebay sellers are voting for Whitman. My guess – 0%. They know! I mean c’mon – she ran a monopoly company and thinks she’s so skillful for it. My grandma could do it better than her and she’s missing fingers.

    • chris

      The same thing just happened to me.I had 99.6 rating over 5 years and because I had more than 1 account they without warning removed all my listings and won’t let me sell.Furious.

  • JZ

    I stopped selling when Meg Whitman was in and PayPal screwed me has I was the seller, now she won’t be getting my vote here in California. Revenge is sweeeet….

    • Ben Lang

      Atleast you could do something back now.

    • chris

      Cool,I was wondering how many people out there wouldn’t vote for her because of Fee Bay history.

  • Volunteer

    After 9 years with Ebay, I finally called it a day,I was a buyer & seller and never had a negative feedback nor a neutral, but Ebay got complicated, disputes were not resolved, neither via E mail nor by a pre recorded telephone call.Are there any REAL HUMANS working at Ebays? The last straw came wnen I was twice overcharged insertion fees, and PAY PAL terminated my account for complaining. My alternative? I use a free Auction side now, , I make less but have no problems and can talk even to a person via phone.

    • Ben Lang

      Sounds like what happened to a lot of sellers. It’s just so unfortunate how many people its happened to.

    • chris

      Thanks for posting that site.I am through with Ebay too.It feels pretty good actually!

  • Volunteer

    In response to Gerhards comments,I agree with you but heck, even the Hitler Youth was more efficient than Ebay and at least, they were not there for ripping off other people.Read the book “Jungvolk”,it enlightens you.Greetings.

    • Ben Lang

      Interesting, will check out that book, thanks for sharing.

  • Katana

    You are absolute correct and that is why I quit selling on eBay. I was the victim of retaliatory NEGATIVE feedback. Buyer did not even have the package yet and he left me a negative. He lied about the product and never tried to contact me. The stuff was brand new so I know he is a liar. I offered a refund and nope that was not what he wanted. What he wanted was to leave a payback negative. He has had multiple past IDs and sure enough went to all the trouble of getting an alternate one after I left him a negative for the used junk he sent me. The item was supposed to be new in box. Many buyers have more than one identity and so do the folks that work for eBay. Yep its against policy but that is the game they play. I hired a lawyer that specializes in eBay lawsuits but so far they have not been able to deliver the subpoena. That just proves it.

    • Ben Lang

      So sorry to hear, typical eBay action. Can’t believe that happened… Thanks sharing this with us.

  • mike

    couldn’t agree more, ebay and paypal sucks

    • Ben Lang

      For sure, everyone here thinks the same.

      • passionately pissed-off

        No Ben, everyone here doesn’t think the same. But we do have some similar experiences.

  • Florida French

    Everything you said is 100% true.Ebay and Pay Pal sucks and that is the best you can say about both of them. I have sold on ebay for over 10 years now and it gets worse every year. If your buyer does not get the item like the day after they pay for it they become restless and begin to complain. Even if what you sold them is perfect they can say the shipping time was to long or you charged 25 cents less than what it you actually charged them to ship and they can give you a low rating there. Never mind the fact that you have to pay for your own packing materials.Because the Buyer has all the power you can actually be limited from selling or not selling at all if you get enough low ratings. Ebay will not side with the Seller but has no problem charging more and more fees.

    If you are thinking about selling on ebay you need to think again because it will not be long before you are sorry. Ebay and Pay Pal Sucks!

    • Ben Lang

      Yeah the status has deteriorated on eBay gradually for sellers. They’ve always been on the buyers side which really hurts the sellers constantly. Glad to hear what you have to say.

  • barn

    Ebay is a total joke!!
    ioffer is way better!!

    • Ben Lang

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Jim Harnes

    Thousands (millions?) of Buyers know how to scam Sellers via ebay.

    1. If Buyer receives item without tracking, they claim they never got the item.

    2. If item has tracking info, but, no insurance, the Buyers claim the item was received damaged.

    In either case, all the Buyer has to do is file a claim with ebay. Ebay will seize the entire amount Buyer paid, including shipping and handling, along with additional fees, from the Sellers account and give the money to the Buyer. That, in a nutshell, is ebay’s Buyer protection plan. Steal the money from the Seller.

    • Ben Lang

      Exactly how it works on eBay. It’s quite unfortunate, hopefully eBay will do something to stop this in the future. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Jon

    I have tried to be an honest seller-i still have 100% feedback rating on ebay but it has become impossible for me to use ebay anymore.
    It was even a little fun in the past but it’s nothing but aggravating now-call me metallic hat names but I can’t help but wonder if traditional brick and mortar businesses didn’t do some dirty tricks there too. It won’t bring their business back though since now the big sellers on ebay seem to be from China and Hong Kong.
    The days of the small seller getting anywhere on ebay or online for that matter are done.

    • Ben Lang

      Same experience that I had. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kevin

    I pay them hundreds of dollars a month and they still refuse to help. Multiple times, they have flat out lied to me and other times they just hang up on me. Tried calling back today and the estimated wait time was 2 hours and 12 minutes. HAHAHA! HIRE SOME MORE CSRs!!!!! They’re so cheap they won’t do it. The problem is that a crazy buyer opened buyer protection cases against me BEFORE PAYING FOR THE ITEMS. Ebay’s own policy says that buyers are not able to open the cases unless they pay for the item first. Well obviously that’s not true since this moron customer did it! Now I’ve lost my Top Seller status and my 20% discount, and it’s been hours of calls and frustration with NO result. Evil, evil company.

    • Ben Lang

      That’s terrible, I’m so sorry to hear what happened to you. Thanks for sharing it with the community.

    • chris

      Same here,never any support.They just ended all my listings and suspended my seller account.No recourse no nothing from them.I can’t imagine what they think they are accomplishing.

  • Jane Zabel

    I’ve been selling on ebay for years & am an honest seller of mostly clothes such as jeans & jackets & shoes. Well now people are complaining about every little thing & lying about the condition of the buyer. Ebay has limited my account that is 98.5% & 4.9 on all stars except shipping is 4.6. So for no reason they claim I am failing & limited to sell 10 items a month when I usually list 10 items a day. No reason whats so ever. They are hateful people & claim it is for the ebay safe environment which is totally made up. I hope they go out of business cause since I can’t sell I will not buy either. Boycott ebay!!!!

    • Ben Lang

      That’s sad to hear, so many similar stories. Thanks for sharing.

  • Joe Bandecko

    China has pretty much taken over ebay with their junk cheap products which annoys me.

    I recommend to everyone to buy some 1.00 junk trinket from china supplier and give them a negative. Just make sure it is not jewelry or you may get sick. If enough people start doing that, we can crush china!!!

    • Ben Lang

      That’s a good point, they’ve made eBay a tough business for those outside of China.

    • jane

      i am on board joe : )

  • Fix Your iTunes

    I think eBay is the worst company ever! What’s up with a 1 hour wait to discuss customer service issues? Gosh! That company makes so much cash but to make their sellers wait that long is obnoxious. Why did that bitch Meg Whitman steal all their cash that they have a one hour wait. Even on a chat system? This is crazy!

    I was selling an item on ebay a iPhone. I listed it and it was immediately purchased with Buy It Now. Little did I know it was as scammer. I get an email the next day to be aware so I didn’t ship it. Later I relisted it. Next day it was purchased again with Buy It Now. Next day I get another email that the purchaser was a scammer and to not ship the item. So I decided to list it again this time removing the Buy It Now feature and the item was running but I had two iPhones to sell so I needed to place the other right after. Well since my first iPhone was running I decided to list the second one too but I received an account limited notice says I couldn’t list another item because I’ve already listed them three times. Hey this is crazy remember the scammers that tried to scam with the first two listings?

    So last Saturday I decided to chat with them. The wait was longer than an hour (today it’s 1 hour) and finally got through and they mentioned that that’s normal and that my account was limited. BTW their customer service agents are so damn clueless it’s not funny. Where do they get these people? After a longer than an hour wait for the damn agent I had to wait another almost hour to a get a straight answer from this idiot who is trying to answer me. Not really getting anything resolved I hung up.

    Well today I got a notice that my item sold. Not the first one that’s already sold last weekend but this is the second item. The one that I receive a warning that I couldn’t list it on ebay that my account was limited. WTF? How could my item sell when I wasn’t able to list it? This is crazy. So now I have the one hour wait to resolve this crazy situation!

    Never ever ever ever ever ever again will I deal with ebay. This is the worst experience ever and it sucks such a waste my time!

    • Ben Lang

      Yes, I understand what you mean about eBay’s support. Could be very frustrating at times especially when you’re in that sort of situation. Thanks for sharing you’re experience with us.

  • M

    I only recently started selling on Ebay. I’m so mad that we’re not allowed to leave negative feedback for buyers!

    After some jerk ordered an item, we duly sent an invoice less than a day later. We even replied to the guy’s SMS a few days later. After two weeks of no activity… he suddenly left negative feedback saying we never replied to his messages OR sent an invoice. What a jerk! Still trying to get in touch with him, still no reply!

    We raised this with Ebay but they say they can’t do anything. This is really frustrating for us since we’re only starting out. Thanks for killing our Ebay business, random jerk.

    • Ben Lang

      Yes that must be frustrating, I remember all the controversy over eBay’s decision to end negative feedback for buyers, really hurt the sellers a lot.

  • Raleigh

    Ebay owns 28% of Craigslist. FYI

    • Ben Lang

      I had no idea, thanks for letting us all know.

  • Renata

    Ebay should be given this site so they can see how sick we all are of them. The things buyers get away with, just make me sick. If they can find the slightest imperfection, true or not, they want a refund. And guess what? If you give the refund to get the buyer off your back, ebay still keep THE TOTAL SELLING FEE. The only way you can get a refund is if you refund 100% – now that really sounds fair. I need an alternative to sucky ebay. I have 100% feedback, but I sure have to kiss *ss to keep it.

  • Daniel

    How many here are Top Rated Sellers?

  • Steve

    How can you leave adequate feedback when they force you to condense the experience of a transaction into 50 characters?

    I was recently screwed by a seller who sent me the wrong item. The auction showed pictures of what I was bidding on, mentioned that the pictures were of the exact object, and he sent me something else. It was similar, but not what I wanted. Now he wants me to pay to ship it back to him! I complained to Ebay and Ebay’s “resolution” was for me to pay to return his screwup back to him and then he PROMISES to refund me the amount I paid for the item (but not the shipping) The seller will no longer respond to me, and this has been a mini-nightmare. I will not shop from Ebay again because they clearly couldn’t give a damn about my transaction.

    • passionately pissed-off




  • Doug

    Hi, Ben
    Let me first say thank you. I m happy that your taking the time to point out why eBay sucks for sellers!
    I’ve been a seller for the past 6 years and seen things go from bad to worse.
    The feedback system has changed at least once a year. In 2004 if you sold an item you generally received positive feedback. The comments could range from words like ok, no problems, ok but slow shipping, and a really good ratting would say. Would do business with again!
    “Now” You have that plus the five star rating! So, a buyer can leave you a great feedback comment. But push your percentage rating way down. EBay just can’t leave it alone!
    As a seller you can do everything right. Even go out your way to give a buyer a good deal. Example; I recently sold an item to someone in the BIGHORN STATE. I gave him a 30% off on three- $3.00 dollar items. All this in mid December when the US Postal Service, reminds people every year delivery will be slow due to the sheer volume of increased package mail.
    3 out of the 5 star rating systems are based on: delivery time, shipping cost and communication.
    Here’s the real problem! My 5 star rating dropped to an all time low based on a 12 month average. When eBay added the 5 star rating system it gave ever one that has a bad day the ability to take it out on you the seller regardless if it is true or false! I’m mad that the buyer can give me a bad rating for something I had no control over. The untimely delivery of their item.
    This means I have control over everyone’s feelings. If that’s true I should magically make everyone HAPPY!
    You see where I’m going with this. The 5 star rating system is based on your personal feelings. Ultimately something not even GOD has control over.

  • warmblueglow

    I have sold o ebay fr some time and it has been a down hill slide they fuck the seller let buyers run rough shot over you and charge tremendous fees i am currently having my local county attorney look into prosecur=ting ebay as an excessory to libel and slander based on the flawed feedback system. Take em to court if we all sued in our local small claims alone we could really get at the problem Ebay is a acronym for bend over and take it. Thansk for this opportunity to communcate all of our shared problems with feebay thx

    • passionately pissed-off

      Feebay? Fal-apart?       wait till they merge.     WALBAY CHINAMART
      of course thats too many letters to pay for so it will probably be more like, oh i don’t know
      wait,   that doesn’t work either.
      AL CHIBAY!!!!        yep,     that’ll do it…………… 

  • Ben

    Absolutely agree. Ebay is great for buyers but poor for sellers.

  • jim

    i dont know why no one has not sued them, they admit the buyer was wrong but because i did not pay the buyer and escalted i voided all my rights and my no return did not apply , what bs. THEY NEED TO BE SUED!

  • alan

    I agree with most of your post. Ebay really does suck now. Just as little as 4 years ago, I loved Ebay, except for customer service which has always sucked. On top of the extra listing fees that you pointed out, in an auction style listing, it costs even more depending on what your starting price is. What the hell difference does it make to ebay what your starting price is.
    Also, they try to push you into offering “free shipping” saying that it sounds more attractive to buyers. Truth is, by offering “free shipping”, Ebay gets 12% commission from that to. Otherwise, if shipping is extra, than ebay only gets commission from the sale price, although Paypal does get their fee from the total ammount including the shipping cost. So that’s something else you need to figure into your cost.
    As far as Craigslist goes, there is way too much spam, and many times my listings don’t even show up even though I get an email confirmation that it was. Also, Craigslist only allows you to post in your local market. Sure there are ways to get around it, but it is against their rules to post in more than one market. And any post that is in a wrong market (such as out of state) can be Flagged by anyone and will be removed by craigslist.

    • passionately pissed-off

      Yes, and there’s something to be said, and paid for, when you can get out from underneath the “bottom” of the market!

  • John

    I cannot believe the number of products that are listed on Ebay where the price is jacked up so high and that you can go to a walmart and buy for a lot less. I also understand that walmart and other popular stores might not have that product. The reason? The sellers on Ebay buy the whole shelf of that product and then mark it up 300%. It used to be you would go on ebay to buy it for less, not 3 times more. Now you can buy it for less…an imitation from China. And speaking of paypal, I look up the word greed and there is a logo of paypal. Only paypal can do the following because they are big, almost too big now. I sell products on Brazils ebay. I’m always looking for the cheapest way to send my money back to the states. I was using Banco do Brasil in the beginning and figured Paypal MUST be cheaper than to go through a semi-corrupt banking system. I was wrong, dead wrong. Why? Paypal actually CREATES their own exchange rate! I fell out of my chair when I found that out. I spent about a week to set everything up correctly for nothing. Here’s what all these rants come down to really…..Ebay and Paypal will NEVER Change unless they HAVE to. They only way they will HAVE to is if a major competitor comes along and sweeps up a lot , a ton, a mega ton of their business because these 2 companies make way too much money and provide service for way too many people.

  • Jim

    Here’s my two cents:
    A loyal “ebayer” (how I lothe that term!) for 10 years, usually buying; and because of the state of the economy, forced to start up a home sideline business as a seller on the “evil empire”, and is encouraged by the eba*!ards
    that it’s customary to charge a handling fee with shipping.
    Enter the dreaded “DSR” (doomed small business removal) ratings. All of a sudden after 100% positive feedback and obligatory “congratulations”. Out of a 5 star rating system in four categories, 6 buyers out of 216 buyers leave 2 stars under “shipping & handling”, but everything else is 5 stars. Ebay says in big bold red letters: “BAD SELLER” “POOR STANDARDS” “YOU’D BETTER SHAPE UP OR ELSE…”. So they then limit me to 75% of the total dollar’s worth sold (If you had a slow month like I did, that ain’t much)or only 10 listings per 30 days. “How can you be a good boy and do better? Try reducing the handling charge or roll it in to your already “ridiculously so low that you can’t even feed your family” pricing” says ebay. “No thanks, I’ve got some clients from my normal business that can pay me more for this month. Screw your DSR’s!” says I.
    30 days later:
    I try to list something. Ebay says “Naughty naughty – bad boy, you can’t list anything because you didn’t sell anything in the last 30 days, … ’cause zero percent of zero dollars – zero! Shame on you peon! you’ll never sell on ebay again!” (“but we’d love to have you as a buyer”)
    What serious crime have I committed to be stricken from helping them make money from the “service” they used to provide to both sellers & buyers? They clearly changed their business from being a “service” oriented company with poor customer service, to a “slave” oriented company with excellent customer extortion!

    • passionately pissed-off

      Best comment yet. I just think the originators of this thread need to take a chillpill and see all sides. Obviously this is a pissed off seller discussion. I’m a pissed off buyer. In my mind, the nefarious activity started off with the sellers, and they took, alot of buyers, for alot of money. Maybe Ebay over-corrected and gave buyers the upper hand.
      I can’t say which side is absolutely right.
      I will say that I think it is incredibly difficult to create an international auction site and make everybody satisfied. I think they have far overreached their business model boundaries. They should have stuck to a nationalized border business model. No international transactions = no currency exchange rate manipulation buy either of the two companies. Even at keeping it at a national auction is extraordinarily difficult. Add on top all the scammers, liars, miscriants, thieves, and the ultimately unpleasable, it looks like a plan for disaster.
      I actually hope Ebay can find ways to clean things up fairly, and paypal can become alot more user friendly. Because folks, if you are looking at your big box product shelves these days in America, you are not only watching a total downsizing of inventory diversity, but a replacement of a few of the quality brand, tried and true products, being replaced with Fal-apart(walmart) level products. I’m a husband, father, business contractor, etc,. I buy, and sell, alot of different things everywhere.
      If Ebay, and for that matter Paypal, should go under as it sounds like alot of people here wish, Americans are going to start seeing a marketplace with options comparable to that of a third world country…
      And getting that special whatever, as ebayers do now, will become astronomically expensive…

      • Madmark45

        Lol I take it from your comments here that you have actually never been to a third world country. Their markets are extraordinary. They charge incredibly low prices even when they are ripping you off. If you have your eyes open you can tell the quality of an item without too much difficulty so no real worries there. If sometimes you get less than you wanted to those are the breaks. It is certainly in many ways far superior to the Ebay system. 

        No I am not from a third world country. I have just traveled very extensively.

  • John

    I have been buying on ebay for I don’t know how long now…. at least 9 years I think. I had bought some old cb’s this past summer and had sold a few via e-bay. All went well, everyone was happy. I was busy with my real job thru the fall and didn’t get a chance to do much until now. Well, tonite, I logged in to list an item for sale and after I had the ad all set to go and I click “Submit”…. I get a message on the next screen saying that sellers are no longer allowed to offer insurance as an option and letting the customer make that choice. Now insurance is just supposed to be figured into the shipping and handling fee, but don’t be to high with it or you will get in trouble.
    That was enough for me. I am done as a seller and will be buying much less than the past. It’s bad enough to pay a listing fee, pay for pics, pay a sale fee, then get charged by paypal because you have no other option for payment, now insurance is taken away as an option, it has to be added in as a shipping cost? How do you do that until you know what the final price is? If I could make predictions like that I would be in the stock market. WAY TO GO EBAY YOU GREEDY RAT-TURDS. drive folks away in droves.

    • Terri

      ditto and I can go a step farther. If you don’t sell outside the US and someone from outside us buys your item and has it sent to a US address and a third party forwards it outside the US, and the item is not in the condition you said it was, AND it’s 11 days past receipt at the address you sent it to when they finally contact you about it and you have a 7 day refund policy, Ebay still sends you a recomendation of doing what the buyer wants. Why does Ebay have a refund policy listed at all. If you refuse to refund, ebay just has PayPal take the money they have been holding after you spend your money on shipping and gives is back i they want to. They are communists.

    • John

      Several weeks ago, we wrote to tell you about coming updates that may affect your selling. This is a reminder to take action now to make sure you’re ready.

      Update to the way sellers below eBay’s minimum performance standards are paid through PayPal

      Starting May 31, sellers who fall below eBay’s minimum performance standards may have their buyer payments show as pending in their PayPal account for a period of time to help ensure successful fulfillment.

      Your account was below the minimum standard as of this writing. If you’re subject to this update, you’ll be notified when you list and you’ll receive an email notification from PayPal when your funds are pending. You’ll also find information in My eBay showing the estimated date funds will be available and steps you can take to help get your funds faster.

      What you need to do:

      •Stay on top of your status in your Seller Dashboard.
      •Follow best practices to get above standard.
      •Always upload tracking information to eBay and ship the same day the buyer pays to have your funds available faster. Note if you print shipping labels on eBay or PayPal, tracking information is uploaded automatically and funds will be available for shipping.
      Category and item specifics changes

      Note that the final group of category and item specifics changes is going live this week. Find out if your categories are affected.

      Get details on the 2011 Spring Seller Update. Use the Seller Checklist to stay on top of important dates. For more insight, visit the archived webinar held several weeks ago on these updates.

      As always, we appreciate your selling on eBay.

      Your eBay seller team

      Visit our Privacy Policy and User Agreement if you have any questions.

      JUst another way that Ebay intends to screw sellers even more. It’s almost as if they want to go out of business!

      • tony fouch

        The thing about shipping is not right I have $300.00 in pending funds but when I purchased shipping labels from ebay and paypal they went into my bank account to pay for the labels. They lied about why my funds were put on hold and lie about everything. Is anyone out there suing and does anyone want to join a class action lawsuit against ebay and paypal. If anyone knows about class action suits please post information on how to join.

    • billy

      Some of the things Ebay does that everyone is complaining about is flat out illegal in lots of countries. The Feds should step in and stop these guys. I’m glad I don’t deal with those cons. Of course they are going to screw the seller. It’s the sellers that need Ebay, not the buyers. Figure out another way to make your living and move on, that’s the answer imo.

  • R Land

    You suck Ebay. Youre all for the buyers, do not forget who pays your wages, the sellers, without us you would be nothing. How can you allow a buyer to post an unjustified negative feedback and then relinquish the seller a right of reply ,you gutless pathetic ubercapatilist lowlifes.

    • Gilbert

      Well i sold a car on ebay 14 days ago buyer told me he will pay next week i said ok it’s now been 14 days i have emailed him no return email so i emailed ebay all they could say was i will give you a credit i said it’s not the point the point is he bidded won item and never paid and yet he has stuff on ebay now selling i went in to discussion board well thats another story all the coons in there say ebay is the best well i have proof ebay is down 5% and that was two years ago i would hate to see it now. all ebay do is think of (Profit) they dont give a rats arse about the seller whith out us who pays there big wages ebay suck and always will untul they go down the gurgler

    • Shitty Ebay

      Amen. Ebay’s motto should be “Let the seller beware”.

    • Lise

      I just got suspended for good for leaving a buyer who did not pay me a negative feedback. Is this s joke no I called in 5 times, one day they tell me I’m doing a great job the next day treat me like crap. I know they really suck with the outrageous fees they charge, but this feedback is out of control. Buyer are getting away with murder….

  • Leon

    I totally agreed. Ebay sells too much fake stuff. I remember I bought a blue shirt on ebay and ended up with a red one. Now I use to sell my used stuff. 123exchanges required people to use video to list their products. Video is a much better way to showcase your stuff online. Although is new but they’re actually making a difference on how people buy and sell online. It’s actually fun, cool, and it’s free, no listing or selling fees. I barely sell stuff on ebay and craigslist now because there are too many scams.

  • mettachettha

    i have been suspended by ebay for 14days for breaching ebay policy.
    after the suspension, i sell on ebay again. this time since after the suspension my listing appear only on it did nt show on other ebay site search result.
    my sales drop!! Worse my account gt suspended again for nothing.
    i gt an email saying ”eBay Registration Suspension – Seller Non-Performance – mettachettha”

    • Adaptersforyou

      I have same problem …99.2% with only one negative feedback in 4 years and rating 383 with 4.5 stars and they suspend my account.
      Others online have 88% and they still sell.
      Also they still money from credit cards to make buyers happy
      more :

  • sad seller

    OMG, there is ZERO customer service. When you get a “person” on the phone, they either pawn you off on someone else, disconnect you, put you on interminable hold, or say, “leave your phone number and someone will call you back”. What a bunch of jerks.

  • 17th_street_auctionhaus

    I had a winning bidder tell me, “I am willing to pay $11 dollars total for the item (the item sold for $15.50 plus $6.99 shipping) or else I’ll leave you negative feedback!” I sold the item to the backup bidder and the jerk left me negative feedback. Ebay wouldnt remove the feedback. What a waste! I’m one more bad deal from shooting ebay the bird and sticking it where the sun dont shine!

  • Ebay hater as well

    I got one bad feedback right before I qualified for topseller bronze rating buyer said it was not what I said it was I forgot to take a picture of the inside tag it was a beautiful sweater like new she said it was trash never contacted me or nothing it was a sabatoge who knows why made no sense I called ebay they agreed but did nothing about it, I was selling 3 items a day now it is down to 3 a week because I can not defend myself, I wonder if Ebay does the bad feedback to keep you from becoming a power seller so they do not have to give the seller a discount?
    I had one gal who did not like an item she did not read the measurements clearly listed and wanted her money back, ebay let her keep it and refunded me as well so they got the item free.
    And no matter how quickly you ship items if you do not list the item saying you will respond with in one day and at least print the ship label out with in 24 hrs. Ebay not the customer will keep your score down for shipping not just the customer. I read that and was pissed off, I had it listed as 3 days and I was shipping the next day regardless and items were getting to customers on time they did not leave bad feedback it was ebay doing it. I changed it from 3 days to 1 day to see if it was ebay and sure enough it is.
    Who in the heck is running the show there, do they not think we will not figure it out?
    I really think they want to offer these discounts to the sellers but want you to keep listing low prices so more sells (more that sells they clean up on paypal as well), then I think ebay buys stuff and leaves the bad feedback to keep you trying to build back up again and then they do not have to offer you the discounts because you got a negative feedback – why else would they not want to help the seller out when it is clear that a buyer lied?
    I need to find another site please leave suggestion.
    One pissed off seller , Ebay one day you will regret that you bit the hand of your feeder.

  • thinking of quitting selling

    I’ve been selling on eBay for a few months now. I sell multiples of the same product in ‘buy it now’ listings. I discover the quickest selling items by arranging eBay search results by “number of bids- most first”. I sell quick selling items that I can make a high profit on, sourcing them from China. As more and more of the same product sells from my ‘buy it now’ listing, my listing gets higher in the default search results. Eventually my listing is very high in the default search results and I’m selling multiples a day. I’ve been making a few hundred dollars a day, and my sales are snowballing.

    However, selling on eBay is so stressful that I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. Although many eBay buyers are nice, many have a sense of entitlement and are on a huge power trip. Many try to extort for money, wanting a ‘partial refund’ or they will ‘leave you negative feedback’. Because I have a no return policy, many buyers pretend the item is faulty to get a return. In a split second PayPal will take money from your account and refund a buyer. In a split second they will even give a partial refund to a buyer… So the buyer is able to steal any amount of money they want from you, and keep the item. Selling on eBay is extremely risky, and therefore extremely stressful.

    I think eBay favours buyers simply so that there are more buyers on eBay. This pushes up sales prices, and makes more profit for eBay. Sales prices on eBay are now so high, you can almost always get things cheaper from your local shopping centre.

  • Josh Weaver

    Mr. Lang,

    I would love to get your opinion of our site! Please feel free to email me with any thoughts if you have a moment to check us out!


    Josh Weaver

  • Oli

    The complete contempt with which eBay now treats sellers is astonishing.

    Do they seriously think its fair that buyers can leave any negative feedback they want, but sellers can only leave positive?!

    Do they seriously believe that every single buyer is reasonable, fair and level-headed?

    eBay is a joke. Abandon ship now!


    I have been selling on e bay for
    6 yrs at present I have 100% feedback.I got a message from e bay saying my DSR for postage is too low so they have stopped me listing any items for the past month. They said they will look at my selling DSR AND WILL LET ME KNOW NEXT MONTH.I sent they an e mail asking how they can look at my selling fedback when they have blocked my listings these people are total morons.Then they sent me a email saying improve your DSR WAIT FOR IT BY GIVING FREE POSTAGE AS SELLERS NOWADAYS EXPECT THIS ARE THESE PEOPLE LIVING IN THE REAL WORLD GEORGE

  • Anne Paterson

    I recently sold an iphone 4 on ebay for £420.00, buyer paid through paypal. Money was in my account.
    Buyer who lives in England was visiting Glasgow(where I live), so didin’t see a problem with buyer collecting in person as I had the money. When paypal told me it was ok to continue with the transaction.
    Now paypal are demanding the money back, as the buyer raised a dispute, don’t know what reason he gave, as no-one will tell me.
    Paypal have reversed the payment, so buyer now has £420.00 and an iphone4 from me, now I find out he has done it to someone else for the exact same phone. This scammer calls himself Mohinder Singh so all beware

  • George Gervin

    eBay seemed like a good place to sell stuff. They nickeled and dimed me to death and let buyers .. bidders .. and random bass jacks abuse me. Chuck eBay.

  • greg

    i do not see why ebay treats the seller so poor. ive ben a menber for 8 years and cant close my account fast enough. ive sold and bought. they side with the buyer. why the seller is the money- bread- butter. my son sold a paint ballgun lately befor he listed it i watched hem shoot it it worked fine. the buyer gets it it has a big air leak .he wants to get repaired and get a refund . i object i saw it fire. ebay refundes half the price pluss charges me 4.00 dollars no repair invoice he might of hade his old gun repaired. EBAY SUCKS MAY IT GO THE WAY OF MYSPACE

  • Marc

    We all need to start support other venues like this one This is the only way to get back at eBay.

  • Mike Smith

    Wow, really nice post. Keep up the good work. It seems like eBay is the only show in town and the abuses are huge. The listing of alternatives is the best.

  • The Exclaim

    We offer an alternative at which combines local classifieds with online selling. It’s free to list your items, and it’s also totally free to e-sell them.

  • andy

    I have purchased a few items on Ebay. I will not be selling anything though. It seems like an immense hassle and also you’re practically giving your stuff away because you are not getting the market value price, and you’re paying all these ridiculous fees. It is a great place to get stuff cheap. Unfortunately the sellers seem to be losing money rather than making it. My rule is to not purchase large items unless you can do a local pickup and really check it out. Also I would never lie to steal from someone while getting my money back and keeping their item. I doubt Ebay will survive for much longer with all the free listing services. Nothing better than advertising for free and doing a local pickup where you can inspect your item first

  • Bidbay Auctions

    The ebay and paypal monster is completely one sided sellers no longer have any right’s . what the fools don’t realize is sellers create the market, ebay treat’s sells like crap!

    • History chick

      I’m tired of ebay. TIRED of it. I want out. I had a buyer ask me if they could lower the price on shipping. I only use priority mail boxes. I said no. They won anyway before waiting for my answer. Bidder said my decision was UNFAIR even though I stated my shipping in my auction. He told me to ship it NOW. I have 100%. I’m sure I’ll get dinged for this. I’m really getting tired of ebay and uppity buyers.

      • algaras

        Hi friends,
        I selling in ebay 2 years.  And i can write here a lot of stories about how seller 
        sucks, because ebay rules is terrible only for sellers. I am always feel stress. Because i am afraid stupid and liar buyers. Because you can always loose your money and your item. My country post truck number not working in other country,  so every one buyer can say i still didn’t get item open a case. One time i had 100%  proof that buyer get item but didn’t close a case, ebay didn’t help me and i loose my item and money it was only 60 eu :) 
        I can’t selling items which cost 2eu because it is fees if i do it :) 
        Of course i making money from ebay, but fees are terrible ebay + paypal it is more then space!!!!

  • LC

    ebay’s new seller requirements suck! You now have to have either a minimum of 25 sales or $250 worth of sales in order to get paid immediately! It may be 3 to 7 days for some payments to go through, and in some cases 21 days. Again, no justice for the seller with all the power in the buyers hands. While there are unscrupulous sellers out there, the unscrupulous buyers far outweigh the sellers. Believe me, I’ve had more than one!

    • professor chaos

      Can’t wait 21 days to get paid? Bet you don’t complain about not having to pay your credit card charges for 30 days. Give it to me now or I’ll throw a fit! Waaah! Waaaa!

      • Madmark45

        You cannot however wait 21 days to mail the item.

    • Sillysharri1

      Do you know why ebay and paypal hold your money for those 3 or 4  or  more days? Because your money is put into their bank accounts to collect the interest off your money and they keep it. There is no reason that your money shouldn’t be put back into your account right away in this day and age. Ebay and paypal are 1 company not 2. I am just starting to have problems with those people and just took my items off ebay. The Sellers have NO rights and the buyers have all the rights. Shouldn’t there be laws against things like this. that kind of business. It’s kind of like having ATand T for your phone company. you have to keep paying all the fees  or you get shut down.  I am done. I have bought ALOT,ALOT of things from very nice and good sellers and I thank you so much. Ebay needs to realize where their money IS coming from. I was trying to sell some things and was called a scam artist. I am not, and it really upset me. My boyfriend did some checking on this guy and found out he was a pro at scaming.. And he gets away with it. Ebay should do some back ground checks on people .. I would love to give is name, and there should be a place where the scammers are listed for all to see. Ebay and paypal do suck. And I thank all of you for opening my eyes a bit wider. good luck. and remember {:what goes around comes around}. thank you for reading.

  • ETSYhereICome

    eBay is going to lose a LOT of money this year. A massive boycott is scheduled for the first week of June 2011. I hope buyers will participate also. Ebay is now applying another fee by taxing sellers on shipping costs!

    BOYCOTT EBAY IN 2011 !

    • Andy

      I agree and have stopped selling on ebay. I got screwed AGAIN by a buyer who chose not to pay….I attempted to cancel the sale and ended up with NEGATIVE FEEDBACK….WITH NO G*D D*MN WAY TO LEAVE THE SELLER ANYTHING BUT POSITIVE FEEDBACK….I wish I could locate an ebay office….I would go in there and chew their ass for a week straight, eBay is completely corrupt. My only advice is: only BUY things on eBay, NEVER SELL ON EBAY. BECAUSE IF ALL YOU DO IS BUY….YOU CAN NEVER EVER RECEIVE A NEG FEEDBACK….MAKES A LOT OF SENSE DOESN’T IT. STUPID EBAY. I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW ANGRY I AM WITH THEM.

      • professor chaos

        Yeah. You just keep on buying on ebay. You won’t ever get screwed by a seller because we all know sellers are saints. Right?

        • Madmark45

          Prof how long have you been an Ebay employee?

  • vicki

    Yes not matter how hard you work ebay sends nasty little notes, they hold your money etc. I am devastated as ebay used to be so much fun, even thought you have listed used, they buyer always wins. I am loosing more money selling on ebay then anything

  • John T

    i have been an ebay user as well, and i am done for good, their fees are too much, most of the items i sell are electronics, like iphones and blackberries, and so far they eat so much, add to that paypal fees

    so i made a website :
    it is actually a very modest site, nothing special cuz i cannt really afford to make an ebay site, but it does the job. and it is free for everyone.
    if you guys like it, and willing to work together maybe we can make something out of it.

    • tony fouch

      Since being with ebay for 1 year my experience is 1 nightmare after another. I want to file a class action lawsuit here in Virginia with enough signatures we can really make a dent. I know there are several others out there who are in the same boat. Lets get together here in Virginia and sue ebay and paypal.

  • lvjuve

    It is truly comforting to see that there are others with similar, if not identical experiences. We’ve been selling on eBay since 1999 and while it was rewarding and profitable to sell on the site, our experience has descended into one where frustration, fear and negative cash flow rule sales. Obviously eBay forgets who is buttering its bread and made it the behemoth that it is today. We’ve had excellent and cordial buyers but I cannot believe how many scamming buyers, and manifestly so, can get away with receiving the item AND a refund even though the post office will attest to having delivered the item. Surreal or what? But do not be shocked by high predatory fees: Ebay has yet to pay a dividend to its shareholders, that is ever, even though it is sitting on a massive pile of cash reserves (and we all know where its cash comes from!). Time to sell through other channels and watch the demise of this greedy, insatiable, illogical e-monster. Ebay crash, burn and die!

    B O Y C O T T E B A Y B O Y C O T T E B A Y B O Y C O T T E B A Y B O Y C O T T E B A Y B O Y C O T T E B A Y

  • F. Ebay

    *THE* reason the user interface of the major software companies in the world is annoying is because of arrogance and a ton of money in their pockets, and bored developers sitting around with nothing to do. They “invent” new fancy UI ideas and it’s not user requested. The larger the company, the more arrogant, the more they change things for no reason, break familiarity, take away options, make it LESS customizable etc. People need to get a clue. Where’s the outrage. People need to speak up. The user interface should maintain familiarity AT ALL TIMES and be VERY, VERY, VERY customizable, not barely customizable. Where’s the outrage.

  • wayne

    i’m currently engaged in a heated battle with ebay concerning two obviously bogus buyers not in the US. I will not honor their transactions (listing clearly said US buyers only). Ebay is still charging the commissions.
    Now here is the real legal exposure for the seller and ebay. You must specify in your preferences who you will not sell to. These preferences are so deeply hidden in ebay’s interface, that i doubt most sellers are aware or have activated the settings. What’s even worse now, is the large number of potential sellers getting duped and charged.
    There is another significant issue i’ve been leading up to. Say for example i am selling gun parts, custom knives, software, or other generally prohibited items which are not legal to export. Ebay is forcing citizens to break the law. Even worse, items shipped could then be utilized to harm our troops.
    This is all reason I believe to make a complaint to individual State Attorney Generals. Who else should/could we report this to??

  • jesse

    on step 3 you can stop it i just bougt some thing it said you must pay idmailty be for any thing

  • Melissa

    I used to buy and sell on ebay extensively but now I am going to stop and just use craigslist. Pretty much their fees have gone through the roof, up to 15% on some items and it’s hard to sell the items anyway when you are competing with Chinese exporters who undervalue their currency and sell cheaply made stuff for pennies.
    If I ever need $5 head phones and $2.00 ipod holders I will come to them. I have also heard horror stories about Paypal which does not follow banking rules, these evil people can freeze your account at their own discretion and refuse to allow you to move funds until you jump through several hoops. Paypal also screwed me on their buyer selling policy when I bought a dvd set that turned out to be bootleg from a seller with a false U.S. address. Paypal couldn’t take money out of the Chinese seller’s account, he probably closed it to prevent refunds, so they just refused to answer my emails or consult my case! I sent in all of the documentation, too. They just left it at pending then closed it without a word. What a scam! They only care about themselves. Ebay / paypal are forming a sort of monopoly because there is no real competition from other websites.

    I do not reward companies that try to scam me. When ebay first came out it was a free and casual environment, I could pay via check or money order instead of Paypal for instance and there were lots of local U.S. sellers looking to get rid of collectibles, flower bulbs, fabrics, the kind of things I like to purchase. Now everything on the site seems to be cheap crap from China I am hard pressed to find any small sellers because they can’t make a profit from the business. I learned that lesson the hard way when I tried to sell several items starting at .99 cents (ebay was pushing for low starter fees) and they ended up selling for virtually nothing. The final sale price minus fees wasn’t worth half the time required to list the item.

    I am now using craigslist whenever I can. There are NO fees which makes me very happy and although you can’t sell everything on craigslist if you need something bulky moved like furniture then it is a great resource. Electronics also sell well through the site. Just remember to meet the buyer / seller in a public place or in a safe neighborhood, and bring a friend along. The rest of items that I can’t sell I donate to the local charity shops and write off my taxes. I only sell things on ebay that I get for free now because there is no way to make a profit on most stuff if you have to mark it up.

    In the past few years I have reduced the amount that I buy and sell from ebay and I am pretty much not going to use the site anymore. I was there with ebay from the first and they have gone from a great idea to a greedy, corporate con known for bureaucracy and strong arming. I am also doing everything in my power to avoid theft by Paypal and that includes getting rid of any services that require paypal use. I would rather pay with my credit card instead because at least I know that I can fight bad charges and am not responsible for theft. Paypal on the other hand can just suck money when they choose like a vampire to the throat. And they are going to start reporting transactions over a certain amount to the IRS – so we are probably going to get taxed eventually for our internet transactions.

    With craigslist you can avoid taxes and final value fees and obtain cash immediately. It’s a win / win. Just make sure you do it safely and avoid scammers (accept cash only from buyers in person).

  • Sam

    I have never sold on ebay but have bid and won many items and also bought items as “Buy it Now” price. I agree with you on all accounts. I first noticed that when sellers were not allowed to give feedbacks about buyers and among other things. As a buyer I have been scammed on ebay on a couple of occasions and when I tried to resolve the issues with the sellers they just made excuses and so I contacted ebay and paypal but to no avail because on both occasions they said that the time had expired and it was because I first tried to resolve it with the sellers but I believe that they made sure that the items shipped and arrived late even though they had 7 days return policy. Those sellers made so many excuses because pictures don’t show everything, especially when they use certain angles on the camera to avoid showing scratches and other blemishes and whatever else they are hiding. Then these sellers would take themselves off ebay’s sellers list because I tried to find them but couldn’t. They may even reregister with different seller’s names. I especially with the no feedbacks that you mentioned for sellers and also about sellers being gouged for your items for sale, especially if items are not selling for much money. How are sellers suppose to make profits? Then I get frustrated because sometimes, as a buyer I feel that certain small number of sellers will bid against buyers to up the price. That seemed to happen on a few items that I was bidding on because now they have this private listing that sellers are allowed to use instead the *bb* as an example. This way a buyer can see that there will be different letters and symbols for each bidder but you can’t differentiate the private listing except that it tells you how many bidders there were. On those items there was either one or two other bidders besides me. And on each of those items that I was outbid except for one in which I really did pay too much for I just wanted to see how far it would go for. Item was less than $10 dollars so it wasn’t much of a loss for me. Each of the items doubled the price within 45 seconds to 1 minute. A person can even get scammed on Craigslist, often times more than money. I do try not to buy on ebay or Craigslist in most cases as I will buy online through other merchants and rarely do I make a purchase through Amazon.

  • Kevin

    I left ebay and set up my own website, http:// Now I do not have to pay ebay three times to list an item, once to create the listing, a fee when it sells (if does), and then again when I am forced to use (an ebay company).


  • mj

    e-bay sucks for sellers
    and its getting worst and worst and more difficult to sell there ….
    i am so angry with their new idiotic rules coming in june 2011
    why there is no other websites sellers friendly ?????
    Amazon sucks too …big time..
    seller unfriendly and evil…..
    and yardsale on facebook You need to upload listings again and again again and again takes h o u r e s…….
    but I may start moving from E-bay becouse they are just 2 difficult to deal with …Im just boiling …they threatened me to hold payment untill i will not improve seller performance which they do not really explain how …..
    F*** U E-bay
    E-bay U r a pain in the ass !!!!!!!!!!!



    • professor chaos

      It sounds like someone just can’t get along with anybody. You’re always right aren’t you. I thought so.

    • Bostonbridal

      I agree!

  • mj

    by the way I am a good seller …prompt shipment,quality items tons of happy customers …..that is not good enough….



      • professor chaos

        tracking numbers are free if you print your labels, if you don’t print it costs 19 cents. what’s the big deal. they’re only trying to protect you from lying buyers.

  • john

    i do not recommend anyone to be a seller on e bay . yes craigslist and other sites are better alternative. Ebay is seller unfriendly but as it goes in any business they will pay for their bad handling and managing. They will become less and less profitable and better ideas of people who are not that greedy will eventually take over. nothing last forever and especially not a bad business and ebay can be certain that one day it will have to take a lot of losses.

  • Liz






    • Judit

      Love it.

    • Storme-chan

      You, sir, deserve a cookie.

    • Anonymous


  • Daniel M. Ryan

    I’m one of those people who decided to run an auction Site that’s fee-free for regular sellers.

    It’s .

    The more the merrier! Eventually eBay will take notice.

  • eBayFan

    1. Why would you be able to have someones personal opinion removed from an open rating system? When you have a bad experience at your local grocery store and you express it, does the grocery store throw a tantrum and say your opinion is illegitimate?

    2. Yes, not being able to make a change to a legally binding contract when the majority of it’s exposure Is occurring is sooooo annoying!

    3. See response number one. After you throw said tantrum, does the grocery store rate you on how good of a customer you are?

    4. If you don’t like it, dont buy the upgrades. You only need them to edge the competition, and if your competition can effectively afford it, you need to revisit your business financial situation.

    5. You aren’t required to use PayPal you know… BUT, if you use the convenient service, you’ll get more sales and an easy means of use for you and the customer. Also, if your competitors can afford it…. Enough said.

    6. Learn to use tracking and save yourself the headache.

    7. You may think eBay sucks, but they can at least count past 6…

    8. Just like every online purchase, the business is responsible for the item until it hits the customer. This is no different on eBay. If you are worried about that, buy your own insurance. It’s for the sellers anyways.

    9. Craigslist – reach out to the 14 crackheads in your city who use it. eBay – reach 90 million potential active users worldwide. Plus, eBay owns 25% of Craigslist, so you are still supporting the stock price! Woohoo!!

    10. Learn how to use a basic interface to locate the proper phone number. There are thousands of reps that I am sure are waiting to hear you piss and moan…

    • PacoTaco

      EbayFan you are an Idiot.

      1. What if the review had absolutely no validity? So what do you do about people that like to give bad feedback just because its funny? That is hardly fair to the seller.

      2. Simple things like changing things WITH NO BIDS should be allowed. Especially if its just to add pics.

      3. This isn’t a grocery store this is Ebay and there is a significant difference. When a buyer doesn’t pay for an item you lose a sale when someone else would have been willing to buy AND pay. As a seller you should be able to give bad feedback. It legitimately RUINS the feedback system.

      4. For people who run specific businesses/sell certain things having to pay so many fees gets redundant and can seriously kill small businesses that dont have a great deal of income/suppliers.

      5. Because of the convenience you pretty much have to use paypal and Ebay knows it. Those fees are inflated because of it.

      6. First legitimate point you have had but what about insurance? Insurance is not cheap on a lot of things and there are still loopholes around tracking.

      7. Ill give you that

      8. Having to pay so many fees and then having to INSURE an item (Sometimes very expensive) and especially having to insure these items cross-country or overseas kills the point of selling it in the first place.

      9. Craigslist has no fees at all, you get 100% of the income from your sale AND you actually reach out to quite a few people depending on your area.

      10. Have you ever tried getting customer service from ebay? if you have how many of those people actually cared about helping you? the CS sucks.

    • medbluela

      Seriously, you work for them. PacoTaco is completely right.

  • Lucia Morales


    • professor chaos

      Why would you ever sell anything to International buyers on ebay in the first place? That’s like pouring gasoline all over yourself, striking a match, and then bitching about getting burned to the match maker. Why in the hell would you ever send an item before you get paid. Ebay always instructs me not to send an item until the payment has cleared. Something in your story just doesn’t add up. Listen folks, I hate ebay more than all of you but so far most of your complaints are about your own foolishness. I sell and buy on ebay and so far only sellers have scammed me. But if I sell long enough I’m sure I’ll be burned both ways.

      • passionately pissed-off

        Agreed professor. I am a buyer only and I have had many good transactions. But I just got burnt again today. Floor sanders are heavy so shipping is usually in the $130 to $150 range. Seller ‘rbis2007′ just pulled the old bait and switch on me. Posted pictures of an almost brand new condition sander, no marks, no rental unit numbers carved into it, mint condition, probably personally owned and used once or twice.

         Recieved package today; and what do I recieve?       a severely beaten up, worn down, former piece of rental crap from home depot, that he probably picked up at a sidewalk sale.

        I paid the premium buy-it-now price for the premium item in the pics of the auction.

        This guy didn’t even try to make the machine look anything like the condition of the one in the pics. This was nothing less than pure fraud. These machines average about $600 to $800 on ebay. I paid the premium of $900..  The one I recieved would be lucky to fetch about $400.

        This is what led me here tonight;    All of you whining and crying sellers are looking for communal sympathy while you throw your virtual pity party. This is not the first time this has happened to me, so i am pretty familiar with how this story ends.
              Seller offers some miniscule discount on a completely overpaid price, to agree to keep the piece of $#!T,   

                            OR   I send it back for a refund,



        and you lying, scamartist sellers want me to have some sympathy for you/

        fat fucking chance!!!


        • Madmark45

          Doesn’t make much sense to keep something you claim is worth 400 when you paid 900. That makes you 500 down. If you pay 150 to return it and get the 900 back that makes you 150 down. Be damn stupid to keep it.

          • fucked by e-bay

            Finally!!! Someone with math skills, e-bay and half of the buyers have none. Maybe the guy did get fcked but there are alot more buyers doing the pitching instead of receiving if you know what I mean. The buyers know they can fck us all over if they just don’t mention feedback. When I started selling on e-bay they bent over backwards on the 1st couple of issues with buyers and then it’s like I quit getting the “english as a 1st language help” and always had the phone answered by Bob or Greg with the thick indian accent. I rely on this money to make a living and some shit head can just piss all over it with the feedback system and by the way, what the hell is fair about the feedback not going both ways? The buyer shits on you and you can not warn other sellers? BS! Man I understand the frustration of getting fcked out of alot of money but we get fcked out of being able make our car payments, paying daycare and buying groceries because someone throws a temper tantrum….

      • NuBidz

         This is NOT an isolated case.  I have been selling on eBay sense before eBay was worldly popular!@47b0e83b1982b4cbcfdc5f71fd0607c9:disqus  And yet I too have encountered this exact same thing with PayPal!  VERY often they hold funds until AFTER you ship the item, especially with newer sellers AFTER 2009. 

         I believe this blogger is telling the truth 100%.   I even lost out on $380 AND a Infinity car amplifier when I sold to a DOMESTIC buyer a few years back.  Buyer got refunded from MY account and was NEVER even asked by eBay to return the item!

  • Brian

    I just sold a untested, as is item on ebay.
    The buyer claims it’s not working and wants their money back.
    I told them no, as it was sold the way it is. They went to ebay and ebay tells me now I have to refund them the money and they’ll ship the item back to me.
    This is complete BS.
    I’ve been on ebay for 10 years, but this was the last draw!

    • Barry

      I just had the same problem with eBay the guy had it for over a month already left me a feed back a month ago, but now he’s not happy with it and he filed a claim and ebay sided with him that is so in fair and not he going to send me something back that might even be broken in 10 pieces , I agree with u Iam done with eBay.

    • Jason

      Last draw? Wait, I always Thought it was last straw…xD But Yea in all seriousness ebay does suck

  • Lars

    I bought a mobile phone on ebay , it was not working so complained to the seller . I got ignored , eventually decided to take the matter with Praypal , Yes Pray pal my pet name for em .. They looked into it for me , agreed i have a proper claim and AGREED to refund me all monies when i return the phone back to seller , I did by recorded delivery , faxed the time wasting helmets a copy of the receipt proof of postage .. Then they said , they have decided to drop my claim .. ?? I lost all my money and also on there advice returned the phone to the seller ??? PRAY PAL , like epray ,, total waste of space ,

  • Jan

    I as so livid selling on ebay. Three months ago I was a power seller. It took a few customers to giving a ridiculous number rating scale to cause me to be blow standard. The points never go away so you can never get out of below standard. I have a 99.8% rating and the point system never counts the amount of items one sells.
    They also tell you that they can never tell you who gave the point rating to try and resolve it with the customer. I go overboard in complying with customers with a full refund, keep the item, etc. When you try to talk with customer service on chat on ebay one gets absolutely nowhere in getting an answer. Round and round you go! EBAY SUCKS!

  • oneelusivegal

    I will never use ebay again to sell. I had one customer who accused me of not being a legitimate seller because … well I don’t know why. I shipped the very genuine top notch item hours after payment, I marked it as shipped, paid for insurance and tracking. The customer emailed me 6 days later (it was being shipped out of country) questioning my integrity. Said I didn’t “communicate enough with him”. I didn’t know I had to hold their effing hands while their order was being shipped. I answered his/her one and only email with moments of receiving it, gave them tracking number (which indicated it had been delivered to their local postal station). It clearly said 10 days for delivery and it took seven. When I tried to put tracking numbers on ebay where it indicated it wouldn’t let me. Three people didn’t pay (one of them asked if they could pay 2 weeks later). I would rather give my stuff to people I like then sell it to some of the idiots on ebay. I sold new items for less then they cost me (don’t ever do true auction style). Now that being said, most customers are great. The fees are ridiculous. I sold $499 worth of items and had to pay $72 to Paypal and ebay. Freaking outrageous. I hope enough people get fed up and quit ebay and they go belly up!!!

  • benlang

    Terrible to hear.

  • completedun

    I really hate Ebay now. I have been a member since 2006 and had a 500 positive rating ever since. That is until the past 2 months. Now the 3 of the last 20 items I have sold the buyers have said something was wrong with my item and opened a dispute. Even though the item was in perfect condition, the buyer did not want the item and then made up a lie like “the item was not as described” with no description of what was not described and Ebay turned about and refunded the money to the buyer. When I received all 3 items bac (each one was a different item and a different price) all 3 were in perfect condition. 2 of the buyers left negative feedback. One only had 3 stars and the other buyer had 20 stars feedback rating. I even spoke to an Ebay person on the phone and asked them why are they refunded the buyers the money when there is nothing wrong with the item. Ebay’s response was “the item wasn’t as described”. But I said, the item is as described and they returned the item in the same conditon – working, so how is it not as described? Ebay response was the usual “I am sorry to hear your frsutration, I understand why you are so upset, etc. etc” Now after a 6 year of a perfect score I now am in the below 100% rating, and all for a couple of buyers simply not wanting an item and just wanting to return it without cause. I have talking to many people and Ebay has turned into a 30 refund policy like a major store such as a Target or Walmart. On some of my sales I put down NO RETURNS or 3 Day Returns only, and I was still forced to refund the money when a buyer went 15 days past the return date and decided he didn’t like it, and another buyer said I didn’t send it fast enough and he wanted to return it because he missed a show he was going to use the item on. But he didn’t say that to Ebay. Instead he said the “item was not as described” and Ebay refunded his money. Plus he left a negative feedback. To this date 8-6-2011 I had sold over 17,000 dollars in sales on Ebay. I have sold cars, high end music equipment, and high end video equipment. I have paid over $1,800 dollars in fees to Ebay and Paypal alone in the 17,000 sales. The sellers who are the ones Ebay makes money off of, not the buyers. The buyers don’t get charged for listing an item, the buyer doesn’t get charged if the item sells (FVF) The buyer doesn’t get charged a percentage if money is received through Paypal. But the buyer has more rights than the seller. How is this possible? How can a buyer leave a negative and the seller cannot return one? How can a buyer make up a lie and Ebay will always rule in favor of the buyer even though it is clearly stated in the Ebay ad “NO REUTURNS”. As of today I am no longer selling on Ebay. I believe as a seller I was making Ebay a good amount of money through selling fees. But if this is the way they are going to treat sellers, then they can be with one less good seller. Eventually Ebay will fall on its head and will try to bring back buyers with all kinds of compensations but it will be too late. We the sellers will find another source and Ebay will crumble. 6 years of positive feedbacks and it only took 2 negatives and 3 returns all within the last 2 months for me to call it quits. Take it easy fellow Ebay members. If you ever come to this site and read my post, it happened to me. So what are you going to do?




  • JeChan

    @completedun i have a similar story. i was up to a great selling volume: $10k/day. Last Friday ebay deleted all of my inventory. and guess what…? i was ruined. they gave no warning and very general replies… which were mostly generic. completely shut down my ebay business. i lost it all. i had been selling for several years as well. i’m now playing clean-up. giving out hundres of refunds. yes this also caused a snow ball affect for my customers thought i had left town. ruined our feedback. it’s been literally horrific. and recently i had also experienced these (what I call bogus) buyers that were giving neg feedback as well as requesting returns. it’s a total scam. i think they’re paid to give the negative feedback. they targeted sellers like us. ebay didn’t want us anymore. i am preparing a lawsuit. if you are interested, let me know here. thank you.

  • JeChan

    scam buyers. they are all part of a criminal ring. they also ruined my ebay business. caused us upwards of $200k in damages (so far). talk about heart burn. you’re not alone. we’re preparing a lawsuite. if interested please let me know. thank you.

  • JeChan

    sorry to hear. i am happy to hear i am not the only one. we were a high volume seller. we’re out of business now. all because of scam buyers and a horrible feedback system with no honesty. it’s incredibly infuriating.

  • JeChan

    thank you for sharing. have you taken action yet? i preparing a case against paypal/ebay. and i’m going to sue their asses. it’s so frustrating. scam buyers ruined us. we were selling at $10k/day. but not good enough for ebay, i propose. i don’t think they want us small businesses any longer. corrupt corporation. simply horrific.

  • JeChan

    ebay”fan” or should i refer to you as ebay executive. please. you’re not dealing with children. you may very well being writing a message that is going to be read by scientists, engineers, and maybe even quantum physicists…. so please remove yourself from your high horse, turn about face, and stick your own head up your a$$.

    you’re part of the problem. corporate ebay/paypal is so huge… most people are weary and afraid to speak up.

    unfortunately ebay pissed off too many folks this time.

    and i hope you’re one of the first to get your notice.

    good riddance ebay/paypal. or rather evilbay/payhell.


  • JeChan

    right on, right on.

  • JeChan

    right on, right on.

  • JeChan

    ebay is just part of that criminal ring of scam buyers. i will bet on it.

  • JeChan

    wayne… in my opinion we need to bring several private but substantial lawsuits to ebay/paypal. we need to bring them to their knees. they’re another enron. i’m not going to repeat my story here but reply if you’re interested. it’s time to bring a legal war to the doorstep of ebay/paypal.

  • JeChan

    wayne… in my opinion we need to bring several private but substantial lawsuits to ebay/paypal. we need to bring them to their knees. they’re another enron. i’m not going to repeat my story here but reply if you’re interested. it’s time to bring a legal war to the doorstep of ebay/paypal.

  • JeChan

    wayne… in my opinion we need to bring several private but substantial lawsuits to ebay/paypal. we need to bring them to their knees. they’re another enron. i’m not going to repeat my story here but reply if you’re interested. it’s time to bring a legal war to the doorstep of ebay/paypal.

  • JeChan

    join my club. there right with ya. we’ve been burned so hard we’re shut down. and then they pass the issues to us as the seller when ebay/paypal are to be blamed.

  • JeChan

    join my club. there right with ya. we’ve been burned so hard we’re shut down. and then they pass the issues to us as the seller when ebay/paypal are to be blamed.

  • JeChan

    george what is happening with your business now? are you still functioning? same thing happened to us.

  • JeChan

    i feel exactly the same!!! i can’t even stand to go into my office to work. gives me heart burn. i was shut down but i’m still dealing with many moronic buyers that are so self-entitled and simply hate me. i didn’t ask to get shut down, ebay did it without warning or reason. what are you doing now?

  • Guarantor Loans

    I didn’t realise ebay had got this bad! Haven’t used it in years.

  • JeChan

    @Guarantor Loans Heed our warnings and stay away from ebay. It’s rather frightening. Now for BIG business, such as best buy,, ebags, etc…. well they have the pull, power, and money and they seem to be doing very well. but for small and even medium business; selling on ebay is just complete mayhem. crooked and scam buyers left and right. but if you don’t sell worldwide you get dinged. if you don’t ship free you get dinged. if you don’t give away your soul you get dinged.

    • kay

      dealing with e bay for several years no. just got thrown off and hung up on without any answers. they are horrible in the last year with not letting the seller have any rights at all. they are more for the buyers even letting my current buyer file a complaint on an item paid for on the 17th and not ariving from NJ to TX within 2 business days. DO NOT SELL ON BAY!!!!!!!!!

    • NaT

      Well, I have to admit that ebay Buyer support sucks even more. Seller can close the case opened by Buyer (this is a travesty!) and refuse to refund a mis-sold item even if the listing states “refunds accepted”. Ebay will not help you if you re-open the case and due to an error (web page)escalating case will not work, you will end up with unwanted item and wasted money.

      There is more and more scum selling smelly or damaged stuff on ebay.
      The only good thing from the buyers perspective is negative feedback, but even this can be removed buyers request.
      Amazon is so much better.

      • NaT

        * I meant – can be removed by Sellers request, obviously.:]

      • NaT

        * I meant – removed by Seller’s request, obviously.:]

  • JeChan

    i also wanted to add; currently there is a charge to our ebay account for fees in upwards of $8k. not to mention the fees in paypal we’re incurring. i can’t even keep it straight. and i have customers contacting me every minute right now. phone is jammed up so i’m sending all calls to voice mail. i simply can’t handle the stress and pressure of this monster that ebay forged over me. all for what i believe was illegitimate complaints. scam buyers. we were selling $10k/day in volume. and out of the blue one week ago from today they pulled all of our inventory, and deleted it. with no warning or notion, and without our consent! yet we’re still getting charged the monthly store fees. they didn’t even just move the inventory count to 0. they deleted it all and still charged us the fees for listing over 4000 items. and if we relist we pay another set of fees to relist. i don’t think so tim.

  • modernborn

    Ebay has sodimized the sellers. But what people fail to understand is that the sellers have shown them in a big big way what sells, and how to sell it . Now that they have that information they have the ability to ket bigger business take over. Everything they done in the last 2 years now points to this as Confirmation of a MONOPOLY on as scale that no can imagine. The future is this that we as seller trying to make extra cash, have given everything we have to ebay and no matter out feedback rating, our performance level. when EBAY wants us gone it takes nothing more than the following.

    Actual Example : date August 10, 2011

    Buyer purchases apple computer using the Buy IT NOW button, to purchase said computer $2100.00

    Buyer never pays, Buyer is able to leave feedback, states that the Computers are FAKE APPLE COMPUTERS and our made of plastic an cardboard.

    Ebay shuts down account through indefinite suspension letter.

    I explain that I have sold 72 computers and that is someone scamming me.

    After 25 Customer Service calls and listening to 25 different people talk non sense I was able to do nothing.

    When I say that Ebay Sellers are being sodomized I meant we feel it.

    The best part was that a New Computer company came in an took my spot, and copied my same listing. Perfect.

    I think within a few years Ebay will own every top power seller position .

    I would like to mention one more thing, that just 2 months ago I was summoned by ebay to give them my supplier , which of course I did.


    No one can stop it. This I know for sure,

    Ebay created a Diabolical monster and it cannot be killed, but it wlll slaughter those that tried to make something from ebay.

  • JeChan

    @modernborn I also agree with you modern. You are absolutely right. You do feel it. It’s a fear that they put over us sellers. It’s a sickening deep in the belly. And if you have experienced it then you can relate. Interesting you mention that date; very close to the dates of what occurred to me. 1 week later actually. I was also requested to provide supplier data. All of it or I would be removed.

    If, and I do say if… someone from within were to blow a whistle. Maybe we could find this said person. Maybe they will step out of the wood work. Maybe we could mount a large case against them?

    I think I need to be careful with what I say. But I will not walk in fear. But I do take your warning; and I am listening. It is very dangerous. they have become scary, evil machine of vast proportions.

  • directsat1
  • modernborn

    You should always post Positive Feedback letting everyone know that they are a PEDOPHILE, that goes over well in this day an age. Crucify them with kindness using the positive feedback box. Nasty scammers .

  • margaret.d888

    @modernborn Sounds illegal. I don’t think anyone can shut your business down without legal proof. You could sue the buyer or eBay both, I would think.

    • PromoTeam

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  • JeChan

    @margaret.d888@modernborn I agree. Not only does it sound illegal; it is. The policies set fourth by ebay and paypal- well they are not exactly legally binding. for no policy can be put forth by a business that overrides local/state/& or federal law. there are statutes within the ebay and paypal policy that actually attempt to cause a signee to give over certain legal rights. this is simply not legal.

    • passionately pissed-off

      Every single right you think you had, you did have all the way up to the moment right before you clicked that “you agree to terms” button….  

    • passionately pissed-off

      Every single right you think you had, you did have all the way up to the moment right before you clicked that “you agree to terms” button….  

  • margaret.d888

    @JeChan@margaret.d888@modernborn I guess you don’t have a picture or video of the unit before you boxed it up and AS you were boxing it up and putting their address on the box or anything? Or, anyone who witnessed you building the PC and boxing it to send it off? I’m afraid it’s going to be a he-said, she-said sort of war otherwise. If your only other sales have been 72 other PCs with happy customers, I don’t think the courts would doubt you. However, if you’ve got a lot of other customers and lots and lots of complaints, that’s a different story. Then eBay might feel obligated. But, 72 out of 73 happy customers is pretty good if that’s your track record. I’d think the courts would award you quite a bit if this incident is ruining your business. On the other hand, eBay has to have their own lawyers. They can’t be this dumb to think someone isn’t going to retaliate. To be honest, if you know IN YOUR HEART, and you are being honest about it, that you are RIGHT, forget the expense of suing them. Ask a lawyer if it would put you in a risky position to tell your story to say …. CBS or CNN or the NY Times … and warn eBay that you are going that route if they don’t give you fair treatment. Again, get a lawyer to tell you if that’s a risky move. I consider it a nuclear threat, but you won’t take it to the press if they treat you fairly and provide some sort of restitution. Again, threats MIGHT be illegal and reporting them on TV could get you sued for libel — unless you only state the facts and a lawyer says it’s fine. I know we have freedom of speech, but we also have to defend ourselves if sued for not a good reason. And, that’s not free. Gosh, if you have only 73 sales and 1 is a dud, this is such a stupid, small thing and eBay is the being the mafia. If you do have a larger than normal % of complaints on other things you’ve sold, then your position is weaker. Good luck.

  • modernborn

    Ebay recently changed some laws, you no longer get penalized for those opening a case , if is not escalated.

    This should have been changed a long time ago, but we got nailed to the CROSS< and as far as having a video of course we have videos of our computer going into the BOX but EBAY COULD CARE LESS, all they care about is if a CASE has been OPENED> SADDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • modernborn

    By the way I went to the and if that is the best other people can do, SO BE IT long live the Ebay.

  • Ted

    Ebay is useful but the FEEDBACK SYSTEM AND RATING IS EVIL!! Remove it assholes!

    • professor chaos

      Well now. Simple but forthright. I also agree with you. Should ebay decide to follow your advice do you really think what they replace it with something better? I don’t think so, but what do I know. Better the devil you know than the one you don’t.

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  • Matt

    I absolutely love this post!!! I wish everyone could see this before posting on eBay. Craigslist makes it very clear that there is a very real possibility of being scammed. I wish eBay would warn you as well. Instead, they make you feel as if you are in a very secure environment. FYI, I quoted this article on my own blog. Hope you don’t mind.

  • Monica

    Ebay sucks!!! I created a home based authentic designer handbag buisiness and invested my life to it for over 6 years. 850 positive feedbacks. This week out of no where the canceled my account because they thought i might have sold a fake item! Whitch i have proof i bought it at the store and it is authentic!
    Now they wont even respond to me.
    I paid thousands in fees and worked so hard to build my name! I cant believe they can just stop my whole world like this ! Im so upset! All my hard work for nothing! Totally devistated.

    • AUDREY

      Just read your comments with interest. I have now run accross ebay and they have limited my account, I can’t make alterations etc., to any of my listings, after speaking to some moron Ron, he says that some people weren’t happy with my service and they have decided to limit my account until this matter is resolved. How can Ebay/Paypal play managerial with a business that they know nothing about. They only have to look at my feedback and they can see everything is posted immediately. OK there are always the “few” that God himself couldn’t please, but they are in the minority. I have told them that I will be suing for loss of business and income, which is going to cost one of my staff to be dismissed. If you have a website, please send me the details and I will attatch it to my links and hopefully you won’t lose too much because of Ebay. Use your face book and build up a store there too. I have deleted paypal from my website and have a chip and pin in operation. All customers paying by phone will be entitled to 5% discount. A lot less than ebay and paypal. More than one way to skin the cat.
      Hope this helps.

      • Judit

        They shouldn’t be able to do all that. One of my listing was closed out, because they thought it was a duplicate. Instead of sending me an email about it, noooo, they just closed the listing. I called them, he was just going around in circles, repeating the same thing over and over.  I said, it is not a duplicate listing, I want them to reinstate it, because the listing had several watchers, and I want them back. He said, noooo we can’t do that. You have to relist it with some modification like “give it an other name”. I explained, that I can’t give it an other name, because that is the item and that is the name. Bla…bla…bla.

        After all that phone b.s. I had to relist it. This was just recently.

        Last year I had an issue with Paypal. Buyer love the item, but his accountant didn’t recognize the purchase, and reported to the credit card company (AmEx) as “unauthorized” charge” what went through Paypal. The buyer even called Paypal to let them know that it was reported by mistake, but that wan’t enough. That is a long story, but the main thing is that for over 5 months I was out of the money and the item too. I was so frustrated by this experience, that from about 300 listings I went down to 150. Just lost the drive.

        I let them know how disappointed I’m with them and the whole short sided, outright stupid rules they make up.

    • hannah

       This happened to me today – some stupid bitch decided she wanted to pay with Paypal and was angry I would not allow it and she emailed Ebay and they shut down my seller account.  I felt as though I had lost yet another thing in my life.  These damned buyers and Ebay is terrible to their sellers.  I feel your frustration and pain.

      • FordBoy

        You are a moron. All sellers have to except paypal as a payment option…. It’s part of the conditions of listing your items on their site. 

  • Gerald Parks

    Businesses such as Ebay walk all over people, but if we inundate our congressmen with our complaints, they can put some reins on these jerks. I has a buyer extort me openly, saying she would remove spurious feedback only if I refunded her and let her keep the item too. Stupid Ebay reps, four of ’em, didn’t think this constituted extortion. It’s all fun and ganes until regulations are sent in from the Fed. I hate the Fed, so it’s too bad, but there’s the way to go. Also, leave Ebay.

    • Kris

      I’m amazed that people have the nerve to expect the seller to refund their money AND keep the product! The last person I dealt with expected this, I believe, and to me it’s a scam. It’s “having your cake and eating it, too.” Darnit, I wouldn’t dare give someone a refund unless I see proof of the damage to the product. Fair is fair. Yet somehow the buyer is still sided with; makes me sick.

      • Madmark45

        Funnily enough I used the exact phrase “have your cake and eat it too” to a buyer recently. He wanted a refund and me to pay him more than the shipping price I paid to send it, to return the item. I refused and when he thought Ebay might side with me he finally returned the item. I issued a full refund within the hour but he left nag feedback. I requested it be removed by Ebay and they told me it could not be because he didn’t swear in it. All I can say is they are fucking idiots and as soon as one of the really big companies realises how ripe they are to be destroyed by a big, well financed rival, I suspect their sun will set rather suddenly.

  • Brett

    In New Zealand we have Trade Me which is freaking brilliant! The interface is soooo user freindly, yes they have fees but they aren’t excessive like ebay’s (well, the last time I used it anyway, about 3 years ago until I moved to Australia).

  • noname

    to get to the point.

    for a buyer, lifes a piece of piss on ebay

    for a seller,
    lifes a real cunt, why?

    high insertion fees, even for the fucking pictures, seriously……

    hig evaluation fee, is ebay run by a pack of greey jews? (no offence to jews…) NO, it is based in tax-free Suisse, so the greedy is endless…

    Seller has no rights, you are at the mercy of the buyer, who can screw you around very easily n end up with your money + product…

    SHOCKING interface, just this year 2011, ebay have “updated” the ssit n boy its a dogs dinner, hard to even find basic stuff like old sold/won items, “LOL”

    did i mention the FEES, well again, shitloads of FEES $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Fuck ebay, but there is nothing else that can compete, n most cookiecutter buyers will only use the ebay, so basically we sellers are cactus….

  • Kyle McGeough

    My account got restricted on ebay for the stupidest reason. My cousins account got suspended because he had 3 bad feedbacks from packages not arriving on international shipping. So, I said I’d sell a few things for him on my account. I used his paypal account to get the money to go right to him. Then, I told him I wasn’t going to sell anything for him anymore, so he stopped. A few months later, I went to try and sell something and my account was restricted. I call ebay and they tell me that my account is connected to his from financial information and account information and that my account is restricted until his is unrestricted. Now there is no way that I can ever sell on ebay again, but I don’t want to after this. It just pisses me off that I give them so much money and never got one bad feedback and get treated like this.

  • Bob

    Ebay has done everything it can do to run off sellers. I have been on ebay since 1996. I just got the email saying my paypal funds will be held up for 3 days after the buyer gets the item and 21 days if its an international deal. All this because my shipping fees are a 4.8 on a scale of 5. So for the last few deals I made it free shipping but I can no do it for free overseas. I sell a lot of items overseas. I can’t wait 21 day to reinvest my money it will put me out of businees, If you have not received these emails you soon will. Ebay is a dictator standing in the middle of our business, The taft hartly act needs to be applied to the giant monoploy that ebay has become.Just wait you will get had jusy like me, it will be december fefore the rules change b0b bob

    • Nubidz

       Join NuBidz, Just like eBay used to be, but without today’s problems.  – We understand your frustration… was created by a former eBay power seller that also got the eBay screws put to him!

      Come on over & check us out!

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  • Kris

    I barely used e-bay and decided to just sell a few items on there, for extra money. After just three sold items, I had already run into a scammer. It was a horrible experience.

    I packaged the item with complete TLC, and even went above and beyond the postal guidelines. The scammer claimed she got it completely ruined. I was shocked, but nonetheless offered her a refund if she would return the item to me.

    I never heard anything from her once I made that suggestion. The ball was in her court, but it didn’t matter, obviously. To thoroughly understand the steps of how it all happened and perhaps what I should do next, I posted questions on the forums, asking people’s advice.

    Others looked into this lady, and one guy joked how obvious of a scammer she was that his screen was actually turning black and smoking–lol. She was using that she had cancer and trying to get people to feel sorry for her. She would even try to cover all her bases with “if I don’t back to you right away, it’s probably because I am in the hospital.”

    Anyway, I never heard from her, and since I was rarely on e-bay for anything, my account remained inert for some time.

    I logged back on recently, only to find she left a negative feedback comment. It made me nauseous. She claimed a storm in her state ruined her package, and that I was of “no help.” I was disgusted that she was playing the victim and making me out to be the bad guy.

    The thing is I emailed e-bay about her, and they retain all the emails which go back and forth within the site, of course. It proves that I offered a full refund, including S&H, if she would just show proof of this “damage.” I never heard anything from her once that email was sent to her. This, to me, proved the validity of her complaint, which was crap.

    Other people contacted me about her, and how they got shafted by her, and that she is a con artist. Multiple complaints were filed about her, and so to go onto e-bay recently, months later, and see she is still on there, disgusts me. How she is getting away with lying and conning people with her fake cancer story, is beyond me.

    I am not just disgusted with her, but more so with e-bay, technically the “parent” of her. It is their job to look into this crap and do something about it. E-bay never contacted me, and she still thrives on their site, doing her sick con.

    This imbalance of respect almost had in me in tears. I am one of the most honest, caring people, and I treated this lady with nothing but respect. For her–and e-bay–to treat me this way only left me one choice: To cancel my account with them altogether. I rarely use them anyway, so it’s of little consequence to me. I am just saddened that my experience was so negative, and that an injustice like this was shrugged off. Hopefully, karma will bite her in the ass, and she will eventually get what’s coming to her. Hopefully…

    Thanks for reading.

    • FUCKebay

      You soud like a tool for EBAY or you are under the influence.

      • Jake_V

        You sound like a tool.

  • wayne

    shill bidding coinsantiques.10 has his own crew of crooks raising and setting prices the same guys are in every pocket watch auction bidding the same amounts each auction item they bid against them selves i turned them with proof to ebad at least 50 times and all he gets is to raise the bids higher the watches are garbage dont work some have no hands etc i deleated my account with them

    • glr11

      I have noticed this seller’s odd bidding wars, buyers paying huge amounts for worthless items, in general a bad place to do business. Ebay blew me off eventhough I provided enough evidence to warrant them checking out the indentities of the bidders & the obvious price fixing, shill bidding, & feedback manipulation. I’m done with ebay.

  • wayne

    by the way i forgot to mention i was suspended from reporting their pal in crime for 7 days that really did it for me and you never see any feed back or ratings from his cronies its like the sale never took place but it never did there is more behind this than fake sales

  • wayne

    by the way i was suspended for 7 days for inapropiate listings i guess that means i caught him and ebad didnt like it something other than fake sales is going on

    • Chrisd

      Well, I’ve been selling on Ebay for 11 years and the last 3 have become very one sided in favor of the buyer. For years I had 100% positive feedback then earlier this summer I received 2 negative feedback from customers (i’m still at 98.7 positive). Both of whom really wanted to take advantage of me, i refused to give in to them. Even after refunding there money (keep in mind they did not file a problem with Ebay or Paypal.) they still left negative feedback. I had requested that we cancel the transaction but they refused.
      My point, there should at least be a rating on buyers that will allow you to block anyone who has left more than X-amount of negative feedback, at least then we could have some protection.

  • Nerman Munster

    I don’t understand all the complaints ,,,,,
    Ebay states very clearly it is only a venue.

    Yea,,,,, a venue where they have tens of millions of sellers over the barrel and there isn’t a jar of Vaseline in sight …. OOH,OOH that hurts.

    Alibaba’s TaoBao Marketplace is coming to the USA soon, goosestepping naziBay’s days are numbered. Ebay will disappear virtually overnight.

    Alibaba annihilated eBay’s China business in just 3 years, eBay shut down it’s eBay China website and skulked back to the San Jose bunker.

    • Daves


  • UncleGrief

    100% of the problems on eBay are caused by bad sellers. We know just what to do about it

  • JR

    All you ebay cry babbies. You all have no common buisness since. I have sold on ebay for over 10 years and changes did take some adjustment but have brought more buisness to me. I am glad they are weeding out all the crapy seller who gave ebay a bad name. Finally buyers are comming back to buy from honest sellers. I sell with free ship. I never leave customers bad feedback even when it was allowed. If a customer has a problem with an item, I ask to return it and in most cases I simply just give them thier money back with no need to return. I dont mind the fees, I would be paying that for advertisments anyways if I was off ebay and as far as paypal fees, ALL MERCHANT ACCOUNTS COST MONEY and paypal is very cheap compared to those. SO shut the hell up. Ebay did not toss out the little people, just the crappy sellers. You want to sell on ebay, expect to held to a higher standard. Expect to honor your sales, and if you get 1 bad customer, so what. I make enough money I can eat my loses off 1 or 2 bad sales a year. I just give them thier money back and say, next sale please. I now offer 30 days returns for any reason. Maybe they changed thier mind, I dont care. BUY FROM ME, make me a sale. I will do what ever I can to make the customer happy and keep the comming back. This is what ebay is now, if you cant hang with the honest sellers so be eat, go sale locally on craigslist(LOL)or Hell go buy you a down store front and and open some tv adds. LOL
    If you are a true buisness and you have true buisness ideals, you will see ebay is right in thier new methods. Only people like this kid would think otherwise. SO he listed a few auction back in 08 and made a little cash, he failed. Dont see a big buisness still running do you. NOPE!

    • Wilinghams

      Cry babbies?  Buisness since?  Comming?  I’m glad your  business is successful, because your spelling (and syntax) is atrocious!  I’m afraid to see what your resume/cover letter would look like…good thing you don’t need one!  BTW…some people do just sell for a little extra cash.  These people have jobs other than eBay and are successful.  They probably passed their college english classes, too!

      • them

        Willinghams, I wouldn’t be judging someone on their English skills if you can’t even capitalize certain words that always need capitalizing or can’t even spell “coming” properly.  Don’t throw stones, if you can’t proofread your comments before submitting.  You end up looking like a damn fool and no one can take you seriously.  And on that note…. people’s comments on blogs aren’t even worth reading anymore!  Does this generation of folks know how to friggin’ spell or create a friggin’ sentence!  This is what this text-speak generation is; a bunch of dummies and illiterates!  Good luck in the job market!!  I will see most of you selling on Ebay or selling dope to make a living.  Run on sentences, where you have no idea where a sentence ends, where you have to re-read a sentence 5 times to understand what the heck you are trying to say, means you will forever ben an idiot!!

        • Snorlax0r

          So much for not judging people on their English skills “them”, you’d do best in the future not to be a hypocrite.

        • sortitout

          God your a nasty peice of work are you not? clearly nothing worth selling so spend all day being critical about other people is that how it is? saddo!

        • Madmark45

          Ummmmmmm maybe you should have read the post the comment was about before saying anything.

    • Bargainman44

      first of all there is no such thing as free shipping, I have asked all the carriers, nope doesn’t happen, it’s included in the cost of the item and ignorant people are to stupid to realize that. When you list shipping cost seperate they get to complain. Ignorance at it’s best. ebay hides pertinent information about buyers from all sellers like unpaid item strikes these same unpaid buyers can go give low DSR ratings to sellers because again that info is kept “TOP SECRET” I asked the jokes at ebay WHY? they can’t answer it. I asked to view the transactions to see what the problem is NO! I am denied that info. I get to defend myself in any court room in any city in this country except in ebay country. The word of the buyer is Gospel. Seller doesn’t communicate or describe the item properly,charges to much to ship and never ships on time. I asked all the ebay supporters WHY? why would you buy from that seller? only reason I see is your get your 15 minutes to complain or… is that fame. Any person who has any doubt about an ebay listing is a complete and utter moron if they buy it. If there is something misleading or costs to much “DON’T BUY IT” it’s that simple but to buy it knowing there is something wrong that is a moron from another galaxy. people actually condon this crap and these poor excuse for a human buyers

    • Dave S

      you are an idiot, have has both retail and ebay (retail since 87) and ebay is a vey f’ed up model, get rid of the dishonest buyers, ebay is slowly dying and you with it. ebay hates sellers and is actively trying to get rid of them. Like my retail store I get rid of dishonest buyers.

      • Beaversteaks

        wow – I could had written this article is so close-I also am Dave S. had a retail business start up in 1987 and am fed up with ebay bullshit

    • kay

      You are really something, nothing your mother would claim, clearly, but something for sure.

    • JR is my knob polisher.

      Hey JR, you’re a tool!  AN EBAY TOOL! 

      There will come a time when Ebay will squeeze you too, and at that point you’ll say what the hell am I doing making Ebay rich.  In fact, I bet you’re feeling it right about now.

      I closed both my Ebay AND Paypal accounts.  I not only was a seller (and one with 500 positive feedbacks at 100%) I was also a BUYER.

      SO numbnuts, I WON’T be buying from YOU!

      • disqus_N20rys07vV

        Today is Aug 19 2012. I added this date just for reference for myself. I know Ebay days are soon coming to and end. Several things have happen to make me believe so. First Ebay sellers including me have always said that, we were buyers first and we will stop buying, true I did stop buying, and many other sellers too. I have posted stuff in Ebay I used to sell for $100.00. Now I will be lucky if I sell it for $9.99. And only get 3 views in 7 days. Yesterday I received a message from Ebay telling me that they blocked someone from leaving negative feedback about me, that they are watching out for me, that they value my positive image and are going to keep it intact. Too little too late Ebay.
        I no longer buy merchandise to sell in Ebay. I am trying to sell what I have so I will never post nothing else. So is a lot of sellers I used to compete with. Lets work together to bring Ebay down.

        • the truth

          closed my e bay account also due to the fees,the rotten way they treat sellers and the unattainable dsr long e bay and also the $8000.00 dollars that I used to pay them and their strong arm division pay pal.

        • RobRolo1

          I have also stopped purchasing and get few views. What a bunch of Utopian dipshits these fruitcakes are!

        • Seller1

          Totally agree.. I have worked so hard and try to do the right thing and ebay just listen to the buyer who don’t make them money. I received 4 negative feedback FOR NO REASON after having 403 position feedback. They won’t remove it even when the buyer said they would leave it if I don’t give them a better discount with is against their policy…SELLERS ITS TIME TO MOVE ON.

    • Butterflies

      How old are you? 8? You can’t even spell the word “ad” correctly, among most other words you also spelled incorrectly. Clearly you have no clue what you’re talking about, and the sellers are right. Go back to school and try to learn basic English skills instead of trying to find ways to scam people on eBay. 


      You twat. What about the stupid idiot buyers that say! I I did not receive, e bay take your money back without recourse. You are a sheep and follow the crowd and when – and it will happen!  the sheep shits hits you!! I hope you will come back and re-read your own “message” and re-read with a bad taste in your mouth-obviously too much time on your hands unlike the rewst of the working world!

    • Kevin Baker1

      EBAY STOOGE ???

    • Madmark45

      I am glad you are doing well but I don’t think it gives you the right to belittle other’s woes. What difference does it make to you what someone else thinks? Go away and mind your own business.

    • fucked by e-bay

      This fuck works for e-bay, seller my ass!

    • Anonymous

       I’m with Willlinghams…good God almighty, learn how to spell…at least learn how to utilize spell check!  No one will ever take you seriously after reading your first sentence…I know I sure don’t.

      • Bill

        Apaarently you never worked for Time Warner Cable Corporate.

    • Weaver_HM

      My mother is 60 years old. She knits sweaters and sells them on Ebay.

      She has had problems with receiving a negative feedback from a bad buyer just out to get what they could for free and cause trouble, and my mother could do nothing about it to either fight back, or to warn other sellers.

      She isn’t a “big seller”. She is too frail to be sitting knitting 24/7. 
      But she is an honest seller, and she got screwed.

      “Ebay did not toss out the little people, just the crappy sellers.”

      Wrong. So wrong.
      And not to mention, stupid.
      Most people complaining here have had years worth of good feedback, only to get 2 negative feedbacks that ruin their entire reputation as a seller.

      “If you are a true buisness and you have true buisness ideals, you will see ebay is right in thier new methods. ”

      That’s the problem, a lot of the people getting screwed over by Ebay and Paypal, are not in it to start a business. Most of them are just people trying to sell some of their old stuff, or things they create as a hobby.Ebay is there for the big businesses and the buyers these days. Not the little seller.It sold out, and flushed its ethics down the hole.

      (Also, it’s spelt ‘business’ not ‘buisness’.)

    • Bint

      Sounds like you work for ebay. You need to look around I run a small business and the fees not to mention dum rules that ebay and paypay charges are not even close I pay. My business fees don’t come close to what they charge. and with them the buyer is always right. They make up the rules as they go. Hay!! close down your business and go 100% ebay and see how long you last!!

    • Jimtaryon

      really? Post a link to your ebay store then. Go on. I dare you. What could go wrong?

      To answer my own question as to why you’re anonymous: because you don’t sell on ebay, you work for them

      If you did, you’d know how easy it would be for everyone here to go buyout every single item you’re selling and just not ever pay for it. I could shut your entire store down by myself and there’s fuck all you could ever do about it.

  • Aimee

    Have just had a listing removed because I asked not to use paypal. I am selling a surfboard for a friend and would prefer item to be picked up as can only be delivered locally anyway so payment would be cash on pick up giving buyer a chance to check out the board before they hand the cash over too. I tried to take the paypal option out and I was told I had to provide at least one ‘safe method’ of payment, the only 2 options being paypal and merchant credit card. They are basically forcing you to accept paypal and consider cash on pick up unsafe-crazy as that Is how most shops work and have done since trading began. I know as a buyer I would consider picking it up safer than paypal. Totally corrupt, subtle way of third line forcing.

  • Matt Tewell

    i got negative for bogus buyer mad for selling a computer replcaement part weeks after the warranty expired, refunded him and gave me negative.  DICK!!! ebay sucks they cant moderate feedback to make things make sense and you should have to get a moderator to approve of a negative before a ngetive that ruins buiesnesses is implied.

  • LILI








  • MARC




      • captaingary

        yeah, they are morons! check it out, they let coins go through with swastikas but will nail you if it is anything else… i tried to sell an old WW2 German binoculars and just taped over the swastika (after ebay warned me that i was breaking one of their million rules).

      • Richie

        Ebay is obviously not a good company to deal with. Sounds like they don’t deserve to be in business!

    • IZZy

      Okay, I’ve sold 3000 things in the last two years and had… maybe two bad experiences. That’s 2998 good transactions and two to forget and move on with life.

      • Jake_V

        You must have been one of those kids in school that just ‘didn’t get it’.

        One bad experience is too many if eBay has the ability to rectify a situation.

        As a seller, I am a customer of eBay’s, just like the buyer. We both deserve protection. eBay has skewed this so bad in their own favor that buyers are able to extort sellers. It’s been a documented problem that persist.

        The reality is eBay is the king for online auctions and turned what aspects they can, as would anyone, to work in their favor. I think they owe sellers a bit more respect and need a balanced approach to feedback. The system worked fine in the past. Now it is a joke at best.

        eBay has turned into some online crap marketplace that doesn’t have anything near what it used to. It now requires hours to find the same type of deals as what used to be readily available, and what made eBay Famous.

        The fact you acknowledged the problem and just accept it is pathetic.

        • Honest seller

          ebay steal money from me give to buyer because tracking says item shipped BUT it was NOT!!! found out buyer used wrong address provided by eBay, but eBay dont give a shit. they only kiss buyers ass. but they charge sellers up to 17%. i think eBay management is full of idiots taking this company to bankruptcy!!!

        • Richie

          Without sellers, ebay is nothing which is exactly why they owe their sellers some respect! Well said too! is made for this type of warning to the public.

      • Richie

        That is not possible, I’m afraid.

    • SUZYQ

      That’s so true… I was on phone with ebay idiots for over 1.5 hours last night. I have ben restricted from selling because of their bullsh*t policies. EBAY CAN ESAD. CUSTOMER SERVICE…WTF, THERE’S NO HELP FOR SELLERS;

  • Sam

    Why does ebay have a no return option for sellers ad. if it don’t mean anything, buyer can still return and get their money back.  DON’T SELL ON EBAY!  i sell more on and its FREE, i don’t have to deal with feedback or fees.

    • Todd

      Bought and sold on ebay for 14 years. More than 10k positive feedbacks. Then it happened! A woman using 3 different ebay accounts went crazy buying items I was selling. When the auctions ended she said she needed to wait a week before paying thru paypal with her credit card, no biggie I thought. She wanted everything sent by the cheapest way possible, without insurance. She paid I shipped, everything seemed fine, then almost 30 days later, had a stated 7 day refund policy by the way, right around the time her credit card bill would have been due, the emails began. She wanted a discount at first for buying so much from me, then she claimed brand new items sealed in plastic were dirty or defective. Then she started claiming that she didn’t recieve items, but what she claimed not to have recieved kept changing. Obvious fraud, you would think so. Happened to look at her ebay accounts and found that she was trying to resell the items she had gotten from me for a higher price on, you guessed it ebay. When I wouldn’t give in, she filed complaints on around 15 items with ebay, and another complaint with paypal for others, and so I called each and spoke to someone about her case. I was assured that they would take care of it, that I was 100% in the right. Well they took care of it alright, ebay ruled in her favor, and refunded her money and came looking for me to repay them. Paypal debited my account, putting it into the red, and also came looking for money. So I sent each everything they asked for as proof and more. All her emails, proof of shipping with delivery confirmations on every box, packing lists with weights that matched the usps shipping reciepts etc.. Was told I had to wait 3 months for them to evaluate, and did so. Guess what, they still ruled in her favor and wanted me to reimburse them with additional fees for what they had refunded to her. When I wouldn’t, they froze the accounts of both my mother and sister claiming they were related parties, simply because I occasionaly used their computers to list, or to check my listings, and put a freeze on their paypal accounts. They also lied to them about the reason, claiming they had uncovered a serious security threat to their accounts. The only threat of course to their accounts was from them. Well I no longer use ebay, or paypal and will never use them again. It took my mother and sister about 6 nightmarish months each to get the freeze on their accounts lifted, and they also have stopped using ebay/paypal. Oh, and by the way, the same woman who masterminded the fraud, sent me an email about a year later, wanting to know if I had anymore of the items she had purchased to sell, and nothing was ever done to her, as her accounts remain active on both ebay and paypal.

      • Bidtracker

        Todd, what sort of items were you selling?  You should publish this woman’s account(s) to prevent other sellers from falling victim to her.  I too have had bad experiences, but usually with overseas buyers.  I hate, HATE shipping overseas, as it’s almost impossible to predict the shipping costs, and there’s no affordable way to track things.  The feedback issues are my biggest gripe.

        • Weaver_HM

          You should publish this woman’s account(s) to prevent other sellers from falling victim to her”

          That’s actually a really good idea you’ve hit on there.
          Sellers should start up their own private forum away from Ebay where they can start a blacklist of bad buyers. 
          Then, sellers could check the list if they encounter a suspicious buyer, before getting involved with them.

          Wouldn’t help for repeat offenders who just go away and make a new account. But it would be a start.

      • Theone837

        that is shocking, put all her user names on here! what goes around….

      • Raspberry_season

        give me her username i’m gonna give that bitch shit
        my email:

      • Storme-chan

        I feel your pain. I hope karma bites her in the ass.

    • passionately pissed-off

      Yes, but you do have to deal with fleamarket-hagglers, freaks, criminals, and no-shows…



    • scott

      Caught ripping someone off I take it?

      • Hannah

         No, ebay is ripping sellers off!

        • z

          And Paypal too. SCREW THEM ALL!

      • Ashlee Hadley

        scott, obviously your one of the shady buyers who commit to buy and then don’t ever pay, or worse yet, lie about not receiving your purchases 

      • Richie

        The only people that get ripped off on ebay are honest people. Crooks always get away with it.


      lol i AGREE!!!

    • Ramon

      Fuck off.

      • Lickalottapuss

        like my asshole you dumb fuck

        • Rich

          You people are here arguing about how fucked up ebay is and look where it goes OMG!

      • Richie

        What kind of contribution is that? You are a waste of space.

    • Dsabadoo

      I know that’s right! I went to Craigslist and have done fairly well there. But there are cheap asses everywhere. I bought some keychains valued at $6.00 retail. I listed them at only a merely $2,00. I got 4 responses, “Can you go less on these?” Come…..on $2,00 dollars? 

      • demik

        Exactly! These online sites have turned America into one big redneck garage sale.

        • Jake_V

          No it didn’t you tool. America is America. People want to get shit cheap everywhere.

          • Fed Up

            When I think of America I think of a bunch of spoiled brat, obese, ignorant, uneducated, low class, uncouth, crude, jack asses! Being “cheap” is just the after effects of being like this.

            • MilkyWill

              Oh yeah like I’m supposed to believe your bullshit that everyone in China Russia Philippines Mexico Puerto Rico Nigeria Bangladesh(anywhere else where fuckheads like you get on the internet) are all suave fit handsome beautiful intelligent honest decent respectable adonis-like courageous and kind warm-hearted generous smart happy and nice fair people? Fuck you asshole! Go fuck yourself and stay in your country and also stay off the internet and keep your backwards ignorant putrid vile opinions to yourself if you think it’s so great in your own shitty country!

              • Anon

                You proved his point.

        • Fed Up

          I SO agree. You are more than correct. When EBay first came out, it gave me the opportunity to start collecting ancient artifacts, which I enjoy. But that’s coming to an end, at least my selling part of it anyway. My buying will be much less this next year as well. I have found that there are so many holes in EBay’s way of doing things, that it’s difficult to sell on there now.
          One thing I can’t stand is when you put up an item, NO ONE will bid on the item unless it’s like .99 to start; then, it will stay like that for days on end, only for them to bid in the final moments. Now, a reserve is expensive, and if you are listing something that is rare and costly, you take a big risk in being taken advantage of with such an arrangement. Some of these buyers are assholes. They will try to steal from the seller buy trying to get the item for way less than what it’s worth.
          The end result is no one bids and if they do, it’s not what you want for it. Listing it as Buy It Now is no good either. It will most likely stay up there for months on end, with no one buying it, because these F’rs are too damn CHEAP to pay what the item is worth!
          I am packing it in in 2015.

          • Richard Beman

            I am thinking in the same manner.. Plus there are several “Sellers” overlooked by E-bay, who are using corrupt methods of using false bidding techniques. I always ship either the day of or the next day and offer the least expensive amount of postage payment, yet receive less that stellar “feedback” in regard to my shipping fees. We pay for packing materials ( not free ), and are charged a listing fee, 10% of the sale goes to E-bay,10% to pay- pal, plus a 10% fee on the postage used. Do you really make any money ?

      • Richard

        Your right ! This country wasn’t that way until they let all of these foreign free loaders in.

        • NYyankeeboi

          Who let them in? Who’s buying from them?

        • Jan Rokkjær

          round. so self-righteous in will, after all, like to buy the cheap crap Chinese would like to sell you – the leather Indians working hard to produce while they are dying of hunger … so stop whining

    • z

      I will also say FUCK YOU PAYPAL!

    • Richard

      I’m with ya !

    • runvs04

      I’m with ya!!!

    • john studds

      LOL ..

    • Lisa

      yeah fuck ebay!!!!

    • XSClobber

      Hi Everyone.

      First of all let me say I was pleased to discover this group. There are quite a few.

      I got fed up with eBay years ago and refused to have anything to do with them. They made the easiest things almost impossible. The problems have been getting worse ever since.

      My pissedoffedness festered and grew over the years and a while back I decided to do something about it.

      So, after a lot of work and tweaking (still a few minor cosmetic things to deal with), a few days ago I soft-launched

      It has all the features we held dear years ago without any of the nonsense.

      I’d be thrilled if anyone here wanted to be on the forefront and become the first pioneers on this retro platform. It’s FREE too. Just join up and list away.

      Hope to see you all there. You can also look us up on Google+ and Twitter. #ad

    • XSClobber

      The official soft-launch of the XSClobber Online Auction.

      The site is now live.

      Simply put, we think, as millions of others do, that online auctions have taken a horrendous path to the dark side. They suck. They suck really bad.

      We long for the good old days when people with excess stuff in their basement could sell it to other people who think that stuff is gold and who can’t find it at a reasonable price anywhere else. Everybody wins. What could be better than that?

      For the foreseeable future we’ll be keeping the site free for everyone. We hope we’ll never have to charge anything.

      For now we just want everyone to sell and buy and be happy like they once were.

      Follow us on Twitter and Google+

      Enough whining: XSClobber is here! #ad

  • Joe

    Paypal can rip you off. It’s not a bank and you have none of the protections that federal laws give you with banks. They are a private business (a payment service). Once you give them permission to access your bank account or credit card, if you have a problem, you’re on your own. Your bank won’t stop or reverse the charge because you granted them permission. If you don’t like what they do, you have to get them to agree to change it (or get a lawyer). … good luck with that.

  • Joe

    I wish some programmer would come up with a simple and cheap auction site. Think Craigslist with national posting and few more grouping and searching features. If you keep it simple. You could do it for a simple $2 fee for any listing.

  • Bob

    Just sold something on ebay for the first time in a while..>>surprise 21 day hold on my $$$.FU ebay after this last transaction I am closing my account.I have already bad mouthed you & let all my friends on FB to tell there friends & so on & I will open a account with another online auction & yes I use craislist now,but will now use it even more>>>>ebay sucks….

  • Naomi

    I worked so hard to make a little money for christmas/birthday gifts and it has been very hard. Every month after Ebay takes a big chuck of my money, I think, “Good grief, I don’t think I’ve made a dime, again!”  And after a buyer purchased 3 item of my items together and got combined shipping, she turned around and said I never shipped them and left terrible feedback for 2 of them. So I went from 100% positive to 2 negative feedbacks just like that.  Then she manipulated the system and filed a complaint for each individual item and ended up getting back more then what she even paid for it.(Because Ebay didn’t bother to look and see that I had given her combined shipping and gave her back full shipping for each item) I was so mad at Ebay. I wrote them twice to explain to them what they just did to me and how they made me pay the buyer more then she even paid and they would not even respond to me.  Needless to say, I quite Ebay and went to bringing stuff to consignment.   The only thing about craigslist, is you can’t really sell pieces of clothing individually like on Ebay. 

    • Storme-chan

      That douche got back more than they paid for the items!? Da heck!? *gives virtual cookie* I feel your pain. Note to self: Don’t sell on Ebay.

    • Danno

      As long as e-bay got their money, they don’t have time for you. They will have to hire thousands of staff to handle complaints. 

  • Swede

    i purchased a small marine motor – because I didnt use it within 45 days – I lost $600, due to Bill Edwards selling a bad engine – Bill Edwards (912) 657-0515
    (watch out for this guy) Terms of Sale
    I back up all of my items. Please call me if you have any problems / ouch he doesnt back up major purchases.
    He doesn’t honor his word! engine was bad.

  • Crystal Brophy

    Totally agree with you. I have been through HELL the past two months selling on ebay. Ive sold over $800 worth of stuff in 2-3 months, BUT my bill for ebay totalled $250 not to mention the payapl transaction fees. So in the end, I end up paying them tons of money to sell my stuff. Not to mention I cant leave Negative FB on a NON paying bidder that is still winning auctions at this moment but cant answer my message and say look, i decided I dont want the irem now, sorry. No eBay hasn’t done anything about it either. Why cant I leave FB for this person? I bet once the case is closed and Ive forgotten about this stupid buyer, I will see negative FB on my page for some awful rason or another even though I donyt deserve it. Im madder than crap. Specially since they JUST sent me a survey to fill out. Boy was that the wrong thing to do. I let tthem have it, as I have 4 other times in the past few months. But my opinion is a needle in hay stack, to them who gives a rats booty. Cuse other people are going to keep on using them. I wonder how the world these folks who list things for .99 make any money off eBay. Ebay probably takes .50 of it in all fees. DO YOU KNOW THEY EVEN TAKE A PERCENT OF THE SHIPPING FEE YOU CHARGE NOW!!!!! Hoe freaking stupid and petty pathetic is that? I am shipping the item, not them. This was befor I started to use the online shipping too, so I know its not because of that. THEY TAKE A FINAL VALUE FEE OF WHAT YOUR SOLD DOLLAR AMOUNT IS & CHARGE YOU THE HIGH FEES TO LIST & CHARGE YOU A PERCENT OF YOUR SHIPPING COST! URGHHH Im madder than a pirate with a broken pegleg!

  • KansasBlonde

    This comment has been removed by eBay. Learn more.Buyer: kwitaschek86 ( 4 ) Nov-08-11 20:28 Oscar the Grouch Costume – Adult 42-46 – NEW (#360399815658)This guy called me a dumbass  because I shipped it to him and he lives in Alaska!!  He was pissed off about the cost of shipping so he calls ME a dumbass. Ebay removes hiscomment but not the NEGATIVE.  I couldnt f**g believe it!!!!

  • Xoole Revolution

    eBay is a joke, was a long time seller on ebay since 2001 then ebay started refunding people without even returning the item to us, then all the new fees and the discount being taken out stupid ebay. If you are like me and tired of these fees and new rules every week then try its free to list, lets start a new site that we can control. Then ebay will be no more and no more worries. Suck it ebay, watch what happens when you try to over rule the users. Lets go

  • carl

    12 year Ebayer. Hate it more and more each day. I completly agree with everyone who has so much frustration with the idiots in charge at Ebay. Those in charge apparently do not have a clue. They must never read any of the thousands of comments that I have read on many different sites. The bad comments far out weighs any good comments. I have just had enough of their negative critisism of me, them saying I am below standard just because some people do not read the description or buy the wrong item. Why should I be penalized for a buyers ignorance. They have repeatedly deleted my ads that took me about an hour each to create with no warning or proper consideration.They just malishiosly hit the delete button and my hours of work is just gone and no where to be found. Very mean an inconsiderate to do something like that to your sellers who pay your salarys at Ebay. Ebay never pays any attention to your comments or surveys and forget a response to your concerns.

    I would not recommend Ebay to anyone unless they are looking for repeated frustration.

    • scott

      Stop writing deceptive descriptions.

      • Hannah

         Who the hell are you?  Someone representing ebay and Paypal?  What the fuck?  Get the fuck off this site if you do not get what we have been through!

        • Yadayadayada11

          Scott must be home in his underwear eating cheetos and sugar and obviously doesn’t understand selling on Ebay. Funny how many stupid people who have come to me over the years because they can’t figure out how to sell on Ebay when it’s not hard to list something. Scott must be one of them. Gomer Pile

        • RobRolo1

          Nice, Hannah! Don’t candy coat it.

      • Garay961

        FUCK YOU scott!

      • stupid is as stupid does

        idiot !!!!

  • CARL


  • Guitar Lab

    I started in 1997 and have been through 5 different accounts. I don’t do anything illegal. I just refuse to take any crap from eBay so if I get BS negative feedback or whatever, I just make an new account. I will quit soon as PayPal has ruined everything. People are brainwashed into thinking it is the only safe way to pay.Internet sales DID GO ON before PayPal. PayPal is just another way to accept credit cards (and get you ripped off!)

    • professor chaos

      Five different accounts and you don’t do anything illegal. It’s a good thing you added that, “I don’t do anything illegal”. That way I can tell whether your a crook or a crank. No fault divorces were established for folks just like you. Don’t like the hassle with the Mrs.? Just walk away I always say. It’s a good thing you don’t have to pay alimony to ebay, huh? 

  • Vze86qtl

    I have this image of ebay’s rules being written by software geeks sitting around in their underwear, eating cheetos and high on sugar, trying to re-invent capitalism. Visa / Mastercard polished the business model for deciding disputes, about 30 years ago – and guess what – it frigging works. You could take a university diploma in ebay’s rules and by the time you graduated, the rules would have changed so much, the diploma would be worthless.

    in addition to the feedback rules making it worthless, they’re insane.

    I had 374 positive feedback, only had one dispute i’d filed (buyer claimed item was new, not reconditioned and that it was from UK. Item arrived from malaysia (that mis-representation made no difference to ebay, nor did the mis-description of the item’s condition).

    Then i offered a car blue tooth kit for sale, it was new in box, but described as for “parts only” with a full description of the fact that it’s display screen was not working, with a full copy/paste of the email exchanges with the mfgr (Parrot).

    buyer bought it for 25% of full working value, then claimed – grab your seatbelt, then claimed he hadn’t read the description, and ebay ruled the dispute in his favor. This was a buyer with 24 feedbacks.

    Ebay is cultivating a market buyer population of whining kids that feed they’re entitled to something solely because they want it, NO MATTER THEIR RESPONSIBILITY in the matter. Think about that = buyer’s sole argument was he had bid without reading the description.

    Oh and somehow, his negative feedback erased 2 of my positive feedbacks – not sure what kind of mental gymnastics you have to do to follow that rule’s logic.

    Visa/Mastercard weights the facts & factors in how many complaints each side of the dispute have been involved in, relative to their activity with their card or merchant acct. Ebay is “too smart” to do that, instead relying on the logic of idiots that haven’t a clue how capitalism works

    • scott

      “I have this image of ebay’s rules being written by software geeks sitting around in their underwear, eating cheetos and high on sugar, trying to re-invent capitalism.”

      Actually should be…..I have this image of ebay’s  sellers sitting around in their underwear, eating cheetos and high on sugar, trying to re-invent capitalism.

      Get rich quick ripping off buyers…ebay is getting wise to you guys. I love it.

      • hannah

         You must be one of the buyers who scam sellers.  It’s obvious.

        • sortitout

          I just love it when you get newbies defending e bay! dont you? cos hon your time will come! one shit negative, damage done, fight all you like cos it is not gonna happen and a year later you will be back on this page! Live with it num skull

        • fucked by e-bay

          and you work for e-bay you fuck

  • JCRAFTON1228

    This post is 1000% true!!! I’m sick of ebay…I have a few things I need to sell, most of which I could give away, nad not care~ no I’m not worried if I get tripped off or not~ THEN, I’m closing everything down! NO more ebay NO more PayPal. I’ll find another way!!!!

  • Cvbmomof3

    I too hate ebay for all the reasons listed above. I urge all sellers to try a site that I found that isn’t widely known: Completely FREE, feature rich, auctions AND classifieds including reverse auctions!

  • One Ladybug

    fuck ebay and paypal

  • jsc

    ebay put sellers in the corner to rip off customers by there fee’s, there is no way to have lower prices then stores with fee’s from ebay and paypal.

    ebay just know that have sellers over the barrel.

    I have been selling on ebay since 1997 loved then as a seller and as a shopper, but now it’s no good for selling or shopping.

  • Linda

    I just started selling a few days ago. I took a very long time to do so, dragging my feet, knowing I needed to get going.  I took the time to study everything I could about selling and yet, I had qualms.  Now I know why.  Send an invoice, print a shipping label, enter a tracking number, leave feedback, mark item as paid, mark item as shipped, second chance offers, etc. etc.  It’s a nightmare!  But the worst for me was combined shipping.  I cannot figure it out.  I had two buyers who purchased more than one item and i tried and tried to adjust the shipping and can’t. I researched the instructions to where it said “bring down drop box’ except there was no drop box. I tried another route, no luck.  So i told the buyer I would personally send her a refund on the shipping costs if i found myself unable to do so through paypal.  I’m wondering if my inability to adjust the shipping costs is one of those things that ebay may have recently revised and they have a bug in the system.  But already i probably have unhappy buyers who are not going to leave me good feedback.  i guess my ebay selling career is over before it got started

  • Crosscountrysports

    I want to know who is going to get together and take this carp hole called ebay down… they need to be completely dismanteled…. they are a rip off to sellers, they do NOTHING but screw sellers more and more and more…. so what do we have to do to get together, join and take ebay down. PLEASE someone let me know…. ill do anything to help remove ebay from the internet.. anybody… please….
     We still have our account, sell and so forth but are working 100 times overtime to get rid of it. it is a monopoly and the things they pull…. completely disgusting. anyone who works there should be ashamed.

  • scott

    Sounds like a bunch of crybaby something-for-nothing sellers posting here. Why don’t you check with a local auctioneer and ask them to sell your items for no fee. Or check with your local newspaper classifieds. I’m an ebay buyer and I’m sick of you get-rich-quick idiots who think you can game the system by selling items you don’t yet posess! I am a lightning fast payer and the only problems I have had is with sellers who are truying to game the system. Go elswhere, I don’t want to buy from you anyway.

    • passionately pissed-off

      Not to mention the frauds that are misrepresenting items and knowingly sending a grade A piece of trash to the buyer, that you know will not be accepted… 

  • Hannah

    OH so true!  Today, a woman who should know what she is doing emailed Ebay about my request for another method of payment instead of Paypal and they shut my selling account down.  It was the final call for me.  I wish that buyers would find the alternate auction sites but then they would not be able to scam seller!????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Ebay and Paypal suck to the millionth degree – they are nothing but a place for buyers to scam and they, themselves, scam.  Paypal is involved in a myriad of lawsuits and I am sure Ebay is as well.  It is unfortunate that buyers don’t care.  There needs to be a boycott of Ebay (same as the Kardashians).  It’s just horrid.

  • hannah

    I wish buyers and sellers would use alternate auction sites.  I have found one that is great but people are so brainwashed to ebay and how they can scam sellers.  There are quite a few but seems great.  I wish everyone would boycott Ebay and find these alternate sites that are on the up and up!

  • Emma

    As long as I sold cheepish items (mostly wool yarn from my stash) i did fine on ebay. But the moment I listed electronic gadgetry there was a scammer at my door. Buyer started claiming lost item only a day or two after me sending, then brought up full refund a few days later. I answered all her 19 emails (she sent me 2-3 a day) in a very polite manner, then she filed a case against me claiming I was non responsive and item was a no show. Now I’m stuck in a case where buyer has 0% burden of proof and I will have to refund her for an item that she is most likely using as we speak. With ebays’s attitude, scamming a seller is easiest thing ever!

    • professor chaos

      Did you provide a tracking number?  They’re free if you print your labels. If you have a tracking number and it shows delivered, the case is closed in favor of seller. If you don’t use tracking you’re asking for trouble. 

  • acid

    To make E bay down, we have to make that e bay is not worth to trust for buyers. A year ago, I sold things on E bay and I didn’t do anything wrong. However, they suspended my account due to the negative feedback from the buyer who said that he didn’t receive the item I sent to him. After that case, I tried to start my e bay seller life again. However, I tried, they banned me after a couple weeks with no reason even I had some positive feedback. From that time, I am start hating E bay and start thinking how to make E bay to complete collapse. The only way is to make people think that E bay is unworthy to trust for both sellers and buyers. I invest 50 USD in every month to buy from e bay and give negative feedback to seller until three person. Moreover, I sell two or three items in every months without sending anything to buyers. E bay suspend my account when they didn’t hear any explanation from me. Then I open a new account and do it again. Because I know how to get pay pal account and e bay account without letting know my true ID. I know my idea can harm to others but revolution needs sacrifices. However, I will do it to e bay until last drop of my blood. Some people may think that I am bad. Yes may be. But what I believe is it is totally depending on the site you look. When I honest to them, they see me and treat me like a bad guy. Ok, now I am bad to them, what they gonna do to me? NOTHING!!!!! I don’t think their buyer protection can protect well because as an E bay law, to justify the seller rating, they have to let me trade for one time on e bay and listen how the buyer replies to that seller. I am not targeting to sell the things on e bay for long run so I don’t need these. My desire and intention are out of the bound what they except. 

    • passionately pissed-off

      Way to go dipshit!  “Ebay is full of criminals, so we’ll get them back by joining the criminals!”

      Yeah, that’ll help maintain what little faith we all have left in each other. 

    • Weaver_HM

      Heh. I wonder if half the dodgy sellers/buyers on Ebay are doing exactly what you are doing, out of pure revenge.

      Please realise; you are not hurting Ebay. You are merely pissing off other people the same way someone pissed you off.

      Stop it.

  • Levine21

    Let,me start first off about ebay & seller return policy.
    What is a used item?Does a used item require a return policy?
    Used:Is a used good or a second-hand good as from a Market of Garage Sale may have damage, age,worn or defects.
    Vintage:The word vintage is copied from its use in wine terminology, as a more elegant-seeming euphemism for “old”.
    I sell used,old,vintage bamboo fly rods on ebay.I started around 2 months ago.The reason for selling them is I don’t want them.Find then a new home.This item I sell is aged,vintage or plan and simply as black & white old.A old item will always be old no matter if you completely restore the old item it will alway be known as old or vintage.No time machine.
    I sell these rods to simply to find them a new home and to make a little money as well.Because,these are old,vintage and used I want to offer a 3 day return policy only if the buyer recieves the item damaged.I pay insurance for that reason as well.
    I state in all my listing this:
    This is a used item.Sold as a used item.Not New,Not New Condition.Authentic unknown,Originality unknown, no certificate of authenticity.If restored,refinished,repair,redone unknown.

    After stating all of that in my listing.I still get bidders,buyers thinking it’s the holy grail.Bidders,buyers buy before they read or ask question.I have a buyer asking for a return/refund because,after recieving the fly rod.He took it to his expert.His expert stated this rod was refinished not original.As of now I’m fighting the case.We all know who’s gonna win this.The buyer.Ebay’s a scam.Only for the buyer not for the seller.A seller can choose not to have a no return policy.Ebay over rides the seller buy stated your under ebay buyer protection policy.Then,Why ebay?Why?Offer,to the seller the option to have a no return policy?Scam it is just a scam for the sellers.
    Here’s another:Seller’s option from ebay for the seller:Buyer pays all return shipping.???
    Take a return example:He/She returns the item.Buyer pays shipping.Ebay gives full refund of item cost and shipping cost.Ebay?Why give the seller a shipping cost buyer pays option then?Scam it is just a scam.
    Then,we have the buyer misleaders/scamers,Ebay’s free shipping scam.Asking all buyers to offer free shipping to their buyers for ebays promotions.Seller see’s nothing from ebay.Seller get only one free photo to sell a item?2 free photos would be nice to avoid returns.Free auction style scam as well.Feedback scam.
    Now, last from what you stated about Craigslist is totally wrong!Craigslist is all scammer people buying and selling with spam mail.Years ago Craigslist was fine now corrupted.

  • ihateebay

    I sold item on ebay this month I mailed the package to the
    buyer and 3 days after it being delivered I get this message from the
    When I received the tree, I thought is
    was dull, so I washed it. The gold flecks were supposed to be INSIDE
    the tree, however, most of the, what turned out to be spray paint on
    the exterior, came off. I paid a lot of money for this item and I want
    to return it for a full refund.
    I replied:
    beg to differ with you I washed that tree myself I know for a fact
    that there was no spray paint on the outside of that tree. The gold
    flecks are inside the tree and that tree is not dull. It’s glass, In
    fact the label is Murano and this is how they make them. There’s other
    Murano tree’s that I have seen on eBay and they were made just like
    this one. The tree is a beautiful example of Murano glass. That’s why I
    had so many bidders bidding on it. This tree was not misrepresented it
    is exactly as I described.
    Then she replied I don’t think so I’ll contact ebay.
    I did not respond to that message.
    she opens a item as not decribed against me. At this point I don’t care
    about loosing my top rated seller and 100% feedback I want to fight
    this. So I esculated the case and of couse the bastards sided with her. I
    called ebay support to appeal my case and the rep reviewed my case and
    looked at my pictures and he actually agreed with me..HUH? So who
    reviews our cases a bunch of monkeys. He said the reason why they
    decided in her favor was that she changed her mine and had buyers
    remorse and that I can re-list the item to someone who really wants it.
    What kind of bullshit is that? They even gave her a prepaid shipping
    label. I said thats a bunch of crap and I reported the buyer for abusing
    ebay protection. I told them your willing to loose a seller to someone
    that buys maybe once every year? I told him we the sellers pay your
    salery and without us you don’t have buyers. A lot of you are saying
    whats the big deal just return her money… No it’s not right the buyers
    black mail us and if we don’t do what they want they give us a negative
    mark on our feedback it’s a no win situation even if we do have them
    return the item for a refund. At this point I’m fed up with ebay I told
    him what good is it to say no returns if you don’t stand by our decision
    as sellers when we list an item ? I told him that I’ll be taking my
    business elswhere (ETSY) and he said we really dont’ want to loose you
    as a seller and to reconsider I said yeah right keep reading your
    Posted this on ebay and they took it off!!!!!!

    • A O

      Changing to ETSY is a great idea.  I just had a horrific ordeal through ebay, and while I was increasingly annoyed with the cost of selling on the site, after this most recent experience I am leaving Ebay for good.  I’ve been an ebay member for 11 years, have always done everything by their rules and been completely honest, and I got burned by them.  Here is what happened:

      The highest bidder for a pair of shoes didn’t pay me for over a week, so I opened an unpaid item case.  This was after I sent him multiple invoices and even emails politely offering to help him with the payment process since I could see that he was a new member (later learning that the 0 by his name didn’t necessarily mean he was new).

      2hlts (the high bidder) calls me on a Saturday night and leaves two voicemails that are so unintelligible that I had no idea this person was calling about shoes… I called him back to tell him that he had the wrong number.  He proceeds to tell me that he doesn’t have a Paypal account, doesn’t know how to use it, and also that he will “have the money by Monday”.  Are you kidding me?  You shouldn’t bid on something if you can’t pay for it!!!!!  

      In the meantime I made a second chance offer to the second highest bidder, and he accepted and I sold him the shoes.  I tried to cancel the transaction with 2hlts, and called him to tell him I sold the shoes, and he hung up on me over the phone.

      The next day I get an email that 2hlts has rejected my cancellation of the transaction (awesome how ebay lets us sell it to someone else, and then we are stuck in this type of a conundrum as buyers).  Despite telling this man that I sold the shoes to someone else, I get repeated emails saying he still wants them.  When I don’t respond, he uses profanity, calling me a “SK%NK” and tells me to “KEEP MY F&CKING SHOES”.  I changed the words for this site, but you get the point.  I then reported him to ebay, and the lady I spoke with said that I had handled the case in the correct way, that she will close out the transaction between us, he shouldn’t be allowed to leave feedback, but if he does ebay will remove it.

      I receive additional emails from crazy 2hlts saying he wants the shoes, then ends his tirade with another profanity-ridden email to me, and leaves negative feedback.  I immediately called ebay, spoke to two different people who refused to remove it.  I suggested they look up our email history so they could see how he was being verbally abusive, and the ebay employee says “yeahhhhh thats against our policy” and still will neither remove his account or take away his negative feedback.  If you’ve read all of this I’m sure ebay has failed you in some way as well, but it is ABSURD that this man is allowed to be a member of the ebay community given the glaring proof of his abuse towards sellers.  I looked up his account and the only feedback he has given is negative and he did the same thing to another woman as he did to me by the look of what he wrote and her response.  Congratulations Ebay for taking a great idea and messing it up so irreversibly that there is nowhere for you to go but down.  I look forward to using whatever site will inevitably replace you.  

      • tamara

        U’re allowed to post a reply to buyer’s feedback. I’ve seen sellers who replied to dispute the buyer’s feedback and it appears right under the buyer’s feedback, e.g. i’ve seen sellers write “Buyer left negative feedback for every seller” or “Item was shipped in perfect condition. Buyer just wanted refund”.

        When I read stuff like that on a seller’s feedback page, and if he has lots of other postive feedback, i tend to believe the seller, and I have confidence in bidding on his auctions.

        So if a buyer leaves u negative feedback unfairly, I’d advise u to write a reply on your feedback page disputing his feedback. :)

        • Jake_V

          You used to be able to do this…?…I don’t think you can anymore. It’s all geared towards the buyers.

          There is a downside to that as well unfortunately…in 2001 or 2002 I bought a laptop battery and paid an extra $25 for overnight shipping.

          The seller kept my $25 and shipped 3 day. I posted neutral feedback commenting on the additional money for shipping and what had happened.

          His response was something along the lines of: “paid for normal shipping, whatever issue remains is in your head”.

      • Richie

        Wow I read it to the end. Unbelievable isn’t it?
        Takes complaints too!

      • kare

        I’d like to share my store and how I lost $209 due to a scam buyer that opened a case and Ebay found in her favor. Debra Dickson of Cleveland Ohio, user ID DebraD48, scammed another buyer out of $200 shoes and reported thst incident to Ebay.

        In my case, she purchased the dress after harrassing and haggling with ,e, it was delivered on Monday, Dec 8th. On Sat,, 6 days after purchase, she said it was just delivered that day and she wants to return-it has a small tear in the leather (a pricey leather and silk, new with tag dress). The leather was immaculate-there was no tear.

        She sent me a photo of stretched out leather with a 2″ tear next to a seam. I refused the return so she opened a case. Ebay automatically sided with the buyer.

        It gets better. I was informed with Ebay that sellers almost always lose a case-they side with the buyer because “it may have been delivered like that”. They do not review user history or photographs, they do not appeal their decisions.

        The sad part is that this buyer was given another green light to defraud another innocent seller-she’s gotten away with it twice so why not keep going. It’s almost guaranteed she’ll wait a few months and do it again-Ebay is just as culpable as she is-it’s shameful.

        Oh, and I wiped out my paypal account-if Ebay wants to nake the buyer whole why should I be made unwhole?

    • captaingary

      i have been an ebay member for 7 years and am quitting… im going down in flames and bringing a lawsuit against them in court. eventually, a class action suit will knock them off their high horse. i have had horrific problems with them as both buyer and seller. ebay is staffed by babbling idiots. I was sent a $1900 counterfeit gold coin and they dragged out the resolution process for over 3 weeks at their mis-named “Resolution Center.” The Seller took off (feedback 3 with 2 negatives) and they put my case on hold for no reason.
      Then their “trust and safety” clowns closed the case and said I had no buyer protection AFTER THE FACT. those morons said I had been giving 2 many low DSR (when a seller charged Double for shipping) or Negative Feedbacks (2 in SEVEN YEARS!). They have no email at trust and safety and would NOT tell me the specific reason they yanked my Buyer Protection.
      I did get the address of their legal department, and should I need to, I will take them to court. They will lose because they BREACHED a written contract and removed their worthless Buyer Protection EX POST FACTO!

    • Richie
    • Design Dep’t

      I’m glad to see the foul langue and cussing peter out. I can understand people’s “F*** you ebay” because things that happen with them can be really shady, ugly, yuck get me out of here stuff. I’m done listing one reason they’ve lied (or if not that given uneducated info) to me about “first 100 listings free” & I can’t afford to lose on the ads they are charging me for which cannot reliably sell. How many other people can concur? Even Store sellers are getting burnt on fees to listings ratios. The fb system is wacked; crooked ethically. The way I’ve experienced it ebay is a chancy drama hole perpetuated and continually nurtured by ebay. I do not feel “protected” as a seller or buyer. I list on…”a lot” of other sites where things are much more predictable, simple and problem free, certainly far less scams. I didn’t imagine it would happen but recently a seller blatantly attempted to permanently withhold a refund on something I had returned, post fact I had looked at her Negatives and they matched my grievance, one buyer saying the seller was a thief in dire need of being banned. It never happened. And most likely never will, along with all the other ebay crooks and false persons. I messaged this individual, you know, I have 2 little boys to feed, bills to pay like most people, yada yada, so will you please do the kind and correct thing? Silence. Now, of course ebay removed your comments in their Forums, its all rigged & spied apon; I voiced my last incident and they either deleted my post or edited out the seller’s ID. Well, if consumers don’t know who that dishonest person was (and they have a right to know as much as the general need) who else will be caught in a similar or same theft situation that I was? That’s theft, when one return receives a purchased item but never hits send on the refund, lies to the customer, and evades, evades even paypal. Its stealing and ebay not only allows it but fosters the habit.

    • A

      ebay sucks!!!! fuckkkkk!!!!!!!!!

  • Yadayadayada11

    I just can’t stand the shipping over seas, no tracking with first class so they get their stuff and then file a claim saying they didn’t get it and Ebay automatically rules in their favor even though our USPS shows accepting it when i dropped it off. Then you tell them they need to pay for Express so it has tracking and they complain about how much it costs. Until international first class has tracking i’m done shipping out of the country. Ebay does favor the buyers no matter what which includes the shady ones.

  • Phoebewillz

    I agree!! i just been done twice this month, i have always been an honest ebayer, only to get those horrible malicious buyers who think its ok to rip people off by saying that i never sent the item that they bought, when i have a receipt for proof of postage, but does not contain a tracking number, therefore the buyer has manage to turn my reputation into a negetive score, leaving me with no item, and an empty pocket due to having to refund the full amount. Ebay look after their buyers and not their sellers. i hope one day, someone bigger than ebay will manage to get a petition signed by loads of people to take them to court, or close them down, they are greedy, theaves and allow all scammers to con sellers. I hate ebay, if someone out there is willing to bring them down, then the count me in!! im suprised they havent been reported yet on the news, or in the local newspapers as being the biggest conners going.

  • Danette
  • Alexdottir

    For someone like me – and I only sell stuff that I don’t use or wear anymore from my own closet – I made 600 dollars last year on that. Much better than giving it away :)

  • Scott Pine

    Have any of you looked at Ubokia (com).  They are taking a completely different tack.  Buyers Post what they Want and sellers respond.  The best part is the Want has lots of detail and you can select the buyer (s) you want to sell to.  You get to see qualified buyers.  It’s anonymous and you can dialogue anonymously until you have a deal.

  • thomas principi

    I’m done with eBay. Someone took item to dry cleaner they ruined item. They want a refund. I have no choice but to refund them and get a no good item back that I cannot resell! This is just one of many seller problems that makes it difficult to make money. Ebay is for buyers only!

  • Kristykriel

    Sell on facebook. A buyer can and will extort you. ONe out of ten buyers asks for the full amount back plus keeping the item. Ebay will do NOTHING to protect you but they claim they try to keep it safe. Safe for thieves and dishonest buyers they mean. They have the most unjust system. Most towns have a local facebook site in which you can sell your stuff locally and for free. Without extortion and high fees. Check your local facebook classified sites. I sell  many things this way and tell ebay to fuck off. 

  • Kristykriel


  • Ebayblows

    Ebay and Paypal BOTH suck!

    I’ve been using Ebay for 10 years.  Last month I sold 1 used music cd for $0.99 (out of 20 which didn’t sell) and charged $5 shipping.  I went to my paypal account to check the balance only to find out that Paypal put a “HOLD” on any funds for 21 days because I had “not sold anything for the past 90 days”.

    Now I have to ship an item the buyer is waiting for and I can’t collect my money for 3 weeks?!

    I refunded the buyer his money, closed both my Ebay and Paypal accounts and said the HELL WITH YOU EBAY AND PAYPAL!

    • M.G.

      Paypal stated that this is going to be their practice from now on.They are sorry and I would recommend that sellers not use Paypal.People need to stop using Paypal.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know what I can do. I sold an item on E bay, A jacket for £80. The buyer who lives abroad says he never received it. I have a proof of postage and that is all. E bay gave the buyer his money back and now want me to pay E bay £80. They don’t accept that the proof of postage. Now I have a debt agency after me threatening me all the time. Anyone else had this and what did you do. I am never using E bay again.

    • M.G.

      Sell on ioffer and and don’t use Paypal or Google Checkout.Check,money order,international money order,Western Union,cash etc.

  • Bjeffery766

    I think the 21 day wait for sellers on payment is dumb. I think that it is not fair for them to expect you to send out your product and not receive funds for it. I also think that instead of charging the seller with three different fees, they should make it one fee. I find that all of the fees confuse me. I apologize to all of the English Major’s on my poor spelling and grammar.

  • Kgalep

    eBay suspended me in July and this is January 2012 they still have not told me why….they say it is internal….internal what?  I had been a seller on eBay (and a buyer) for 10 years, a power seller, 100% feedback….then PayPal holds my money because of eBay….almost 6 months and I cannot get my money.  THEN, I tried to resign from eBay, they say I cannot quit because I am suspended.  Go figure.  Then eBay owes me $40 and says I cannot have it because I am suspended.  Go figure.  Paypal has over $1800 of my money…can’t touch it……I have always been fair, truthful, legal, bending over backwards for sellers, sometimes deadbeat ones…and I get the so-called suspension. 

    • M.G.

      Paypal is holding my $435.00 for 180 days.Paypal got mad at me because I told the Iowa attorney general that they started holding seller’s money for 21 days.He told them that hey had to stop doing that.They did for one hour and then they limited my account.

  • Ding

    Ebay has the WOSRT Customer Service of any company I have ever seen. You can’t email them and if you call them they read from a script. If you interrupt their reading from their script, they put you on hold for 4 minutes then come back and start the script all over again. They have zero common sense! I once asked for a supervisor of customer service and was refused. When I insisted they said the supv will have to call me back. That has been about 6 months ago now! I am done with these assholes. Too many other places to buy from to have to put up with stupid assholes!

  • Linda

    I have been reading your guys comments for a time now….and I agree!!
    I have been selling on ebay for over a year now, and im SICK and TIRED of getting ripped off by EBAY and its buyers!!
    I have decided to buy stuff on ebay and sell on Craigslist.
    Im going to see how much free stuff I can get on ebay, but first im going to do some research on buyer and seller protection.
    I recommend this to all of you.
    anyways, WHY am I doing this?
    I just sold something. and the person is keeping it after ebay has reimbursed their money.

    • M.G.

      Buyers have figured out that Paypal and Ebay protection mean they can get things for free.

  • Rebecca O’Reilly Boyle

    So disgusted with Ebay and Paypal.  I’ve been selling for a number of years on ebay, no complaints from buyers, now Paypal wants to hang onto my money for weeks and weeks. Getting ridiculous!   Fees fees and more fees from ebay and paypal make it just a waste of my time anymore. Like all good things, ebay too had to end.

    • M.G.

      I hear you.I was going along just fine.One day I received an email stating that Paypal is going to hold my funds for 21 days.I had not done anything wrong.I was told that I needed to be selling on Ebay.I sell on other sites,not on Ebay.I raised a huge fuss.Paypal emailed me and told me that they would stop holding the funds.Then an hour later Paypal emailed me and told me that now my Paypal account is limited and they are going to hold my funds for 180 days.

  • Jessica Weissenburger

    I’m not a very active buyer, but I’ve never had a problem with eBay or any of its sellers.  I pay once I win an auction, though I prefer to just buy it now.  Never had a single person scam me while I was buying, so I have the utmost respect for sellers.  My brother, however, has not been as lucky as I have.  He once sold his X-Box on ebay for $300 and the buyer canceled the payment AFTER my brother had shipped the item.

    To the best of my knowledge he never got his money back and eBay never did a thing to get his money back or even to get the X-Box back.  I don’t see myself returning to eBay anytime soon as it’s gotten some-what ridiculous.

    I frequent now and often find better deals from sellers.  Just wish their feedback system was a little more developed, since it’s not always clear why they have some negative feedback — unless you want to dig through all their feedback.

    • m.g.

      Sellers are safe on

  • Kally6

    i tried e-bid and never so a thing you sellers have no choice to suck up to ebay or make no money, whats with amazon ive been told that they sell everything cheaper than anyone so there is no point selling on there either, im getting sick of ebay and to be honest i thinking of not going on there anymore unless the change i rather be skint and happy and i rather give stuff to charity

  • Kally6

    i tried e-bid and never so a thing you sellers have no choice to suck up to ebay or make no money, whats with amazon ive been told that they sell everything cheaper than anyone so there is no point selling on there either, im getting sick of ebay and to be honest i thinking of not going on there anymore unless the change i rather be skint and happy and i rather give stuff to charity

  • 1787

    I started selling on eBay for 4 years now and there’s always something new going on with my account. something bad most likely. the first year i was well off, buyers loved my products i made lots of $ then i got reported by jealous buyers (maybe rival sellers) who did not like the product. demand a refund and little was i know i refund all their money back and did not even get the item back in return. i was very upset i close down that account due to 1 negative feedback that hurt me  deeply. i stopped selling on that account for a few months and had to closed it down. i re-open a new account to sell. i wanted to start out new and fresh. my new account was limited to 10 listing per month. which was okay i understand that. so i sold and sold to gain more listing and after 2 months later ebay suspending my account. limited from free to 50 listing per month. they said i was associated with an account that was NOT MINE. and they found out who it belongs too and then gave me another reason to suspend my account. they said it was suspended because i have not sold on the old account for months and i shut it down when i am not supposed to so. so now my account is limited to selling 50 limited. this hurt me but it did not stop me from selling because i love to sell on ebay. so i wanted to change my real full name to a business account showing a business name. so i contact paypal and ebay to do and the ebay customer services told me to change my ebay real name to my business name and that should do it, so when i print out my shipping it will show my ebay screen name instead of real name. after that i waited 6months for them to remove the limit on my account. 6 months pass by i was so happy so i made a call to ebay and tell them to remove my limit. i spoke to an ebay customer services and he suspended my account. he told me that i was associated with an account that wasn’t mine and i told him that was my ex. then he also gave me another excuse reason to suspend he said i changed my full name and put a fake name, which i did not i changed my ebay screen name to my name because the other ebay customer services told me to do so to make a business account without showing my real name. he did not believe me he told me that they would never do that and accused me of a crime that i did not put my real name and use his power as an ebay customer services to suspended my account and hung up on me. i was frustrated i called back to report him but they did not do anything about it and told me it was my fault..  i hate ebay poor customer services that uses power against you (your account) and yet, it’s very unfair. they don’t understand that you need to work too just like them. gosh i hope this guy loose his fucken job.

    • 1987


      • Isaacldsm


        • Ramon

          Shut up, moron.

          • Ebayrapedme

            ebay worker, eh?

      • Jen

        I understand, so far I have received 2 negs and 1 neutral in 2 months of selling. 1 neg. of which was my fault, but the other two was not on me at all but on the buyer. One was upset because he claimed that he did not get his hat, but I had proof that he did. He threatened me then placed a neg feedback. I told Ebay and they would not take it off although I got the proof that it was shipped. The other person placed a neutral claiming the bracelet that I sold was showing elastic. It is a stretch bracelet and I described it with the elastic. At the end of her neutral post she wrote that I did a good job with the item. I was like, what the #%#%? Ebay would not take off the neutral or the other negs. I am new at Ebay, but already starting to hate it. I need a better alternative to sell. Please help and thanks for this article it shows that I am not alone. 

      • hard worker

        eBay is a HUGE PLAYGROUND FOR CROOKS!!! I hate eBay and all their STUPID employees!! They don’t care about sellers the only thing they want from sellers is their money. eBay KARMA IS ON IT”S WAY!!! RIP!!!

  • Pendleham crotchman

    This is what I think of ebay,

    enough said.

  • Samas1972

    Totally agree and understand all reasons. I myself is a victim of feedback abuse because even after knowing the postage cost upfront one buyer left me negative feedback saying that postage was too much. I talked with ebay and they have no system in place which protects sellers from feedback abuse. I would not sell any item on ebay now.

  • Anonymous

    Ya, I’m done with them it’s ridiculous how much they raise their fees.   Here’s a list of other ones  I think a lot of people are starting to jump ship more often,  at least the people I know that used it.

  • Dellon


    • professor chaos

      Why didn’t you buy insurance? It’s cheap enough. 

       Wait!  You said USPS lost your package and then you complained that you had to wait a month to get it back. How did they lose it and you got it back?

      • M.G.

        Get off of this site Ebay seller.

        • passionately pissed-off

          M.G. – why don’t you take a hike moron? You can’t even figure out what side of the conversation your on.
          And yes, I’m a pissed off buyer who is positive that there are SOME sellers on this thread who have sold totally misrepresented crap, as well as greatly exaggerating the demise of their transaction.

          I filed a dispute on $15 worth of cell phone batteries that didn’t fit my phone as stated. The batteries were too thick. My dispute got me nowhere. Seller won.
               I check back about a month later, again, for extra batteries for my phone, and what do you know?  Almost every add was selling a modified back to accomodate the thicker batteries.

          It’s crap all the way around, and nothing but bullshit in between…..

    • M.G.

      Close your Paypal account as soon as you can.

  • Domboy4u

    seems to me your just a  bunch of whinging bitches, with no real gripe. FFS sake get a life

    • M.G.

      We are not canines in heat.We are human beings.Please take your nasty self off of this page.

  • Guest

    I’m gonna have to disagree with most of the inflated “cons” spat about this page.

    • M.G.

      Ebay used to be a terrific selling website.I was with them from the beginning many years ago and also with Paypal.Not now.It started with Ebay insisting that we use Paypal.Paypal sucks eggs big time.They always side with the buyer no matter what.If you don’t agree with Paypal they first hold funds for 21 days and then limit the account and hold your funds for 180 days.I gave up on Ebay many years ago and I closed my Paypal account just recently.

  • Alexander

    Yes, eBay sucks. I just received a negative comment from a buyer who cost me 2 entire days of my life because he “forgot” BOTH pickup arragements. I complained to eBay and asked for a refund, and admittedly, called him a “useless prick” or something along the lines in my complaint. eBay appearently forwarded that email to him, and then he left negative feedback, destroying my 100% positive feedback (OVER 10 YEARS!!!).

    Apart from that though – there is really no alternative to eBay. I disagree with you in that regard. For example, that “CraigsList” thing you mentioned doesn’t have a single item listed near me.

    • ebay ripped me off!!!

      i have sold on eBay for 10 years with 100% positive feed back then this week someone in Canada asked to have an item shipped and i said no i don’t do that finally he agreed to pay all customs fees so he gets the item and demands a refund for the customs fees. i said no and got negative feed back called eBay and they said too bad even though i had his post committing feed back black mail. a few days latter a customer sent me a message admitting that he took apart an item then had the nerve to want to keep part of it and have me give him a refund for the rest of it after he destroyed it. this jerk opened a case on me i escalated the case 3 different eBay reps said i would win as he admitted to ruining the item and they found in his favor anyway. now i have a feed back destroyed after 10 years of perfect scores my money lost and destroyed item even though i have proof of both incidents. what a load of @%$#!!! and this feed back system? a buyer can say anything but a seller can’t once again what a load of @#^%!!

  • Ianly

    The latest thing Ebay and Paypal have done is: They have removed the FULL address details of sellers so if you buy something and it’s not as described you have to use Ebay or Paypal to attempt a recovery.In most cases you will have to pay the return postage on an item sold to you that was clearly not as described by the seller. in the past when the FULL address was disclosed the buyer could threaten or take out a small claim in the County Court and recover all costs including return postage .Now you can not do anything because you don’t even know the address of the person.All stacked in Ebay and Paypals favour .There needs to be some competition.

    • Alexander

      Heh. The thing is: eBay is technically a disaster, and any slightly competent web agency could build a *better* eBay clone in a matter of 2 weeks.

      Unfortunately, all such attempts have failed so far because it’s in the name…

      • CollR549

        I am going through the same thing now. I sold an apple desktop and the guy literally sent me 10-15 messages complaining about shipping. He never checked on the tracking and paid for standard, economy shipping, NOT priority, then complains that his package was not received in 4 days, shipping across country, demanding a credit. I could tell that he would be nothing but trouble. So, he gets the package in the mail and sends me pictures of “damage” (a bent box and a removable piece that was removed… yeah). Anyway, my return policy is full refund auction price within 3 days buyer pays return shippiing. He literally demands that i refund him the money plus shipping BEFORE he sends me the computer back. I offered him a partial credit if he does not ship, or full credit as long as he returns the computer. He then opens a dispute for the full amount. ( I had already given him a $20 credit after all of his bitching about shipping, so now hes demanding the full refund plus shipping which is more than he paid)!!!  And he’s is demanding this money BEFORE he ships it! and I know that he will NOT ship!  IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? COULD EBAY REALLY SIDE WITH HIM? This is sickening! 

        • CollR549

          UPDATE…. They ruled in his favor. Im sure they didn’t even read the messages that he sent to me trying to get me to relist the item for him, with me paying seller fees. Fucking ridiculous! that was definitely the last time im using ebay. Or I can switch over to the dark side and become a buyer who does nothing but bitch and complain and get my shit for free! LOL
          That was actually my first bad experience, but considering this was on an apple desktop with a high value, I will not be selling on ebay again. 
          Does anyone know what happens if he doesn’t send it back to me? Do I get my money back? Because I honestly think that he won’t send it, he expects me to issue a refund BEFORE he send back to me, which is NOT going to happen, and what makes it worse is that he actually said this to me THROUGH EBAY MESSAGING!!! DO THESE MORONS EVEN READ THE CASE AND MESSAGES AND SHIT??? I JUST DONT GET IT! 

  • Guest

    its just that u guys r novices and know not even a jack bout selling!!!!
    u wanna know some dope stories ….here it is.
    i have been selling for almost 5 yrs now… and my feedback percentage is all great ( 99.2 %).
    e-marketing is not some kid’s show……

    and for the craiglist shit….. boy !!! u guys would seriously be stupid to join them fake-ish websites…. which will never let u have the success which u deserve….

    • Madmark45

      99.2% is “all great”???

  • Chip

    Wow. Why are you guys complaining so much?! I’ve read comments below about eBay shitting things up but why do you complain. You either sell on eBay or you don’t. Even if you make little money, its still profit and it was your decision to sell on eBay; you should have read all the information before selling.
    I am an eBay buyer and I sell junk in my room for money; easy. I am being careful with my buyers, i make sure I pictures and a short video of the product, if the buyer starts lying.
    To be honest, the fees are high and I am hoping eBay doesn’t shit up my business on eBay.

    • sortitout!

      Well I guess for you then it is just a waiting game-cos it will happen.Some shitbag will deny receiving an item. Make claim against you. Paypal will freeze your money. E bay will allow a negative (but of course you will fight) they will take money outta your bank! .and you will not be entitled to free listings, your percentage will drop, your star rating will drop etc etc. then and then you will be complaining here too! cos no one in ebay gives a flying shit as long as we keep selling! they get their fees. we keep complaining, no change. Needs big competition to bring em down.!

  • move over ebay

    YOUR ABSOLUTELY CORRECT,,,EBay has no interest in improving their process. I’ve got a handful of products I’m selling once sold I’m done with Ebay!! Bye bye Ebay hello other similiar sites who want my business



  • Firemup72

    Paypal/ebay also rip you off when, as a buyer, you purchase something from a seller in another country. As a buyer you look at the daily currency exchange rate and factor that in when you buy. Paypal then advises you of their exchange rate after the sale which is always a few points lower than the official rate. Yep, they make money again and you as a buyer are worse off.

  • Jimsfarms

    I sell hatching and do not know where to go to get away from ebay for my sales

  • Bye Bye CRAPBAY

    I have a feedback rating of over 1,100 mainly buying, for around 8 years.
    I gave a seller a neg for a item of clothing that STANK.
    Ebay have suspended my account, I have to send them a fax, agreeing to terms that are unreasonable, according to UK LAW !
    I am fed up buying misdescribed Crap, mainly from Chinese sellers, that claim to be in the UK.


    The best bit is, Ebay do not care.
    To Ebay the very words “customer service” are an OXYMORON.

    It was good in the early days, but not any more.
    It is often cheaper on the High Street.

    • NuBidz

      This happens all too often, I would put it in writing that
      NuBidz would indeed stand by you! 
      <—  we just did put it in


      NuBidz promises to protect sellers from unwarranted feed
      back, but why can we be trusted to this word? 
      Because I have been victim of this myself!  eBay just simply does NOT give a shit about it’s members, it’s so
      big that it doesn’t have to care anymore! 
      They ONLY people eBay has to keep happy is the share holder, and unfortunately,
      that is NOT you!   


      NuBidz has put the power of returned feed back, BACK into
      the control of the seller!


      Join – List EVERYTHING for FREE, pay only when
      you sell, NO hidden fees!   Tell all
      your previous customers about us, your friends and business contacts!   We created NuBidz because we too are sick
      & effin tired of eBay bull shit! – Yeah, We said it!


      Come on over to the Auction website that is For The People!


    • Bryan Jones


    • Tina Scobee


  • Jerry zaft

    Ebay cheated me , I sold an item to a customer who received the goods OK , Post office confirmed delivery and customer sent Email thanking me for delivery , then 2 weeks later PayPal refunded the customer the money $254 when he complained that he had not received the goods!!!!!!!i lost the money and Ebay and paypal customer service were hopless to talk too . They would or could not give any reason why they refunded the customer money from my Paypal account .

    I took them to court and won the case but even now 4 years later I have received no money ,,, seems they are above the law.


       Turn them into a collection agency.  It’s free & it ruins Paypal credit!

  • Stglasslady

    I used to sell on eBay, but now that they charge even when the item doesn’t sell, you lose money.   Relisting for free doesn’t help; you still have to pay fees.  I lost money on my last few experiences, so I’ll never list with eBay again.
    It’s a shame.  I used to love eBay….

  • Annoyed

    all i have to say is 10% of each sell…how much is Ebay making every minute?…scum.

  • Susan Charles

    Want  a free item? Just order something first class from overseas and
    say it didn’t arrive. Yours ! Order something from anywhere and say it
    didn’t match the description send seller a rock back in the mail to
    prove delivery. It’s yours for free! Want to get money from sellers?
    Just buy something and then tell them in a non-obvious way that if they
    don’t follow your demands you will leave them negative feedback, 
    hurting them and their business. Don’t worry the seller cannot leave you
    any negative feedback and ebay will protect you free and clear it’s
    buyer protection. Want to return something after you have had it for
    over a month. No problem you can wear it, stain it, ruin it whatever
    just open a case and your in the words of Blagovich “your golden”. You
    can even buy something change your mind and not agree to cancel the
    transaction. The seller will be on the hook for the final value fee and
    you have no consequences as buyer : ). Awesome. I love this. And your
    allowed three a year so choose wisely. I mean choose something
    expensive. Make sure you find some poor newbie sucker who thinks that
    ebay is a safe place to sell. Sucker ! What a joke freaking joke. Maybe you can pick a fat American they are stupid and deserve what they get ! 

  • Susan Charles


  • Ramon

    Reason number 7: You suck.

  • Xjennyx33

    umm you could ask not to get murdered on craigslist just a suggestion 😛

  • Ebayfuckedme

    ebay bends over forward for buyers, because they erroneously think if ther kiss their asses, all is well.
     well, when they treat sellers like shit and they leave, there will be no one to buy FROM.
    what a fucking catastrophe.

  • Info

    Add the non paying buyers id to this website and help other sellers avoid them.

  • Ebayrapedme

    ebay has assholes for workers who read off of scripts. fuck them

  • Angie

    eBay/Paypal – same company – same ****. For those of us selling it’s a complete sham and getting beyond a joke.
    I have been with them for more than 10 years, and had an above standard rating (100%). Because some silly newbie left me negative feedback without comtacting me first I received an email from eBay stating that I have now dropped to “below average” apparently… and eBay’s recommendation!? – charge less postage!! Yet if I want to MAKE SURE the customer receives their items I HAVE to send it insured (which costs more).After all, who hasn’t dealt with a dishonest ebayer?
    eBay only protect themselves – period.For sellers  we have to deal with ridiculous “limited brand listing” policies. Charges for listing, charges for selling and then charges for being paid!!!
    I am SO hacked off with eBay.
    I wish them discontiuned success forever more.

  • eeee

    Here’s a trick a learned while selling on eBay . . . whenever you sell something, immediately check the buyers feedback.  If they have left lots of negs, you know who you are dealing with.  You might have to do some extra tip toeing around the person, depending on their comments for the negs.

    Another thing, anytime you get a question from someone, check their feedback before answering.  If they leave lots of negs, BLOCK THEM in eBay so they can’t buy from you.  You can block a members name, this has saved me lots of headaches when dealing with potential fraudsters . . .

  • Stephenmd26

    ok what about the fact ive been ripped off twice. im just supposed to ignore that. dam right ill give you bad feed bad for taking my money and ripping me off. totally

  • Montalvoht

    Ok here is my questions guys my account was limited because high
    shipping fees so I can’t sell no more on eBay but I can buy so I opened a new
    account with new IP and all new info none info related from the old account to
    the new account but I think 8 days later I logged in to my old account with my
    new IP but I haven’t use my new account since I opened if I change my IP to log
    is in my new account do they will notice

  • Stella

    I am with you 100%!!!  Bu we keep using it. I voiced my opinion to them over the phone word even the call center employees get all upset. But who is another one…I had a buyer 3 months ago or more..purchased an item ( FROM THE NETHERLANDS) left 100% feedback , now every week I get a message stating she is not happy item is used..lololol. Well after 3 months I bet she using it..I cannot take the buyer never ends!!!!  

  • Helen

    I gave up feebay a couple of years ago.  Good Bye to high Final Value Fees and 500 pages of listings.  Your items never get seen and what a waste of money.  The only people who make out on ebay are the sellers who post their email addresses and phone numbers on their store site.  They get  their best offers by phone or email and sell off ebay and remove the listing.  NO FEES!!!!!!  The foolish idiots even allow it.

  • Partswenchgardenmiscellany

    I still sell on eBay, but I have a Bonanza account too.  So when I ship things I sell on eBay, I direct them to my store on Bonanza.  You don’t pay Bonanza unless your item sells, the storefront is free, and their fees are lower.  You still have to deal with Paypal, but at least you don’t have to take it in the shorts on every single sale.  eBay has turned on sellers since they became publicly traded.  I would LOVE another venue that would draw the same market share, be fair and consistent, and protect the people who pay the bills.  eBay and Paypal take roughly 30% on every sale, sometimes more when you’re done calculating the fees, and that doesn’t include shipping materials.  I used to love it, now it’s just a necessary evil.  

  • timmah!

    My story:  Sold a phone to buyer in Russia. Shipped it USPS Priority.  Tracking shows I sent it.  Tracking does not show he received it.  Now I agree, this is a problem, but they froze my Paypal account to cover is refund and started a comical dominoe effect that I am still feeling. I can prove I mailed it in the postal movement of the tracking number, but because he simply claims to not have received it I am in the wrong and have to pay him back and loose my merchandise.  Fuck eBay.

  • JR.

    I’m probably jinxing myself, but I haven’t had many problems with ebay. Sure, I don’t like the fees, but my local music store charges 35% for consignment items, and FAR less people see the item. I did have one problem with an item I bought about 6 years ago. Part of a guitar looked scratched in the picture, so I questioned the seller about it. He said it was just a reflection in the picture, so I took his word for it and bought the guitar. First thing I looked at when it arrived was for that scratch-sure enough it WAS scratched. I had paid a price for a perfect piece, so I asked to return it or get a discount. He left negative feedback that I was trying to extort a refund. Ebay did nothing to help me, so I re-sold the guitar at a loss. As a seller, my biggest fear is always that a buyer will lie and say that they never got the item. So I try to use delivery confirmation with USPS, a worthwhile extra expense. Ultimately I will probably stop using ebay soon because of the fees going up, which I’m sure will continue.

  • rg

    did you know ebay now owns craiglist, what a crock, conflict of interest, being flagged for no apparent reason, somebody needs to step-up and become competition

  • Bostonbridal

    I wanted to share my experience to you. This is absolutely true to shock to the core. I received a negative feedback from a buyer says I shipped her a brown wallet instead of black wallet. I asked her to ship it back to me, I will refund her full amount plus both way shipping if it is indeed brown. I’m very sure that it is a black wallet. The buyer then sent me email says, sorry, you were right, it is black. I asked her to remove negative feedback, she never replied.

    I thought it is a obvious case, isn’t it? I called customer service, guess what? They told me they will only remove feedbacks if buyer threaten me to use it to their advantage. I said, but she admit to me she lied. The woman told me BUYERS ARE ALLOWED TO LIE. Then she said, IT IS A FREE COUNTRY. Because i have some accent, she then went on rant about United states is a free speech country. I got so angry. I don’t understand, this is the first time in my life someone told me that lie is good, it is free country. My negative feedback is still there. I guess I moved on from the incident, just thought to share with you.

    • Melodia

      OMG that is so horrible that made me mad reading it!!1

    • Marialeyva13

       OMG that is terrible I’m a buyer/seller & I would never lie how can they say “buyers are allowed to lie” omg really how upsetting, I’m almost scared to sell now if that’s ebays way of handling things wow!

      • cryssy

        It had happend to me many times. one time a customer told me that they will change the feedback if i give them a refund and if they keep the item as well if not then forget it

        • culparde

          This same thing happened to me last year. Buyer after 40 days complained about a cell phone not working then requested a refund. The buyer gave me a negative feedback, then asked if he could keep the cell phone. Ebay gave the buyer a refund after 40 days.

          • kayla

            WTF that is crazy!!!!

      • SugrDdy

        Try NuBidz… its free to list and no nonsense

    • marleyrv

      wow unbelievable!! i now hate ebay

    • captaingary

      ebay is staffed by babbling idiots with NO common sense whatsoever. if a buyer gets buyers remorse, they can send the item back even when the listing clearly states, “no returns accepted.” i had a seller return a working clock after lying blatantly that the clock didnt tick. when i received the clock, it had not been wound… DUH… the buyer left me negative feedback and robotic ebay staff would NOT remove it even though i refunded the buyers money, sold the clock to the 2nd chance buyer and received 5 stars + positive feedback. BUYERS ARE KING and they can lie and do anything they want to screw Sellers. it took a year for the feedback to disappear. the day is coming where ebay will be dethroned. UNDERSTAND THIS: EBAY HAS INCREASED THE FINAL VALUE FEE FROM 3% TO 9% AND FORCES SELLERS TO USE PAYPAL. YOU CAN NET A MAXIMUM OF 87% BECAUSE YOU MUST PAY BOTH FINAL VALUE FEE AND PAYPAL FEE ON THE SHIPPING!

      • turbo

        there a 2000 version of the bell system of the 70s, to big, monopoly, time to break them up!!!!!at very least regulated so they don’t make all decisions. also ive been reporting non paying bidders to credit bereau!!!!!!

      • SugrDdy

        Try NuBidz…

    • greatday1

      Oh my God, you got a neg then cried about it? “Oh I’ll never use ebay ever again because I had ONE bad experience”. You just want something to wine about. Please

      • Jake_V

        You’re seriously a douche.

        You’re either a eBay employee, or one of these dumbfuck piece of shit motherfuckers who think they deserve shit for free.

        Either way, fuck you.

        • Jack

          I second that. FUCK YOU YOU EBAY, YOU PIECE OF SHIT. I hope you die the dog’s death you deserve.

      • wallflower

        You misspelled “whine.”

      • nonaste

        Maybe he wants some cheese with that “wine”, dumbass

    • Jake_V

      Same thing happened to me with a new from the MFG sealed hard drive.

      I told dude to ship it back and I would refund the purchase price, and as advertised, the shipping fee (not normally refunded).

      He said he wanted his money back. I told him to ship the drive.

      Needless to say, he never shipped the drive but insisted on his money. I told him he was exactly why eBay fucking blows now and that he could keep the working drive as I know it was fine and he was just trying to rip me off. He never responded. eBay wont change feedback, even from people trying to blatantly steal.

      Come to find out they will give all your personal info to anyone asking…I swear eBay helped try to set me u with New Jersey State Police sting over magazines.

      eBay is out of control. Everyone pays the piper. It’s just a matter of how and when.

    • Alex

      I agree that many eBay buyers are liers. I have a friend who sold on Ebay “ROLEX” for $15 000.00 and buyer said that he received empty package from post office. He was reseller and makes small commissions only. Now he lost item and for $100 commission he needs return $15 000.00 from his own pocket. And he can’t do anything about it with eBay customer service.VERY SAD STORY!!!!!!!

      • Joshua D Bird

        Never ever sell high valued goods on ebay. You will get screwed so so bad.

    • cojar

      Ebay suspended my account because 6 out of 300 people said item not as described. I called Ebay and said that buyers didn’t contact me. They said, “Buyers are not obligated to contact you”. I had 98.7% seller rating with hindereds of sells (power seller), but was permanently suspended. Ebay is very rude to sellers. They don’t care.

      • Richie

        They will have nothing to sell the way they are going. No sell, no ebay. I found them completely ignorant and in the end a complete waste of time, lost everything I gained and most of the mistakes were eBay’s mistakes!

    • Richie

      That shocks me, but at the same time doesn’t surprise me!

  • Guest


  • Guest123


  • Limited-mexico

    ebay it’s a shift!

  • Limited-mexico

    ebay it’s a shit

  • guy

    u all r cry babies.  i also sell on ebay  for only a few months and been very successful despite the fees.

    • Madmark45

      Yeah? Just wait.

  • Tmoore04

    i sold an item, the buyer didnt pay so i put a dispute on, the buyer then paid and then started nasty emails and threatened my perfect feedback. they left me negative saying i was abusive what a joke, i replyed to the feedback and ebay removed it for feedback abuse. i said well is it not abuse to lie on feedback i told them to read our emails but they were not interested. sellers get no help from customer services

  • Buckjams

    I had sold a laptop on ebay to a used computer store in CA..3 days after delivery they claimed DOA..When I got the machine back the keyboard didn’t work ,and the power cord didn’t work ,but there was enough battery power to boot the machine up to find out they had changed the Operating system and the internal wifi card was missing…They basically changed parts and sent it back..I soon found that they sell laptops like mine on their website ,makes sense…Their communication was basically non-exsitant..I have recently brought their scam to their attention when I told them that this laptop was video recorded as working fine and serial numbers on parts didn’t match and that there is a 25% restocking fee…I also told them that funds won’t be available for a month..I haven’t heard from them…Ebay has turned into a sespool of fraud and bad business since I started in 2006…By 2008 I had noticed the changes in ebay prices and ethics of buyers and sellers..All the good sellers that sent me good working parts for my machines are all gone now and I fully understand why..If your a honest business  person ebay is not the place to do business…I sent out nothing but good working laptops and have had nothing but bad problems here recently with 3 out of 4 sales…Craigslist is all I believe I have left..I sold one parts machine and made money on craigslist.. Ebay asked me why I canceled the listing ..I told them I make better money for my labor….I’m still dealing with the problems..And when it is over I will only use ebay to buy certain parts for my laptops….Only if I can’t find them anywhere else and have ebay as the last resort..

  • Joelouina

    Wait till you try the other ebay sister, uship.  They take 20% and don’t do a damn thing excep let drivers bid loads.  They don’t evenknow anything about the haulers.  convicts, child moesters, thieves and hardly any licensed to carry freight.  They took 170.00 out of 800 on me and the driver ran out and uship did nothing till I reported them to the BBB and then I got my 170 back because BBB knows them well.

  • Scottishtime

    The refusal to penalise those who fail to pay is utter nonsense and with two fail to pay transactions in two weeks (I sell about 30 items a year) I’ve decided to move elsewhere and use GumTree.

    I just don’t understand the logic in allowing people to abuse a system which has integrity at it’s core.

    EBay, you need to sort this crap out.

  • Garay961

    The buyer wasn’t satisfied with the item . Sent it back and he get full refund from my credit card. Ebay also refund him the amount from my PayPal account, so I was charged twice. 

  • Robert

    I was selling a camera but probably my fault I put the reserve too high so I relisted took off the reserve and put on a “Buy it Now” that was not displayed. Also I said a 3 day auction they made it 5 days. They are also threatening in their rules talking a fraud and such. This is the last I will deal with ebay. From a buying point I bought from a supplier next day deliver and still waiting. It is showing up on the tracking now 5 days late and still has to get from Wolverhampton to Hinckley.

    Has anyone used Gumtree I had a friend who swore by it?


  • Sentmai0000

    How in the world can there not be a valid competitor to ebay?  Amazon, Google or any large userbase should be able to set the software up and allow fair positive and negative feedback to be left for sellers and buyers charging similar commissions.  You would think they would see how eBay buyers and sellers would flock to a more forthcoming transparent system.  Cover all transactions with something like ebay Buyer Protection Insurance and I think there would be a mass exodus from eBay and their inane policies.

  • Lori

    I sell vintage items on with having to pay those fees. is FREE to sell on. Lori 

  • Ksmcintyre74

    I am Kevin McIntyre.  The founder of may websites…. the newest of which is a simple fix to the eBay problems…   I too have dealt with the horrors of the changes that eBay has delt it’s sellers over the years, and I agree, eBay just don’t give a shit about it’s customers, one way or another!

    My website is an eBay “Like”: website, with all the same feature sof the ORIGINAL ebay, the eBay we all loved! is free to list & you only pay when you sell.  And I PROMISE, that we will give SELLERS more protection against bad buyers!   We will give the Feed back power BACK to the seller!

    And if a buyer leaves unwarranted bad feed back, we will remove it!

    Give us a try…    Site should be active by March 30th, 2012

  • Ksmcintyre74

     I am Kevin McIntyre.  The founder of may websites…. the newest of
    which is a simple fix to the eBay problems…   I too have
    dealt with the horrors of the changes that eBay has delt it’s sellers
    over the years, and I agree, eBay just don’t give a shit about it’s
    customers, one way or another!

    My website is an eBay “Like”: website, with all the same feature sof the
    ORIGINAL ebay, the eBay we all loved! is free to list
    & you only pay when you sell.  And I PROMISE, that we will give
    SELLERS more protection against bad buyers!   We will give the Feed back
    power BACK to the seller!

    And if a buyer leaves unwarranted bad feed back, we will remove it!

    Give us a try…    Site should be active by March 30th, 2012

  • Storm23232001

    ok I am fuming… I am a top rated seller that has gone from 0 to 36,000 in sales in 6 months… stay at home mom of a 3 and 1 year old so I work hard for my money…  I had a $6.00 purse sell…yes I said SIX dollar purse and the customer said it was junk… I asked her what was wrong with it and she states clearly the same thing I had put in the description… the clasp was broken on the strap… so I stated to her that unfortunately I can’t refund because I didn”t misrepresent the item….  I called Ebay and was informed that I needed to have her open a case… I asked them specifically if  the customer left negative feedback would Ebay support me.  She took a look at the emails between me and the buyer and clearly told me that Ebay would support me all the way and that if she left negatie feedback it would be removed…well a week later this biatch opens a case and leaves negative feedback.  Ebay agreed with us that we did nothing wrong and did not issue her a refund…however, they would not remove her feedback which subsequently caused us to go over our top rated status which in turn has now removed our 20% discount which is absolutely essential for our small company to stay afloat…the case was that the item was not as described…ebay agreed…her feedback item not as described?  I would think that ebay in all fairness would remove that feedback not only because I was led to believe they would stand behind me before this happened but also because she clearly is lying on my feedback.  If I had known that I would have basically been told to go f myself I would have just took the $6 dollar refund in the ass and just let the customer with 13 feedback ratings and a membership with ebay for 1 month ruin my reputation and my confidence in Ebay.  I just had to vent…And to top it all off her feedback says… item was mid represended.  I guess that is supposed to mean misrepresented?  Apparently this buyer cannot read or write.  If we have to jump through hoops to be top rated sellers shouldnt the buyers at least be required to know how to read a description?

  • Nubidz

    This happens all too often, I would put it in writing that NuBidz would indeed stand by you and even bet our business on it!  <—  we just did put it in writing!

    Join – List EVERYTHING for FREE, pay only when you sell, NO hidden fees!   Tell all your previous customers about us, your friends and business contacts!   We created NuBidz because we too are sick & effin tired of eBay bull shit! – Yeah, We said it!

    Come on over to the Auction website that is For The People!

  • Sucker

    VERY ANGRY. We are TOP RATED POWER SELLERS on E-bay. Might as well put a huge SUCKER Screw them over sign on our heads. We sold a slightly expessive item recently and our buyer left us positive feedback, then two days later wants his money back saying that our item was water damaged and had been disasembled. What the hell? Long story short, our item was never water damaged or disasembled before the buyer had our item. But E-bay is siding with them and we have to give them their money back and they get to break our shit and send us back what is left over. How is E-bay able to screw sellers like this? I’ve never wanted to sue anybody so badly in my whole life. The problem is that financially it wouldn’t be worth it. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Never become a seller on E-bay. But I guess being a buyer is great. Lets all go buy shit from people and send them back our broken crap and get paid for it. E-bay will back us up, as long as we are not the seller. 

  • Nsheuerman

    This might be a great alternative to eBay for individuals and organizations alike.

  • Monmouthdrummer

    I am totally sick of the standard BS that eBay pushes upon he sellers As someone who has spent the last 30 plus years working in a retail environment, I can tell you all that the customer IS NOT always right! Customers suck! They do everything they can to pull a scam and if they would just be honest from the start, I would be more than happy to work with them to make things right. BUT NO!!!!!!!!!!! They have to try and develop a scheme that will make things work in their favor! HEY EBAY! WAKE THE HELL UP! If it weren’t for sellers, you wouldn’t make JACK SH*T on anything! Instead, you make things easy for buyers and the deny the seller the opportunity to post negative feedback against a bad buyer!

    Gee! Let me think here for a moment. Wouldn’t you say that you policy is favoring the buyer? WAKE UP EBAY! The customer is not always right!

    I am NOT suggesting that you favor the seller or the buyer. All I am asking is that you be fair in the way that you deal with things. It is 100% discriminatory to allow a buyer to leave negative feedback against a seller and NOT allow a seller to leave negative comments against a buyer. WHO ARE YOU MAKING MONEY OFF OF? THE SELLER OR THE BUYER? WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!!!!

    eBay, you lost me as an account holder. I am both a buyer and a seller. Unfortunately, you head is so far up your ass, you can’t understand that the sellers and the buyers are equally important.

    All I can say is that I will be buying and selling on Amazon from this point forward. It’s your loss eBay.  

    • Nubidz

       Join NuBidz Today & Say Goodbye to eBay fees Forever! – Many People Are Joining Daily! See what it’s about!

    • smeeker65

      My letter to EVILBAY once I find out where to send it:

      Dear Ebay,

      I would like a response about this.

      Dear smeeker65,

      sorry but im extreamly displeased..this guitar is its up to
      you..ill take ..refund. totally. .shipping too.or ill put an ebay grievance.
      .and let them handle this ..or refund 75.00 for a proper set up..ive been
      playing 4 over 50 years. .so im no beginner…let me know

      – 13shaggy53

      ——- This guitar was quite “playable”
      before it was very carefully packed and sent from Wisconsin to Florida. I DO NOT go to a place like EBAY to run a

      This buyer is threatening a grievance if I don’t do an additional transaction
      for $75 to make the guitar “playable.” This is absolutely ridiculous and isn’t
      it against policy?


      Dear 13shaggy53,

      I have been playing for over thirty years and have this guitar set up well.
      It’s an EXCELLENT guitar, and is VERY playable.

      Describe the problem.

      Please call me directly at 608-212-5555

      – smeeker65

      ——-I’m clearly giving this buyer an option to call me directly and
      discuss, I don’t hear back in any form.



      I’ll wait a few hours to hear from you directly,
      but I can tell you that “this guitar is unplayable” is absolutely not
      true and is an invalid generalization. I am very picky about the condition of
      all my guitars and I do NOT sell any guitars that do not meet my high
      standards. The neck was straight, with little or no significant buzz, and the
      pickups sounded great at all volumes. I don’t know what kind of moisture
      conditions it endeavored from Wisconsin to Florida, but I find it very hard to
      believe that the trip would make it “unplayable.” There were NO
      playability issues or connectivity issues at all. The guitar was sold to you
      EXACTLY as described and I’m honestly very surprised to hear that anyone would not like it as it was, especially in such a nice case and with the upgrades.

      I have no intention of refunding this purchase
      and especially shipping and I’m quite insulted.

      – smeeker65


      “Before u buy from this
      ebayer be CAREFULL..descriptions of item not factual F-“

      This sets me up to look like a deceptive
      seller that is out to rip people off. He leaves no description for me or the
      world to know what is wrong. I pulled my remaining items off of the auctions
      and won’t put anything else up until this unfounded lie is taken down.

      If Ebay is going to force me to refund this
      unreasonable buyer, he MUST return the guitar to me with the same packing and it must return in the same condition in which it was sent. I think it’s a very bad policy for me to have to do this for someone who simply changed his mind, or worse, did something to the guitar to MAKE IT “unplayable.” One of my friends went through the same situation and had to refund and didn’t even get the guitar back. Something is very wrong with this.

      My last reply was:


      Ok, I just read your negative feedback and I’ll ask you now to take that down or there will be consequences. That is slander. You got a guitar for $180 that sells new for $169, and it had a $70 case in perfect condition, along with pickups from a Custom Epi Lp, and a very nice $25.00 Gotoh bridge. The gold Grover tuners alone were $60.00. DO THE MATH, you could make more parting this out than you paid and the dang thing played very well!

      EVERYTHING about that guitar was described accurately and your feedback is a lie. Be descriptive in what you pick at, that type of invalid generalization hurts my reputation and I’m NOT out to rip off anyone.

      – smeeker65

      So, if it’s Ebay’s
      policy to let someone quickly say unfounded defaming comments on the fly like this to a person who made an honest sale, I need to stay away.

      Someone please contact me by email or feel free to call my phone at 608-212-5555. I am very reasonable with reasonable people.

  • NuBidz

     NuBidz is the new eBay alternative.

    NuBidz is what eBay USED TO BE. The eBay we ALL loved Back when things were good & actually enjoyable.

    On NuBidz if you post clear & legible selling terms, we will see to it that the buyer is bound by those terms! However, Just as we will enforce buyers being bound by the sellers listing terms, we will also hold that seller to his/her own terms as well.

    [B]Free to list & pay only when you sell.[/B]

    [B]We Also Have Now A LIVE Chat Room ![/B]

    So come on over to NuBidz, say goodbye to eBay & eBay fees! You can use NoChex, Google CheckOut, Authorize.Net, Merchant Accounts, PayPal & More in your listings! – Yes! You CAN accept credit cards on

    However, we will enforce sellers being honest and conducting all sales through the website, keep it on the honor system! We don’t care how you get paid, as long as you pay us for the sales you generate!


    [B]Up & Running NOW! [/B]

  • Jdj624


  • Greedbay!

    Well now, after 13 years of both buying and selling, I was sent a certitifacte from ebay for 13 years of outstanding performance as a seller, before this was sent, I went from top rated seller & power seller to having limits placed on my account a month later I was told that my DSR ratings had put my seller performance  below standard. When I brought up the fact that they had cases still pending on my record that had all been closed they said they couldn’t do anything about it! I for one am glad to be leaving this evil fee grabing, none caring company! It started out fun, but it has lost it’s luster! No more fees, no more cancled auctions, no more crap ratings, and crap feedback, from crap buyers, no more jumping through hoops, no more unathorized payments on Paypal, no more crapy customer service, and no more geedbay for me! I think I can smile again!

  • Nsheuerman

    So everyone is sick of user ratings, selling fees, shipping fees, poor customer service, and in essence an organization that is not able to benefit a large portion of those who depend on it.  I am not an eBay seller or buyer. I wanted to start this conversation because I am working on promoting a social trading platform called gotradelive.  This free to use online platform is mainly geared towards buyers and sellers of large lots. (wholesale, distribution, excess inventory, etc)  So I am reaching out to you, those who are disenfranchised with eBay, to see what you think of it and how it could be a useful alternative.

    It would be great to know what you all think of it. Our website has much more information and you can register free and start trading today.


  • aleon lore

    eBay needs to be shut down or broken up as is you are a monopoly anti American sales. Buyers welcome ONLY! should be your moto!, as the intranet says, eBay Sucks!.

  • disbelief!

    I bought a pair of designer shoes on ebay. I am now trying to re-sell those shoes because I need the money more than the pretty shoes.

    Ebay have suspended my account because I have apparently been trying to sell fake shoes. When I queried this they said “That doesnt mean they are genuine now” WHAT THE FUCK??!!

    I am still in dispute with them but when its over I shall post the whole letter they sent me. Apparently the police complained about the shoes haha!

  • s;dlkfa’fa

    I am anxiously waiting to see what reason # 7 is above.  They are all good reasons not to sell on eBay.  
    I use eBay to buy things mostly, and to sell stuff I don’t use anymore.  My selling experience has been good, until someone did not read the description and bid on an item that I clearly stated did not work without the charger (which was not included) – now its a hassle.  9% commission??  Are you freakin kidding me?  

  • ebay sucks

    The ebay system is fukin wank to us sellers its a fukin joke. What I dislike about ebay as a general seller is when you auction yout item as a bidding platform. I do this because after doing some simple market research I found out that my particular items were better off as an auction and not a fixed price format. Now when buyers win my item, they tend to not fukin pay and it really pisses me off. Ebay needs to allow imediate payments on auction listings. Why? If I go 2 my local auction house and I bid on an item and I win I have to pay for the item right their and no waiting around. On ebay its a different kettle of fish if buyers win my items their allowed to not pay or delay payments up to 4 days this is a fukin joke man. Also if they dont pay im not allowed to leave them bad feedback. How the fuk can I run a business with this shit goin on? Without us sellers ebay will be fuck all trust me, I have multiple accounts and pay a fukin fortune on fees its a joke. Ebay as a community shud open their fukin earholes and listen to us sellers and not just the customer as more than once the customer is in the fukin wrong. 

    • nancy

      Couldn’t agree more!  They don’t care about sellers AT ALL.  They need us, but treat us like dirt!  I sold something to someone (forgot to put Delivery Confirmation on it), she claims she didn’t get it and opened up a case against me.  I look on her seller page and ther it is!    Called Ebay and told them whole story–they said they would check into it…obviously just to get me off the phone!  A day later they ruled in her favor taking money out of MY Paypal account and refunding her—-I WAS FIT TO BE TIED!!!!  Ebay SUCKS!

      • packratkat57

        seller jhenry114 is winning bidder takes 3 days to pay then claims damaged and can’t be shipping then opens case said sending back so i wait and wait get pictures of different colored item thats when I realize the scam jhenry114 gets my perfect item and money all while bragging about how well he knows ebay I am sure I will see it on his for sale items. EBAY SUCKS we need protection from EBAY and I am restricted on how many items I can sell WOW

      • Jedi

        It looks like Ebay is being runned by politically correct ass holes!

        • Kevin

          You can try this site, theres not a lot of people on there, but they definitely have allt he features we all like on eBay. Tjey seem like a good auction alternative and even has the same look and feel as the original eBay did. From what i have seen ots free to use ubless you opt to use some of the advanced selling features. They also accept PayPal, Google and Credit Payment options for yhe sellers. Try em out, maybe if we all use it our friends will too.

  • Jamie Surf

    Last week I sold an item on ebay, auction finished late friday night, as i was working late both friday and saturday it was sunday before I switched on computer, within the three days to get in touch, winner had senr a few messages asking why I had’nt got in touch and being quite obnoxious about it, saying he wanted the item urgently and asked for it to be sent recorded delivery. I emailed him to say i would see how much recorded would be extra but he just paid what i had stated and nothing extra,  Iposted item on monday morning and obtained proof of posting, after three days he said item hadn ‘t arrived and asked for refund, I said i would find out what happened but he tried to file a claim, to cut a long story short we found out that one digit was wrong on the post code. but he still wouldn’t listen and sent rude emails accusing me of not sending it and taking out another claim. although the post office said it would be delivered eventually. paypal sent a message basically saying if we didn’t refund the money, they would take it anyway and suspend the account. meanwhile we were left bad feedback by this individual saying I was rude. HUH, it’s him thats rude. so I had to refund to get them off my back, so now the a******** has his money and the item, when it’s delivered. I am cancelling my account with ebay and paypal, they are all for the buyer and to hell with the seller. well to  hell with ebay.

  • hate-ebay

    Yep.  Main problem is there are a lot of scammers on eBay. They will get you item, say it was damaged or w/e… and get their money back. I sold a computer once, shipped in the original box… he got it and didn’t know  how to turn it on… had to refund. Complete fail.

  • Alain

    let them fucking die all at fuckmebay

  • X at y

    Fully agree with you, especially on the interface (it is a disaster) and the costs (you are charged 3 times). I do not use it. I hate it. 

  • Randy Hawke

    Actual “Buy it Now” sale April 2012.  Item sales price $38.00 & $3.00 shipping (Maximum allowed shipping charge by ebay for this item).  Ebay charges $1.75 insertion fee, $4.94 Final Value Fee, $.39 Final Value fee for shipping, plus, $1.41 paypal fee.  Total fees $8.49, that’s 22.3% of sales price.  On top of that, shipping and handling cost $4.12.  That’s $1.12 more than I was allowed to charge for shipping.  In total ebay cost me $9.61, to sell a $38.00 item.

    • Rachael

      That’s horriable.  E-bay sucks.  Point blank…

    • cryssy

      happend to me too

      • Alison

        I am sick and tired of EBay – I have been selling now for 5 weeks, no problems. Now they have pulled my account and Pay Pal have as well, “due to fraudulent activity”!!!!!! Jesus Christ, they will not tell me what i am “supposed to have done”, I might be a lot of things, but I am not a criminal, and can get NO explanation!!!!!! Any other alternatives????? Load of wankers

        • Tina Scobee

          Same here. Been a power seller since 04 we can no longer sell our clock services, been doing it for years. THey said i have to show a recipt for items im selling. WTH!!!

  • Guest

    Number 6 above fails to mention that Paypal refunds the Buyer’s money after stealing the funds from Seller’s account.

  • Docmafia

    Has any one used is it really free?

  • Bryan Jones

     ebay has become one giant on-line wallmart with the exception of chinese selling fake and pirated goods. ebay breaks the law every minute selling fraudulent goods from china

  • Guest

    When acting as a ” seller ” on ebay you recieve a shipping address to post the item to the buyer in question…….. No? .I have recently posted a costly package to a buyer on ebay, If they were to turn around and say they haddnt recieved or the item wasnt as stated OR in any way tried to fraud me i would definatley go round to the address to see WTF is going on.

  • Mmunns1

    After 14 years on Ebay as a 100% rated autograph dealer (registered dealer UACC/IADA/PADA), I was recently suspended. Details were not given other than my inventory was “being questioned by some buyers”. I had built up over 2300 listings and was spending close to $900 per month with Ebay. In addition, the Nazi’s at Paypal have frozen my account with thousands of dollars for 180 days. In addition, Ebay has sent out emails to all of my buyers over the past three months stating I was selling “forgeries”. Many of my good customers laughed it off as “typical Ebay stupidity” but many freaked and I have now have close to 10 disputes working, most want to keep the item AND get a refund. Ebay could not have handled in a more unethical manner, particularly after 14 years as a loyal customer. Paypal & Ebay are the most unethical, uncaring, clueless group of arrogant morons I have ever dealt with. I don’t “hate” easily but if hate were people, I’d be China. The seller (who pays their bills) is always wrong, the buyer is always right. I wouldn’t recommend Ebay or Paypal to anyone.

  • Tomhankster

    ebay now requires Seller’s to give Buyers a 14 day, no questions asked, refund  to qualify for a reduced total fee of  approx. 20% of your items value, vs. 25% total fee without offering refunds.  It’s to the point ebay is only good for Buyers, searching for stupid sellers.

  • Docmafia

    Has anyone heard or used
    this Not allot of users but they say they are free.
    If anyone has used them I would like to hear comments. Little skeptical about
    trying a new site.

  • Adamwshngtn

    i had a terrible selling experience. was selling a printer that prints xray films. printer new costs 30k, sold it for 3k. i sent it out well packed. well about a month later i see a dispute, some doctor couldnt get it to work, thats ok, send it back.
     well what i had found out that him and some friend were all inside it messing with it. and his son had packed it and shipped it back. ( i talked to the son on the phone) well it came back with cracks in 3 corners, missing software and they didnt insure it on the return trip. it was a very heavy item and it cost 90 to ship it. well now i have a cracked printer, missing software, and who knows what they did to the inside. well ebay refunded the money and came after me for it. i havent paid them yet.
      i sent pictures of the item to ebay, and finally after going through hoops, and lying a bit on their website, i got a phone number to call… you can call their number but you need a code to type in, to talk to someone!!!!
      everytime i tried to dispute their ruling it came up as an appeal on the item, when i wasnt appealing their ruling, i was saying, they sent me back my item broke! if i had received it as the same shape as i sent it off in and they received it ( they even said there were no cracks when they received it) then i would have been happy, got it working and sold it.
     but without the software, i cant find it online either. and with cracks.. who would buy such an expensive item?

     that is what turned me off to ebay.

  • Ron

    The difference between selling on Craig’s list and ebay, is the difference between a profit and a loss, possibly, a total loss.

  • Neilkissel2

    ebay sucks a big wanker making sellers wait so long for there money is bullshit will never ever use the ever again

  • Cupcakelove1976

    I agree. There is absolutly no protection for the seller.  I recently listed a large number of designer items.  I am a housewife, and all my items were bought for my personal use, kept in great condition and then listed on ebay to sell on.  This one woman writes to me, three times, asks stupid questions, then wins the auction.  24 hours later after I had sent the item, she writes back and tells me the item is fake and that she is opening a refund case against me, and is threatening negative feedback. Does not even GIVE me the chance to offer her a refund, or send on a photo copy of the sales docket.  The Item was a designer pair of shorts, that I could proove were not fake as I  have the proof listed in my bank account.  You have to cross all the ‘X’s’ and dot all the ‘i’s to protect your self from people that want to extort money from you, obtain free goods, free shipping, what ever they can get out of you.  And unless you have the proof and the frame of mind to go through the long winded process of proving your case, it becomes one big pain in the ass!!!  The general public are a bunch of cunts, if you are willing to meet half way and do things by the book, things would move along smoothly, but there are always bad apples out there trying to spoil it for everyone else.  Beware of ebay, I have not enjoyed my experience as a whole!

  • Older and Wiser

    You have touched on all the key points. My experience with eBay has been the same. BAD! Solike you, I am moving to greener (more honest) pastures.

  • Jewelryinvegas

    I HATE EBAY also!!!!  My husband has been laid off for over 3 years and so I suggested he open an Ebay account and start selling things there.  I knew about the fees because I’ve been selling and buying on Ebay since 2000 and I assisted him in adjusting his prices to help pay for the extra fees.
    It worked!  We sold every single item we posted within one week at the prices we wanted and even  higher, then the catch…OUR MONEY WAS HELD!  We were told that funds were being held for 21 DAYS because of the “new policy” which allows Ebay and Paypal to get their fees and they give the seller enough money to cover shipping costs AND NO MORE FOR UP TO 21 DAYS!!!!  I was so steaming mad that I called customer service and actually spoke to a human being (with a Filipino accent so they probably outsource their customer service and who knows what else) who informed me that this was a new policy that just took affect this year to PROTECT EBAY from “bad sellers.”  I asked her if it would make a difference if I connected the 2 accounts, to which she responded NO, they would still hold the funds just because it’s a new account eventhough I had a long history and 100% rating with Ebay.  Ebay needs to be SUED and taken out of business or make some DRASTIC changes.  I HATE EBAY! 

  • Grapher

    After 16 years as an autograph dealer on Ebay and a store I had built up to over 2300 items, Ebay’s resident head Nazi of Trust and Safety, John Gonzalas has permanently suspended my account. My customer rating was 99.9 and I have 26 years of experience in the autograph industry yet I was told that over 1700 of these items were now considered “forged” by a “independent authenticator” that could not be named (my guess it was Helen Keller). These same listings were approved the previous three years and I had rarely had an individual listing questioned, let alone 1700. I had never had an item returned due to authenticity yet overnight they made the amazing transformation from being authentic to forgeries. Many were authenticated and many had exact signing poloroids of the items being signed…….. Not only was my Ebay account suspended permanently, my Paypal account was frozen for 180 days along with the $2000 plus dollars I had in my account. And, it gets worse – Ebay contacted every customer I had sold to in the last three months and told them that I was selling forgeries and that they should dispute the transaction so they could get a full refund. My nightmare was on. I tried to rationalize with Fuhrer John but am conviced he didn’t pass 4th grade. After 15 years a decorated seller, I was suddenly banned for life. They even kept the listing fees. Since I’ve come to rely on this income over the past 15 years, I am now struggling to make my house payment and may have to sell. I am building my own web site but it will take months to generate a fraction of the income I made through Ebay. I have no idea what happened to this once great company but they now belong in the Hall of Shame and I would recommend that everybody avoid dealing with these people at all costs. They could care less about you – in fact, I wouldnt treat my worst enemies the way they treat their sellers. This is the thanks I get for running an honest, ethical, successful 15 year business which had regular, loyal customer base of 300. I didn’t even get a gold watch! Thanks Ebay!!!!

    • Look_up_at_the_Chemtrails

      Maybe you shouldn’t have sold forged autographed merch?

  • CallBob

    Why the hell wont eBay send me an actual billing statement after they go ahead and take my money ! I complained that i want a bill stating exactly what the charges are for when they take money and i mean what item we are dealing with . They refuse to tell me which items the money is for , all i get from them is ” look at your billing ” , well i do look at it and it never ever says why i am billed thye money as in what particular items are they talking about , but , i just can’t get a straight answer out of them !

  • Ashlee Hadley

    I agree. ebay sucks for sellers!!! ebay robs its sellers with all the commission they make off your sales and even your non-sales (since they even charge a butt load just to list an item) and then i’ll never understand why we can’t leave negative feedback for buyers, especially the non-paying buyers. Its making it so that theres now thousands of these non-paying buyers/winning bidders because theres no penalty and it totally sucks for sellers. I’m done selling on ebay, until they fix some things, which they won’t, so i guess I’m done 4ever

  • Trntom

    How about losing your top rated seller status due to charging actual shipping charges paid- not any extra fees added by me!  I even called Ebay directly and addressed issue, they have no system in place to verify if the customer is right or wrong.  Just in the last month USPS had a rate increase so rates were higher- I have no control over this!  I’m really annoyed that they ask someone’s opinion about shipping rates but don’t even check to see if the seller is over charging or if they are actually charging what it costs them to ship their item.  So, there goes my 20% off final value fees which took me a year to earn.  I think their business model is all wrong and it has left me looking for other selling options to grow my at home business.

  • SunLover….NOT

    E-bay truly sucks for sellers.  Buyers can leave negative feedback with absolute impunity.  I stopped selling/ and buying for that matter for good on May 25 th 2012.  Good riddance nothing lost kijiji and craigslist do the same thing with a little more time – for me anyways.

  • Ebay Stinks

    To be honest, I have had a decent experience as a buyer on eBay. Generally, the merchandise I buy is as described. BUT AS A SELLER it has been a different story.  Over the course of six months selling I had my PAYPAL account FROZEN, without explanation. It’s impossible to telephone these people, and if you do connect get ready for a load of redtape and baloney. I had no customer complaints, but some ( _!_) there felt the merchandise I was offering was unauthentic or who knows. I never found out. Long and short I won’t be a seller on eBAY. They sock you with fees than can reach 20 or more percent. And it’s just not fun over there. A bunch of NAZIS I think.

  • Judyzap

    I am glad you guys are taking time to let others know of Ebay, I started selling last week on Ebay, found this site, went back to Ebay, removed my items.  I was wondering what happened to them, there use to be soooo many items to bid on, THEN I decided to become a seller, what an expensive, time consuming, irritating pain in the neck.  If its not Ebay taking your money, its Pay Pal, if thats not it, the post office…..They send out surveys, we fill them out, they ignore them…Ebay is circling the drain…oh well.

  • Melodia

    I’m seriously hating eBay! its like making a deal with the devil! what do you guys know about Etsy seller fees? Are they as evil as eBay? but yea I’m beyond done with eBay! I just need to buy some cool Klingon battle sword and KAPLA i’m out!  

  • Rachpopeye

    So I got one…  I recently sold item only to have the buyer try to get me to ship the item for only 5 bucks.  I said no because shipping was $8.00 because I had to insure and have delivery confirmation.  (Shipping worked out 8.10 by the way)  I never got paid had to open a case to get paid.  Finally shipped the item and the buyer is stating the item isn’t what described in the auction.  All just a bunch of lies.  I offered a refund minus shipping and e-bay fees.  Buyer doesn’t like that they want a full refund and opens a case.  The case is not even open 1 hour and e-bay sides with the buyer and doesn’t ask for proof that the item is misrepresented.  So full refund and e-bay did nothing to verfiy the buyer’s claim.  And I told e-bay I had proof the item wasn’t in the condition the buyer stated and that they were just mad and I couldn’t get them to pay for the item to begin with.  FYI this item will go on Craigslist.  I’m done with e-bay and I’m not selling anymore on e-bay since basically buyers get what ever they want and sellers get fucked.   

  • joe had enough

    Since Ebay/Paypal startet holding my money for a couple weeks before they clear it into my account , i have stopped selling on Ebay by 85%. I use to list a few hundred items , but now i list maybe 10 items and i charge more , since the first 50 listings are free to list. I really don’t care if they sell, because you have to give away everything anyways in order to sell it. If by some accident i do sell something , i will make a profit , even after they take the selling fees and Paypal fees. It makes me feel better knowing i really don’t need them with all there rules , emails , excessive fees , telling me that buy it now price has to be a certain price or higher, phone calls to open a store, having to accept Paypal or open a merchant account and many other annoying things that they come up with. It never ends. They have become a burden rather than an asset.

  • Hughweungli68

    Hi, I just came across this site because I am an honest buyer that uses “buy it now” (from power sellers)for all my purchases if it is offered. I am not advocating for sellers or buyers; however, I was in the middle of trying to purchase an item that was poorly described by the seller, naturally I contacted the seller to get a little more information in which he replied “not my item, I don’t know selling for a friend so I suggest you not purchase the item. I will try to find out”.  A few replies later and still no progress from them. I placed the item in my watch list only to see right in front of my eyes, the item changed to a different product.  I have been trying to contact the seller to no avail, as I was very interested in acquiring their product. So, for all you individuals who bash buyers, we are all not like you want to pervais to others.
    I have no intention of pursuing this as obviously this seller is maybe an individual here who bashes buyers.
    And to those who think being a power seller is not worth fighting for;  it is the number one reason why I choose the “buy it now” option when you offer it as I know how hard you had to work to obtain those stars.

  • Dave

    Start you online business Today!! and make money.
    That’s a Joke, I never had one sale that did not have a Bogus issue.
    Have now closed my account screw them, I will go it alone they can stick their auction site where the sun don’t shine.

  • Jameslara

    I had a big problem with Chinese ebay seller called CARDVD2010 and RADIO2013. The both account registered the same guy.  I bought one of car dvd gps radio unit six months ago and recently stopped working. This guy gives two years warranty an items his selles. Anyway I sent the item for repair. After a week he contacted me and asked me £170.00 GBP pay to him. He said cost of custom charges he paid £110.00 and returning my item for delivery charges  £70.00 GBP. I have checked his return policy and it does not say i have to pay customs charges and shipping costs. I then wanted make sure his telling me the truth and i called Fedex and asked them how much he paid for the customs charges. The Fedex said it only £80.00 paid for the custom charges. Clever chinese man try to make £90.00 for nothing.

    I would not recommend anyone buying from this seller.
    Sorry about my english.

  • Alelase

    The most important feature I always use, is the possibility to perform an advance search in order to looking for Items available to a specific location.
    I can see that this option is not longer supported.
    I’ve even expected for this option to be available on my iphone. I can see now that even for pc have been removed.
    It’s sad.
    Ebay, now, is officially bad for buyer either, specially for those not in usa.

  • jen

    Be VERY careful what you sell! E Bay Suspened my account for 1 year because they said I had a trademarck violation, when I contacted them to find out what it was they said someone reported I was in tradmark violation. I ask E Bay what the violation was they said they didn’t know but there was nothing they could do!

    What a way to get rid of your competion! Just said they are selling something you don’t like and they kick them off E Bay!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Bernie D

    eBay policies are un-American.  I was banned for life with only one warning and no suspension for high shipping ratings.  I was given no chance to rectify the issue, banned for life, no questions asked.  I had a 981 feedback rating (100% positive) over 10 years.  This was a major hit to my business.  I am now rooting for eBay to fail miserably because of their flawed, Nazi policies.


  • Cwishinskyyy

    Just the fact that buyers can leave sellers negative feedback and sellers can not leave buyers and feedback but positive is screwed up right there, it always gives them an upper hand, I have had many times where a buyer thinks they are intitled to some kind of discount, they like the item and want to keep it, not getting a full refund, but want a discount and money back, and that doesnt make sense. you cant go to Walmart, buy something and keep it, and then complain and ask for half your money back, thats just common sense.  but on ebay you can….I sold some guy some brand new face antiwrinkle cream and he claimed they expired but continued to use them and didnt want a refund but wanted 50 percent of his money back and because I didnt gave me negative feedback!  and of course I called ebay, they stated I was right but could not do anything about and straight up said that “that if buyers feel that the product isnt up to satisfaction and want a refund or partial refund back, no matter what the case is, if you dont do it and they want to give you negative feedback, that its allowed”  thats pretty much what a superviser said to me…I DONT KNOW HOW THAT IS IN ANYWAY FAIR AND PROPER BUSINES PROTOCOL”  I HATE EBAY…I sell alot of used vintage items…anyone have any good suggestions of a better place to sale???? please let me know…thanks

  • Bill=(

    Ebays fees are a rip off at best. After you list the item for a fee, sell the item for a fee, ship the item for a fee, and try to transfer the money to your bank for a fee your lucky if you even break even on your sold goods. I’ve been lucky so far with all positive feedback but I think it’s only because they don’t let you leave bad feedback anymore even if you’ve been screwed by the seller. I’ve opened a claim for an unpaid item and ebay refused to credit my account. they still charged me a “final value fee” that was months ago and I still haven’t been paid by the buyer…. and they wont let me leave him bad feedback. AND don’t even get me started on paypal! I’ve been double charged a many times…… good luck trying t resolve a problem…put a hat on so you don’t pull your hair out!!! EBAY SUCKS!!!!!!! but I’m sure I dont need to tell anyone whos navigated to this page, cause they wouldn’t be here if they weren’t as frustrated as I am.

  • bill=(

    Does anyone have a good alternitive to EBay. Pleeeeease let me in on it. I’d like to tell Ebay and Paypal to go F#$# themselvse but they seem to be the only game in town to sell used goods. Craigslist is great but how can I trust that I won’t get mugged delivering my items?

    • Prashant Saraswat

      Hi Bill,

      I did create a detailed post above and I hope I won’t be taken as a spammer. But please take a look at We just launched it a few days and we strongly believe that it is a credible alternative to ebay.





    just remember, ebay has NO OFFICIAL helping staff, just a bunch or morons who want you to think they can but when the poop hits the fan, help is not there…(suspended member who has successfully come back stealth)

  • Bobbygw

    Yep I too am so fed up with Ebay. I sold an item and the buyer stated it was not as described which it was 100% the buyer filed a complaint with ebay and after I responded my side of the issue Ebay made a full refund to the buyer. After the item was returned the buyer had changed out items and not much was what I had sent to her, Contacted Ebay after 1 1/2 hours on the phone they could not do anything but give me the runaround. They sided with the buyer. I was charged for the total refund plus the fee ebay charges and paypal fees. THEY JUST KEEP RIPPING OFF SELLERS!!!! Called and tried to cancle my account hummm can’t do that for 14 days..Ebay get the hell out of town. They really suck and they know nothing can be done about it. PLEASE DON’T SELL OR BUY ON EBAY. Support the ones who have been screwed!!!

  • obewandakobe

    I am being forced off eBay by them putting other peoples’ products on my listing, priced much lower than mine.  Wholesale prices even.  Guess you know whose they buy.  My sales have dropped to O.  I was told by a customer rep that the site belonged to eBay and they could do anything they wanted to with your listing.  Nice caring folks aren’t they.

  • Pheoneo

    I agree with all of the post ebay is shiiiiittte. Someone really needs to rival ebay, nubidz looks good but needs a load of money to get traffic and sellers on there. PLEASE SOMEONE PUT SOME MONEY INTO A GREAT AUCTION SITE ! tht actually helps us sellers not rips them off!

  • Dora Burger

    Ebay used to be a good place to sell. Besides stealing 1/2 all of your sales, what burns me the most is the stupid buyers. They all wait until the last minute to bid and screw the seller. If you seller for 1 cent more than 9.99 nobody bids. I have great stuff new in the box for many years. But  I rather burn it than give it to some idiot that wants to pay less than what it cost me. Like I stored it for 15 years so you can have mint. Hell no!  I hate buyers they are all a bunch of pennypinching bloodsucking idiots. I hate Ebay too. Fuck you-eat shit and die 1000 times…

  • Dora Burger

    I am amaze on how cheap Ebay buyers are. I had 180 views and 28 watches on one of my auctions. Only two bids. Cheap A holes.

  • Fashionfreak

    I can’t believe that there are so many people that hate Ebay, yet Ebay doesn’t care to do anything about it. I have been selling just for a few months, and hate it badly! Like, everyone else already said, customers are allowed to leave negative feedback just because they feel like. As a seller, I have done my best to keep customers pleased, but some people are just difficult to deal with, and liars at the same time! I had a 100% feedback, until some liars left – feedback, and now my items barely sell. ugh! =/

  • Look_up_at_the_Chemtrails

    Ebay blows. I have survived two close calls of getting screwed on it from buyers. There will be no third time. I’m shutting it down for good.

  • jez

    I sold an item via action. The auction started at .99. The winner didn’t ask any questions. She thought it was a priceless heirloom. When it wasn’t, she said she wanted her money back plus shipping because the description was “fraudulent.” I repeated that I would refund her money minus shipping when I got the item back. She complained to ebay. THEY GAVE HER A TOTAL REFUND WITHOUT WAITING OR EVEN REQUIRING THAT SHE RETURN THE MERCHANDISE. Trying to close the account has been impossible. Ebay keeps telling me they have to wait for this or that. They can’t help me because they don’t see an error. What I have on my screen is not what they have on their screen. It’s insane. I HATE them and will never do business with Ebay or Paypal again. (I will be closing my Paypal account as well).


    so I sell a perfect $500 item and ship overnight after waiting 3 days for scammer to pay he calls me on the phone at sunrise saying item damaged shipping what no no not shipping you misrepresented this item WHAT then he goes on and on about how much he knows about ebay so freaking what who cares. Well I should have recorded the conversation cuz Now I get a different damaged item back that cannot be sold and scammer gets my money back and my perfect item WOW where is the so called protection in the pictures provided the item magically changed color EBAY SUCKS



  • TaeKwonDoLeslie

    Wow! You are 100% correct. You
    could not have said it better. As of yesterday, I am going to end my business
    with Ebay because some obviously angry lady left me my first negative feedback
    of which I did not deserve. She was
    annoyed at me after I simply emailed her asking her if she needed more time to pay
    for an item that she chose to buy from me three days prior by using the “Buy It
    Now” option. She responded by telling me
    that I was rude etc etc. I just had it
    up to my neck and cancelled the sale because prior to her email I had a gentlemen
    really harassing me about combining two items. Then I noticed that she paid with the 7 day
    waiting option of e-check of which makes the seller look bad too because you
    cannot send the item until the e-check clears into PayPal. Long story short she left me my first negative
    feedback advising people that I am rude, uneducated, buyer beware because I
    cancelled her item for no reason. She
    also wrote it all in caps as if she were yelling. Then at the same time Ebay
    doesn’t allow sellers to post negative feedback in return. I then had a 9 hour phone conversation with
    several Ebay customer service representatives to try to have the feedback
    removed as if they did read my emails they would clearly see that I did not
    deserve it. Especially because never had
    negative feedback and I had 410 positive feedback saying wonderful things about
    me. Then the Ebay representative said that I had to email a request to the
    buyer to have the item formally cancelled.
    Guess what! The buyer didn’t agree of course, therefore I don’t count. I then replied to my negative feedback and she
    was able to reply again saying that I am “off my rocker” and that I
    said that she ruined me. She also said
    that I was uneducated and that I was harassing her. I have no way in responding to this nut and to
    top it off, I still have to pay for the listing fee even though I cancelled her
    attempted payment transaction. Then some person that I also cancelled on the
    same night sent me a horrible email saying I just read the negative feedback
    and God knows how many cancellations you have done. This person had to be
    cancelled because before the auction was over for two of the items he bid on he
    said he could “not live with paying $11.00 in shipping” as I told him
    that I would combine both items if he won them and only charge him for priority
    mail flat rate package that costs me $11.35 to California from Florida. I also
    told him that it would cost more due to the weight of the items if I sent if
    via parcel post and that was the best option. I had to cancel his bids because
    since he was being so difficult with this now imagine what he could once he got
    the items. I was only trying to avoid the negative feedbacks that Ebay allows
    just anyone to post.

  • redshoeplanet

    Great forum…I now subscribe! I’ve consulted and worked for some pretty well known companies including the Vampire Squid (AKA Goldman Sachs @ 85 Broad Street, also Google)…I say this because I have a fair amount of observational and direct experience with companies who exceed expectations with their customers and those who take an arrogant / adversarial approach. After my experience last night, I quickly figured out which camp ebay falls into…arrogant & adversarial.

    I retired at age 38 and set up an ebay business to help support my girlfriend’s horse rescue. Within 4 months we were selling $500-700 p/week with a 25-80% margin which helped pay for grain.
    As our volume was increasing I kept getting notifications as we listed new items that I should call ebay to ‘discuss our goals to avoid interruptions’ (we had a premium store @~$50p/month plus selling fees of $250-400).
    I called, to discuss and was directed to one of those call center type personalities in the mid-west who from moment one wanted to ensure I knew how POWERFUL he was…He asked me my name of which I gave along with my intern who set-up the account. I had tried to take off the interns name before with customer service but was unsuccessful. This guy said woa-woa, if you’re not Harley I have to verify and find you somewhere on the account. I said, Okay, all the shipping, paypal accounts (you guys own) are all linked to me so that shouldn’t be a problem.

    I further explained the main name on the account was an intern who I asked to show my young boys how to sell on ebay as they wanted new iPhones. I told my boys they could have them as long as they learned to work for them / earned it through a business on ebay. To make this long story short, the guy came back on and said ‘minors can’t sign our agreement so we are suspending you account’ (what a way to try to work through a problem with one of your customers who gives you a job!). The fact is my intern was 25 of which I re-explained, my son was a minor but the signing was done by the 25 year old who worked for me.

    That’s how my account was suspended and I had 15 orders waiting to go out of customers who undoubtedly bought from me because I was a Top Seller with 99% positive feedback. Ebay not only impacted our little business but those customer orders that were all cancelled because a call center rep. hired and trained by ebay likes to try to make other peoples lives as miserable as his…

    By the way, I did call back as I know a few wanker-bankers close to ebay leadership…my call reference number is 1-4406579425 because they wouldn’t let me speak with a manager. So, i’l go through the people I do know…The Decline and Fall of the Ebay Empire … so deserved, history always repeats itslef

  • Unhappy Ebayer

    I guess I will chime in. Ebay very much let’s the buyer do whatever he or she desires.

    I sold a 20 year old vinyl record on Ebay. It was unopened. The packaging was in great condition. It had 2 small tears in the outside plastic. Which were noted clearly in the auction. The record sold for $100.00. I mailed it to the buyer. He gets it and complains that the inside paper sleeve has bent corners and wants half of his money back. I figure at this point that this record is opened and its value diminished, I don’t want it back. I offer him $25.00. He says that will be fine. The next day he files a dispute claiming the record is scratched and unplayable. I respond to the dispute with. It was a sealed record, how can it possibly have been scratched? Ebay finds in his favor. He sends me the record back and the record inside is obviously not one that was just opened. The middle sticker is worn. The record is definitely scratched but it is a needle scratch. I appeal Ebays decision to find in his favor. Ebay says someone will contact you within 72 hours. No one does. A week later I contact Ebay and get no reply. I didn’t even bother calling them because I figure it will get nothing acclomplished.

  • Unhappy Ebayer

    I had a brand new piece of exercise equipment. It was sealed in the box. I opened it and checked to make sure that all of the pieces were there. Then sold it on Ebay. The buyer receives it and claims that 2 pieces were missing. Ebay finds in his favor. I get the item back and it cost less for him to ship it to me than it did for me to ship it to him, because it weighed less when he shipped it back. Ebay ignored my appeal again.

  • UncleMonkey

    I hate paying a listing fee, commison on sale, commisson on shipping plus paypal fees. I have has several listings canceled because of certain text in the listing. They quote the offending text and it is not even in my listing! To make matters worse they then still charge me a listing fee!!!!

  • Chris C.

    What I find bizarre is that sellers are adamant complaining about fraudulent buyers, but no one seems to be addressing fraudulent sellers, REFUNDING THROUGH PAYPAL FOR AN ITEM THAT WAS WON AT TOO LOW A PRICE FOR THE SELLER.

    It has happened to me several times that a seller basically refunded the transaction on a pretext and it ALWAYS happened when the winning bid was low and made it a real good deal for me.

    THAT IS FRAUD, just as when a buyer refuses to purchase an item he won.

    eBay rules DON’T just favor buyers. Before the existing rules gave protection to buyers, I had lost a LOT of money to non delivering eBay fraud artists. Remember the story of the seller selling a picture of a cell phone for hundreds of dollars instead of the cell phone itself?

  • Cornholed

    Ebay sucks sold an item 3 days ago wont see any money till the 23rd of this month WTF!! I dont have the item any more and its on its way to whoever but im getin cornholed while Ebay and paypal ad the money the got from the buyer to THEIR kitty and make money on my money!?They let me sit here with my thumb up my ass waiting till the Ebay and PayPal gods deem me worthy.What a crock of BS!!

  • mike

    I just received from e-bay thanks for resolving a complaint with my buyer. I started selling again on e-bay and was ripped off twice by buyers in 12 transactions. Buyer claimed item was lost. When I got USPS involved they suddenly found it. Buyer claimed dish was broken and sent me a picture of a different dish. He then threatened me with negative feedback that cost me $70.00 buy your wholly owned PayPal. YOU do not protect buyers and put your customer service on the shoulders of the post office instead of good business practices. I have over 800 positive feedback with 100% satisfaction. Your allow fraud to be wholesale along with your partner PayPal. I most likely will not continue with e-bay because it has deteriorated to the point it isn’t a viable selling tool.

    Mike Spotswood

  • Joe Bagadonuts

    Oh yeah Craigslist is awesome – you go from having the entire world as a potential customer to everyone within driving distance. Everything I see on Craigslist can’t sell for 60% of what its worth because you have infinite less customers in your area. no pictures on the listing results either, not until you click each item, and the search results suck. All you get is a nice blue colored link that looks like its from the first TRON. And if PayPal is so sketchy, then how sketchy is it to deal with someone on craisglist coming to your house or setting up a pay & ship deal? You either only offer it for local pickup, which kills your client base, or you do something way riskier than eBay and paypal. So you just pissed out all your potential fees and profits via ebay by listing on craigslist. Nice suggestion.

  • PowereBaySeller

    eBay Sucks, i hate them so much…

  • Psychodelia

    I’m so glad I found out what a pack of shitbags eBay are before I did much selling with them. Have bought heaps over 7 years but only sold one item (a football ticket) when I tried selling another item (2 football tickets). Checked my item the other day to say 2 ‘watches’ on it and it was on 2nd or third page – when I went to find the sucker today – buried on page 10 and auction closes tomorrow – heaps of other tickets for same game closing days after, effectively ‘crueling’ any chance I have of selling it. I miraculously got through, regrettably to someone akin to a trained monkey, he kept saying “ok” to every ridiculous comment he made – I asked to speak to a supervisor – kept dangling – finally he comes back and says supervisor will call me back immediately after current phone call – 5 hours later hahahahahahah!!!!! Didn’t hold my breath fortunately for me. Apparently I am not a ‘power seller’ so am entitled to treated like crud. How are you to get a good seller feedback if they bury your items so they don’t sell? From what I have read today on several sites, eBay has an OVERWHELMINGLY BAAAADDDDDDD reputation, certainly in the eyes of most sellers. And it is beyond disgusting that buyers can ‘cruel’ the name of a good and honest seller but sellers have take whatever crap dished out by deceitful sellers. Ok the majority of sellers are probably good but come on guys plenty aren’t. Anyway I will no longer do any business with them and I hope more and more people come to see what a lousy company they are and they go broke – should be jail probably the people who run it.

  • Psychodelia

    crikey guys, sorry didn’t review my post a few seconds ago before sending – I meant to say ‘deceitful BUYERS’ can cruel the reputation of honest sellers when sellers cannot do the same to ‘deceitful buyers’. Sorry, but I still HATE eBAY!!!!!! With a passion!

  • die ebay die

    Just a warning for those looking to go back to ebay.. DON’T!!!!!!! I hadn’t sold anything for a while when I decided to get rid a few things. A $265 item cost me $65 in fees!!!!!!!
    Almost 25%!!!! IS EBAY HIGH ON CRACK?!?!?!?!?! I will never ever ever sell on ebay again. Everyone says stuff goes cheaper on ebid or craigslist, but after paying all the ebay fees you’ll end up ahead at any other service!!!!

  • benito white

    ebay as a seller sucks big CHORIZO. 9% seller fees plus paypal fees is a ripoff.


    I hate Ebay for the same reason you do. I convinced a customer to change the feedback I did not diserve but it was to late because to many days had passed.
    Ebay never had my back for fraud buyers I lost lots of money because of it and its impossible to get a hold of them.
    their rules are to complicated I lost money because there was a maxx shipping amount, I basically gave it out for free snd lost money!

  • Kyle

    I am so peeved off with ebay. I have been scammed quite a few times in the past as a seller with bad buyers (even when I have the proof the buyer is lying) and ebay turn a blind eye to it. I have been left some malicious ratings from a competitor and when I contacted ebay to remove them and showed them the proof it was from a malicious competitor, ebay werent interested and said the buyer is entitled to their ‘opinion’. bar-stewards!!!!! they are such a GREEDY company

  • JC

    eBay has also taken it upon themselves to dictate what they think a successful business plan is. I sold a number of items on ebay through my business account and after they sold, eBay sent me an email form letter stating that they had indefinitely suspended my account because they did not think my business model was viable. When I asked specifically why the thought that, they either were not able to or refused to explain to be the details. In addition to that, they also suspended my personal account for no reason(I hadn’t actually used it in over 6 months).

  • momonline


  • Sweety

    I am not here to insult Ebay or Sellers. I simply got tired of trying to sell to cheap idiots buyers. From now on they can drive the miles or get their hands fitly and or dirty and find their own shit. They want to pay 2 cents for stuff that was released 15 years ago and get it for nothing. dumb fucks eat shit, and dye. There that is all

  • saveww2history

    I am no longer going to be screwed by ebay shipping policy’s. They just started charging me a shipping fee!! I don’t have them ship anything and they stated it was a way that ebay helps the buyer by lowering shipping costs to them!! WTF!! And I just got my first negative feedback because I wouldn’t give this buyer a refund on their return shipping!! It clearly states that there isn’t a refund on return shipping but ebay wont take the negative feedback off. To hell with ebay and paypal!!

    • kayla

      Same thing happened to me buyer demanded 4.00 refund for a free shipping deal. He did not like the color of the envelope I used. Left me horrible feedback and Ebay did nothing about it. Ebay sucks and can kiss my A**!!!!! First negative feedback I have got and worst part was he bought 3 items so I got 3 bad feedbacks. There are horrible scammer out there. Ebay does not take care of there sellers and I was 100% until this jerk!!! He is also selling the same things that I am HMMM sounds like maybe he is trying to burn me.. Yet Ebay can’t see that.

  • Micheal Waldron

    this is the number one reasion i quit ebay cuz there unfair 1 sided policys thanks for ruining ebay you SUCK !!!!!

  • sdan

    Ebay is the best website of its type. nothing else compares.
    I have made tens of thousands .. also motorcycle restoration is 10 times easier to fin parts then 15 years ago, also property management I save on almost everything I buy to fix things. Yes the 10% selling fees really add up, but no where else can I get the exposure Ebay gets.


    i have been on ebay for 12 years .. yesterday some asshole won my auction for a knife.. so as usual i invoiced him and asked for payment within 3 days as my auctions all states.. then he pays me immediately after the 4th day and before i could thank his sorry ass, he leaves me with negative feedback telling me i was rude. he was late paying. he did pay but then he said ,. i want to cancel the auction and get my money back. he then leaves me with a nasty feedback and i have not even packaged the knife he won from me. i asked him why he left me with that feedback and well heres the clincher. he has onyl been on ebay for 3 weeks. this crude SOB now has caused my FB ratinG to go from a 99.8% to a 96 % rating meaning that now after 12 years of loyal great service to all of my customers, i now have to pay 25 % higher fees as a seller and this sorry wanker just said well you were rude to me and i dont like to be pressured in paying anyone. ipay wheni get damn good and ready.. what a load of crap from a newbie punk. these peopel can ruin a good sellers reputation in just one pullof their finger and not even think a damn thign about it. i was livid but i had ot keep my cool. i called ebay and complained and as usual the foreign person i was talking to said and i quote” im sorry but i am not going to change the FB because the buyer didn threaten you or curse you in the FB.. so i said its like that huh , she said yep and there’s nothing you can do but ask the buyer to change the FB and send him a fb revision request..

  • kayla

    I just got burned by a seller who requested a 4.00 refund on shipping. Funny thing is he paid no shipping cost. He got a smoking deal on his items but he left me nasty feed back for sending it in a white envelope and demanded I paid 4.00 refund for shipping. I told him no then I got bad feedback. I called Ebay 5 times to get it removed 2 employees said it would and 3 said they could not. I have bought hundreds of things from there and was recently selling. I had 100% positive feedback until this jerk ruined it. Ebay is horrible they could care less for the sellers. I now HATE ebay I wasted so much time trying to get that removed just to hear them say no. I told the guy to send all my stuff back and I will give him a full refund. He is a scammer and sense a seller cant leave nasty feed back for a buyer he can get away with this crap. To top it off he is selling sports cards just like us HMM idk sounds like he just found a way to make his store look better. Bashing others for no good reason. I was shocked and so dissapointed that they could allow this when he got it item he got it before it was suppose to get there. I really am tempted to buy something from him just to leave bad feedback to ruin his score. I told the manager I was going to do that because obviously I can get away with it. ( I really would not go to that low level) Would probably make me feel better thoe :)

    • RobRolo1

      He’s already blocked you from buying his stuff, if he’s a good scammer. When will a class action suit be brought? It’d be nice.

  • Annoyed

    Ebay really is the worst, especially for new buyers. They keep putting small limits on what I can sell and they don’t tell you till you try to post the item so I waste time putting together a description, photo, doing the research and after I complete the form they tell me I can’t list the item, i have to wait 30 days. Then I call and the they can’t tell me anything, like how many items can i list? And they don’t have any answers. For a company that wants people to be honest, they are totally NOT transparent, helpful or knowledgeable. What A CROCK!!! I am going to try Etsy, they seem much better.

  • Douglas Markwith

    I see I’m not the only one to be screwed by eBay. I had a PS3 for sale and an obvious scammer tried purchasing it. I knew it was a scammer so I didn’t ship the thing out. The next day eBay themselves even e-mailed me to alert me that the buyer was a scammer and not to ship anything. I just got a call from eBay’s collections department claiming I owe them $20.00 for selling the PS3… even though I didn’t sell it and they know I didn’t! I removed it from the listings and I’m staring at it in my bedroom right now. Fuck you, eBay. Trying to charge somebody a fee for an item they never sold is outrageous.

  • g

    I had buyer not wanting to take shipping insurance. Being new to ebay, I didn’t realize that if the buyer said they didn’t get package, that I would have to refund, even though I had proof of shipping. Totally disgusting policy, in the real world, if buyer refuses insurance, they assume responsibility if item gets lost or damaged.

  • Franck

    I agree with all the comment and ill add a new one. eBay does not car of sellers or buyers. Risk is always on you either you buy and product is not shipped or your sell and payment is not completed. On top of that the way they check buyer or seller information is suck. It is a platform that’s make money but does not serve either buyers or seller.

  • Franck

    I confirm that eBay is s…

  • chorleybidder

    I sold an item for collection only, after 3 weeks when the buyer hadn’t collected he decided he wanted his money back by filing a case with ebay. They gave it to him with no notice to me and when I appealed their decision i was told it was my responsibility to make sure it was delivered. Go figure.

  • jnymdnyt

    First off thanks, for putting this website up.

    I have been selling on ebay for 10 years and was once a power seller with over 500 100% positive feedback. The ten reasons why ebay suck are all true. On top of the fee’s listed above, there is also a shipping fee – what! YES there is for what I don’t know. so On top of final value fee 9%, shipping fee 1%, Listing fee (depends), paypal fee 3%. Like majority of the cases below, someone can just lie and say they did not receive the item and they can automatically freeze your paypal funds. While it’s frozen along with other people who haven’t tranfer their funds yet, is making ebay earn interest on a per diem basis. That’s why if your a first time buyer, you would have to wait 21 days before you get your funds.

    Other things to look out for:

    If you dispute ebay and intend not to pay them by removing your funds from your bank account, they will continue to try and push it through several times hitting you with several courtesy pay/ACH fee or whatever your account is set up with. YOU CAN NOT REMOVE/DISCONNECT your PAYPAL account until you have settled this, the only way you can stop this is by closing your account so you better think about this first before linking your account. I find it’s best to open one specifically for ebay, it has served me well.

    If you are in dispute with an item as a seller, if you lose (which is likely to be the case) you will have to pay a final value fee and shipping fee to add insult to injury. YES, even if you item did not sell.

    I lost a case even though the last person that I spoke to said whoever looked at the case made an incorrect decision but she can do anything anymore – ARGH! that was it.

    If you are thinking about having a business model, ebay is not a good platform in the long run because it only takes one knucklehead/idiot/spammer to ruin everything you worked so hard for. And besides, if you wait a while, craigslist bring better results w/o the fee’s.

    Good riddance ebay!

  • DemiK

    Look, let’s face it, Ebay has turned America into one big redneck garage sale. A seller will be lucky to get a third of what their item is valued at. This fact, I think, preceeds any of the others the author of this article posted.

  • Bob

    Heres one i had sold some parts on ebay some how someone got to my account and put there yahoo e-mail on where the payment was going and ebay cant do nothing about it said could contact the buyer have them stop payment relist it but who knows if the guy needing it is going to be the one who gets it so any way my way was to have them cancel there payment and i will send it free. sure would be nice if someone else who cared about people a little would start a new action place


    This happened to me too. I went to sell something and they put a hold on funds and pay pal said they would too and I had to pay for shipping until then on all the items. Then I said ok I went into my pay pal account and refunded all the money to everyone. I removed my bank account information and ebay told me I owed fees haha kiss my ass I didnt sell anything. They would cancel fees if I do the leg work. Ha oh yeah quit my job and stuff to loose $15 in fees. The guy said well you did refund the money but how do we know you could be a scammer. I said look buddy if I thought you would I would have you meet me somewhere and you can throw your attitude at me and see what I do. I told the guy who on the phone sounded like he came to this country on a floating piece of plastic to man up or shut up…he hung up on me. I sold the items on craigslist and got a hand shake too. Ahh it was nice

  • maggie

    That is totally true!! Ebay is the worst website to start your small business!! They restrict your right withour warning!!! Take your money without clear notices!!! Terrible website!!!

  • Avoid Ebay.

    I now use Amazon rather than ebay whenever possible.

    I bought an item from ebay listed as “new” I got a used, dirty item. When I returned it I had to pay return shipping. That’s B.S. And further more USPS lost the item, I had delivery confirmation but no insurance so I was out $120!. So if you use ebay to buy or sell you should always have insurance on things you send because ebay says you are responsible even if the item was listed wrong and USPS loses the item.

    I got a incorrectly listed on Amazon recently too. Amazon emailed me a UPS return label that THEY paid for. Easy and no cost to me.

    Goodbye ebay, hello Amazon.

    Plus they only let you pay with PayPal now, THEIR company.

  • Angelia

    While a lot of the reasons aren’t in detail, most of it are right. I bought more than I sold on Ebay. I sold around 10-15 items, but the fees are just like Amazon, so this doesn’t make Ebay guilty at all. As a matter a fact, all my items had values of over $50 such as cellphones and electronics. I have not received returns on anything except an Android tablet which both people (on Amazon AND EBay), returned without legit reason. They just “didn’t want it anymore”. I’m not a freaking Best Buy. The fact that I’m a private seller and they asked for a return three weeks or right before their ridiculous 30-day limit is damaging to a seller.

    Unfortunately, Craigslist does not have the exposure like EBay does, and sometimes, I guess that’s a good thing. Fair enough, although you meet up with strangers on Craigslist, they never ever contact you after purchasing the item nor demand refunds or returns; at least I never witnessed this. But the issue with Craigslist doesn’t just lie with exposure, but the annoyance of the same people trying to lowball your item to the extreme. I’ve also dealt with an annoying amount of spam messages so don’t even share your real email or phone number on there until a legit buyer contacts you.

    Point is, never sell high valued items on EBay. Anything $200 and up, you’re excited to rid of the item, but they can also demand a refund. If anyone buys an expensive product, message them, let them know you will charge a restock fee (I go as high as 25%) for items returned, and wait for their response. Once their obligate and understand, ship the item to them.

  • Bryan

    Yea I was thinking of being a seller on Ebay until I read up. Whatsoever there is too much risk to run a legitimate business on the damn thing. Buying stuff though I’m happy as hell when I get legitimate sellers with low prices. I can’t believe the way they treat the people making THEM money though. SELLERS. Are you kidding me? There would be no Ebay if no one sold anything!

  • Bill Sterbn

    I’m done with ebay. I have 100 percent positive feedback and am an exemplary seller. It won’t me list an item for some crazy reason. I just spent over an hour on the phone with people who could barely speak English. They told me they are not the correct department and that department is closed and I’ll have to call back. Goodbye ebay.

  • boops

    Buyers are looking for you to give your products away and free shipping to boot. Sellers list products for higher prices than retail stores charge. Lose-lose situation.

  • Porsche68

    Great article and to the point!! Agreed!! I have been a member for over 10 years and can honestly say that eBay has gotten progressively more socialistic, greedy, complex and finally completely unaccountable to the seller community that made them successful/wealthy! I am disgusted with the new level of LOW END, uninformed, trashy and slimy buyers attracted to the site. They lie, mislead, changing their minds, have buyers remorse or find any reason they can to squirm out of a mutually agreed upon deal. Their communication skills suck!!! I love the ones that hide behind eMail correspondence, threaten to ruin your feedback, etc., in hopes of bullying you in to submission!! My favorite are those hiding behind the ‘eBay Buyer Protection’ program which all but ensures the seller will ultimately take it in the shorts despite the sellers honest, honorable dealings and having nothing but the best intentions. What ever happened to ‘Caviat Emptor’- buyer beware!! Or even better ASK questions, any and all before you bid!!! I am amazed at the general lack of integrity these supposed stellar buyers have to stand by an agreement or deal!! HEY MR/MS BUYER, IF YOU BUY AN ITEM THAT THE SELLER ACCURATELY DESCRIBED, AND YOU LATER DISCOVER AN IMPERFECTION THAT THE SELLER COULD NOT POSSIBLY HAVE NOTICED OR HAD ANY INTENT TO MISLEAD YOU ON…DEAL WITH IT, ACCEPT IT, TAKE IT AS A LEARNING EXPERIENCE FOR THE NEXT PURCHASE, BUT HAVE THE BALLS TO HONOR THE PURCHASE!!! By the way, if I have to talk to one more of these outsourced INDIAN customer service reps or resolution reps, making a half assed judgment call on an AMERICAN transaction thousand of miles away, I might finally close shop after 10 years and over 750 positive feedbacks! This site use to be for HONEST, CONSENTING ADULTS WHO OCCASIONALLY REALIZE THAT PERHAPS SOMETIMES YOU DON’T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT!!! What can you expect though in a new America where our own Government is not held accountable and everyone expects to have a ‘bail-out’ for poor choices!! Sickening!!!

  • ebaydiscriminates

    I am leaving Ebay today. I have had it with the discrimination it has against sellers, evidenced by its feedback system wherein a buyer can say any lie it wants, unchecked, and a seller is supposed to sit and take it. Communism of sorts. John Donahoe has done nothing to help sellers from having their reputations ruined by buyers who are idiots and whose complaints are unfounded. I guess Ebay wants to get rid of honest sellers of new merchandise like myself and be left with the idiots who sell pee in a cup. Donahoe, wake up.

  • john

    Very true. Sold and item that was listed correctly, verified as being listed correctly but was asked to eat it because who ever made the decision on the case decided incorrectly – WTF! now I’m out the item and ebay is going after me for what they reimbursed the buyer courtesy of buyer protection. It made me sick. Good bye ebay. After 10 years of selling w/o any negative feedback you would think they would have the competency of deciding correctly.

  • captaingary

    ebay is staffed by babbling idiots. I was sent a $1900 counterfeit gold coin and they dragged out the resolution process for over 3 weeks at their mis-named “Resolution Center.” The Seller took off (feedback 3 with 2 negatives) and they put my case on hold for no reason.
    Then their “trust and safety” clowns closed the case and said I had no buyer protection AFTER THE FACT. those morons said I had been giving 2 many low DSR (when a seller charged Double for shipping) or Negative Feedbacks (2 in SEVEN YEARS!). They have no email at trust and safety and would NOT tell me the specific reason they yanked my Buyer Protection.
    I did get the address of their legal department, and should I need to, I will take them to court. They will lose because they BREACHED a written contract and removed their worthless Buyer Protection EX POST FACTO!

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  • cinnamongirl

    WHAT customer service? Ebay did away with all live help, email help and has been playing games sending customers (who by the grace of god reach someone) to overseas non english speaking drones. This company (executives) are so corrupt and nothing but theiving, cheating swine. The site is always broken or experiencing some form of hassle to the user. When I left even paypal was going down for days. How in hell can you even pay for anything? Ebay policies make sure it’s a stab in the back you get for using the service. The net is loaded with tens of thousands of complaints and nightmare ripoff stories. I avoid the crooks like the plague!

  • EbayBlows

    I could not have said this better myself. I have all but had enough with ebay. They do everything to protect the buyer and nothing to protect the seller. Which is ridiculous as its the sellers they make their money from! I stated in my listings to please pay within 24 hours like a lot of sellers do. Twice now I’ve had a buyer think they can pay whenever they want so I have re-listed the item and sold to someone who could fullfil the contractual obligation. I received negative feedback from the deadbeats that did not pay. Ebay said they can not remove the negative feed because it does not fall under THEIR guidelines for removal. Both times I quoted their rules to them, that my case clearly fell under their rules but it didn’t matter. Either ebay is just so big they don’t care or they just hire retards that don’t care, or both! There are alternatives to ebay, use them instead!

  • Jim

    Ebay the largest company of thieves in the world….!!!!

  • FuckEbay

    Fuck eGay, as a Seller, I am no longer selling on that fucked up, bent, dodgy fucking shithole of a site again. I refuse to get ripped off by one more retarded, stupid cunt customer on there.
    Yes eGay, when you have no more decent sellers left in the USA, you can fallback on your slant eyed Chinese scumbags.

    Did I miss anything?

  • Frank Zia

    Another alternative is

  • uk baz

    for 7 years i have used e bay on the same account it started as usual getting rid of bits and bobs you find in attics and cupboards and about 3 years ago i decided to go full time and set up my business account
    the problem first came about when they started this d.s.r system and i started getting e mails saying my account was not up to standards and take steps to improve,i really tried to sort any issues but it kept happening until they put a 30 item limit a month on my account which crippled me but i stuck it out making all the improvements i could and even making a loss on some items just to keep them sweet i then was told i was a powerseller but it only lasted a month then back to the below standard e mails again
    i thought it would improve but a lack of business over christmas period ment i could not improve and e bay have suspended the seller account forever!

    i could not beleve it after 7 years they could shut a business down in a heart beat but they did and they showed no interest in my story whatsoever

    the problem is buyers think its a joke to leave low d.s.r ratings or just randomly click them without realizing their actions and accounts are getting closed all over not just mine just check the net and you will see

    bottom line im pissed at e bay its been going down hill for years and will only get worse i feel cheated that i got drawn in and felt secure but a lesson is to be learnt never feel safe on e bay and


  • Jim Sardo


  • marcus epicurus

    I sold an item, and the guy says he didnt receive it and leaves me a negative feedback. I have tracking and delivery confirmation to prove he did receive it. No warning, no emails asking where the package is. And ebay wont remove the negative feedback. EBAY SUCKS – EBAY SUCKS – EBAY SUCKS – EBAY SUCKS – EBAY SUCKS – EBAY SUCKS…..and did I mention…- EBAY SUCKS – EBAY SUCKS – EBAY SUCKS

  • Ghost

    eBay is not fair/ just with me. They limit me only 500.00 a month and claim “u don’t have enough experience to sell more on our site” I say ” I’m trying to make money why are u putting a roadblock for me, how long will this take?”
    They don’t have a clear answer. One day I put a purse on the auction. I was getting a lot of bids than all of a sudden ebay removes it the next morning claiming 5 different ” possible” reasons why. After an hour and a half on hold like a whore the barely English speaking lady tells me ” someone complained that they don’t think that the purse u out is authentic”
    eBay needs a competitor. They need to go down the tubes.

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  • Jill

    I really hate ebay. I was a g ood buyer back in the day and did get 2-3 negs out of account. Then, ebay suspended me a few times for late payment.. For some of us who not own a credit card or paypal, I use to buy things with money orders back then. I stopped using ebay back in 2005-6ish when my family was upset about transaction.. I felt you know what, screw ebay. It was a new addiction when I first bought stuff back in 2000s. It is 2013, and I have NOT TOUCHED EBAY for almost 8 years or so!!! So yeah… Then someone called us one time for the payment.. only bad thing was, the seller sent the item out FIRST before the PAYMENT went. The payment was delayed by money order… then after this seller B**CH us about payment, we couldn’t return the item (think it was trading cards forgot).. Some people have no patience for WAITING on payments!!! Stupid ebay. Our family got scared after that, and said “NO MORE DAMN Ebay! They cannot blame us for things that did not get fully through on transactions.. and does not have the time to wait for payments”.. even for people who cannot afford or does not allow paypal or credit card services… Walmart and Target are best @ Customer Service then F**k ebay! BTW I also bought 2 fake anime DVDs from them yrs ago, and did not know the DVDs from ebay where fake… Screw you!

  • boman

    yes , yes , yes , ebay has gone to the dogs ,and they did it to themselves .i was content selling on ebay for years [over 3000 sales],but recently ebay’s greed and complete disregard for its sellers has made it completely impossible to make a profit ,with the allways and ever rising ebay fees,shipping problems that ebay causes with there shipping calculater and then the ever changing high cost of shipping, you cannot win ,unless u sell thousands of brand new light weight products ,that you get way way below normal cost .thats what ebay wants ,just new products ,,but they forget antiques and collectables made them rich , i wish it did not take me years of being robbed by ebay to figure out there are other ways to reach customers with out all ebay’s BS.very very disapointed with ebay , thanks for all the info here ,

  • bromeo

    What about ebay’s best match default search results and the many thousands of deleted categories??? .. the entire ebay system is now designed to hide listings and then promote ebays preferred sellers .. the game is to get the poor smuck sellers to relist and relist and relist and when a viable auction-site alternative emerges then ebay or one of their affiliates buys the place and derails it .. ebay is rotten to the core ..

  • NW

    I totally agree the reasons of #1 #3 and #10. although I am a new seller to ebay.
    I had extremely bad feeling about ebay: I made a list on ebay, and a very dishonest bidder canceled the bid, and left the reason:” the seller change the description”.

    I called the customer service, they kept saying the negative report from the bidder won’t hurt the reputation on ebay and can’t do anything to help me recover the bad effect, and they can’t remove the bad report, and I can’t leave any feedback to the dishonest bidder.

    I agree with you, I should use other bidding service instead of ebay.

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  • Mike

    Ebay has degenerated into a bureaucratic train wreck. Ten years ago it was a fair, efficient and simple way to sell products. Today, it is a nightmare of insane, unworkable policies. I sell t shirts on Amazon, Google and a few other sites. The policies are simple, fair and sensible. I tried to expand back into ebay (after cancelling my account 4 years ago after dealing with one insane policy after another). I sell 12 designs, in M L and XL, available in 4 different colors each. But that violates ebay category limits. They “don’t want me to get overwhelmed” so for my own good they “limit how many shirt variations I can offer.” I can pick 3 of my designs, offer them in 1 size and pick 2 colors. Once I establishment that I can handle the orders, they “might” allow me to offer more designs, more sizes or more colors.
    I asked them to look in my Paypal account to see what I can handle. Over $100k in sales per month. Over $53k currently in the account. They said it didn’t matter.
    If I didn’t know better, I would assume Ebay was taken over by Nanny Bloomberg. No thanks ebay, fuck off. Like most companies that are wildly successful in the beginning, Ebay is too big for their own britches. They no longer care what sellers think and they’ll let you know right out of the gate that they wear the pants, that they are in charge and that they do not give two shits what you think about it.
    Stick with Amazon, Google, and the others. Ebay is a train wreck and it’s only a matter of time until they collapse into the dustbin of history…

  • H2Hummerboy

    I use to enjoy ebay, but the fact they don’t hold fake buyers accountable for their actions, make me say Fuck Ebay and the train the rode in on.

  • Jack


  • Jack

    Stick it in Ebay’s ass, one seller at a time. All you have to do is go to Amazon, like I did. I am finished with Ebay’s nasty practices. They are dishonest and in bed with PayPal- another HUGE thief..

    Craigslist is a nothing site. Don’t deal with them either. You won’t do any better there.

  • rockandrollbaldy

    I think that ebay is a part of a large government study.This is not just another conspiracy theorist.I know the government studies entities such as ebay… face book and twitter to see just how much crap we will take and still come back.There is billions of idle dollars waiting to be spent by entrepeneurs …why won’t someone provide us with some viable alternative that will not relay my call to the Phillipines or India.

  • Ichidono

    I was burned by number six on your list because buyer say’s he never received my item, never mind that I had a FUCKING TRACKING number. I lost a $170.00 item and now I am not going to get paid for it, because PAYFAIL is taking the buyers side. I will never sell anything on EBAY AGAIN!!

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  • John Salzarulo

    If you are buying or selling used music equipment you should try these guys are awesome.

  • William

    Yep. Just had this happen. Sold an item and shipped. Buyer filed false claim and refunded her money. I am not out both my goods and my money. Its disgraceful. I will not sell on Ebay ever again- and I used to be a power seller. They could care less if sellers get screwed in their disingenuous free for all.

  • James

    My big gripe is when a competitor gets a friend to bid up your item to an unrealistic price so that nobody else bids. The bidder then ignores all requests for payment and your item is off the market for almost 2 weeks. There is no way to alert people as to who these bidders are.

  • George Wait

    Selling on Ebay has been atrocious and I’m never going to do it again. AMAZON FOR THE WIN!

  • TheBlockTV™

    I sold a gift card for 20 bucks. they took almost 2 dollars of my sale. they should use that money to make a better site and I sold an autograph shirt and it sold. but, 4 days later I have’t received payment. so after my two sells I am shutting it down and moving on to Amazon. this action stuff is annoying.

  • Jacob Brown

    #7? I see you have 10 reasons but its listed 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,*

  • JD

    Not happy. Ebay member since 2001; 60 transactions – 100% positive. Not a big fish, but super honest, reliable and fair. I just sold an item and Ebay says I have to use Paypal, and, I have to wait 29 days to get MY money. That’s just wrong. They get a percentage off the sale, they get a percentage off the required Paypal transaction, and, they get to make money with MY money while they make me wait for a MONTH. Greedy Bast**rds!

    If I upload a UPS tracking number, they say I MIGHT get MY money 3 days AFTER delivery is confirmed. Wow! What other entity on the planet ships you stuff without being paid, then waits until 3 days after you receive it to get paid? Ebay couldn’t possibly have found a more annoying way to do business. May your monopoly cost you dearly in court. May the puppeteers who cooked up this Machiavellian business model get their just rewards. May someone else come along and eat your lunch.

    Once I receive my money, I will be closing both my Ebay and my Paypal accounts, and bid them adieu forever. Way to go Ebay! You really figured out how to be super greedy and annoying. Bravo!

  • Richard

    Funny how you take a break with top seller & power seller status come back a couple of months later list 50 items thinking nothing about it then wham they do a evaluation can’t find any new feedback so they go back twelve months dig up some bullshit feedback 1 & 2 low ratings from a scum bag buyers who dinged the crap out of you because you wouldn’t let them have free shipping threaten to give bad feedback if not “Reported this extortion to ebay did nothing about it” then my power & top seller ratings are removed, give me the red tag on poor performance standards and has paypal hold my money while I build a whole new seller track record. Craigslist sound good to me but one problem there ebay now owns 30% of that site also. I’m just going to build my own e-commerce store and fuck these people. Never except paypal at my new store either !

  • Right bob

    eBay suck, they go from one extreme to the next. They suspended me for leaving negative feedback for a buyer who ripped me off. These buyers get away with everything, the sellers have no right. This company sucks!

  • Classix63

    I have been on ebay since 1999. January 2013, after becoming disabled and not able to work outside the home, I decided to try and make ebay a somewhat full-time source of income. I recently signed up for the Trading Assisant Program, listed 100’s of items and have been selling fairly steady since Jan. 2013. A couple of weeks ago I had ONE buyer leave me a Nagative FB which was totally Unjust and filled with Lies! At that point I had a FB score of 118 @ 100%. That one LIAR with his Negative FB has all but Ruined my reputation!! One Negative FB -vs.- 118 Positives was enough to lower my overall rating to 97%. Which, in turn, got me suspended from the TA Program. Even though I have since received 5 more Positive FBs….My overall score is not increasing enough to allow me access back into the TA program :( Seems Completely UNFAIR that One Idiot can ruin me and my opportunities. I now have to live in “fear” for an entire YEAR for this One LIE to finally be “buried” from my overall score. Yet, EBAY only allows Sellers to leave All POSITIVE or nothing at all for buyers!! I am not comfortable with listing on Craig’s List…but, at this point, looks like I have no other options. I HAVE to be able to SELL items in order to pay my bills, buy food and pay for my prescriptions!! THANKS EBAY FOR BEING SO SUPPORTIVE (NOT!!) OF A VERY GOOD, HONEST AND DEPENDABLE SELLER!! :~~~~

  • crappy call

    i got no problem with any fees. But i really don’t like their rules. once you got restricted alert, it’s time to say good bye (because you may got suspension). FcuK Ebay!

  • Norman L Guilford

  • Alicen Boyer

    I have had an ebay store for over 5 years. I had a 100 percent positive feedback for years. Last month, I shipped a daily planner to a prison inmate. She said she never got it and left negative feedback. In tracking the package, I saw it was delivered. The bad feedback stayed. Next came shipping problems, which were errors made by the post office. Again, more bad feedback. I was notified I had a lower seller performance and my money is now being held 21 days. Plus ebay has taken me out of their search engines. I barely sell anything now! They said I have to wait until May 20 for another review. I’m so mad!!

    The final straw came when I shipped a package to Canada. I paid the shipping fees out of my own pocket, as PayPal is holding my funds. A day after shipping it, I was notified payment was reversed due to fraudulent credit card use. After making 3 phone calls, each lasting 45 minutes, I was told I would be reimbursed. It never happened. That was 3 weeks ago. So much for that seller protection policy!

    I will be switching to Amazon. I already have items listed on there and have had no
    problems. I will upgrade to an Amazon store and put my energy into that.

    I agree with the person who wants to file a class lawsuit against ebay. Count me in!

  • Alicen Boyer

    I have had an ebay store for over 5 years. I had a 100 percent positive feedback for years. Last month, I shipped a daily planner to a prison inmate. She said she never got it and left negative feedback. In tracking the package, I saw it was delivered. The bad feedback stayed. Next came shipping problems, which were errors made by the post office. Again, more bad feedback. I was notified I had a lower seller performance and my money is now being held 21 days. Plus ebay has taken me out of their search engines. I barely sell anything now! They said I have to wait until May 20 for another review. I’m so mad!!

    The final straw came when I shipped a package to Canada. I paid the shipping fees out of my own pocket, as PayPal is holding my funds. A day after shipping it, I was notified payment was reversed due to fraudulent credit card use. After making 3 phone calls, each lasting 45 minutes, I was told I would be reimbursed. It never happened. That was 3 weeks ago. So much for that seller protection policy!

    I will be switching to Amazon. I already have items listed on there and have had no
    problems. I will upgrade to an Amazon store and put my energy into that.

    I agree with the person who wants to file a class lawsuit against ebay. Count me in!

  • Gamelover

    Ebay sucks. They will rip you off in montly payment. They will charge fee to reserve items that wasnt even sold off. And others stuffs like that.

  • Tom Jones

    I sold a mic valued at $725.00 – it sold on eBay. They charged me TEN PERCENT of the sale and then I had PayPal fees on top of that. Total loss…$100 of the sale. Never again eBay.

  • RJ




  • fedup


  • Tory

    I totally agree with all the anger. I hate eBay.

    That bullshit somebody wrote about replying to a negg. Get real! Some negs shouldn’t even be there. Like:”I didn’t receive my item” When the tracking shows it was delivered. Or, “The seller was rude…” Fuck you! You are asking me sapid questions. Like:

    “Can you go down a little?” Every time I get something like this I’d like to put:” First, are you out of your mind? This item is 4 times cheaper already! second, I’m set up to make money. DO I look like Santa or is there a sign anywhere that this is a charity organization? Or maybe you think that I do not need money, or maybe you are my relative and it’s your birthday, or just WHAT THE FUCK!” Instead, I have to put a very polite answer, which is killing me, because somebody has to teach those idjets NOT to ask stupid questions!

    “Is it authentic?”, Well, I see that it’s stated in 3 places. It’s the title and the title of the description and the description itself, now…FUCK OFF, that would be my response, but instead, again, a polite………..Fuck!

    “What is my total?” (just add item cost and shipping),

    “Do you have size S or what ever ?”(it’s listed out there, so do I have it?)

    Just bought an item and asking “When will you ship it?” The only reply I see is: “I’ll drop everything I’m doing at the moment and will rush to the PO, crushing everything in my way just to ship your fucking item. To idjets like this I just would love to shout “Open your eyes, bucking beach, it’s right there, the shipping time, the cost of the shipping, discounts, whatever you want!!!!!!!!!!! But, no, they need a response in a stile of eBay, with whole bunch of bullshit and nothing in particular. So, when you finish reading eBays response you think: Gee, I could put it in one sentence.

    Another stupid question: “What are the measurements of ?” Did you see the description.? Do you know it takes time to write it, so idjets like you open your eyes and read it? And I could continue and continue with buyers stupidity.

    Now, more or less new stupid rule about duplicates on eBay. For crying out loud, don’t you (eBay) see who is posting it on purpose or it’s a mistake? Yes, I can post a duplicate. I have huge inventory and 1-3 duplicates out of 5000 items a month is not a biggie. But ebay has to ground me, like a baby, for 30 days. When I call a rep, it sounds like a stupid beach who has no sense of logic. In general it feels like who ever is ruling eBay right now has no logic. Also, it looks like they are doing everything to push away small sellers. Yes, I’m not selling 500-1000 items a day. For some reason they think that if they push me away, it’ll buy from them. BULL!!!! I will NEVER, NEVER AND EVER buy anything there if I can’t sell. Even for a personal use.

    Whoever said in those comments that America is turned in one big garage sale I totally agree. I think if George Carlin would be still alive I would turn right to him.

    I was reading all those comments and I felt so much anger! I just wanted to add a little bit of mine and maybe one day, it turns into a REAL power and a new, smart CO appear on the site with ideas that are, finally, will REALLY protect a seller! Not just BLAH-BLAH…..BLAH-BLAH-BLAH………

  • george

    Ebay doesn’t just suck for sellers. I will NEVER, EVER, buy anything on ebay again. Any problems, and you just get an endless runaround. I guess they figure you’ll eventually give up and take the loss. That’s what I did, anyway. This doesn’t happen when I buy from Amazon. FUCK YOU ebay, and take that weak-ass paypal crap with you.

  • exxos

    I agree with FLUFFYDOG.

  • Peter

    I came here, as I checked my Ebay fees, I try to make some profit, but in total Ebay fees,Paypal fees,free shipping,signature confirmation, scammers make ebay useless shit!!!!

    Customers open case or give negative feedback for no reason, you pay 15% in total on your sale and finally figure out that your profit is very low or negative, I like craigslist, but buyer there want less and less, even if you give ebay/paypal discount they want less and there so many scammers.

  • Rich Vernadeau

    There’s a new blog called Ebay Horror Stories on WordPress. Here’s the link:

  • Jickyjack

    EBay just changed their face again. Now, if you want to sell an item and get some idea as to what this item has sold for recently, you can no longer see “Sold For”. So, I cannot sell on EBay because I usually sell unusual items and now have no idea how to price them.
    Also, I just sold an item for $10.00 with a $12.95 shipping charge. The buyer sent $22.95 of which EBay took $2.30 and PayPal took another $1.10. That means, out of the $10.00 I sold it for, I cleared only $6.60. After using my car and fuel to drive to the post office, I’m lucky if I made anything. This is really starting to suck.
    Also, I sold another item to a high bidder. After receiving the item, he emailed me claiming the item was different than what was in the picture and he wanted a discount. I told him the item in the picture was mine and I had taken the picture myself. I told him to return the item. Magically, he resold them and told me never mind. He then gave me a bad review. I sent his emails to EBay to show how he was lying and they did nothing. I now have a bad mark on my profile because someone lied. I proved he was lying and still received the bad mark.

  • Dave

    Share your ebay horror stories!

  • Dave

  • alzada88

    Ebay is “becoming a Buyers Market”,,,Selling on Ebay is becoming more & more frustrating & stricter every 12 months,,,
    Some Buyers will actually buyCheap items worth a Few Dollars,,to simply leave Negative Feedback..
    I had a Buyer who gave me Negative,,and I saw his Buying History,he gave out,countness Negatives on purchases worth only a Few Dolllars,,

  • Feebay

    Ebay… totally is a shite. You FORGOT about us sellers who made you rich. Corporate greed at its worst. You have the shittiest of all shit customer service. You are biased towards buyers and you penalized good sellers due to bad buyers practice.. I know you don’t care. Things and procedures in the past worked….why change? Meg Whitman, you truly stink as a human being….a total waste of oxygen on this earth.

  • Justin Douglas

    Ya, they do suck! Enjoy

  • gremlinjr on crapbay

    My Friend and Partner and I .. Started selling Records and Stuff on CRAPBAY .. Long time ago .. IT WAS GREAT .. money hand over fist .. NOW .. SUCKBAY .. Just SUCKS .. ALL OF THE 10 ITEMS you mentioned and a few more ! .. People would Buy a record Switch it with a P.O.S. and then Complain and GET THEIR $$ Back .. JUST LIke you said ! .. Now We can hardly Make a BUCK on SUCK-BAY ! . They hit cha 3 times like you said .. NO HELP FROM THEM .. all they care about it the Stupid SHAREHOLDERS .. when WE ARE THE ONES MAKING THEM THE $$$$ IN THE FIRST PLACE!! .. I mostly BUY crap on CRAP-BAY now .. .. MUCH SAFER and Less hastle !! for SURE !!

    — RIGHT ON MAN !!!!

  • Farid Kazem

    eBay sucks. Amazon is the shit

  • ebayscrewed

    We need some multi billionaire to come up with another mega seller platform to compete with eBay. Sellers get screwed in any deal. The comments already posted hit it on the mark–a buyer can lie, a buyer can post bad remarks and a seller has little recourse.
    After a buyer agreed to a solution and changed their mind eBay gave the entire selling price and shipping in return although there were stipulations in the posting. What more they refunded before I received the item back and inspected the item only to find it was damaged. Sorry Seller you are screwed we are eBay and only Buyers are right.

  • call6780

    never sell on ebay. they find ways to steal your money with extra fees when ever they can. you might not know it but ebay does target every new seller by small mistakes that leave you with a outrageous bill in the end. i bought an item for 3$ and the money was not in my account not my mistake, but in the end that 3$ item was over 100$ in fees. the other week, i sold an item and didnot recieve any money from the item because ebay decided to charge my bank again when they knew the money was in paypal only and i was charged another extra 45$ for fees. ebay sucks and be very careful when selling or shopping there

  • Barry

    More problems with EBay. I set up my first account and listed 3 items to sell. The account was closed by EBay for “security reasons” but they can’t tell me what they didn’t like?? Off to Craigs list I go…:)

  • grudginghallowed

    seriously douch


    Ebay is a buyer’s world! I wonder what they would do if they had no one to sell anything, sit around and wait for buyers to bid on nothing? Buyers can get away with bidding on multiple items and not pay for it, but if a seller gets a few low shipping time feedbacks score they are blacklisted. Thank you Ebay for making me see the light. No sweat or worries here I will be focusing on my own website and my own ventures. That means more money in my pocket for me and not your monopoly. Ebay limiting me from selling because of 3 low shipping time score made me upset at first, but you have done me a big favor.

  • TheTruthHurts

    If you hate eBay so much, then stopped whining and stop using it…. its just that simple Einstein.

  • Ron Coleman

    I sold an item that I listed as I was not sure the item worked and as is no returns I had never seen the item work, it was bought and shipped at a cost of nearly 44.00. The buyer received them in 2 days and ten days later he notified me that there were structural problems and want me to discount it for him. I said you know you want something for nothing ship it back to me and I will refund the purchase price less shipping. It took him another ten days to ship them to me and he boxed them very poorly and one had damage in shipping. I emailed him and told him I would not refund all of his money he had responsibility to return to me in the same condition as he received it. He complained to ebay and said item was not as described. Not once did ebay give me the opportunity to tell them the true nature of why I would not refund all he paid. Ebay sided with the buyer and refunded the full amount including the shipping and didn’t care that the items I got back were damaged because of an irresponsible buyers shipping practice. Ebay is a piece of shit company and the buyer that I am talking about is just a piece of shit. In another post I will put the buyers id so everyone else can beware of this piece of shit.

  • Another sad exEbayer

    I have used ebay on and off for decades as a buyer, and I never had the tiniest problem. It was a system that simply worked. I occasionally sold single items over the years, and once again, I never, not once, had an issue with the system.
    And so I got the idea into my head that I might try selling a few items online. If I had known how horrid, miserable, infuriating and wasteful the experience I was going to have, I would have dismissed it immediately for the stupid idea it was.

    I was cautious. I first chose a tiny item, a few blister packs of batteries. They were inexpensive to lose, replace or ship. To get that first item listed took nearly 4 hours on the phone and a special change to my starting account. I was then assured that in a few days on the first of the month, I would be able to list another item. I waited more than a week beyond the 1st, and then discovered that my customer service rep had either been ignorant of just flat-out lied: more calls to customer service revealed that I had to wait a full month before I could list another bulk item.

    More time wasted on the phone instead of selling anything. So I waited a full month. I decided that I would list a few single items before then, in different categories to do market research, so that I might actually have some success with my next bulk listing. Ebay had sent me a special offer to list 10 items free. How nice? I could do the needed research on ebay’s dime. If I was artificially restricted to only one or a few bulk listings, I needed to understand the market better. How considerate! Except of course that those listings couldn’t be used.
    After two items, I was blocked. So once again we are back to the customer non-help line. Apparently you are supposed to list 10 completely different items in 10 completely different categories. So if you are say, a tailor trying to sell clothes, well buddy, after that first ball gown you better list a dress in automotive, because God forbid that you have a field of expertise you need to list in. It simply isn’t allowed for at least 3 months. So the limited-time ‘offer’ is really a bait and switch, or perhaps more like a sick joke than a serious effort to grow anyone’s business.
    Ebay knows their own rules, so they know damn well that no one can possibly use more than one or two “free” listings.

    So what I have learned here:
    First off, Ebay customer service is completely unable to fix anything and is an utter waste of your valuable time. Every person I spoke to parroted some part or all of the same script. Even so-called supervisors. Not a single person could fix anything that mattered. Seriously, don’t bother. I actually work in customer service in a phone center, and these guys are everything we hate and try to avoid: completely useless, reading a script with no ability to actually fix anything and no suggestions as to how to proceed.
    Secondly, Ebay treats all sellers like crooks. They seem to assume we cannot answer a customer service request and are all waiting to run off with payments or about to flood the market with piles of shoddy goods. The size, cost, number or whatever specifics of the item being sold are completely ignored by ebay except for category, and you are assumed to be an idiot whose time has no value. They have a round hole that vendors and items are sledgehammered into, and you will be made to fit that hole.
    Finally, despite every ad and statement you have ever read, Ebay apparently prefers to do business with other large, established businesses, preferably somewhere else like China I assume. I say this because they treat small vendors trying to get started right here in the US with the sort of utter contempt for their customers that typically only a monopolistic bully can summon.

    I had high hopes for my little business, but frankly it will have to go to a back burner once the current effort ends because I cannot spend a quarter of a year bashing my way through a million man bureaucracy to sell 3 items.

  • Callie

    I had an issue with shipping and was told it would be taken care of by one customer service rep then told 3 hours later by another that it was my fault and I was out the $20

  • Shaila

    Ebay can go into your paypal and bank account without your permission and take what they want. This happened to me when a buyer decided they simply did not like the antique pieces they bought from me. Not only did ebay take money from me even though I told my side of the story; the buyer got to keep the pieces free of charge. So ebay is great for buyers who want to get free stuff. You pay at first, then file you did not like what you got and boom the seller gets all the money zapped out of their accounts and given back to you. A win win for buyers but a big time loss for sellers. After you pay the buyers and ebay off you are going into your own savings.

  • Mike

    Fuck Ebay for all the reasons listed. Fuck Paypal for their dickhead policies and practices. Oh, and for their breathtakingly shitty customer service. While I’m at it, fuck the banks too. BOA, TD, all of you motherfuckers.

  • turbo

    there the judge jury and exicutioneer. non paying bidders at very least buyers should given neg feeback, I get 3 or 4 a month, one lady say her paypal is set to pay every 2 weeks, yeah I wont eat fer 2 weeks, 11 years I been selling and I get put on 90 day timeout on my money cause I refused to add a backup paying option, where they with no notice take money out causing overdraft. a non paying bidder can not pay 5 times a year, you don’t pay them 7 bucks suspended first time!!!! power seller, and kicker is they were wrong but refuse to lift my timeout on incoming money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • turbo

    report non paying bidders to credit bereau. if you are a business you have every right!!!! ebay as of yet has no policy against. im sure the Nazi ebay lawyers will soon

  • JOHN

    Well, now that I have had my fill of ebay and had a yelling match with some idiot foreign customer service/security jackass, I am glad I have found that others feel the same way. I sold cars that I would buy to sell and make a few bucks on ebay. I absolutely refuse to pay them 50 dollars for a one week listing, so I would make up new identities to keep selling (they let you list the first 6 without paying up front and I would just get the potential buyer to talk to me directly and pay me directly). Suddenly some moron at ebay caught on to me and I get message after message saying that I was a security risk and banned from using any name on the site or from setting up new names. So since they banned me anyway, I called them and let some idiot have it. The only security that was at risk was ebay security of ripping me off with fees. The reason ebay sucks for sellers is simple, it is because THEY HAVE TO BE all about the buyers. The buyers generate the fees and ebay has to collect massive fees everyday because they have become so huge and overbloated. It costs them a fortune to operate. So they don’t care if the sellers make money, all they care about it that things are sold at any price, because they get the percentage from the sale. So, they SAY they support the sellers, but no, it is all about keeping the buyers happy at all costs. Now, another thing, these people that claim they are making money on ebay. I sold cars and made some money, but not as much as I can get elsewhere because ebay makes all buyers think everything is 99% off all the time. So even car buyers think you can buy a 4000 dollar car on ebay for 750 dollars. It is so dumb. Anyway, anything else I ever sold was just stuff around the house and I NEVER made anything close to what I had paid. It was like getting some of the money back was all. So, my point was going to be, if you go to the post office and look at these idiots with huge baskets full of packages of junk they are sending out around the country, most of the time their cars are junky, their velcro closure shoes are ripped, etc. In other words, lasy morons sitting around selling junk online hahaha. I know that isn’t universally true, if you actually have something unique to sell perhaps you can make out on ebay, but admit it, most of the jackasses selling on ebay are bums and look it. The only ones that are glad for the existence of ebay is, well ebay. Oh and the post office, because if people weren’t sending their junk all over the country, actually the world, to each other, the post office would be even worse off than it is.

  • JOHN

    Oh and as far as ebay letting people send stuff back even though the listing clearly says no refunds, I have had two occasions which were absolutely ridiculous. Now I understand that if you send something that isn’t as described, that isn’t fair to the buyer. Oh, and also ebay buyer protection just means that they let the person send it back whether the seller agrees or not and they take the money from the seller and refund it whether the seller agrees or not. I sold a Harley Davidson trim piece to a guy a while back. I was just an item I had bought and never used. I am not an ebay store and I don’t deal in Harley parts as a business. The guy got the package and started whining that it did not fit his bike. I asked him what bike and he told me and I said, twin cam 88 engine was on those bikes for years and it has to fit your bike unless your engine had been swapped out, which of course you would think the jackass would know. Well, no, he starts whining about being in Iraq and someone gave him a motorcycle (don’t get me wrong, the veterans, wow, what they go through and live to tell about it) but this guy was using it as an excuse to whine, which is not what respect the vet is about. Well, he proceeds to admit that he did not know about the engine or the size, but then later admitted he found out yes indeed, it was a larger motor swapped for the original. So, I said, too bad, dude, you are the one that should know your bike, not me. The asshole whined to ebay, and WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, BECAUSE I TOLD EBAY NO ABSOLUTELY NOT, they told him to send it back and when UPS said a package was delivered, they gave him the money back from my paypal. Now, let alone the fact that I did not agree, also the guy could have sent an empty box for all ebay cared. Also, just recently before they kicked me off, haha, I sold a Harley clock to some bitch in CA (Is it Harley people or Californians that are cry babies all the time?) and she got it and said it had some scratch someplace. Same thing, I said there was no scratch on it, I had checked it over before it was sent, but ebay let her send it back. I still have not located any scratch on it.

  • fuck ebay


  • Fuckebay

    i fucking totally agree. It’s like paying them to fuck me all over again. Bunch of mother fuckers

  • john studds


  • john studds


  • john studds

    I SEE ALL TALK ,BUT NO ACTION .. WOW EBAY NOW PROBABLY LAUGHING AT US .. STOP CRYING OR BITCHING ABOUT HOW BAD EBAY WRONGED US … TOPIC FOR TODAY IS STEP UP AND DO SOMETHING … HEARING ALL PEOPLE ON THE WEB COMPLAINING ,WHINING .. WASTE OF TIME REALLY … I TALKED TO 1 cool eBay rep ,how u guys are treating sellers wrong ,how so many people talking shit about u guys ..he’s response was its there opinion and even laughing …wow people LOL

  • john studds

    PEOPLE BELIEVE 1 day eBay will drown … BUT WHEN ????? Sometimes I wish I got a job with eBay rep … Every call that comes in .. I just treat everyone like shit … This is a dream job … Other company’s man they will terminate u in a second but eBay is 1 kind of company do what they want ,do … DAMN WHERES THAT EBAY APLLICATION ,SIGN ME UP SO I WOULD HAVE A GUARATEE JOB ,EVEN TREAT EVERYONE LIKE SHIT …WOW

  • john studds

    eBay is just laughing there ass off of these comments LOL

  • Leslie Dean Brown

    Another disatisfied seller here. It seems that the number of dishonest BUYERS is on the increase in recent years. They don’t read the listing, yes some of them (1-2%) do lie about not getting the item, then make unreasonable demands.

    It seems that *many* people bid, win and then don’t pay. Perhaps they are bidding on two (or more) things at once? Perhaps they don’t have the money? Perhaps it was a spur of the moment thing? I don’t know, but, all I know is that a small percentage of buyers are abusing the system as it is highly biased in their favour.

    I have been a member for 10 years, back then, I thought “commit to buy” actually meant something. Not anymore!

    Worse, all this comes out of the buyer’s pocket. So don’t just lose the item, I am paying to ship it to someone for free.

    It’s very frustrating as a seller. There is a feature to block non paying bidders, etc, which I have enabled. Always use tracking as scummy buyers know when you don’t that they can get away with anything. Even then, a tracking number is no guarantee of anything…

  • Leslie Dean Brown

    Oh another buyer to block is tejota65. He has a very high rate of “items not arriving” on his feedback left for others as a buyer. I mean in over 400 transactions, I think 1 or 2 haven’t arrived. This guy is not a happy person. Apparantly around 10% of the things he buys have never arrived.

  • Boy-cut eBay

    Do you really want to get pissed off?
    eBay has the monopoly & will stick it to you anyway possible.
    eBay owns Craig’s List, PayPal, Skype and about 40 other essential online marketing and billing companies to corner the market.
    eBay’s revenue in 2012 was $14.03 Billions with B. almost 2.5 billion more than 2011.
    if you add up all the fee’s including Paypal and the kickbacks from shipping companies the total is about %30 of your sale price.
    Most sellers do not include the time and effort they spend in selling their stuff(the labor).
    while eBay continuously lowers the price of your goods since you set the price buy looking at the last price sold and you will go lower to make a quick sell.(most cases).
    eBay treat you like shit.

  • Boy-cut eBay

    have you noticed Craig’s list is getting harder and more difficult to post?
    can not delete your old postings or have a cyber garage sale.
    eBay’s tactics to make it less desirable to sell on Craig list.

  • Boy-cut eBay

    eBay would lower your ratings just to make you use their advertising extras to make more money.
    I think they would auction off their own mother’s if the price is right.

  • Boy-cut eBay

    eBay intentionally delays your payments to make more money in interest.
    this is a practice big banks use it’s called FLOUTING THE MONEY keeping average balance of other peoples money in their accounts to collect interest on it.
    Can you imagine the interest?
    %1 of $1 billion ($1,000,000,000.00) = $10 million

    • bluepeahen

      I’ve been selling on Ebay since 2005. They just pulled this 21 day payment crap on me this week.
      I’m supposed to ship within 1 day, without a payment for 3 weeks?
      They are nuts.

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  • The Slaughter House

    Those are some controlling nazis. Vent: they fucking banned my second account right before my auction ends then banned my primary account as well. I would not have to set up two accounts if they don’t have some ridiculous rules about the selling limit of one of the same item (highly anticipated electronics). I called and was on hold for 30 minutes just to talk to some stupid ass dude who reads off a manuscript and couldn’t speak clearly because of his accent. He then transferred me to the trust and safety department. I got on hold for another 30 minutes but was finally connected but found he did not route me to the right department and I was back to some other stupid ass people from step one who offered me to transfer again! I couldn’t wait that long, so I called back again a day later. Went through the same long process and spoke to a stupid ass guy from the “Trust and Safety” department who arrogantly denied my appeal based on god knows what information that pulled out of his ass. Fuck eBay, they can’t beg me back to sell on that nazi platform even if they tried. /vent

  • The Slaughter House

    Those are some controlling nazis. Vent: they fucking banned my second
    account right before my auction ends then banned my primary account as
    well. I would not have to set up two accounts if they don’t have some
    ridiculous rules about the selling limit of one of the same item (highly
    anticipated electronics). I called and was on hold for 30 minutes just
    to talk to some stupid ass dude who reads off a manuscript and couldn’t
    speak clearly because of his accent. He then transferred me to the trust
    and safety department. I got on hold for another 30 minutes but was
    finally connected but found he did not route me to the right department
    and I was back to some other stupid ass people from step one who offered
    me to transfer again! I couldn’t wait that long, so I called back again
    a day later. Went through the same long process and spoke to a stupid
    ass guy from the “Trust and Safety” department who arrogantly denied my
    appeal based on god knows what information that pulled out of his ass.
    Fuck eBay, they can’t beg me back to sell on that nazi platform even if
    they tried. /vent

  • Dhasen

    I had 100% feedback on 800 sales. To obtain this good feedback I have had to pay off scam artists who held my good rating and demanded free parts, free shipping and to no avail did I profit from such extortion. Ebay told me on my 1st negative feedback that they cannot remove it no matter what because it is just a “opinion” of the transaction and if anyone feels they did not have a good experience it was a legit responce, even when the idiot who gave the bad feedback had a 80% rating on 50 items, WTF. ebay only cares if there is a money transaction that they will profit from, buying or selling period gives them a cut and forget about trying a secondary way of getting paid other than paypal who is owned by ebay, you will find all kinds of problems that WILL occur with trying to get your money. Bottom line they are and have been trying to monopolize all aspects of the garage sale on line. They have no shame and remember they are the upper 1% who could not give one** ** about you as long as they make the billion dollar mark each year. I wish Amazon could step up and compete with these rackateers and make them accountable for the BS they put people through.

  • Dhasen

    One more thing for sellers to know, If you have a real SOB buyer threatining your feedback, try to get them to state that in a message and ebay will remove the negative feedback. I tried this when I had 300 plus sales and they did nothing about it, when I reached over 800 sales and this happened to me again I changed my credit card on file for ebay fee payments and contacted them to tell them my ultimatum if they allow this scam on me I will just drop them, not pay the 200plus I owed them for fees and they could basically KMA guess what happened? They removed the Neg feedback..
    Go figure when they will loose out they do the right thing
    I still think they SUCK even though they finally did one thing correct they have a long way to go and owe me around 600 dollars for BS that they have let scammers do to me. Free stuff for criminals should be the script under ebay’s logo

    3% charge on shipping charges NUTS, I don’t make money on shipping to keep a 5 star rating, so each sale I loose at least 3% on shipping no matter what EXTORTION

  • Andrew Davis


    ebay sellers are doing a pretty good job of advertising how ebay is slumping all on their own

    Looking at website reviews on epinion, trustpilot, my3cents, the ebay user experience is tanking…

    Looking at ebay message boards, sellers are seeing views and sales, tank

    How could such a behemoth go wrong?

    Assuming some 15,000 sellers (and their household) are being thrown off ebay a month for arbitrary dsr ratings, assume the bulk of them are long term sellers vulnerable to being targets for theft, competing sellers and cronies dinging their feedback, usps damage to parcels

    Let’s say on average those offended and insulted sellers are each trusted by on average 1,000 folk who go looking for their listings when they look at ebay. When their fav seller is gone and they find out, they are going elsewhere to look for them

    Those loyal buyers who trusted those ebay sellers may have gone on ebay to buy something once a month to look among their fav sellers (wild low estimate)

    That’s 180,000,000 active buyers, sales, gone. Elsewhere

    Now while ebay impresses itself with a tide of noobs and junk sellers from china etc, they are not what the loyal buyers were looking for or want.

    So the tide of junk goes up and the number of loyal buyers of ebay sellers with dreadful memories of ebay, go elsewhere. They can go to those sellers direct, yard sales, craigslist, classified listings, websites, webstore,, bonanza etc

    To discover, ebay is not so good of a deal then go tell all their friends and family

    As someone who has been using ebay for 10 years or so, it’s a habit for me to know what sellers to go search for. In a toss up between webstore,, bonanza, which website do you think I’m going to choose, the website which my favorite well trusted seller despises and can’t be found?


  • bluepeahen

    I pretty much agree with most of the comments.
    The new picture 1600 pixel thing is killing me.
    I spent 3 months taking new pics, or adjusting my old ones.
    After uploading 146 items, they claim 56 of my pics are too small.
    Not true.
    I called Ebay , they agree the pics meet the standard.
    Then they sent me a $25 bill for talking to them.

  • bluepeahen

    So, what’s the alternative?



  • Eventrader

    Florida Free Classifieds
    No fees! Ebay screws you, this site is 100% free help spread the word. More states will be added as the site grows, please support and dont use Ebay!

  • Annie

    I’m in the process of getting fucked over as I type. I will make this as short as possible. 2 weeks ago I sold a $400.00 dlr coat the same day the buyer paided I mailed it out. The coat was in excellent condition. 2 days later she reports she got the coat I get great feed back from the buyer. She loved the coat she said the coat was warm and great etc…. 3 days later I get notice from ebay stating the buyer wants a full refund because the coat has a broken zipper. Mind you that bitch wore the coat and after wearing the coat she is now claiming the coat is broken! I’m beyond mad at this point. That bitch has the coat and has had it for days now and I still haven’t seen a red cent as ebay is holding the money hostage! ! I pretty sure I never will either! l will most likley end up with a coat that someone else wore and broke. Once this issue is resolved I’m removing the other items I have for sale and closing the account! EAT SHIT AND DIE ebay Cooporate BASTARDS!

  • Emmett Mavy

    How can we add to the list of alternatives? Its new but an innovative concept to selling online.

  • dean

    They are horrible – customer service is the worse. Nobody there communicates with one another (especially talking to somebody in a foreign land) and even though they say they take “notes” they really don’t. Customer service people lie and pacify you with a canned response. Unwarranted feedback policies are horrible – and they won’t stand behind bad buyers and good sellers with once 100% feedback. I’m not going to sell one more item with them. Choose another auction company.

  • ebaysuck

    fuck eBay pice of shit robing money of people

  • Katherine Peredo

    I have been selling on eBay for at least 12
    years (used to sell a lot more, but now just minimal) have 100% positive except
    for one neutral. The person who left
    neutral was unhappy with the shipping fees.
    I clearly state shipping fees and details of combining in my
    listings. I have to do this because
    someone ships my items for me since I have been housebound taking care of a
    terminally ill mother. However this
    person left neutral and rated me low stars on communication and shipping fees,
    since she was not happy with shipping fees.
    She bought like 10 items at a huge discount; but since it was only 4
    transactions she expected more discount on shipping than I could give (since it
    was still 10 items). Then on feed back
    she posted on 1 item that I charged $31 for shipping, effectively making it
    look like she was charged that much for 1 item. Since I am no longer selling large quantities
    of items this one feedback left me “below standard”. They flipping cancelled my seller account,
    AFTER 12 YEARS! One ignorant buyer can
    close my account. I spoke to customer
    service and they (while seeming sympathetic) claimed there was nothing that
    could be done. I am ousted. HOLY CRAP!
    Great service, immediate communication for 12 years and 1 customer puts
    me out of eBay because I do not sell a massive amount of product the one REALLY

  • Ackalon33

    I just found my reason why I WILL NEVER SELL ON EBAY AGAIN! First off, I’ve been using eBay for more than 10 years and have nearly a 400 feedback score and before this “wake up call,” I had 100% feedback. I had got 40 PS Plus cards for $30 each on black Friday and recently sold them on ebay. I had in my post twice saying DELIVERY VIA EMAIL. Everything went fine except for buyer andrewdklee who knew I made a mistake by not posting in the classifieds section (as opposed to the regular auction where I had posted). He used the code the next morning I sent it to him and TWO MINUTES LATER, he sent me a message saying it didn’t work. I found out the time by contacting SONY. I had taken a pic of the unused card with the buyers information in the background, a pic of the card itself, and pics of SONY chat where I confirmed the code numbers and time/date it had been used. Proof enough, right? NOT FOR EBAY! They told me I had mis-listed it and if I had a tracking number and sent the code to guy, they would have given me the $40.99 they held in my PayPal account. They also told me I should have listed it in their classifieds section where THERE IS NO BUYER PROTECTION! (I didn’t even know about the classifieds section!) I said, “Wouldn’t it be easy for sellers to scam buyers there?” He claimed they had ways of detecting mis-use of their system and acted like he would know if I was to try it. BULL SHIT! I’m sure they flagged my account and I would lose if I ever had a problem as buyer. You know, I even brought up the fact that in the Shipping section of my listing, I selected “LOCAL PICKUP ONLY” and he STILL wanted a shipping confirmation number. WTF?! I spent over an hour arguing with “customer service.” That scammer got my for $40.99 and left bad feedback. Like others have said, BUYERS ARE KING. Sellers DO NOT get any protection. If you’re selling on eBay, STOP NOW, or you’ll be posting your story too. Needless to say I removed my bank accounts from PayPal. EBAY IS FULL OF DISHONEST PEOPLE. I use CRAIGSLIST now.

  • Soldier

    Craigslist is the way to go if you ain’t a pussy. If you’re afraid of selling stuff on Craigslist, then carry a gun on you and put a bullet into any Trayvon Martin that tries to play the knockout game on you. Sure you’ll be branded a racist by the Liberal Media, but at least you’ll be alive still.

  • Thomas

    Ive been buying on ebay for a while and been extremely happy with the deals. But my recent selling experience was bad enough. ListingDock is another great platfrom to buy/sell anything, so far great experience.

  • Lou

    Just been told off eBay after waiting for half an hour that I’m not allowed to sell anything even though I have 100% feedback and been a member for ten years !! When I said I bought an item off a sellar who had 0% feedback she couldn’t even come up with a reason !! Moving to Amazon !! Robbing gits !!!

  • cybrscot

    I’m tired, I’m going to say it here first, then I’m going to
    social networking and other means of telling the world that ebay and
    paypal do a terrible job of helping their sellers. They put rule after
    rule, restriction after restriction on us. I use Etsy and Amazon and
    have never had a restriction, a block, a phone call…NOTHING!! There
    is currently a problem with my account that my Ebay UK funds get held
    for 21 days but my Ebay US funds don’t. Last month on the 15th Mary
    Palmer at CS Ebay supposedly fixed everything and my funds were
    released. Then exactly 30 days later on March 15th they started getting
    held again. I’ve send about 10 emails, and the funny thing is
    everybody has replied that they agree my account is in good standing
    and my DSR’s are high , my feedback is still 100% positive with an open
    account since 2008!! I exceed ALL the requirement that they use to hold
    funds. The messages I’ve received all indicate that I’m right, but they
    don’t know why my funds are being held. I keep getting messages and
    replies from different people. Nobody has seen this issue through and
    actually fixed it. My funds are still held. One paypal guy actually
    first said that he could see my account was good and everything looked
    okay, then later in the email he asked me to get ebay to send me a
    message stating that my account was in good standing!!! WTH? I have to
    do the work? They are the same company. Meanwhile, ebay still hasnt’
    replied at all for this latest issue, all my **bleep**py replies have
    been from Paypal. Last month they sent me a message…”We’re
    sorry…thank you for being a valued customer and we released all your
    funds”…. I asked them to do it this month and they said, “no we did
    that once for you already”. WOW!! They did me a favor? My funds are
    NOT supposed to be held in the first place. Everybody at paypal and ebay
    are trusting their system and assuming it’s error free. Nobody is
    listening to me or reviewing the problem in depth. The latest paypal
    rep exp. that before they could release funds when a buyer left pos
    feeback but now that have a new policy….blah blah….New Policy? Just
    now as of March 15? No warning? No banner? No new terms and conditions?
    No notice to seller about this fundamental change?? Uh….that’s a
    lie. I don’t think they just changed their policy last week. Further,
    she sent a reply as if I’m a member wanting to know how to get my funds
    released and assumng that my funds are held for valid reasons. (again
    assuming the system is working) My question is not how to get my funds
    released. I am an experience seller with a proven track record who
    exceeds all the following as put fourth by paypal and ebay:

    Why are my funds being held?

    PayPal payment holds are typically placed on accounts that do not meet all of the following criteria:

    90 days have passed since the first successful eBay sale.

    More than 25 transactions have been completed on the site.

    More than £165 has been generated in total sales.

    If the account had been suspended previously and has been reinstated more than 90 days ago

    The seller status on the account is Standard or above

    Without any holds on the account, buyers’ payments will be available almost immediately.

  • compustrat

    Ebay sucks.
    I got scammed out of $20. Buyer said they didn’t receive shipment, then filed a dispute with paypal. Buyer promptly deleted eBay account. Ok, you got me. But eBay still wants their stupid $2.50. Oh and customer service is an Indian that can barely speak English and has no understanding of anything.

  • Allie

    Ebay is actually the worst website in the entire world filled with incompetent employees who make up policies as they go along. I was restricted from ebay along with my sister because our mother was restricted and they didn’t want us “to be like her.” There is no way that there is a written rule for that. I make ebay at least 150 a month by selling things on their retarded fucking website and I regret using it.

  • Alex

    I was selling on eBay for several years. The only one thing I can tell STAY AWAY from eBay as a seller!!!! With cheap eBay customers and high eBay and PayPal fees you will never make money, only problems. Buyers have rights to leave negative feedbacks for any reason. eBay works only for cheap people. I’m so happy that i have regular job and I WILL NEVER SELL ON eBAY anymore!!! THE WORST MARKETPLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Isabella

    Thanks for the awareness, this post might be useful to many readers. In my case, I do super well on ListingDock, excellent and most wanted marketplace these days.

  • Abraham Lincoln

    I did read your 10 comments and I thought you were being generous to list only 10. I appreciate your alternatives to ebay and hopefully we all can have a little bit more time before they cave in to greed. Gandi: “Where there is need, there is greed.” Ebay also follows everything you do or say, irregardless of loosing you as a buyer/seller. How do I know this? By the way, I have had 2 bouts of selling and way too much buying. I currently realize that I can no longer ever contact ebay as they judge you or me or anyone rather than the situation. They change their rules to fit the situation depending on how they feel about you. I’m not quite sure of who the winners are. One thing for sure, it is not the sellers. I don’t care how big you are; you can go down. I don’t think ebay will ever go down as there are always new sellers to replace the downtrodden. Americans just aren’t good consumers or should I say informed enough to make wise decisions. Last night as I made what turned out to be my last ebay phone call I made the decision to continue just as long as is necessary to find another source. Yes, Paypal is also a monster. They cojoined with ebay and here we are. Paypal has a heart on the phone; ebay uses sellers for target practice. It is a difficult world we live in. Everyone is going for the last dollar left no matter what. We should be making plans for the what ifs because they will happen. You must be able to have shelter and sustain yourself, the bare bone basics. That’s it. I remember the stock market crash and my father’s daily ritual of reading the Wall Street Journal, napping, talking on the phone to like minded buddies. He did not like anything I did because of his own problems. When that happened, I just sat there with my silver and gold jewelry and smiled. Our country is totally disintegrated. We have no medical system, no legal system, no money, have dropped in most areas as far as world comparables, Obama (used to be a staunch Democrat), no stores, no customer service. Every day is like a war. You must watch your bank account, try to have some source of the internet, keep yourself alive as doctors won’t help you, stay away from lawyers, as their idea of success is to make as much as possible and give you a penny, spend most of your spare time on hold fighting to have someone to help you (yeah right). We all need to rethink our master plan. I just learned about what happens to a patient who is a DNR, shocking. We must support hospices. We must be vigilant about our own health, informed and keep yourself as healthy as you can to win. Average American, rush, not enough sleep, too much t.v., to much computer, not enough exercise, stressed to the max, ill informed, naive. Average European, opposite lifestyle to Americans. Don’t get me wrong. I want to be an American and live in America. Why is everyone sick with auto-immune diseases? You must create your own happiness despite what is happening around you. Oh yes, ebay. Ebay is now just a temporary place for me to try to make a living and yes I still buy on ebay as I have been a good consumer or bargain hunter or call it what you will, too long. I could help myself by buying only essential items to live/survive. Ralph Nader, a guru, not an insane person. Winston Churchill, “When you are going through hell, keep going. Good luck to everyone and wishes to help yourself get away from ebay as a seller and for me as a buyer. Do something for yourself each and every day, no matter what.

  • FleaBay

    totally agree. my husband sold a magazine from his personal collection kept it in a plastic sleeve in A+ condition. guy buys it, doesn’t ask about delayed payment until after my husband agrees to the negotiated price. Then guy mentions can’t pay til payday 7 days later. We agreed to wait, that turned into two weeks and we were still nice about it. Finally paid on Friday. Saturday he’s sending us nasty emails asking why we didn’t ship same day he paid? WTH. I have a life and you took two weeks to pay give me a day. So then he gets the item and claims there was pages missing, files a complaint and request refund, but here’s the kicker, HE resells the item for the EXACT same thing he paid for it…all he lost was 1.99 shipping. AND turns out he is a magazine seller who put on the item that this was from his “long time personal collection.” Wow! So, I agree we will reimburse him what he lost which was the 1.99 shipping since he resold the item or shall a say an item since I can tell from photo it wasn’t the same magazine we shipped. Our magazine I’m sure is now part of his collection. Meanwhile, he leaves US negative feedback. We’ve sold on ebay 12 years, had 100% feedback. I provided ebay the photos of magazine we sold and shipped from the listing, the one he resold and claimed was the one we sent, the fact that he is a reseller, the amount he sold it for and our offer to reimburse the amount he lost which was 1.99. To our shock ebay gave him a full refund, but at their expense they said we were not at fault, but despite that they would not remove negative feedback and furthermore they now hold all funds from our sales until 7 days after the item is received, therefore I know longer sell OR buy on ebay. Ebay is no longer the fun place to look for odd or hard to find items it once was. They now cater to large business there are best buy and toys r us with stores on ebay. They need buyers but I guess they don’t care about small sellers anymore, but we probably bought as much as we sold. I don’t like craigslist just a lot of freaky people on there lol, but some free community sales pages popping up on facebook now that are free, don’t involve feedback, you can meet in public so safe, no shipping, no stupid customer service reps, no fees etc… I’d rather sell my items at a flea market than give another penny to ebay.

  • Ryan Jossip

    All I Have to say is FUCK Ebay TOO!!!! The reps are bunch of fucking idiots.

    Here is my horror story: I sold a HTC One phone there and after paying a fat commission and Paypal fee to those bastards at ebay and Paypal, the buyer decided to return the phone after 28 days of use!!! I had stated in my ebay ad that: “No Return will be Accepted” in bold, large extra red fonts. Buyer excuse: “The screen is cracked”-It only took him 28 days after using the phone to notice the crack though!!! One wonder if he was a blind man. Of course, he took the case to resolution center and after going back and forth few rounds, buyer posted a photoshopped photo and draw an arrow to a crack on a screen that never existed!!! Of course, the moron at ebay asked him to return the phone and he did so. The phone arrived and I opened the box and the phone was free of any crack!!! I took a photo of the phone again from the buyer claim damaged area and posted that in ebay and appeal the ebay decision. In less than 20 minutes, the moron at ebay denied the appeal!!!!

    The mother fucker ebay also refused to reimburse the final value fee despite the fact that ebay violated the policy, buyer protection plan and false statements by the buyer and refused to reimburse the money, I put an ad in Craiglist and sold the phone at the very next day. The buyer examined the phone and I sold the phone $20 higher than ebay.

    I am so tempted to start a class action lawsuit against ebay but ebay user policy has a prohibition against class action and lawsuit.


  • Rich

    I have been buying and selling on ebay for almost 15 years with 100 percent feedback. I just recently sold a very good folk art weather vane made in or around 1870 ish and all hand made and hand forged and to see the item search ebay item # 301036813965. The buyer lied his ass off he was nothing more than a window shopper and wanted to see it up close at my expense. First he complained it had what looks like plumbing straps where it would be held up by a rod, then he said it looks like 1950’s and then it went to brand new because I was so diligent in proving my case that it was as described. The guy used the system that buyers have to the fullest extent. Please look up my item and tell me what you think and respond here please. I have since changed my user name to skcusyabe1 as I could not think of anything anymore appropriate than that and if you think backwards like ebay does you will get it. Here is a story of a billionaire who says ebay is the worse run company ever and it really only stands to reason as us poor people already know that anyway.
    I really have been thinking of starting my own online auction that will allow just about everything that ebay won’t. They really work like the liberal government with a thumb on your forehead constantly and it is very annoying to me reminds me of the city of Chicago, I think they are fucking each other.

  • Rich

    I did forget to mention that a support person from ebay told me the item looked very good and described as it should be and that I should tell the buyer to dispute so I did. In the middle of the dispute I was left a bad feedback. That’s like hanging someone before they are proven guilty. After the item was sent back ebay tried to keep the original final value fee. I had to call them 3 times to have it removed off my account. Only shows they are getting worse and worse all the time. I think some Chinese company bought them out or some illiterate redneck that don’t care. Any company that is so blind they will let you change your user name to this is not a stable company. skcusyabe1

  • 718artwork

    eBay Sucks

    • Nonya

      try… TRULY free to list as much as you want, pay ONLY if your item sales! Accounts must be manually approved after creation. NO CC needed! – Find them on FaceBook too. Ity is a new site, with VERY little on there, but if we pull together we can get them rocking! Let’s share the site on our Facebook pages and tell others about them.

      If we take the time to list our items for sale, maybe other people will too!

  • Tylernatl

    eBay…The ONLY logical conclusion is that they are trying to get rid of sellers. They are obviously using the buyers to do it so they dont have to take any responsibility. They encourage negative feedback to negatively impact your account. The only two reasons that seem obvious are to avoid giving their hard working sellers a well deserved discount & have a reason to get rid of them at no fault of their own (gag) etc. The new defect rate (gag) is to speed up the process. eBay is in no way unorganized, in fact very much the opposite. I read an interesting and lengthy article a while back & it clearly described in detail events that will eventually get eBay to where they want to be. So far everything in the article has been put into place. Unless you are an extremely high volume seller with new products its just a matter of time before you will be disposed of. eBay is without a doubt the most unethical company I have ever known to have gotten away with all that they have for so long. eBay breaks laws on a daily basis thinking their user agreement protects them. One thing is for sure…they do not care or take any responsibility for how their business practices impact the lives of others. They will continue playing dumb & hope that we all have a really bad memory!!!!

  • Susie Stewart

    They have me on restriction for low detail seller ratings and I have 100% score after begging buyers who lied to remove it after their money was refunded, etc. EBAY is a waste of time for real sellers with a business. And they will drain you for every dime, making profits low. As soon as another company auction site gets on their level I will return to it. But its better for me to sell on my own.

  • Ex-ebay’r

    Just try to find out what the final selling fee is going to be. They hide it.

  • Whitetiger

    I used to part out motorcycles and sell the parts on Ebay. This was, for a time, a very lucrative business. Ebay then decided to “Empower buyers” by changing the feedback rules. I had all positive feedback before this change. After, buyers figured out that they had nothing to lose by leaving unwarranted negative feedback. I also had buyers actively try and blackmail me, using the feedback as a stick. The fees have also increased exponentially as sellers flee from Ebay. The most irritating part of “The buyer is always right” is that Ebay is pandering to people who may only buy a few items a year. Sellers make the money for Ebay, but Ebay continues to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. I stopped selling (and buying) on Ebay years ago, but it seems to me that their entire business model is fucked, and with the rise of Amazon and CL, I hope Ebay continues to languish in their self-made hell.

  • trying to make it in america

    Yes, Ebay is unfair to sellers. They tell you no borders or text in your ads, so everyone selling the same item has the same picture. Then they shrink your pictures to below 500 pixels and say you need to change the pictures to above 500 pixels, which they were before Ebay touched them.

  • ebay sucks

    ebay is a satanic company run by evil people. They hide behind the internet wall and rape families and honest people of their livelihood.Karma is a motherfucker and will soon destroy this bullshit company and rape them as paypal hasraped everyone who has ever dealt with these sick mother fuckers

  • JB

    Here is where Ebay has it wrong, the buyers are sellers, so pissing off the money makers is bad business.

  • Biggus Dickus

    ebay totally sucks now. and especially if you use paypal – they snatch another big chunk of your saleprice. I sold for 145 bucks and paypal charged me 5,28 bucks on this deal alone!

  • Ben Dover

    Just tried to sell an item on eBay (it’s been a long time since I have listed anything) and found out that I am now REQUIRED to use PayPal (do not have an account and do not want one) and I cannot ask for a money order (which is what I have always done). You cannot mention “cash” (I accept cash for local pickups). eBay was a terrific tool years ago now it is a bloated pig of a site. I now refuse to do business on there, either buy or sell. Amazon isn’t much better as you have to verify who you are; BS, it’s none of their business who I am. These companies just take and take (much like our wonderful government).

    This is what is wrong with our country, we rely on these giant companies to handle our personal business when they have no idea who we are or care one bit about us. Target, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Bank of America, the list goes on. It’s time to do business with the small guys again. The people who know our name and don’t ask for a date of birth or your SSN.

  • T B S

    Here have one for you
    , we sold a new in the package canopy top the buyer used it then told ebay, that it was the wrong size ( after it was clearly used and stretched out ), but ebay sent them a full refund on an item that was non sellable item and we had to eat it. Soon as make the change were out of her. We told ebay that tell needed to start pay our light bill if they are going to handle our refunds. Soon as we clear up everything we are out there and we recommend that you do not sell on Ebay!!!!!!!! Go to Amazon, or Craigs List!!!!!



  • Joshua D Bird

    Screw ebay and paypal. I’m sick of non paying buyers. Auctions on ebay should be set up to automatically deduct final value sale of an auction item. If the buyer’s payment doesn’t go through on his winning auction, transaction cancelled and buyer charged a restocking fee. I’m sick of non payment on auctions. I’m sick of buyers purchasing items and then requesting refunds. Paypal now charges 30 cents for every refund you do. We are basically blackmailed into kissing our buyers asses. Even though they are usually wrong. So we can keep selling on ebay. We are bullied into losing money so we don’t receive bad rating and get banned. Ebay buyers are ridiculous. Buyers don’t read descriptions then whine item not as described. I’ve received bad marks because of stupid buyers.

  • Greg

    By all means – eBay has turned into a Nazi organization. No customer service whatsoever. I too got a blatant lying bitch who left obvious negative feedback. The customer service rep even told me it was quite obvious she was lying. I tried for over 2 weeks to get the feedback removed. After over an hour on the phone, I told them to Fuck off – I then closed out my account – and I will never deal with them ever again. Today, I got a call that began “we have reviewed your account and … I interrupted – excuse me, you had your chance – now – PISS OFF ! I will post every day from now til the end of the year on my FB page and anywhere else I can about what a shitty company eBay is !!

  • Ebay Hater

    Ebay cheating and lying in a big way and you have no way
    to correct them as it is almost impossible to contact them
    and should you succeed they do not answer back. They charge you for
    Seller fee’s while at the same time they hold your funds back for weeks
    so they can make more money SHAME on you Ebay you suck’s.

  • jac

    wow i just ordered sometime on ebay i just hope it gets to me so i can stop using ebay

  • Debbie Desousa

    Welcome all Ebay sellers Come sell with us.

  • Debbie Desousa

    Welcome all Ebay sellers Come sell with us.

  • Ebay sucks!!!

    Ebay sucks!!! Liars!!! Thieves!!!!! A p.o.s buyer can lie and without ANY proof…POOF your money is GONE!!!

  • Jimtaryon

    Unfortunately, today I get to add my horror story (since I’ve now been on hold listening to their nightmare inducing music for over an hour).

    Sold a refurbished item. Actual up to date pictures of the item on it’s own and int he box before I sealed it. It came from the factory, perfect working order. I unpacked it, made sure it worked, took photos, packed it back in the same box, took photos, sealed it. Sold it.

    Almost a WEEK after it ARRIVED, the buyer opens case and starts in about how it’s not really refurbished, it’s scuffed on the outside. OF COURSE IT IS! It is int he photos too, AND the description. Because they didn’t change the outside. The fixed the inside and replaced some parts. Thats what the word means.

    But I offered partial refund anyway. He bitched for a few weeks and NEVER said what he actually wanted. I offered full refund. I offered to pay if he wanted to send it back to the factory. I offered to send him partial refund to do whatever the hell he wanted. He just wanted to continue stalling.

    SO I (NOT HIM, ME) escalated the ticket asking ebay to rule for return the item for full refund.

    He still kept it the maximum time after that before finally sending it…so he had it for half the summer (It’s a pool item, it WILL NOT SELL this time of year now), and it’s obvious he’s been using it for free. He just dumped it back in the box, didn’t even tape it shut, and sent it back. Dirty by the way, from him using the item he claimed didn’t work.

    And the only reason I escalated to full refund was because on the phone ebay told me that I would have 3 days to make sure he sent back the same thing he got, and not something he’d been using all summer, and be able to dispute before sending the refund.


    They auto-refunded him right away. The full amount, not taking into account the sellers fees they charged me.

    So now I get to sit on hold ALL NIGHT to dispute the fact that I basically just paid for the privilege of lending him a pool cleaner for the summer. STILL ON HOLD WHILE TYPING btw.

    This on top of the multiple times competitors have bid up items then disappeared without paying just to keep me from selling the same thing they were selling has made me start to hope that the reason I’m on hold is because there was some sort of horrific accident at HQ.

  • geni_@2014

    I keep getting offers to sell my item outside of eBay! One offer was to give me the asking price if you buy now and add $200 to it! All I had to do was send a PayPal invoice! Why? What do they profit from doing this? Why not go through eBay?

  • LACX


  • hwileyiii

    Here is the deal. I just talked to an ebay representative. I know..amazing, right? I recorded it. It’s legal in my state as long as one party consents…I consented. Tough luck ebay. Ebay is flat out saying they will believe a buyer over a seller and you have no recourse. Nothing at all. A seller can say I sent anything, can show email where they buyer tried to get out of a sale right after package shipped-they don’t care, buyer can say they didn’t get new item or all parts are not there…they take buyers word over seller every time. Plus they make it a pain to use anything else but paypal…a business they own…and so the sellers get screwed more. Sellers cant pass these fees to the buyer. Every legitimate business, they pass all their fees to you (cars, computers) – not ebay. It is screw the seller.

  • DCdoj

    Ebay introduced SLANDER as feedback. Because ebay is biased by
    controlling FREE SPEECH=(equality in feedback for both sides -no red
    minus’s /gray neutral’s for buyers), they IN FACT PROMOTE DEFAMATION.
    EBAY ALONE started corruping feedback (which started out fair) and has
    set a dangerous erroneous precedent. Seems they remove negative
    feedback for huge Chinese sellers but not for small business American
    mom&pop. Youtube cappnonymous proves Insider ebay inc sellers can
    manipulate for their own benefit. Ebay’s ways will soon be history as
    newer venues on FB let people know exactly who they are dealing with wo
    the ‘skewed for profit muzzle prism’ diminished profiles of their
    actual best sellers vs stellar profiles for dishonest sellers: precious
    metal-electronics-designer counterfeiters, the majority w feedback over

  • Avelino N Maanne


  • JSS00

    Possibly the worst service I’ve ever encountered, it’s literally a torture to use eBay.

  • Rost231977

    I got one for you , sold item on eBay clearly list it on my listing “AS-IS” ” No returned ” send item to byer he open ” bogus ” clams saying item was described wrong and want to keep item for less $ , I refused .
    Now by ebay policy you can isse refund after you get your ” item ” back
    You need to inspect it and notefiy ebay of any damages or if item send back wrong . I DID NOT RESIVED MY ITEM I WAS SEND SOME JUNK BACK , eBay was notefiyd and pic was send as proof .
    eBay did not follow ther policy thread me if I do not issu refund that eBay will do it for me and I’ll be responsible for selling FEE . To avoid that Fee I isse refund , lost my item lost $ and eBay did not help at all .
    Buyer left negative feed back and I can not do that cuz ebay don’t allow you to live negative feed back for buyers …………
    HOW YOU CAN DEAL WITH IT ? eBay no hellp at all :(

  • Richie

    Facebook has a page dedicated to this subject. If you post in “Ebay, bad Experiences” it will be open to facebook.

  • uuuu

    Ebay just reimbursed my buyer the full amount to include shipping. Oh yea they get to keep the item too. Double dipping buyer claimed minor damage in shipping. Now I get to file an insurace clain w usps. Yes ebay sucks. Lol. Not sure a porn star could swallow the ebay protection program

  • ben

    i use ebay on my ipod. much much easier to use in general, just slightly less options, in which case you can just log in on a pc to access on a seldom basis.
    also the smaller your item is, the less fees you have to pay. i dont pay any fees, for listing anyway

  • Mark

    Guess who owns Craigslist? EBAY.

  • Ebaysucks

    FUCK EBAY! my first time trying to sell something there. pair of wedding rings. Ebay thought that they sold for $1300. They didn’t sell. it was clear. They still charged me the $130 selling fee, AFTER i called THREE DAMN TIMES. Each time assuring me the issue was resolved and I wouldn’t be charged. But of course, I was fucking charged $130. When i call back irate and talk to some woman and then her supervisor, basically saying I won’t get my refund back for another 20 DAYS! I will never use them again. They suck. The teenager at McDonalds filing my order does a better job than they do.

  • required name

    I bid on and won an auction from gringostar64 for the minimum bid. He then cancelled the auction, saying it was a mistake (how do you go through all the steps to enter an auction with a minimum bit accidentally?) and immediately relisted the item as buy it now for a much higher price. It’s not really an auction if you don’t have to accept the bid. Kinda like bait and switch. Note that I cannot leave feedback as the seller never took my money.

  • Rita Smith

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  • white

    for two years great international sales
    then totally nothing for three months complained on Ebays page some lovely
    person did something and yay sales internationally for two weeks now again
    absolutely nothing what is going on with my ebay

    please help me someone can not contact anyone Ebay have sent dozens of messages

  • StickItUpUrAzz

    eBay has suddenly started delaying payments when you sell an item. What the hell is going on at eBay? This is terrible. I am at 100% positive feedback so why am I being punished for absolutely no reason. And now that my item is Sold I cannot get my money from PayPal and eBay? It looks like eBay has joined all of the other scam action sites that just rip people off now. Hey eBay just because some other scumbags who used to work for you started up a scummy auction doesn’t mean that you have to stoop to their low level. eBay was gutted by that awful disgusting pig Meg Whitman angrily stormed off from eBay. Fuq U eBay U suck now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tmach

      I noticed that too, and only on the sales I’ve had some ‘iffy’ communications with buyers being nervous about buying an item from me…all they have to do is look at my feedback as everyone is satisfied with their purchases. I think what’s happening is these buyers are advising ebay to hold their payment until they get their item to see if it is supposed to be exactly from the add. These buyers usually have a rating of less than 10. It’s not right, because if they happened to not like it for whatever reason, they obviously can keep it AND get their money back, as it seems to be ebay’s growing trend of letting buyers pretty much get away with stealing….stealing, that’s EXACTLY what it is! Isn’t stealing illegal and morally wrong? I’m pretty sure it is, ebay!

  • Matt

    This is
    completely accurate I paid my uncle $500 for supplies I then took those things
    sold them made $630 in sales and then come the fees I got hit with a 67$ commissions
    fee and final sales fees and final shipping fees and other bogus crap like
    that… long story short for all that work and effort I walked away with $23

  • Becky Ross

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  • Becky Ross

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  • Sam Noesen

    EXACTLY what I have found. I’m done.

  • tmach

    Seriously…I am in a love-hate relationship with ebay and paypal but my last few sales have turned sour with people not paying and refusing to answer my emails requesting payment after a week to two weeks of them winning their items…I know it’s Christmas time, but if ya can’t effing pay, don’t effing bid! It’s turned this whole thing sour for me, and now it looks like I will be stuck with stock….geez…after being an ebay seller for only 6 months and now reading all these comments, this is so discouraging :( and I don’t sell garbage either. I have nice stuff! It’s really sad that people don’t want to pay for something, even though it has been used, but still in great condition. I’m not charging anywhere near regular price, and at least they aren’t paying through the ass by shopping my ebay store instead of going into some retail stores. I will give it a few more months.

  • Fran

    I have just sold an item for the first time with eBay and the buyer then lied and said it arrived damaged which cannot be true, I told the buyer I would not accept the return because I knew I was in the right but this I now have found out doesn’t matter as they refund the buyer no matter what and then I have to reimburse eBay which I plan not doing. I didn’t realise eBay owns paypal, they cannot go into your account and just take there reimbursement fee can they??

  • BrunoTa

    I hope ebay goes out of business. After nearly 15 years of using them, they ripped me off when a buyer never returned an item. I could prove it from the tracking info that the package was sent to the wrong address. Ebay doesn’t care. They stole the money out of my paypal account anyway. After this and other fiascos, I’m done after about 1500 transactions there over the years. Zero support after they do this, either. Just evil.

  • uckebay

    apparently you can buy stuff on ebay use or loose half the contents and send it back for a full refund and if you open a case with ebay you still loose…ebay says “lost or missing items… its part of doing business” well I’m not a business and my item is useless! thanks Ebay… You Suck!!!

  • Magillacutty

    Ebay sucks and has screwed me over one too many times. They rob sellers blind and then they stick it too you by making unreasonable demands “or else”.

    I left there few months ago and while searching for new places to sell and buy I found a new online marketplace site that is in the workings. It’s owned by Mark Lore who started and sold and to Amazon. I signed up but they’re not up and running yet. They’re offering a 6 months free membership for people who sign up before they launch. I’m hoping that there will be a niche in this new site for me to recover my losses instigated by Ebay. It’s worth it to sign up because it doesn’t cost anything and membership will be free for 6 months to those who sign up before they officially launch. They have almost 150,000 members already and they haven’t even started up so there will be a very good customer base to begin with.

    When you click the link and get to the page, scroll down to enter your email address and you’ll get your free 6 month membership.

  • Torrie Nystrand

    This is a great place to sell and buy. To sell it is totally free to both post and no fees when your item sells. set up is easy, and right now there is over 200,000 members. This is a better place to sell, and it is truly totally free to list. You also get to keep ALL of you money they don’t take any!!

    • tmach

      Hi, just to let you know, I joined webstore…so far it’s a little slow with sales, but I’m going to be slowly shifting all my items onto webstore and away from ebay…ebay’s fees have skyrocketed! I can’t do it anymore and as a fairly new seller with 100% positive rating, this is too sad! I love selling, but I want to work for myself and my customers, NOT for ebay, they’ve made their billions I’m sure of that now, those BASTARDS!

  • cojar

    I sold on Ebay for years. Sold hundreds of items. Had a feedback score of 98.3 percent. Then I had a rough week, suddenly had several picky buyers who claimed items were moldy, not as described, etc. My account was shut down as substandard a week later. My rating dropped from 98 to 90 in a single week. As a single Mom, I depended on this income. Had a lot of money tied up in inventory.

    I called Ebay and they said I could never sell on Ebay again, end of story. They did not take years of great performance into account.




  • ebaysuxxx

    Ebay and Paypal are absolutely pathetic. 2 of the worst companies I have ever seen. That can you compare Cragslist to Ebay?? You are selling to your neighborhood as opposed to millions all over the world. But yeah..suck it ebay!

  • Robyn

    Sold a guitar on ebay; personally delivered it, on my dime, to the buyer in another state; he was happy with the guitar he saw; he kept the guitar 14 days & then demanded a refund from me indicating the guitar “wasn’t as described”. Total bs. He had the guitar in his hands & saw it when I delivered it. He was happy with it when he took it & he was happy with it for the next 14 days. My listing specifically stated “NO RETURNS”. I refused to refund his money ($2500.00). He called ebay; he told them the guitar “wasn’t as described”; he failed to mention to the customer service rep the fact that I personally delivered it giving him every opportunity to back out of the deal; the ebay rep told him to ship the guitar back to me & told me to refund his money within 3 days of receiving it back. I pushed the issue up the ladder at ebay, but to no avail; they said if I didn’t issue a refund then they would issue the refund & come after my paypal account & me for the money. To top it all off, being the professionals they are, they offered to “help” me sell it again on their site, for their standard fee of course.

  • Domingo

    Not only for sellers, but also for buyers, I registered new user and filled out my legit information, and get verified, bought item, and now EBay says, sorry, you can’t buy more than 1 item?
    I just bought same item couple days ago, from same seller, both end good review, what’s wrong with you EBay.
    And couple days later, I log in, my purchased history gone, WTF.

    • tmach

      I think the reason ebay wouldn’t let you buy from the same person only a few days later is because of the seller’s settings. They might have had their settings set to limit same customers from buying more than one item from their stock, and this setting is used often to prevent zero feedback or new customers from jipping the seller by not paying. It’s not your fault, and is only a setting the seller sometimes chooses to use. Just keep on being a good paying customer, and perhaps message the seller so they can bypass that setting to let you buy from them. If you have intent to pay, and DO pay, then I’m sure they would sell to you again. As to why your purchase history would disapear, I have no idea. I’ve been a seller on ebay for only 7 months, and I’ve already seen some of my promo emails from ebay magically disapear before I’ve even had time to use the promotions!

  • 1776

    About the same as PayPal

    No customer service. Only robots. No reply to email. Phone call help is another useless option. Script kiddies have limited to no knowledge of specific issues. More generic spiels.

    If you have revenge negative feedback, good luck on having it removed.

    Email or a call to customer service is time wasted and results in high stress.

  • tmach

    I just busted my ass packing orders for 3 hours straight, then shipped them out as I do on same day of payment. I ‘made’ $250, then got bombed with a huge surprise!! Logged into Paypal, and ebay had taken their monthly fees of a total of 243.34! Well, my profit was what, LESS THAN $10! So, who AM I WORKING FOR?? I really truly enjoy the selling aspect as I used to work in retail for over 15 years, and now this is just a different way for me to continue providing products to customers but really? Ebay’s fees are out of this world! I remember only 6 months ago, getting an invoice for $40…what the hell ebay, wth?

  • Rokee

    I sold a pocket knife in an ebay auction for much less than i wanted for it but he won and i shiipped it. buyer claims wasnt what he expected hes not happy with the steal he got for it and i dont take returns never return the product. item has benn shipped and confirmed delivered but paypal will still not release the payment. i cannot make buying postage a hobby so this is my first and last experience with ebay. where else in the world do you get a full refund and still walk out the door with the shit for free ?

  • Brenda

    Fees are getting ridiculous on ebay and paypal take a nice cut too, it’s like an extra income tax! Plus you can’t rely on any of the delivery companies, even DPD perpetually let me down!

  • XSClobber has just soft-launched. It’s an online auction the way you remember. We’re looking for early adopters. Anyone who hates eBay and their long and spiralling path downward is welcome here. It’s Free too.

  • xsclobber

    The official soft-launch of the XSClobber Online Auction.

    The site is now live.

    Simply put, we think, as millions of others do, that online auctions have taken a horrendous path to the dark side. They suck. They suck really bad.

    We long for the good old days when people with excess stuff in their basement could sell it to other people who think that stuff is gold and who can’t find it at a reasonable price anywhere else. Everybody wins. What could be better than that?

    For the foreseeable future we’ll be keeping the site free for everyone. We hope we’ll never have to charge anything.

    For now we just want everyone to sell and buy and be happy like they once were.

    Enough whining: XSClobber is here! #ad

  • xsclobber

    Hi Everyone.

    First of all let me say I was pleased to discover this group. There are quite a few.

    I got fed up with eBay years ago and refused to have anything to do with them. They made the easiest things almost impossible. The problems have been getting worse ever since.

    My pissedoffedness festered and grew over the years and a while back I decided to do something about it.

    So, after a lot of work and tweaking (still a few minor cosmetic things to deal with), a few days ago I soft-launched

    It has all the features we held dear years ago without any of the nonsense.

    I’d be thrilled if anyone here wanted to be on the forefront and become the first pioneers on this retro platform. It’s FREE too. Just join up and list away.

    Hope to see you all there. #ad

  • xsclobber

    If anyone wants to join a group of ex eBayers on Facebook here’s the link.

  • Lynn Joyner

    I sold 2 Samsung Galaxy S5 on Ebay – one for $330 and the other for $285…I changed the item specifics within 2 minutes of the listing…and because of that, I lost a promotion that offered $100 coupon for each item if they didn’t sell for $460….I couldn’t believe it!!! I would have never sold those phones through ebay for that…I am so mad…I am closing my account period and will never look back!!!

  • Design Dep’t

    EBAY SUCKS for buyers too, I sell more than buy but I got blatantly ripped off by a seller, ebay “owns” paypal, maybe that’s why I got screwed over. Ebay SO “sucks” that if in Truth someone steals from or rips anyone off not even in EBAY’S forum can the person mention a username. Really sucks. I’m a lot more careful now as a buyer. CAUTION: resell, don’t return! Because ebay did NOT stand by me or their Returns policy when the seller reneged.


    DO NOT EVER SELL ON EBAY – We sold a Rolex Watch – took heaps of photos – had certificate of authenticity – took photos as we packaged it for posting – buyer did not want us to deliver in person and did not want to meet with us after delivery – but said item was scratched. He then sent me photos of ANOTHER WATCH and demanded a refund. THIS IS A SCAM – they rebuild the Rolex and send you back a crap one that is no longer authentic. I opened a case with Ebay – the buyer had broken all Ebay rules – tried to do deal outside of Ebay, tried to extort a partial refund, threatened poor feedback if we didn’t refund – I opened a case – told EBAY we had all this proof that the watch was in good condition when sent – and THEY DID NOT EVEN ASK US FOR THIS INFORMATION AND JUST DECIDED THE BUYER COULD SEND BACK THE FAKE WATCH. This means we get back a watch that was worth $5,000 when we sold it – and is not worth $100. THEN the buyer tells us they will be happy with partial refund – so he’s used the Paypal guarantee to EXTORT money out of us – we had other buyers who had bid to buy and couldn’t sell to them anymore. DO NOT EVER SELL ON EBAY.

  • nkalnins

    very disappointed in ebay recently….Seller Dashboard which has me up in arms as well as the customer service. Waited 45 minutes to talk to someone only to find out they can’t correct the mistakes made on seller dashboard defects. I’ve been selling for years as a top rated seller and now due to their “defect” system (which is corrupted), my ratings are going down. I do the best for customer service and pay huge fees both through ebay and paypal. My opinion of ebay has drastically dropped to “below standard.” I will be searching for other ways to re-home my stuff.

  • Roadrunner

    I have to admit. Ebay is a piece of shit company. I have a case against me now from a prick in Honolulu. I shipped an item to him, and he hasn’t received it yet, so instead of asking me a question, about helping him find the item, this Prick takes out a case against me. Never got in touch with me about anything. Ebay being the pricks they are went and opening the case against me and put a hold on my account, took the money out of my account and said it was pending, due an investigation. Any SOB could look at the tracking number and see what was going on, but NO!! had be a total prick, and ebay helped them. As soon as this is over. EBAY can kiss my ass. I will cancel my account of 11 years. I hope they miss my money, because they will not get another fucking cent from me.

  • Roadrunner

    I forgot something. Don’t call ebay for help. I talked to a girl, that I don’t think she even knew her on name, she sent to another person, and that person sent me to another, one more time around, I said Fuck Ya’ll and I hung up. Waste of time.

  • Auction Essistance

    Post is in 2009 but nothing has changed after all these years. eBay & Paypal is actually worse than it was then. Suspending long time sellers, Paypal limiting accounts, etc…


    Dear Sirs,

    As an Ebay Seller, I was downgraded for the # of listings because apparently I did not input / use a tracking service for my buyers’ goods in the U.S. After almost 3 months now, I had been told that my rating would be reinstated and I would be able to list mroe. I am absolutely furious to learn that my listing amount had been downgraded again because i did not use their e-service / ups for logistics to the USA. I have worked hard trying to build an ebay business but they don’t seem to have infromed or pointed out the important clauses before Ebay and i enter into a contractual agreement. it is pointless and making so little and with more “uninformed” policies are restricting me making my bread and butter. I think I might as well I a mission for the rest of my life to try to use different means legally to destroy this Ebay Inc. no matter what their value is on the NYSE. For one, paypal is a sister company of Ebay Inc. and i have reasons to believe that Paypal is the largest online payment gateway and its market share might have violated the Anti-Trust Law in the US. How that their requirement for Sellers (also in the US) to use their e-service for logistics, (any vested interest for ebay to be find out) and if this is true, would a class action suit against ebay for such practice if it can be proofed that the shipping rates are much higher than other choices, can this be a valid class action suit against Ebay for any vested compenstion not including any fine if proofing that they had violated the anti-trust law and fair business practice within the players in the online auction ecommerce. I have reason to be that Paypal had the most market share in the online payment gateway and to be frank, as a user, their exchange rates, fees are very high and consumers have no choice other than via paypal for most of the online transactions. I hope you can help and I would do any investigation in order to make any class action suit happening. Appreciate your advice.

  • xsclobber

    The official soft-launch of the XSClobber Online Auction.

    The site is now live.

    Simply put, we think, as millions of others do, that online auctions have taken a horrendous path to the dark side. They suck. They suck really bad.

    We long for the good old days when people with excess stuff in their basement could sell it to other people who think that stuff is gold and who can’t find it at a reasonable price anywhere else. Everybody wins. What could be better than that?

    For the foreseeable future we’ll be keeping the site free for everyone. We hope we’ll never have to charge anything.

    For now we just want everyone to sell and buy and be happy like they once were.

    Everyone here is invited to join and list items for auction. It’s all FREE. No fees. No commissions.

    Enough whining: XSClobber is here!

  • Ned

    Ebay has changed and not for the better. It’s full of anal politically correct idiots and or rip off artists. Those who abuse the Ebay system go unpunished and the average guy gets ripped off or in my case insulted and slandered .
    Someone I know made a sale. The buyer later made a complaint and demanded a refund. The seller trying to make them happy refunded the money. When the seller got the package returned it was a totally empty box. Ebay canceled the the seller account and he didn’t have the item or the money.
    I am the average user, not a business, with a 100% rating, I bought and sold on ebay over period of several years. I recently listed a silver antique bracelet with bird etchings on white panels that belong to my mom, I simply needed the money. After a week, I re listed again, 2 days later I get a email that its against their Ivory policy and it was removed? I was shocked to say the least.. When I complained about policy some idiot members accused me of being part of the illegal ivory trade and being guilty of harming animals! ALL for a bracelet that is clearly an antique and been in my family for at least 60 years and was produced long before I was even born.
    Ebay is not what it once was, if a new site came along that treated people fairly and honestly they would be done. As far as I am concerned I will sell my items on Craig list or else where rather then give Ebay and Paypal any more money.

  • Auction Essistance

    eBay has killed it for a lot of sellers. They have made it much more difficult with the policies in place. PayPal is no help either.

  • Derick Fox

    So ebay asked me to do a survey for them. This is what they wanted; We invite you to share your sellers opinion about your recent eBay Money Back Guarantee interaction.

    (Money Back Guarantee was formerly called eBay Buyer Protection btw)
    This is what I said back on the survey after giving it not so decent ratings;

    It would definitely help if ebay Money Back Guarantee was actually on the sellers
    side for once! I’ve got to say ebay has become pretty tyrannical, greedy, and extremely unsupportive throughout its rein on the internet! I mean not only are you charged to insert your item (depending on what it is), you’re then also charged a whopping 10% off the final sale. (which in my opinion there should be a cap on the amount owed so people don’t get screwed when selling expensive items). Then last and not least to rub some salt in the wounds, PayPal (which is owned by ebay) charges a fee after selling an item..

    So after you guys take the money from fees, and someone
    expects a return, the seller gets screwed because not only do they owe the full
    refund amount, they also have already paid you for the insertions and selling
    fees. Also the seller pays for any customs charges on the returned item. Therefor screwing over the seller and making them lose money over an item
    they were hoping to make some off of. (Which was obviously the exact opposite of what a seller intends to do)

  • no

    I agree with everything! No protection for sellers! There are only bad sellers but no bad buyers!

  • Honest Abe

    I agree with all that has been said about eBay, however, I suppose that it’s the type of merchandise that you are selling.

    I buy & sell high end pocket watches, and that’s a pretty tight, close knit fraternity. In almost 8 years I have never had a problem with a watch buyer. My only issue came with a scumbag who was buying coins and claimed that I had sent him the wrong stuff, screamed about a refund, but would not return the $3.00 item.

    I told him to FUCK OFF, took the negative, and it was gone in a year. Never slowed down with my watches.

    That assholes’ user name is “lobsternum2″, and eBay is still keeping him with 7 negatives within the past year.

  • DonVanMan

    I sold a few things on ebay and I took a beating, I did not make my money back from what I paid for them. I sold the the items to get rid of them because I not longer needed the items, they were just taking up space in my living area. But when I buy I always use buy it now and pay for it right then and there, and I never use the bid option. I pay for what I want, no games. I have hundreds of buys under my belt and have had very few problems with the sellers, the worst thing that usually happens is it takes longer to ship with some sellers but most let you know a head of time because of their location. I can get stuff on ebay that I can’t find anywhere else even locally. Yeah some of the stuff is expensive but I agree to pay that amount. But selling in my opinion is not worth it on ebay.

  • Sandra Beal

    My main reason not to use Ebay was Paypal and all the negative feedback about this payment system. A lot of users write about how they are taking buyers’ side in disputes and that there sometimes is no clear reason for account freezes. I just thought that it is not worth trying out when there are alternatives with better reputation for selling my product online. I would suggest everyone to have a look at other options, which can appear better for the business.

  • VIC

    I hate ebay for selling i like it for buying
    I need to be excessable to a customer base which will go on craigslist and seek to buy my items from the other end of the country
    In short I have opened up an account on
    which does not charge me a penny but does work with paypal.
    i use craigslist as a place to set up selling appointments for local buyers and webstore to be axcessible to people out of state

  • VIC

    i ofen have packages tracked and tell buyers refunds are not given if i cannot verify the location of a shipped package

  • VIC

    One thing you guys were wronig about was the shipping cost..
    depending on what your selling its not 10%
    I sell jewelry
    They pay shipping i pay packaging (sort of) Most of the time i reuse packaging i get from buying things

  • LC

    Nothing hurts a business like losing money. If we can collectively find a way to hurt their pockets, they either change or go under. Not sure if that can or will happen but I have made a conscious effort not to buy or sell anything else from eBay and all of my financial transactions will go through another source other than PayPal. They are a monopoly. But I’ve found the bigger they are the harder they fall!!!! I would also like to suggest an online media protest. Social media is a strong platform for voicing our opinions!!!!!

  • Poppy Pugoda

    I was SO happy with ebay ’til I had a major rejection of my mailing labels at the PO and had to cancel some orders, I would have lost alot of dough. I’d NEVER had this happen before and I’ve shipped almost tons of packages. I did my best to try to resolve with the buyers. BOOM, my very first round of Negatives. I was done. In a way I’m glad ‘tho. As a seller its VERY hard to get enough money for the item and/or shipping, I always felt I had to low ball my own self just to get a Watcher. I think its VERY perilous ebay allows buyers to Negative sellers, one reason, the Neg’s are often not legitimate or there’s feedback extortion. Sure, buyers can be very “nice” but boy if you make an error even if it was one they could have made look out. Ebay also keeps on board dishonest sellers. BAD practice. For years I was on ebay but now I am DONE. I can’t complain about ebay or Paypal cs, they’re always been courteous and helped me solve my issues. Boy ‘tho, you give an ebayer one open vulnerable shot to Neg your spotless Positive scoreboard and they WILL.