10 iPhone Apps for Social Media Productivity

Posted on August 13, 2012

Social media is a serious time killer. Most of us find ourselves on Facebook or Twitter when we should be working, or watching YouTube when we should be studying. It is just a part of life in this new, technical age. There is so much online to distract us, and nothing is more tempting than the prospect of social interaction with people all over the world.

What you might not suspect is that you can actually be more productive with your time spent with social media. Whether you are checking replies to a status update or IM chatting with someone a world away, there are apps to make it a more time-friendly pursuit.

Gail at Social Implications has an interesting point on social media productivity: “I DO believe more people can benefit from being available online provided they interact with people who are just as busy as they are and respect their time.”

For both the casual and the professional users, here are ten iPhone apps that can help stay connected with iPhone and make your social media addiction more productive.



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1. IRChon

While it isn’t as user friendly for the novice as some other chat clients, IRC is still a favorite among many. Allowing you to interact on many servers at once, this app taps into the IRC craze and lets you chat to your heart’s content.

2. Truphone

Whether it is Truphone, MSN or Skype, this fantastic chat client takes advantage of your phones cameras and lets you place calls through your accounts. It is a great way to get them all in one place, and to talk on the go for less.

3. CityWatch

Get information on any location, including local business. See review, check out where your friends have been and notify others of where you are. This is a feature heavy app that I find much more useful than many other location based programs.

4. NatsuLion


Enjoy Twitter with a better interface, great on the go options and an easy update window. Or just enjoy the adorable icon of this popular application. I prefer this to the official Twitter mobile app, which I find rather buggy. This gives you a handful of customizable features for the display and messages.

5. Add XBOX Live Friend

I will admit that I am an XBOX lover. I have had Live since it was first released, and even all this time later I am still eager to find other players to add to my list. As such, I end up in conversations with people quite a lot on different games. This app lets people like me add those users from their phone, so they can interact when they get home.

6. Carticipate

Whether it is to save money or save the planet, carpooling is a great idea. Especially in cities where the commute can be horrible due to overcrowding on the motorway. You can find carpooling routes and contact others to form your own group through this app. They also have a rideshare option for people looking for a smaller group.

7. Hootsuite


You are probably already familiar with this social media dashboard. It allows you to monitor all your profiles across different social networks from one place. You can also keep tabs on users, keywords, get analytics and more. Now you can do it all from your iPhone.

8. Tweetdeck

This is another social media dashboard that is Twitter specific and somewhat less advanced than the one above. You can also monitor Facebook, though I have found the feed is less appealing than with the Twitter side when it comes to display.

9. MobileLinkedIM

Find all of your favorite IM clients in one place. This app supports AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, Jabber and Tencent QQ. It shows all of the online users on the same screen, with icons indicating the chat client. This is probably the best all in one IM app you can find on the market right now.

10. Nimbuzz

For something more inclusive than the app above, you can have an entire messaging system with this program. It allows you to make free video calls, audio calls, send free SMS messages and chat via IM, all across different, well known messaging systems like Facebook, Yahoo and MSN. They even have a low cost SIP VOIP option for cheaper calls which makes it even more valuable business tool.

Do you have any apps that you think should have been on this list? Share your social media productivity programs below.

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